Saturday, February 04, 2006


Over Time the Truth will be Heard

True security for the people of the United States and world is more than defending against another 9-11 terrorist attack. The extremists who support the terrorists are on both side, they are the ones fanning the flames of war. In America you have the Neocons behind the largest military complex in the world. On the other side you have loosely linked groups of people who are fighting against oppression of their people and land combined with those who are fighting for the expansion of their religious and philosophical beliefs. They are a people with no one capitol or army but most of them descendants of the Islamic culture representing a small but growing fraction of the population. Many people of Islam see their culture under attack from the modern military armies and policies of the western world mostly in their oil wealthy nations.

To every political, economical, social and military action there will be a re-action. If one nation can win the military war but can’t bring peace when does the fighting end? Without peace and security you will have neither for they both depend upon one and another. To what degree a nation or people find peace and security depends upon the policies and actions of their nation. The United States government’s re-action to the horrific event of 9-11 have only deepen the divide isolating us further from the international community of nations. Spending billions of dollars on securing the Olympics to the Liberty Bell. Turning our national historical landmarks into fortify military security zones 24/7 similar to those found throughout Israel.

Any people and or nations who support the inhumane treatment of people will loss the war over time. In too many cases the United States government as part of foreign policies supported tyrants, dictators, and greedy self-serving leaders under the banner of our national security. It is the same lost of common sense and balance that plagues our foreign policies, national policies and security. We will spend ourselves into economic bankruptcies trying to secure policies with no long-term defense.

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