Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Global Base Currency

One of the Americas greatest strengths is also apart of one of our greatest weakness the relationship of the United States dollar to the global economy. It is a double edge sword at the end of its time. A new global currency with a formula based on the value of some major international currencies including the price of a barrel of oil. Creating this index to create a global base currency to determine the value of other counties national currencies relationship to others. This currency will only be in circulation between the federal reserve of one nation and another nation in electronic form.

Taking a lot of the pressure off of the American dollar as the global base currency, helping to stabilize the currencies of the nations around of the world. As it is now the currency of the other nations is based on a comparison to the United States dollar. The politics of the United States and its relationship with the individual nation often affects that nations currency. For the allies the better and for a foes the worst depending upon the politics of the United States. The world price of a barrel of oil being the wild card in the currency markets can be a destabilizing factor in the international monetary system.

Strengthening the Universal system on the economic, political, and social level will help balance the future direction of the world. Developing a universal set of standard and practices that the majority of the world agrees too. By increasing the role of the non-profit NGOs on a global level we can utilize the resources of the good people improving the lives of others. Good social domestic programs promoted on an international level customized to the individual problem and regional culture. With more of the world’s natural resource being used in humanitarian ways creating more cooperation and less conflict. With a stronger diplomatic role on a universal level there will be fewer international military wars among nations. Without a strong diplomatic table to bring our difference too, there will be no table at all.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Official Government Website for Palestine-Israel Peace Process

It is clear that if the Palestinian-Israeli peace process is going to move forward in the Middle East the playing field is going to have to be more fare and transparent. A step towards this goal could be accomplished with the creation of an official governmental website for all the parties involved to post their government positions. The members of the Quartet would each have their own section as well as Israel, Palestine, and the Arab League. Each member could post their official position as well as replies on issues involving the peace process. This would be a table that the world’s people and nations could see all of the cards on the table.

This website could be translated into many different languages for people to read. This would improve the transparency to who is saying and doing what in the peace process. It would create a platform for very little misunderstanding to what is being said and would be equal to all sides. Official proposals of peace could be posted by any of the parties with official responses being made and recorded as part of the official record.

Over time the positions on certain issues change of one side or the other. An official website for the peace process could help keep the record straight on the current government position on all sides. Helping to improve the transparency to the position of all sides will be a good step towards peace. Establishing links to other newly created websites that will become apart of the progress towards peace in the region. Let the official debate on the issues of peace, security, and justice be on an equal and balance platform for the world to see.

The official government website would be an added platform in the peace process. The peace talks and negotiations would continue to operate in the same format. The website would be another platform that all sides could post their views and current position. Giving everyone equal access to information on all sides.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Big Spending Republicans

Most people in the middle to left of American politics do not hate George W. Bush as a person. They hate many of the policies of President Bush’s Administration. The Neocons, religious right, military industrial complex, and capital-intensive big business are strongly behind the Republican Party. The Republicans claiming to be fiscal conservatives yet in five years the Bush Administration with a Republican Congress and Senate controlled have raised the American National Debt by over two trillion dollars.

Most of the American military hawks are Republicans while most of the doves are liberals with many of the Democrats on the fence. In American federal politics it is political suicide to stand up against the military industrial complex. The Republican Party are the big spenders on the military industrial complex and big business welfare programs often in the name of national security. Because the Democrats tend to be more liberal than the Republicans, the Democratic Party is more fractured and inclusive while the Republican Party is more united and focused on their narrow vision to the way things should be.

The Democratic Party while in control of the White House over the last 50 years has added less than three trillion dollars to the national debt. While the Republicans had control of the White House over the last 26 years they have added over five trillions dollars to the national debt. Yet, the Democrats are labeled the big spenders and the Republicans are labeled the fiscally conservatives. The amount of money the United States government borrows from the world’s capital market is a crime against humanity. Spending the hundreds of billions of dollars on war and the military industrial complex. This will make it so you will not have the resources to spend on the humanitarian projects that are greatly needed to improve the lives of people who are less fortunate.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


What’s the Problem?

Our elected Federal leaders are so removed from Main Street American while they are working in hollow castles lined with marble and gold. If the Board of Directors in the private sector acted in the same manor as our federally elected officials they would be indicted on a whole host of crimes. Major reform is needed within the government in its relationship to the corporations and Main Street America. The United States Federal Government has over stepped its bounds in its foreign and domestic policies. With too many promises made with many of them about to be broken. The lack of balance and common sense with no real long term planning for what is in the greater interest of society at large. The greed of a few people, have taken over the system to serve their own self-interest.

Most people will agree the system is broken and needs to be fixed. They will blame it on the political party on the other side while defending the political leaders of their party of choice. The people who cry out the loudest against socialism are lining their pockets of cash from government programs. Whether they are a doctor, lawyer, farmer, civil servant, corporate defense worker or a GI trying to collect their veteran’s benefits.

Today so many Americans take so much for granted with no real perspective on what life’s reality is for the majority of the people in the world. The spending habits of the American people and United States government are jeopardizing the future security of the people in the world. The old saying, “Follow the money to solve the crime” this will often bring you back to America. The American people and the people of the world are being raped by the policies and actions of the United States government. Major changes are needed within the American system to make it possible for other nations to change their ways for the better.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Do onto Others as You Wish Them to do onto You

The United States government officials say they want peace yet the United States manufactures and sells more weapons of death and destruction than any other nation in the world. The United States government says it wants to promote freedom and democracy around the world yet they dictate and control the global policies in the United Nations and on the global platform. As part of the United States National Security Policies the natural resources (oil) of other sovereign nation are part of the United States vital interest. This is at the root of many of the world’s problems today. There is a lack of balance in fairness and justices for the people on the other side of American foreign policies and interest.

What is the norm and socially acceptable varies greatly among people and nations. So too does the truth and perception of the facts on the ground in many of the world’s conflicts. Today the level of tension and fear around the world is at modern day highs. The United States is using guns, bombs, and its military to promote freedom and democracy in protecting its oil interest in the Middle East. The United States government must reevaluate its foreign and domestic policies before things will change for the better in the world. The American people through their government have so much power and influence on the conditions around the world. The military strength of the United States far out ways its diplomatic strength. This must be brought into balance for the security and safety of the people of the world.

Only by working together with other nations of people can the United States and the people of the world achieve peace and security around the world. Only by respecting the Laws of Life and strengthening the platform of International Law can we improve the world around us. It is much more expensive to defend policies that are wrong than it is to do the right thing. It is a fact that the global natural resources and environment could not support the waste and standard of living that the people of the United States enjoy for the people of the rest of the world. Without addressing the global population explosion we will not help to solve the problems of global poverty and hunger. The global energy crisis and global population explosion are the two main problems that are threatening the security and future of the people of the world.

The national interest of one nation can’t over ride, the nation interest of another nation’s sovereignty. The underlining problem among nations is that most of the industrial nations in the world do not have enough oil within their nation to support their way of life. While many of the tribal societies of indigenous people (mostly Muslims) have more oil in their ground than they consume for in their way of life today. Many of these nations have tyrannical leaders that use their nations oil to keep them in power. A few leaders try to nationalize their oil industry running into stiff opposition from the United States.

Throughout world history people have been divided with the evolution of progress. Some choose the new ways of the modern world while others choose the ways of the past. A balance has to be found making room so that all people can live with there own values in place. Only by raining in the power of the international corporations and military industrial complex can we achieve a balance in what is in the best interest of the people of nations as a whole. By bringing into balance the diplomatic and military role of the United States changes in the world can be made for the better.


