Sunday, April 30, 2006


Jewish State of Israel was Imposed onto the Palestinian People

Military retaliatory actions taken by the State of Israel are seen as being inflammatory by the Palestinian people. The Israeli military controlling the Palestinian society doing what they want whenever they want too. As the Jewish Israeli people expand into new land making it greener with new roads, schools, temples, and housing, it is at the expense of the Palestinian people and their society. The Israeli government has created conditions in the Palestinian society similar to those than that were imposed onto the Jewish people leading up to World War II in Germany. Even within Israel proper there are one hundred plus Unrecognized Palestinian Villages by Israeli Law that have no public water, electricity or roads.

If you don’t recognize it then it does not excise. This has been the corner stone to Israeli government policies from the beginning. It was only recently did the Israeli government recognize that there are a Palestinian people. Before the Israeli government viewed them as Arabs or Jordanians as many Jewish people still believe today. So many of the great wrongs in the world’s history went on for so long because if you don’t recognize it and it does not excise than there is no problem. This is one of the major roadblocks to the truth and a peaceful resolution that the majority of people on both sides can live by.

The Jewish State of Israel was imposed onto the Palestinian people and their Arab neighbors by the western industrial nations in 1947. From the very beginning of the Jewish State of Israel’s army were beyond their recognized boarders taking more Palestinian land in the name of defense and security of their Jewish State. Creating a steady stream of new Palestinian refugees up until today with the financial and military backing of the United States government. Only with major changes in policies and practices on both sides led by the Israeli government will the Palestinian and Arab governments change their ways for the better.

The land of Israel and Palestine without walls and the people living in peace together would be one of the most desirable destinations for tourists in the world. The history of the land has so much meaning to so many people around the world. Developing a major tourist industry that both sides can prosper from will only work in peace without a wall between the people. As there is a violent reaction from the Palestinian people towards the Israeli military occupation. There would be a positive reaction from the Palestinian people when the Israeli government reforms their ways towards the Palestinian society. Words from the other can’t be measured or trusted only their actions and deeds. What should be true for one side should be true for the other side as well in terms of the way people treat one and another.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


When the Right is Wrong the Left is Right

More and more American people believed that President Bush and his administration told untruth about going to War in Iraq. Most everything the far left said about the out come of the Iraq War is coming true today. The Neocons the architects of the Iraq War and the religious right the main voting block supporting the Iraqi War will blame the left when they lose the war in Iraq. The first steps are being taken by the extreme right to separate the War on Terror from the War in Iraq. Today a Civil War is going on in Iraq that the United States and British started with their military invasion. The situation on the ground is getting worst for most of the people in Iraq with the exception in the North in the Kurdish section of Iraq. Today in Iraq the unemployment is still over 40% with over 25 thousand innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed.

Over two thousands American soldiers killed in Iraq and over 100 thousands Iraqi fighters killed. The recruitment of new soldiers is down in America and the recruitment of Iraqi fighters is on the increase by most accounts. Before the Iraq War began the Central Intelligence Agencies and the Joint Chief of Staff were advising against militarily taking over Iraq because of the very problems in Iraq today. It is all part of the public record in their testimony before Congress leading up to the invasion of Iraq. The lies and political miss calculations the Bush Administration made in going to war in Iraq, will go down in history as one of America greatest blunders.

What is so upsetting to so many people on the left that were against the Iraq War before it began. Is the rhetoric of many of the religious self-righteous extremists in America. United against a women’s Right to Choose while supporting every war America has fought in the name of God. Who gave the American religious right the divine power to pass judgment over the people of the world and their neighbors to live up to their standards, religious and political beliefs.

Yes there are many people in America who believe that their nation is on the wrong track going the wrong way. Whether it is the 2 trillion dollars the Bush Administration has added to the National Debt in five years with a Congress and Senate controlled by the Republicans or the lies told about going to War in Iraq. As many innocent Muslims have paid a high price for America’s reaction to 9-11 so too will many innocent American pay a high price for America’s War in Iraq. Where the American people are divided on the War of Iraq most of the people in the Muslim world are opposes to the War in Iraq.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Wealthier People and Nations

The wealthier people and nations have more power and are generally considered to be stronger. It is how a nation or person uses their power and strength that determines the degree to good and bad. When the stronger use preemptive military force to attack the weaker and less fortunate with overwhelming force for there own self-interests. When the stronger use their power to enforce and up hold the social and politically in-justices of the world for their profit and gain. When the stronger unite to defend the immoral and inhumane actions of one and another for there own well being. When powerful nations and people use their power to suppress the human rights of another people for there own gain. When the strong military nations use their power to enforce the Rule of Law with a double standard to their benefits.