Information War in America

As with the print and mass media in America it is much easy to get the Israeli side of the story than the Palestinian side of the story on the Internet. The Israeli side of the story is much more polished and professional presented by the Americas mass media. Only in United States have the Israeli gotten away with labeling the Palestinians as our enemy and terrorists discrediting any of their sources for information. Because most of the Americas have heard the Israeli side of the story often right out of their own mouths. The Palestinian side of the story has been muffled and distorted in the information war in America.

The majority of the Jewish people with money and clout are behind the State of Israel unconditionally. From the very beginning the fight for Israel was well financed and organized by the community of international Jewish people who were united. On the other hand the Palestinian people receiving little united support from their Arab neighbors who have been very divided among themselves on the answers to this crisis. With the exception of condemning the government of Israel actions in there fight for the Greater State of Israel.

Not until the religious extremists are rained in on both sides will we find the answer to this conflict. As the religious Jewish extremists have a great deal of clout in Israeli government so do the Evangelical Christian extremists in the United States. Evangelical TV preachers of war such as Jerry Farwell and Pat Roberson have raised the stakes making us our own worst enemy in the War on Terror. Often the demons are found in the messengers who preach the word of God on both sides of this crisis.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Middle East Military Arms Race

What gives the United States the divine right to say who can and who cannot have nuclear capabilities in the world? It is acceptable for our allies such as the State of Israel to violate the Rules to International Laws while we enforce them to the letter of the law on her neighbors. For many years the Israeli government has had the worst kept secret the Dimona Nuclear Project. Unofficially it reported that Israel possess 200 to 400 nuclear warheads. On the record Israel ranking number one out of all the nations in the world in military expenditures and the amount of military weapons per-capita. Israel a religious military state ranks forth in the world for conventional arms exports per capita.

Many of Israel’s Islamic neighbors feel very threaten by the militaristic State of Israel and her actions. Historical the Arab nations and people have never been innovators in the military world of weapons and armies. Most of the modern military weapons bought, traded or sold in the Middle East are made in the western industrial nations or Russia. The United States consist military aid to the State of Israel has escalated the military arms race in the Middle East to a point it is out of control. This military arms race has been a great disadvantage to the Arab people especially the Palestinian people. Only the State of Israel and the United States military industrial complex has profited from this military arms race with the wealthy Arab oil nations paying all the way.

The United States government morally and financially supports the State of Israel acts of terror committed on a daily basis onto the Palestinian society. Almost every nation’s government in the world believes the Palestinian people are the victims in this life long conflict except for the United States government and a few well-connected American Jewish groups. Too much of our government’s intelligence information on Middle Eastern Affairs comes from sources close to Israel. The Middle East would be a much safer place if no one had any nuclear weapons including the State of Israel.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


American Indian Nation Reservation

This is a brief outline to a vision that should be done as part of restitution to the American Indians. A new American Indian Reservation should be created in behalf of the American Indians as a Nation. 50% of this new Indian Reservation will be commercial and 50% will be private. The American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR) will have several different missions in education and preservation of the culture of the American Indians.

A portion of the commercial part of the AINR will be made up of recreated working villages of different American Indian Tribal communities similar to Williamsburg, Mystic Sea Port or Old Sturbridge Village. Descendants of the American Indians will be given first priority to the jobs on the reservation. The recreation of a few early European settlements and trading posts will surround the Indian villages connected by an old train. This will be cultural theme park that will portray a day in the life of the American Indians.

An American Indian Summer Camp for the young people will be developed as part of the American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR). This camp will contain a one of a kind learning experience that will build bridges of understanding between the American Indians culture and modern American youth. As well as a seasonal summit school program for school trips will operate out of the summer camp facilities.

As part of the AINR there will be the American Indian University (AIU) that will encourage descendants of American Indians to a higher education. The AIU will be open to all American students while trying to maintain a high percent of American Indian students. The courses taught at AIU will be influenced by the culture of the American Indians. Scholars from AIU will help in the research and design of the Indian villages. There will be a program for low-income students to work on AINR in exchange for tuition at AIU.

The private section of American Indian Nation Reservation will be closed to the general public. It will be will be a place the American Indians can develop their own private community. Many of the American Indians living on the reservation will work there too. Cottage industrial enterprises will be encouraged on the reservation. There will be a commercial section within the private section for Indian only business.

The American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR) can be the Capital of the Nation of American Indians creating an American Indian tribal union. Together the American Indians can work on projects that would be for the enrichment of the American Indians as a whole nation. A high court of tribal affairs would be created to settle tribal disputes among the American Indian tribes. With the American Indians establishing their own institutions and economy their concern and interests can be properly addressed. The American Indians need a reservation that can become the nucleus to all of the Indian Reservations in North America. American Indian Organizations and business that are national business operation will be encourage to have their headquarters on the AINR. New American Indian business will open up to serve the needs of the American Indian community as a nation.

Financing for AINR will come in several different forms. A Federal tax collected on the revenues from the Indian casinos as well as on the natural resources taken from Indian land. This will help in the financial transparency to the dealing with American Indian Nations today. Most of the land needed to create AINR could come from already existing federal parkland with private donors raising money to buy the private land adjacent to complete the reservation. As a token to the way illegal matters are going to be dealt with in the future concerning the American Indians. Part of the fines from the Jack Abramoff scandal should be the seed money to start American Indian Nation Reservation (AINR). Both the modern day American people and the American Indians have a lot to learn from one and another.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


History to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis

If one is going to try to solve the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis you can only go back so far in the timeline. The Biblical aspect in the timeline must be discounted with the exceptions of the physical locations of the historical religious site of today. Going back further than the 1900’s you will not help find the answers to the problems of today. The early1900's were the beginning the Zionist movement in Europe for a Jewish state and coming into the final years of the Ottoman Empire rule of the Holly Land. The British Empire took over control of the Holy Land until the creation of the Jewish State of Israel in 1947. The 50 years preceding the establishment of the new State of Israel to present time is the important period to understanding the history of the problems today. Historical control of Jerusalem was the golden jewel of the Empires of the old world. Today Jerusalem is at the roots of so much of the tension in the world.

Back in modern history the Jewish people are people of the world not within no one nation or region of the world. The Arab people are of nations within one region and are not people of the world by nature. Both in Islam and Christianity spreading their word of God to other people around the world is the mission of some practitioners. Both religions have different branches of faith with many having a hierarchy giving them the ability to grow in numbers of people. On a global level the Christians and Muslims have a majority in numbers and political control of nations and regions in the world. On the other side the Jewish people are few in numbers all around the world with one newly created nation the State of Israel in a region that they are a small minority.

Understanding the religious significance of the Old City of Jerusalem to so many people around the world in three different religions. The United Nations in Resolution 181 of 1947 outlined the creation of an International National City of Jerusalem section separate from Israel and Palestine. Today 57 years after the creation of the State of Israel the reasoning behind this decision is quite apparent from the endless cycle of war. Footnotes in recorded history of the United States and the State of Israel as well as many other new nations in the world are founded with terrorisms as one of the elements. If the British government had demanded the Zionists stop their acts of terror before they end their occupation of the Holy Land there probably would not be a State of Israel today.

Menachem Begin the leader of Irgun a military underground organization blew-up the King David Hotel on July 22, 1946. Later Irgun became the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Menachem Begin became Prime Minister of Israel. The old saying one side Freedom Fighters are the other side’s terrorists. People that have no nation have no armies that are fighting in gangs and militias for their freedom from domination and oppression are labeled terrorists. On the other hand to often nations with large armies will hire mercenaries to do their acts of terrorisms off the record or they will use their armies calling it war.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Balancing the Best Interest between the Mega Corporations

How do we get the mega corporations to realize what is in the best interest of the global community at large is in their best interest at home. The best example of this is some of the Japanese automobile companies assembling their cars all over the world closer to the market place. This is good for Japan automobile industry and it is good for the nation with the Japanese assembly plant. What are not good for the global community at large are the global corporations that flock to the nations with the lowest prevailing wages. For Europe, North America and the rest of the Developed World to compete for jobs against nations with wages that are less than the taxes paid on the employee in the developed nation is wrong. As capitalism spreads around the world it is not a level playing field.

If one went back to early American history during the 1700 and 1800 the Custom Houses would have been the prominent building of the city. There was no Federal Income Tax most of the federal revenue came from tariffs placed on imported goods. Today many imported goods are made paying little to no employees taxes and they are in competition with domestic companies that are paying a high employment taxes. The level of responsibility and liability an American employer or an employer from a developed nation has compared to an employer in a developing nation makes it near to impossible to compete.

The primary responsibility of a federal government is to protect the people of the union from outside forces. This starts at the borders and shores as it did with the early American Custom Houses and military forces. As America became a global empire the American government’s focus change to a more international perspective declaring international natural resources such as oil of another nation as part of United State’s national interests. The United States becoming the global police and prosecutor to the world is an expense on the American taxpayers that will not be able to maintain. As long as the United States foreign policy continues to alienate others making more enemies than friends we will be going down the wrong road.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Is it Truth or a Lie

It is so painful to hear our educated elected leaders quoting the extreme elements of our enemies in making their case to go to war or to undermine and overthrow a government. The current ways of the Jewish State of Israel will bring the world to an end, as we know it today. Before we get to the end of the path the United States will look more like the State of Israel. A military police state under occupation with few friends and many enemies. If a person were to study the fabric of society of their allies as close as we do to their enemies, you might see a different picture. So much of what is called “Israeli Intelligent Information” is really propaganda to feed their cause.

Many leaders in America who support the current actions of the State of Israel have belittled the Holocaust by comparing Saddam or Iran to Hitler and the Nazi. When and where will the last invasion of an Islamic nation be for the security of the Jewish State of Israel? Only with United States backing the State of Israel can they take on the Arab nations as they are doing today. There is more hate and animosity by many Arab Muslim people towards the Jewish State of Israel for many good reason that are apart of the modern history. Only the American people have heard the Israeli side while turning a blind eye to the Islamic side. Today the supporters of Israel will tell you how they are the victims and not the victors.

A person would just have to fly over the Holy Land to see the conditions on the two sides. The living conditions of many of the Palestinian people are closer to the worst in the world. While the living conditions of most of the Jewish Israelis would compare to some of the best living conditions in the world. The social and economic injustices that have taken place over the last sixty years in the Holy Land as well as the Arab world are enough to start a war.

Only by defusing an already volatile situation can there be a peaceful solution. By feeding the fire more ammo on an already explosive situation, it will blow up and be out of control creating a back draft. The United States and the State of Israel have to make major changes in the manner and way they are going to start to address some of the problems in the Middle East. It is better to lead by example and be followed than by gunpoint. The bottom line is most mothers and fathers want the same things for their children and most children want a good long life with food in their home and a roof over their head.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Arab League Should Use the European Union a Model

If the same amount of American mass media coverage was given to every time the Israeli Defense Forces or an Israeli civilian killed an innocent Palestinian child as we do the suicide bombers. Then American people might know the truth to this conflict. Only by leveling the playing field will the truth be heard. One of the tools making the playing field level is the Internet. Each side has the ability to transmit and receive information global almost instantaneously. As the Palestinians are out gunned militarily by the Israelis so too are the Palestinians behind on the usage of computer technology and the Internet.

The Arab League should take a leading role in the humanitarian aid that is needed to rebuild Palestine. Starting with the Gaza the international community of nations should help rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure of Gaza. Using the Gaza as model for the West Bank and other deprived Arab communities of people. Every nation and region should have room for the communities of people who want the ways of the new world or of the old world.

Many people are at odds with the ways of their nation. It is managing these differences in a civilized manner that bring people and nations together in peace and times of trouble. It would be much better to bring about the needed changes in the world in a peaceful way rather than in war. This can only be done diplomatically using tools instead of weapons. Today the United States and the rest of the world do not have enough trained forces for these types of humanitarian missions.

For a fraction of the cost of what has been spent on war in the Middle East the needed changes could be made for the better creating more peace and security than any war ever could. Only by taking a sane approach to the problems will the needed changes come about. Israel is not the only problem in the Middle East they are just in the center.

Unless some of the wealthy Arab nations step up and take a leading role in solving some of the problems and issues confronting the poorer Arab people. There will be no end to the civil unrest in the Middle East. The Arab League should use the European Union as their model in trying to resolve some of the problems in the Middle East. Only by people and nations working together can the needed changes be made to bring peace about.

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At War with the World

It is political and socially acceptable to calls for revolutionary changes from the right wing as Newt Gingridge. If someone calls for a revolutionary changes from the left wing it is perceived by the establishment as treason and a threat to the nation’s security. The people on the right, the so-called conservatives who have never been against any of the wars that the United States has been involved in. Many liberals are divided on the United States government act of war, maybe with the exceptions of World War I and II as well as the 1991 Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan in which the majority supported. When the conservatives lose a war such as the Viet Nam War they blame it on the liberals for dividing the country support for more war. Very few people profit from war while many people lose life or limbs.

Since the end of World War II the United States has been a global supper power dictating its policies onto the world to secure the United States national interests. Today the national interest of the United States intrudes on the national interest of many oil-exporting nations. Any nation’s leader that tries to nationalize their oil reserves becomes an enemy of the international oil companies as well as the United States government.

The excessive consumption of the world’s natural resources by the people of the United States is jeopardizing the security of peace in the world. The people in most nations do not have the same level of responsibility for the way things are in the world today as the American people. The foreign policies of Sweden or Jamaica do not have the same global impact as the foreign policies of the United States. The oil policies of any combination of two or three major oil exporting nations could cripple the industrial world over night.

For the last 50+ years the United States has been the main rulers of the so-called free world. The United States is the youngest of any of the world’s ruling nations in history. With very little understanding of the history to the world around them, the American people and government have gone to war with people and nations of cultures they do not understand. The political and economic toll of the Iraq War on the United States has put world’s peace and global stability on the edge of collapse. Without major revolution changes of the policies and actions of the federal government of the United States the future of the people of the world looks very bleak. This must happen in domestic and foreign policies, changing the relationship between the federal and state government as well as the United States Federal government relationship with other federal governments around the world.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Make the Middle East a Truly Nuclear Free Region

If the international world really wants to stop nuclear proliferation in the Middle East they would put pressure on the State of Israel to disarm their nuclear weapons. How can the international community of nations say Iran cannot have nuclear weapons and Israel can? This is the epitome of hypocrisy of the western world that the Arab nations see today. On one hand if an Arab nation violates United Nations Resolutions they are sanctions and or invaded. On the other hand if the State of Israel violates United Nations Resolutions escalating the violence in the region they receive more United States military aid.

Without major changes in United States-Israeli policies and actions in the region there will be no peace or security in the world. The Middle East arms race must end with the State of Israel following the path of Libya and South Africa in dismantling their nuclear weapons. Then and only then could a nuclear free Middle East be a possible reality. Otherwise you can expect more Islamic Middle Eastern nations trying to obtain nuclear weapons one way or another.