Yes these actions are a threat to peace and security around the world. Any time wealthy nations and people invest too much of their resources into military weapons. They divert greatly needed recourses from humanitarian projects that could improve the lives of less fortunate people. The concentration of wealth and power often corrupts the decision making process deepening the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate. Because the wealthy have more power they are more responsible for correcting the wrongs of today.

When the economy of a nation is depended on the military industrial complex for its economic strength. This could bring a nation to war for the wrong reasons. A lack of balance between wisdom and strength with the greed of a few people prevailing is the catalyst to war.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


One Person’s Answer is Another Person’s Problem

It is easier to see someone else’s problem other than your own. Take the national debt of the United States for an example. This is a growing problem for the people of the United States that is having a negative effect on the people of the world. The trillions of dollars that the United States borrows from the international money supply is depleting the funds that are available for other needed projects and programs around the world. The growing level of government debt is putting pressure on the international monitory system raising the level of global tension around the world. As long as the wealthy profit greatly from the problems the problem will not be solved. Many of the problems in the world today are passed down from our ancestors in our evolving world.

Understandings that the problems are interconnected and so too are the answers. If we were as efficient in solving our problems as we are in recycling them the problems would be solve. It is easy to spend money than it is to save it, as it is easier to destroy something than build it. The same hold true where it is easier to describe a problem than it is to solve it. As the problems evolves so to must the answers on a multi-level platform. Problems have to be addressed on many micro levels making a macro platform that can be implemented simultaneously. Where people will disagree and not understand to what the problems are. They will disagree even more and understand less to what the complicated answers are.

Growth of the Global Debt

Solving the problem of the growing global debt is not in the best interest of the banks and the moneylender. They are the players that are needed to make the needed changes to work. The creation of a Global Debt Relief Bond (GDRB) could help reduce global debt. This is a brief outline to how the GDR Bond would work.

The federal banks of nations would finance the GDR Bonds as part of their foreign and domestic aid program. The GDR Bonds would be created in various denominations that would be traded to reduce debt. The regulations to the GDR Bonds would be different from other bonds this way. The GDR Bonds could only be traded according to the guidelines of the bond to reduce debt. These bonds are not an investment to make money but a vehicle to reduce debt. They can only be traded among entities that owe the face value of the bond to another single entity.

The buyer of the bond would pay a stander fee of the GDR Bond to cover the cost of the trade. There would be a series of GDR Bonds created with the guidelines varying. There would be GDR Bonds created to reduce debt on a national and international level between one government and another. There would be a set standard for the International GDR Bonds with a wider variation for the National GDR Bonds.

As an example if a one million dollar GDR Bond was traded 100 times you could reduce the debt of a 100 million dollars. Multiply this several times over and you could free up billions of dollars of debt for million of dollars of aid. Only by reversing the current procedures can we bring balance into a system out of balance. This is only one of many steps that are needed to make things better.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Billions of People Want to see Peace

There are billions of people who want to see peace between the Israelis and Palestinian people in the world. With a few extremists on both sides preventing it from happening. For the Israelis who are the hand in control to let a few Palestinian extremists dictate when the leaders from the two sides will meet is wrong. The seeds we sow determine the crops we reap. For the Israeli government to use the fence off Gaza Strip as an example in preventing suicide bombers was an open invitation. There is no defense for any society to use children or for that matter any human being as a walking time bomb. It is the strength and overwhelming power of the Israelis forces that has put the Palestinian society into such dyer-straights that they have turned to suicide bombers as their only weapon of offence. The conditioning of the people of Israel to serve in active military duty forming a religious military state has only made the matter worst.

Peace is possible if both sides move away from their extreme positions and are willing to really negotiate. Both sides will have to give-up on some of their demands if they want for a long lasting peace. Only with things getting better on both sides will peace have a chance. If the same amount of resource and energy we put into fighting wars was put into peace what a different world we would have. The benefits both sides would receive with peace would be overwhelming support from the global community of nations.