The question the Israelis have to answer is for how long do they think they can be the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. The Jewish people of Israel have to learn to become more and better diplomats and less of warriors in their pursuit of peace and security. Never before in world history have so few people gotten so much global attention stirring up so much resentment.

The Israelis and United States have start working with the International community of nations for what is in the best interest of the people of the world. There is no way Israel or the United States could lose if they became more apart of the international community as an equal instead of standing it alone. The security of both nations would greatly improve with their improved relations with more nations around the world. Israel will be much more secured with more fiends than foes in the Middle East.

The chances the State of Israel can remain the only nation in the Middle East with nuclear weapons for very long are slim to none over the course of time. This course will lead to World War III putting the whole world in more danger. On the other hand if Israel dismantled their nuclear weapons the whole world would unite to keep the Middle East nuclear free region. In this case the State of Israel would have new doors opening in the Middle East and around the world making them more secure than ever before.


Will the People Ever Hear the Truth?

To compare the Gross National Product of today to fifty years ago is a joke. The GNP fifty years ago was based on real products that were wanted by people all over the world. Whether they were cars, building, machines or tools they created an added value to our nation. Today the GNP is based on the sales of products made somewhere else and a few things such as the movies, guns, planes, bombs, hamburger, paper, beer and food as the only things truly made in America. Yes it was an American entrepreneur that in many cases was a first generation immigrant that made many of the great advancements we take for granted today.

In the United States today the service sector is the fastest growing sector. In most cases the service sector does not add any real value to the nation economy. Too many American leaders and people have lost sight to the economic fundamentals of the stability of a modern society. So many of the formulas to the government’s statistics have changed over the years, they can’t be compared. It is not always the original cost but the cost of the up keep that has to be considered by any society.

During the late 60’s near the end of Great Britain global empire the Beatles became Great Britain’s greatest export. For short period of time the Beatles brought in more foreign currency into Great Britain economy than any other single entity. Up until 1972 the United States produced more oil than we consume. Today the United States is the largest consumer and importer of the world’s oil. During the last thirty-five years the cars and houses have gotten larger in the United States consuming more energy adding to our national trade deficit.

With a real global energy crisis looming over the world the wealthier and higher educated society consume more than their fair share of the world’s natural resources. This is the base of so many of the wars of the world today and yesterday. President Carter during the seventies tried to warn the American people about the pending global oil crisis that we face today and was undermined by the establishment. Too often it is the greed of a few people that want to preserve their power and wealth that win over what is right. So often the people are told what the establishment what they want them to hear. This is true in the United States as well as the rest of the world. When miss-information become facts that people believe then the conflicts and problems arise between the people.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Religion Military Oil

With Judaism being the older that Christianity and Islam they all have a connection in the Holly Land. A land that attracts so many of highly religiously indoctrinated people of these three faiths. Making the Palestinian-Israeli conflict so very volatile. The fact that three different religions have their religious indoctrinated beliefs that vary in what they believe to be the truth. Combined with the demographic of the population of the region with so much of the world’s oil. Over a billion Muslims or Christians in the world with less than 20 million Jewish people. The industrial nations are consuming most of the world’s oil with this being the root to many of the economic and social injustices in the world today. The United States consuming 25% of the world’s oil making up less than 5% world’s population. There is no way the rest of the world’s people can raise their standard of living as the people in the industrial world did today with oil. There are not enough oil reserves in the world for the rest of the world’s people to consume oil the way the America people do today.

One side producing while the other side is consuming is the way the world looks to many people today. The capitalist oil consuming nations with the United States the leading the way using their military forces as well as political and economic policies to guarantee a steady supply of oil. Often creating the leaders of nations (power brokers) keeping them divided from the majority of their people. So they have to rely on us for their personal security to their power. How one perceive global, national and local issue is greatly influence by the position one views them.

The religiously indoctrinated people of one faith being united will be separated and divided from other people of other faiths in their belief to the truth. The combination of religious fervor, modern military weapons and oil is a dangerous combination. Many of the mistakes of today are built on mistakes from the past making the problem worst. Only by unraveling some of the wrongs of yesterday and today will we be able to have a safe and secure tomorrow.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Challenge Before Us

For the United States to be a strong and balance republic with a democratic form of government we must get more than 70% of the eligible voters registered to vote. The United States and its military have become the primary leader of the industrial nations in the war on terror making the people’s vote more important than ever before in recent times. The pro Republicans people are well financed by the establishment that profits from war with most of them voting while waving the flag. While many of the younger people who oppose the Bush War Doctrine are not registered and don’t vote. With the primary reason being “They are one of the same and things will not change.”

Without the participation of 70% or more of the eligible voters in the United States there is not a clear mandate by the people and things will remain in the hands of the special interest groups. Raising voter participation among the people will help strengthen our nation making us more of a democratic nation and less of a republic in the hands of the selected few. Too many people feel disenfranchised by the system therefore they do not vote. Unless more people stand-up and speak out against our current policy, register and vote things will not change. With the United States having the lowest voter participation than any of the other democracies in the world while being the military super power is a travesty in its self.

The American people have to take reasonability for their government’s foreign policies and actions around the world. The national debt (8.2 trillion dollars) being nearly three times the government annual budget. The United States military spending is 40% of the total of the total military spending in the world. How many nations will the United States have to bomb or take over to be secure and safe?

Saturday, February 11, 2006


America War Whores

President Bush says we went to war in Iraq as a last resort. Million of Americas see it much differently as a war of President George Bush’s choice. Halliburton the former employer of Vice President Cheney gaining billions of dollars of open ended contracts in the war in Iraq. 7 to 9 billion American taxpayer dollars is reported to be unaccounted and is missing in the Iraq war. Over pricing on contracts that had no competitive bidding by the few companies who qualified for the work. The so-called International coalition is by far is United States Military backed by Soldiers of Fortunes paid for by the American taxpayer with the British number of troops a distant third.

The Neocons and the so-called conservatives will defend the United States military actions in Iraq on grounds that are constantly changing. The reaction to 9-11 by the Bush Administration has put the United States and the people world in greater danger. Today the United States has many more enemies who hate the foreign policies as well as the military and covert actions of the United States government. On one hand the United States says it want to promote democracies and freedom and on the other hand the United States government wants to dictate and control the world’s natural resources and policies in the name of national security.

The conflict of interest and lies that have been told about the War in Iraq by the Bush Administration are all part of the public record. One just has to look at the basic facts to see the truth to why as a nation the people of the United States and world are in more danger today than just a few years ago. Look at the recruiting numbers in the United States military and the state national guard around the United States. Then look at the United States national debt and the international trade deficit combined with amount of oil imported to the United States. History will record President George Bush’s reaction to 9-11 was the beginning to the downfall of the American Empire.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Hamas Verses Fatah

As a result of the Palestinian election there will be a changing of the guard between the Yellow (Fatah) and the Green (Hamas). The protest by Fatah in Gaza the day after elections is out of fear and frustration. For twelve years the Fatah Party has had absolute control of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were the outsiders with little to no government power. With Hamas winning a clear majority of seats in the Palestinian Parliament. Hamas will be the party within the Palestinian government that is now officially responsible for the conditions on the ground within the Palestinian controlled territories. Now its Fatah turn to protest and reorganize their party for the next election.

Hopefully the Palestinians can have a political change of leaders with little to no violence. New political leaders rise to power and control of Palestine creating a democratic nation. You can destroy in one day what took years to build. The anger and frustration runs very deep in the Holy Land. The hardships suffered by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank is coming to a pinnacle. No freedom of movement and no jobs is the only way of life that most Palestinian people know today. The unemployment of the Palestinian people between the ages of 16 to 24 is about 70%.

It can be assumed that Israel, the United States governments will try to get the European Union to cut off any financial aid to the Palestinian Authority governed by Hamas. This is where the Arab League and the wealthy Arab nations will have to step up to the plate to make the greatly needed financial contribution. Maybe Hamas with the help of the Arab League can improve the living conditions of the Palestine. The Palestinian people will have to have the humanitarian living conditions improved and their dignity restored before there will be any real peace. What must end is the extreme political rhetoric of one side stating the position of the other side. Let each side state their own position.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Next Step on the Road Map to Peace

The next step on the Road Map to Peace is for the State of Israel to start to remove the Jewish Settlers from the West Bank. With International humanitarian forces helping the Palestinian people rebuild their infrastructure. The words of both sides have to be match by their deeds and actions as we move toward implementing the Peace Plan. One of the major problems of the Oslo Accords was what was being said at the negotiating table did not reflect the actions on the streets. During the Oslo Accords the size of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip nearly doubled. The mantra of both sides has to change as the extremists on both side become inflamed with the progress towards peace.

The State of Israel and the United States have to come to terms with the United Nations and the global community of nations. Realizing the only way the Road Map to Peace has a chance is on a multi-lateral platform. It is the make up of this platform that has to be decided and implemented. With NATO, United Nations, Arab League, Israel, and the United States developing a plan of action. With Egypt and Jordan having diplomatic connections with Israel they should be the founding members with this new group (MEP) with the United States being a supporting member.

A new organization Middle East Peace (MEP) will be established from nations in the Middle East and the global community that are committed to peace and coexistences among their neighbors. The primary focus of the MEP will be network with other international organizations on implementing a regional master peace plan. The make up of the MEP board will be 1/3 Israeli, 1/3 Palestinian, and 1/3 International with half of them being Americans. Some of the same people that are on the Commission of the Old City of Jerusalem will also work for MEP.

All of the member nations of MEP agree to normalize relations with the State of Israel as a non-occupying country living within International Laws and regional treaties. Israel will normalize relations with the members of MEP. MEP will be the platform for regional issues and areas of disagreements between MEP members. The Primary Members will be counties from the Middle East Region and Supporting Members will be other nation from outside the Middle East region.

The Israeli government will agree to the following conditions with the United States guarantying the State of Israel security within their international recognized boarders.

· The Israelis will demilitarize their society and live within the conditions of the Middle East Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

· Israel will follow the guide lines (MEP) Middle East Peace

· The Israeli settlers must move back to Israel proper or apply for a Settlement Stay that will be consider on individual cases.

· The Jewish people migration to Israel will be limited to the number of Palestinian people Right to Return. In both cases the applicant will have to go before a review board.

· The State of Israel will agree to recognize the Old City of Jerusalem as an International City for the foreseeable future.

· Israel will revise their Property Laws and zoning within the State of Israel including the un-recognized Palestinian Villages.

· The State of Israel will help in the re-construction of the infrastructure Palestinian State.

· The State of Israel will leave the de-populated Israeli Settlements in good condition as part of their contribution.

The Palestinian Right to Return must be changed to Privilege to Return with two different ways. The first will be the privilege to return to the State of Palestine and the second will be the privilege to the State of Israel. In each case the applicant must apply for citizenship and go before one of two boards for approval. The Palestinian Board of Return and the Israeli Board of Return will be similar in make up with two Palestinian members and two Israeli members and one international member. The Boards will review the applicant’s application taking into consideration of the reason one wants to return. If an applicant is denied they have the right to go before the Board of Appeal that will review the case.

There should be a moratorium place on the migration of Jewish people migrating to the State Israel until the resettlement of the Jewish Settlers from the West Bank, and the settlements surrounding Jerusalem. When the moratorium is lifted then the Jewish people who were born in Israel and those who have first families move to the top of the list. Those who have citizenship to Palestine and Israel that are abroad will not be effected by the moratorium. Once the moratorium is lifted the number of new Jewish emigrates to the State of Israel will be determined by the formula to keep all in balance. Stabilizing the population in Israel and Palestine is very important because of the lack of fresh water in the region as well as developing a peaceful two state solution.

A temporary United Nations Court for Land Disputes (UNCLD) will be established in this region. This court will be over seen by the Quartet and financed by the global community of nations. The UNCLD is not a criminal court it will be authorized only to settle land disrupts between the different parties. This court will operate with in their own by-laws with the international community creating a fund that the UNCLD will use to help settle some of these personal land disputes. A balance between justice for the parties involved and what is in the best interest of the local community at large will be apart of the settlements. This court will be used to help in the reparation of those that have lost their property. The government of Israel within Israel proper will provide some land and housing for some of the Israeli settlers that will have to relocate without displacing any more Palestinian people.

The social injustices that the State of Israel has supported in the past against the Palestinian people with in Israel proper will have change to meet the standers of the International Human Rights Laws. A number of the Un-Recognized Arab Village will become enterprise zones to bring the public service up to the same stander as the rest of the other villages in Israel. With both States relying on a lot of International aid in the past, the future funds and programs paid for with international funds will be monitor by the Quartet and will be totally transparent.

A twenty-year master zoning and development plan is needed by the State of Israel and the State of Palestine that will have too be approved by the Quartet. With the International community paying for a major part of some of these projects and programs.

The case why the Old City of Jerusalem should be an International City as outline in the United Nation Security Council Resolution 181of 1948 is clearer than ever before. Resolution 181 was the first step the international community of nations took towards the two state solution between the Moslems and Jewish people. Going on the premise “What is right for one side should be for the other side too”. For one side to control the religious sites of the other would be unfair and wrong. With the recent actions of both sides and the current level of tension between the people it has become quite apparent that only with international intervention that is fair and neutral can peace and security have a chance. An international commission 1/3 Jewish, 1/3 Muslim, 1/3 Christen, with a 50% local people and 50% people from outside the region should be set up to run the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Old City of Jerusalem Charter should be established and approve by the commission. This Charter should include some of the following;

· The Old City of Jerusalem will be a weapon free zone.

· All faiths will be able to practice their religion’s believes as long as it does not cause harm to others or themselves.

· The politics of the Old City of Jerusalem will remain neutral between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine.

· The Israeli government and Palestinian government will have there own representatives as part of the International Old City of Jerusalem.

The Jewish Settlements surrounding Jerusalem will be divided between the State of Israel and the Old City of Jerusalem. The former Jewish Settlements of Jerusalem that become part of the Old City of Jerusalem will have a different charter than the rest. Most of the Jewish Settlers will have to move back to the State of Israel. With 25% of the Jewish people staying, willing to live under the new coming conditions, with the Housing Boards approval. 25% of the housing will be opened to Palestinians who apply to the Housing Boards and get approved. For the foreseeable future the other 50% will be International workers that are part of the team to bring peace to the region. The Housing Board will be made up of three internationalists, one Israeli and one Palestinian. All may retain their respective country’s citizenship.