The State of Israel modifying their policies and greatly reducing their retaliatory military actions against the Palestinians. With Israel withdrawing from the Gaza Strip and West Bank putting the pressure on the Palestinians people to reform their ways in dealing with the Israeli Jewish people and state. Only by working as a team can things get better for people on both sides. This will vary in time, rate, and degree for different people and nations but it must start with the Israeli government. Only the Israeli government has the power and control to make the needed changes towards peace.

Monday, April 24, 2006


War in the Middle East

If one were to quote President G. W. Bush one might think he is a threat to world peace. To paraphrase the President “Bring them on” “You are either on our side or on the side of the terrorists” “The Evil doers” “War on terrorists” and so on. Our President set a new precedent with a preemptive military take over of sovereign nation on bad intelligence information. There was no question whether Saddam should be removed from power by the international community, the question is how was best way to remove him. Many people from many nations believed there were many other options to be considered before we resort to a military invasion and take over. Many of these same people say if the United States 5% of the world’s population did not consume 25% of the world’s natural resources such as crude oil there would be less pressure on the Middle East oil producing nations with more crude oil for other people in nations of need. Between Prime Sharon and President Bush’s they’re policies and actions have united with anger the Arab world and the Islamic people like never before in modern history.

With many of the people in the world are polarized and divided on these Middle East issues with the United State’s policies on the wrong side going the wrong way. Most people in the world realize that the United States Government had a great deal to do with the creation of Saddam, Bin Laden, The Shaw of Iran, and the current state of Israel today. With Iran being perceived as a bigger threat the United States backed Saddam's Iraq and the former Soviet Union being perceived as a bigger threat we backed Bin Laden and the Taliban. When our guns and arms stopped going their way, they pointed them towards us.

Common sense is missing from our government’s foreign policy and domestic policies creating and raising the level of tension around the world. Our military has taken on a war of terror with a people of no one nation but an ideology. For every “terrorist” we kill or capture we create four more. Look at the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis this has happen on both sides over the last fifty-five years. The occupation of any nation by foreigners over time is a no win situation. What nation of people would allow the outside international community to mandate land of your nation to another people from other nations without a major fight? Yes it is true the Arab people never accepted the way the State of Israel was imposed upon them. But then the Israeli Zionists never gave them a reason to do so. For Israel or the United States to have security within their own borders, they must have policy that can be defended in a court of humanity before the people of the world.

The Geneva Accords as a supplement to the Road Map that was written by the Quartet and adopted by the United Nations Security Council. The Geneva Accords outline some of the actions that must be taken to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, for it is one of the major roots to the tension in this region.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


It is Time for Radical Changes

If we are going to save the United States and for that matter the world, we are going to have to make major radical changes to our current path we are on. As long as things are working any changes will be met with great resistance from the establishment. Radical changes will only come about with the awakening of the American people to the true realities of the world. Un-fortunately this will only happen after the United States and the global economy implodes. Realizing to every action there is a reaction that will start a chain reaction taking us into a direction.

The sooner the United States makes the following changes, the sooner things will turn for the better. Bringing things into balance is the key to the problems we face as a nation and world. The people and nations of privilege have abused their power to serve their own self-interest with little to no regard to the rights of other people and nations.

The primary function of the United States Federal Government is to secure the American people from foreign invaders. In the name of global intelligence the United States Military has a present in over 120 nations while they have little to no presents at our national boarders and ports. With open international boarders and ports there is no real security to the American economy and jobs. The sky rocketing salaries of the people at the top of the capitalist economic pyramid are smothering those people at the bottom. This is the root to the immigration problem in America today where people are seeking a better economic way of life.

The leaders of nations and corporations have to work together in creating jobs with salaries of a good living wage. Where medical care is an affordably right and immigration is a privilege. Where the national and local laws on the books are enforced or changed to serve the best interest of the American people. The United States must lead by example and not military force using its power in a constructive way creating more and stronger allies. Today the United States military spending is 43% of the total world’s military spending. If the United States cut its military spending in half it would still be one of the world’s largest military forces in the world. The 240 billion dollars savings could be used in a much more constructive manner making us a more secure nation.

Friday, April 21, 2006


A Balance has to be Reach

Understanding that the only thing written in stone that will never change is the day you are born and the day you die. Everything in between can change over the course of time. There are patterns in the ways things happen with certain forces influencing the patterns. We are currently in a power struggle with those people who want to use the big stick our military power to dictate our policies and ways onto other people and nations. Then there are those people who want to relinquish some of our power and control to a universal multilateral platform outside our system. For any bureaucratic person or department to relinquish power to an outside higher authority is not natural. It is even seen as threatening because they no longer perceive themselves in control with less power.

Working out the political and economic differences with people and nations with a different cultures and value system requires an understanding and ability to be able to compromise on our differences. Between the greed for more power and money and the lack of trust so much of this is lost. As a nation and people we are so close to the line sometimes crossing it for what we perceive to be in our own self-interest. This line is evolving and changes over time making what is considered to be right and true today to be different tomorrow including the perspective of yesterday.

Accepting the facts to reality that the large corporations have the greatest influence on our system and lives. That they are not humanitarian mission but corporations out for the most profit for their stockholders is their bottom line. Our governments bottom line is suppose to be what is in the best interest of the people as a human race. The United States being the leader of many of the new ways of the people of the world has an added burden of responsibility. Creating a conflict between what is in our own best self-interest as a nation or the global community of nations at large. A balance has to be reach where what is good for one will be good for the other as well.

Things never stay the same they are always changing sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. One of the greatest changes is the inter-dependency on other people for life as we know it. Taking so much for granted with so little thought. This is not making us more secure as a nation having to depend upon other nations of people for so much of what we have in the United States today. In the case of oil as one example we over step the boundaries of fairness to protect our national security. We will never have real national security until we make the needed changes to our energy policies making us much more self-sufficient using a lot less fossil fuel. A better balance between the direction of the human race and Mother Earth and Father Sky is needed by the corporation nations. Realizing we must improve our changes for the better and not for the worst.

If you could monopolize large profits for a few people in making peace instead of war, peace would have a better chance. This is one of the true facts to the reality of the world that huge fortunes are made in wartime not financing peacetime humanitarian missions. How we use our natural resources and power will determine our future as a society of the human race and the future of the planet earth. Without looking back not for blame but to correct some of the wrongs of yesterday to built a stronger foundation for a better tomorrow.

There are many answers for the same problem with no agreement. This is the biggest hurdle to solving many of our problems as the leading nation in the world today. With many of the problems having no one right answer but a combination of many different answers that are connected to other problems. Looking at the world?s problems on the macro level and solving them on the micro level is the only way of understanding it. This must be done on a domestic and international level with a clearer line between the two.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


United States Twin Deficits

President Bush’s Middle East policies are brining chaos to the region while we sideline the real problems we face as a global nation of people. Meddling in the internal affairs of other nation’s policies Washington is creating more and stronger enemies than allies. President Bush saying one thing while doing something completely different from what he says. He ran for President the first time saying he was against nation building yet today we are trying to build a democratic Iraq. As President he said he would use United States military force in Iraq as last resort. During the 2000 Presidential election the two major candidates were squabbling over how to spend the Federal tax surplus yet today the United States has the biggest federal deficit in history. The United States twin deficits will undermine the security of the nation’s economy leading to the down fall of the American Empire.

Denying the truth when it best serve the United States national interests many American are being mislead by the government and mass media. Today the United States War on Terror has divided the nations of the world and people while uniting America’s adversaries and dividing her allies. The current path of the American government’s foreign and domestic policies is not sustainable over the course of time. Many international leaders of nations and industries are losing confidence in the direction the United States government is taking the world.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Israel United Nations

The United States has been under mining the United Nation’s authority and creditability. Today we want the United Nations to finish what we started in Afghanistan and Iraq bringing peace, security, and democracy to these two countries. Because one person or nation has military strength, does not make them competent in their decisions in the use of their military forces. Saddam, Sharon, and Bush are a good example of this with many other leaders of nations to follow. The United Nations in its mission has been supported in a time of need by the United States and if not in need of the United Nations services than disregarded and undermined.

The United Nations being the only universal forum where nations of people can bring their grievances before an international body to have them resolved. First the United Nation was created and then the State of Israel who has plagued the United Nations with problems ever since. The State of Israel could not have done this without the unconditional support of the United States in the United Nations Security Council. Refer to link; This is the time for the United Nations to stand up and challenge the United States position in some of its foreign policies. Before the United Nations takes on any more problems or commitments of the United States let us resolve the oldest on going dispute on the floor of the United Nations.