The Israeli government will be responsible for the removal of the Jewish Settlers from Palestine and the Old City of Jerusalem. The Israeli government will establish new settlements within Israel proper for the settlers to relocate. The Jewish Settlers who cooperate in the re-settlement will have first priority in new housing and reimbursements. The Jewish Settlers that fight the changing times and ways will be handled by Israeli authorities until the agreed upon deadline. The State of Israel will be reasonable for any of the damages to the settlements until they are turned over to the International Forces.

Realizing than no final plan will be fare to all people but it must be fair to both greater societies as a whole. What is fair for one side should be for the other side as well. Logic and common sense have not been heard only a repeating of the same old rhetoric by the extremists on both sides. The conditions and circumstances combined with the religious indoctrination on both sides are what make it such a volatile situation silencing the voice of the moderates. There are no solutions that will right the wrongs of the past, only the possibility of changing the wrongs of today creating a chance for a better tomorrow for future generations to come.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Without Looking Back for Blame

Understanding that the only things ever written in stone that will never change is the day you are born and the day you die. Everything in between can change over the course of time. There are patterns in the ways things happen with certain forces influencing the patterns. We are currently in a power struggle with those people who want to use the big stick our military power to dictate our policies and ways onto other people and nations. Then there are those people who want to relinquish some of our military power and control to a universal multilateral platform that is outside our system. For any bureaucratic person or department to relinquish power to an outside authority is not natural. It is even seen as threatening because they no longer perceive themselves in control with less power. Working out the political and economic differences with people and nations with a different cultures and value system requires an understanding and ability to be able to compromise on our differences. Between the greed for more power and money and the lack of trust so much of this is lost. As a nation and people we are so close to the line sometimes crossing it for what we perceive to be in our own self-interest. This line is evolving and changes over time making what is considered to be right and true today to be different tomorrow including the perspective of yesterday.

Accepting the facts to reality that the large corporations have the greatest influence on our system and lives. That they are not on a humanitarian mission but corporations out for the most profit for their stockholders is their bottom line. Our governments bottom line is suppose to be what is in the best interest of the people as a human race. The United States being the leader of many of the new ways of the people of the world has an added burden of responsibility. Creating a conflict between what is in our own best self-interest as a nation or the global community of nations at large. A balance has to be reach where what is good for one will be good for the other as well.

Things never stay the same they are always changing sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. One of the greatest changes in the world is the inter-dependency on other people for our life as we know it today. Taking so much for granted with so little thought. This is not making us more secure as a nation having to depend upon other nations of people for so much of what we have in the United States today. In the case of oil as one example we over step the boundaries of fairness to protect our national security. We will never have real national security until we make the needed changes to our energy policies making us much more self-sufficient using a lot less fossil fuel. A better balance is needed in the direction of the human race, between Mother Earth, and Father Sky and the corporations and nations of the world. Realizing we must improve our changes for the better and not for the worst over time.

If you could monopolize large profits for a few people in making peace instead of war, peace would have a better chance. This is one of the true facts to the reality of the world that huge fortunes are made in wartime not financing peacetime humanitarian missions. How we use our natural resources and power will determine our future as a society of the human race and the future of the planet earth. Without looking back for blame but to correct some of the wrongs of yesterday to built a stronger foundation for a better tomorrow.

There are many answers for the same problem with no agreement. This is the biggest hurdle to solving many of our problems as the leading nation in the world today. With many of the problems having no one right answer but a combination of many different answers that are connected to other problems. Looking at the world’s problems on the macro level and solving them on the micro level is the only way of understanding it. This must be done on a domestic and international level with a clearer line between the two.



The United States with many other nations made revolutionary changes bringing the people of the world closer to Utopia. Many of the revolutionary changes that nations made were universal. These changes made new things possible opening new doors of opportunities. The nations at the top and the nations at the bottom came to the middle creating balance and cooperation between most nations of people. With fewer major man made problems in the world the people of nations could focus on the natural disasters. This brought together nations of people creating a new stronger bond between them with more understanding.

It was the instillation of many new changes that brought about the new realities on the ground around the world. One being no greater than another but combined it made new ways and things possible. The model that the nations of the world moved towards was similar to the socialist Scandinavian nation. The nations with large central government downsized giving more power to the local government and the international organizational platforms. The nations with weak central governments strengthen the federal government creating a stronger Rule of Law within the nation.

The initial major changes disrupted business as usually for a short period of time but afterwards things were so much better. With the people and universities of the world focusing on some of the old problems that had been plaguing the world for so many years new answers are found. The biggest changes came about from the international down sizing of the military industrial complex. Freeing up new resources for humanitarian projects for the developing nations of the world.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Freedom Without Prosperity is Tyranny Too

To place all of the blame for the Oil for Food scandal on the United Nation is being very short sighted and foolish. The United Nation with a 1.3 billion dollar annual budget with the United States contributing about 25%. The United Nation with no permanent arm forces and limited power to enforce UN Resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. The United States Federal debt is growing in one day to what the United Nations budget is for one year. There are a lot of media talking heads and government leaders in the United States ready to place the blame on the United Nations for their foreign policies failures.

Yes, most everyone agrees there is great reform that is needed within the United Nations. To destroy the United Nation by undermining and or minimizing their role in developing an international multi-level platform for peace is not the answer. Where the United States as a nation has excelled in so many ways, International diplomacy is not one of them. There is talk of expanding the United Nations Security Council to more members. While keeping the five permanent members the same the only members with the single vote veto power. As long as any one member can veto a UN Resolution in the Security Council you have a divided dictatorship.

Today many Americans want the United States to withdraw from the United Nations because of the anti-Americanisms that prevails in the United Nations. This is only a reflection of the people around the world to the great failures of the United States foreign policies. A person or nation can want to do the right thing but go about it the wrong way. The military and diplomatic role of the United States foreign policy must be revaluated to make the world a safer place. Only by strengthening the global multilateral platform will we be able to workout our differences in a peaceful way. Yes, there are many reforms that are needed but we do not need to destroy what must be reformed.

Monday, February 06, 2006


A Rush to War of Choice

Why are Republican conservatives so open to going to war regardless of the financially, politically and human cost to our country. Many of the religious conservative people in the United States are Republicans that are some of the most outspoken people in support of the War on Islamic Terrorists. The civilian sector of the military industrial complex is also in the Republicans corners. From these two conservative groups come the Neocons with their unconditional support of the Greater State of Israel. All three conservative groups favor the use of the military force the big stick theory over diplomacy and the carrot.

By rushing into a war of choice in Iraq not knowing whom our enemy of terrorists are we have under minded the security of the United States as well as the rest of the world. Our military invasion of Iraq has polarized the people and nations of the world deepening the global divide. Deploying many of our State National Guard into Iraq for year long tours has weaken our front line on homeland security with a long term negative effect. Fewer of our experience soldiers are reenlisting and they are not meeting their recruitment goals for new enlistments. The lost of confidence and respect of many of our international allies is taking a toll on our national security financially and politically.

Without the leaders of the United States addressing the internal problems we face as a nation we will never be able to help solve the problems of other nations. Only by correcting our internal at home can we lead by example instead of military force. As the people and nation in the world evolve the rate of change will vary greatly widening the gap in the differences. The polarization of people and nations often lowers the level of tolerance of the other people that are different from them. Fear is often the tool and or weapon the system uses to control the way people see things while hiding the real truth. When in reality people of all nations want the same things for their family, children and community.
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Religious Right + Ivy League = George Bush

President Bush has weaken the United States national defense and security unlike any other President. The government’s first response to rescue the victims of Hurricane Katrina is a good example. Louisiana State National Guard has seventeen helicopters with fitheen them in Iraq during Hurricane Katrina as well as their fleet of platoon boats. Over three thousand of Louisiana first response personnel were in Iraq during Hurricane Katrina with much of the state equipment needed for disaster relief.

Those in politics who profit from wars and disasters such as Halliburton - Cheney and Bechtel - George Shultz are undermining the national security of the United States. The hundreds of billions of dollars the United States government spends in the name of national defense goes into the pockets of a very few corporations. At what level does a conflict of interest arise between a person position in private life and a person holding a high-level government position dealing with the company of your former employer.

George Bush ran for President saying he was going to raise the moral standards in government and cut federal government spending. When in reality as President he has miss led the American people into a War of Choice while sending the national debt sky high weakening the nations national security. The State National Guards are the first responders in a time of national crisis. Hurricane Katrina a nature disaster of biblical proportion that had been predicted and contemplated by many people for years happened. One million Americans made homeless with 65% to 70% of the first responders with only 50% of their equipment at home. The people of Louisiana and Mississippi face a challenge like never before in American. Many people today in Iraq can understand and relate to the conditions of the people in the Gulf region first hand.

Sunday, February 05, 2006



Let there be more love
World leaders that are doves

A world with fewer guns
More mothers with their sons

Instead of fighting war
We help the poor

With all of our might
We are not always right

People have to care
To make things fair

Let there be more flowers
With all of our powers

Let there be peace
In the Middle East


Saturday, February 04, 2006


Over Time the Truth will be Heard

True security for the people of the United States and world is more than defending against another 9-11 terrorist attack. The extremists who support the terrorists are on both side, they are the ones fanning the flames of war. In America you have the Neocons behind the largest military complex in the world. On the other side you have loosely linked groups of people who are fighting against oppression of their people and land combined with those who are fighting for the expansion of their religious and philosophical beliefs. They are a people with no one capitol or army but most of them descendants of the Islamic culture representing a small but growing fraction of the population. Many people of Islam see their culture under attack from the modern military armies and policies of the western world mostly in their oil wealthy nations.

To every political, economical, social and military action there will be a re-action. If one nation can win the military war but can’t bring peace when does the fighting end? Without peace and security you will have neither for they both depend upon one and another. To what degree a nation or people find peace and security depends upon the policies and actions of their nation. The United States government’s re-action to the horrific event of 9-11 have only deepen the divide isolating us further from the international community of nations. Spending billions of dollars on securing the Olympics to the Liberty Bell. Turning our national historical landmarks into fortify military security zones 24/7 similar to those found throughout Israel.

Any people and or nations who support the inhumane treatment of people will loss the war over time. In too many cases the United States government as part of foreign policies supported tyrants, dictators, and greedy self-serving leaders under the banner of our national security. It is the same lost of common sense and balance that plagues our foreign policies, national policies and security. We will spend ourselves into economic bankruptcies trying to secure policies with no long-term defense.


United States Treasury Bonds

The United States economy is on the cusp of imploding. Anyone looking at the economic charts of the United States would realize that there is real trouble ahead. Foreigners are holding 3 trillion dollars of the 8.2 trillion dollars of the United States debt. The Bank of China bought 200 billion dollars of United States Treasury Bonds last year with a total holding of 600 billion dollar of US Treasury Bonds. Japan is holding over 700 billion dollar of the United States government foreign debt of the 3 trillion dollars. Between the United States government’s twin deficits, foreign and domestic policies there are many international leaders that are questioning the real value of the American dollar.

The value of many other countries currencies is directly connected to the value of the United States dollar. This is creating a lot of turmoil in the international financially markets with the higher price of crude oil and the weakening American dollar. The United States has led the world’s nations into the modern world. Today there are real problems and question that the people of the modern world face that have not addressed or answered. The question of the satiability of the current course of the modern world’s energy consumption, world population growth, and the standard of living of the people around the world.

Freedom and democracy without prosperity will lead to chaos. People of the world want the same things for themselves, family, community and nation. They want security, prosperity, good health, respect and a better future for their children. Today the United States government’s policies and actions are jeopardizing the prosperity and security of the international community of nations. Only by the United States government correcting and bring into balance its domestic and foreign policies will the world have a chance for peace, prosperity and security.

The United States military can win the military war by destroying the infrastructure of most of the counties in the world. While losing the economic and political struggle for peace the United States is undermining the security of the world. Today the United States is consuming too much of the world’s debt and oil for there to be enough to go around. The money borrowed and oil consumed by the United States is straining the security of the international financial markets. The overly aggressive military position of the United States has drained 100’s of billions of dollars from the world economy and American taxpayers. February 2005 Taiwan the fifth largest holder of United States debt (56 billion dollars) and South Korea fourth largest holder of 63 billion dollars of United States debt announce they want to sell some of their United States debt. The day China decides to sell their United States Treasury Bonds will be the day nobody will want to be holding the US Bonds.

The lack of balance in the financial, political and diplomatic policies of the United States has raised the level of tension around the world. Only by balancing the policies and role of the United States Government can the real problems be addressed at home and abroad. The United States Federal Government has over extended its position at home and abroad interfering with the individual rights of others. Many of the short-term policies that are serving the best national interest of the United States are at the root of the problems over the long term. Because of the inter connection of the problems so too are the answers.

Only by creating a balanced platform that can hold up to be equal for all sides will we find the answers to the problem we face. The problems we face as a nation in the community of nation will effect us all. The inhuman and unbearable conditions face by the people of one side will migrate to the people on the other side one day. If the United States wants to regain control of there own future and become a respected leader among the leaders of nations. There will have to be major changes made to the United States role and power among the community of nations. The United States government cannot preach democracy and freedom to other nations in the world while they are dictating their policies onto other nations of people in the world. A better balance is needed between the use of diplomacy and the use of military force in promoting democracy and prosperity around the world.

Friday, February 03, 2006


A Rush to War of Choice

Why are Republican conservatives so open to going to war regardless of the financially, politically and human cost to our country. Many of the religious conservative people in the United States are Republicans that are some of the most outspoken people in support of the War on Islamic Terrorists. The civilian sector of the military industrial complex is also in the Republicans corners. From these two conservative groups come the Neocons with their unconditional support of the Greater State of Israel. All three conservative groups favor the use of the military force the big stick theory over diplomacy and the carrot.

By rushing into a war of choice in Iraq not knowing whom our enemy of terrorists are we have under minded the security of the United States as well as the rest of the world. Our military invasion of Iraq has polarized the people and nations of the world deepening the global divide. Deploying many of our State National Guard into Iraq for year long tours has weaken our front line on homeland security with a long term negative effect. Fewer of our experience soldiers are reenlisting and they are not meeting their recruitment goals for new enlistments. The lost of confidence and respect of many of our international allies is taking a toll on our national security financially and politically.

Without the leaders of the United States addressing the internal problems we face as a nation we will never be able to help solve the problems of other nations. Only by correcting our internal at home can we lead by example instead of military force. As the people and nation in the world evolve the rate of change will vary greatly widening the gap in the differences. The polarization of people and nations often lowers the level of tolerance of the other people that are different from them. Fear is often the tool and or weapon the system uses to control the way people see things while hiding the real truth. When in reality people of all nations want the same things for their family, children and community.


The Jerusalem Plan

Without solving the problems surrounding the Old City Jerusalem. There will not be any peace plan that will hold up over time. The fact of the matter is that any peace plan that is fair and balance will not be agreeable to both sides and will have to be imposed, implemented and enforced. The Israelis have gained a nation at the expense of the Palestinian people who are the victims in this conflict. The Palestinian people must be compensated for their losses and the Israelis must have security within their nation. The fruits that peace will bring to the people in the Holy Land will change things for the better in the whole world.

Peace will bring tourists from all over the world to the Holy Land. The dollars brought in by tourism will create a viable economy for the people of the region. In the quest of peace and security of the region the Old City of Jerusalem is the key. As stated in United Nations Resolution 181 the Old City of Jerusalem would become an International City separate from the Jewish and Palestinian state. With so many important religious sites to the Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people it is important that neutrality and security is maintained for all people in the in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Going into the Old City of Jerusalem is a religious learning experience for almost anyone. This should be the ground for peace and learning about the religious cultures and philosophy of others. A University named “Religious University of the World” {RUW} should be built in the vicinity of the boarder of the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel and Palestine. A place that the three major religions of Moses can come together for higher religious learning with the other religious faiths of the world. Only by expanding ones knowledge and understanding of the ways of others can we coexist in peace together.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Problem Solving

The first step to solving many of the problems that United States and the people of the world faces today, is to recognize and agree to the problems. The second step is to do something to correct the problem and this is often when people will disagree. Many of the problems are constantly evolving over time into larger problems that are more complex. As the problems change and evolve so to must answers.

The American Interstate Highway System is a good example of how problems and answers evolve over time. During the 50s under President Eisenhower the main frame to the United States Interstate was created. Fifty plus years later it is costing more to maintain the roads and bridges than it did to build them. Many of the urban Interstate projects by the time of completion could not serve maximum capacity well and are in a state of gridlock today. As a society evolves and grows so do the problems and answers.

If someone could go back in time from today, so they could tell President Eisenhower the size, cost and problems of the United States Interstate System today. They might have never started to design or build the Interstate system then saying the nation cannot afford it. The point is most people today will not be able recognize the answers to our problems of tomorrow. For someone today to outline the answers to the problems of twenty to fifty years from now they would be consider nuts.

The problem as with so many things in life is time. To set-up and organize into operation takes time. Often by the time the operation is working a whole new set of problem arise changing the problems. Only by understanding the big picture of tomorrow can you start to work on the problems in the little pictures of today. As are the problems so too are answers, they are interwoven and connected to society.


Cheap Oil for Protection

Whether it is the influence of social engineering by governments or religion it is part of the evolution of the human race. Today in the Middle East the tension and disparity among the people from social engineering is so evident and clear for the world to see. For over a thousand years the people of the Middle East have been under the occupation of another foreign government. The exploitation of the people and their natural resources is the driving factor of most foreign occupation.

With so much of the Middle Eastern oil wealth in the hands of a few people. Deals for protection for a guarantee steady flow of cheap oil have been made. So much of the Middle East oil wealth is taken out of the region and invested in the western nations. Too many Middle Eastern nations today are closed societies that every person has their place often with no job opportunities. No real economy other than oil, religion and servicing and protecting the wealthy.

It is time for many of the Middle Eastern nations to change from mid-evil Kingdoms into the Twenty-First Century nations similar to England or Jordan. Where there is more oil in the ground the resistance to change will be the greatest. Only be redirecting a large portion of the Middle East oil dollars can the needed changes be made. Fewer Middle Eastern dollars spent on military and more money spent on improving the infrastructure of the region. A higher level of respect must be given to the natural resources and environment the creator gave us. A balance between needs and what we want has to be made between people and nations.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


International Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF)

It is more evident than ever before that the people of the world need an International Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF). The IPKF would be a permanent on going operation dealing with the hot spots around the world. Non-partisan the IPKF mission is to bring peace within a nations opening the door for the humanitarian NGOs. Creating a multi-lateral IPKF working on a universal platform. The IPKF will work in conjunction with the United Nations, NATO, Organization of the American States, Arab League and other international and regional organizations. There will be three main types of IPKF worker:

A. Career IPKF workers
B. Term IPFK worker for a specific period of time generally under two years
C. IPFK workers that are on salary from another country’s government or an international organization

The Charter of the IPKF will have two main operations. With the first operation being on the ground security for the international humanitarian NGOs creating Green Zones of safety, and the second operation being the training of indigenous security forces. The Charter of the IPKF will only include the defensive position of operation and not an offensive position. The sponsor nation or nations with their military forces will guarantee the security of the IPKF. The IPKF will operate more as a National Guard than an army. Only after the military war is over and both sides agree will the IPKF enter the county. Setting a new protocol for the international humanitarian NGOs and the giving of foreign aid. There will be regional divisions of the IPKF with one another helping and supporting the other in time of need.


Iraq Plan for Peace

One of the main objections that many people had to the United States military invasion of Iraq was there was no defined military mission with no exit strategy. As with any major operation a constant reevaluation of the plan of operation has to be made. Only by dealing with the facts and realities on the ground in Iraq can we start to understand the problems. The majority of Arab people before the 2003 invasion of Iraq hated the United States government’s foreign policies. Today the majority of the people around the world hate United States government’s foreign policies. This is not to say they hate the American people or the American way of life.

With the overthrow of Saddam a vacuum was created in tribal society that the majority of the people only knew the autocratic rule of law. Iraq was once a prospering and thriving society that became dis-functional after the 1991 Gulf War with the sanction and restriction placed on them by the United Nations that were enforced by United States and Great Britain. The question is where do we go from here forward.

The United States government has to become more of an international team player with some humility. For the sake of the people of Iraq and of the world, peace and security must come to Iraq. First the United States must down size their military presence in Iraq to the Baghdad Airport. The United States and British military mission must be redefined as to support of humanitarian relief and training for the Iraqi people. A commission must be established to help coordinate the NGO’s and government’s relief efforts.

The less international military presence in Iraq the sooner the lives of the Iraqi people will get back to normal. The primary mission of the United States military from here forward should be to secure a Green Zone around the Baghdad Airport for the international relief workers. The British military forces will secure Green Zone port for shipping in southern Iraq. Keeping the pipeline of humanitarian aid flowing into Iraq is the key to peace and security. The Iraqi foreign nationalist must help in forming links with the people of Iraq and the outside world. Only the people of Iraq can bring peace and security to Iraq.

The United Nation and Arab League of Nations should be the leading groups in the foreign relief aid to the people of Iraq. A global effort must be made similar too the Asian Tsunami relief. The international community can only help the people of Iraq when a specific request is made. The people of Iraq must start at the bottom forming strong local governments to enforce the rule of law in the local communities. The people of Iraq need the tools and hardware to help develop an economy. Given Iraq’s natural resources water, fertile soil and oil there is no reason why the people of Iraq could not have one of the highest standard of living among the people in the Middle East once again.

Let us not continue the Iraq War over saving face. It is time to start working for peace and security for the people of Iraq. This will require fewer foreign military forces and more humanitarian aid and relief workers. The protocol of humanitarian aid workers will fall into place over time similar as in the Asian Tsunami. The United States government must become more of a team player on international problems. Only by strengthening the international platform of law and protocol will peace and security prevail around the world. No one nation’s government can dictate policies onto another sovereign nation. The natural resources of anyone nation can’t become part of the vital national interest of another nation. Only by the Iraqi people getting back to work and having a better standard of living will peace and security have a chance to grow in Iraq.

What should Iraq look like ten years from now? One nation with three to five states that is known as the Sweet Water Capital of the Middle East with Iraq’s fertile river valleys producing food and water for the people of the Middle East. The people of Iraq are helping in the international relief efforts of people in other nations. As people are to their neighbors so should it be with nations to nations.

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