From the seeds we sow to the crops we reap. From the root of terrorism to the capitalist military industrial complex with one feeding the other, the war goes on. This cycle must be broken before we implode otherwise it will become a holy hell. Only with major changes on the part of the United States, United Nations and the State of Israel, will and can things get better.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Five Assumptions

Great wrongs have been done to the Palestinian and Jewish people and too many have suffered on both sides. Many books and papers have been written often taking the position of one side or the other using religion as the bases for their case. The history of the wrongs go back so far in time, not helping in coming up with any answers or solutions for the problems of today. Looking at the problems of today from a humanitarian position with a basic understanding of the history of this conflict in this region. Some assumptions will be stated followed up by the humanitarian reasoning behind them. The religious side of the debate will not be covered for this is where people will differ depending upon what side one is on.

First Assumption- The Jewish people deserve a homeland the State of Israel. Because the horrific acts taken agonists the Jewish people by the Nazis during World War II it was part of the reparation made to those who survived. It gave many Jewish people hope and a place to go to preserve and practice their religious culture. Palestine being the land that the Jewish culture had the strongest ties too made it the most logical choice. In 1948 the United Nations Resolution 181 created two states out of one land creating a homeland for the Jewish people.

Second Assumption- There is no humanitarian way to create two states out of one land for those people already living there. The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was established in the year of 1901. The purpose of the JNF was to acquire land in Palestine for the Jewish people for what was to be a Jewish state one day in the future. This was the beginning of the modern day tensions between the Muslim and Jewish people in Palestine. In 1948 with the division of Palestine and the creation of the State of Israel the level of tensions rose to new time highs and both side became more aggressive fighting for what they believe to be right.

Third Assumption- Less of it being the difference between two different religions, it was more of a battle between the Old World and the New World. For over a thousand years the Jewish and Muslim people in this region had coexisted they were all Semites with the same culture with a different religion. It was not until the introduction of a lot of outside international capital and foreign Jewish people from another land with a different culture did the conflicts arise. Up until the beginning of the twentieth century national borders between nations in the desert were near imposible to map out. Only with the development of modern day surveying equipment made this possible. About this time for the first time Jewish people in large number started to migrate to this region making claims on large track of land.

Fourth Assumption- New Jewish immigrants brought new ways changing the landscape and the characteristics of the region. From military weapons, farming, manufacturing, banking, and education the new Jewish immigrants brought the western ways to the Middle East threatening the way things had been for centuries before. Creating a clash between the Old World and the New World in the way things are done.

Fifth Assumption- Hating another people that are different than you are not a trait born within us. It is part of conditioning that we are exposed too often out of fear or ignorant.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Social Security

One part of the problem in the big picture is Social Security. Like many of our problems it is projected to get worst in the near future. This is a synopsis on the reforms that are need to Social Security system to bring it in balance for the purpose it was established. There will be many other needed changes to balance and correct other parts of the system that will not be addressed in this article. The perception and impact of Social Security varies greatly among people. As an example the people with lower incomes pay more into Social Security than Federal or State Income Tax. The people who earn the most amount of money pay more income tax than Social Security. The bottom line is the baseball player who makes 90,000 dollars per game pays the same amount of Social Security withholding as the baseball player who makes 90,000 a year. Brining the Social Security system into balance fiscally and socially to meet the needs of society should be the goal. Radical changes will be needed to bring this about and this is where the disagreements will arise. The following is a brief outline to a plan to overhaul the current formula to Social Security.

The first 10,000 dollars of personal income will be free of any Social Security withholdings. The personal income from 10,000 to 30,000 will contribute to the Social Security system with the option of the traditional plan or the private account plan. The Social Security Private plan will be a fifty-fifty split between the private account contribution and the Social Security system. The personal income from 30,000 and up of will pay the same rate of withholding into the Social Security system. This will create two basic plans the Social Security Basic and Social Security Private limiting the financial exposure to the Social Security system as well as to the people.

The private accounts of the Social Security Private will be handled the banks and brokerage firms with the fees for service and the type of investment accounts being regulated by the government. The formula for what the recipient receives between the Social Security Basic and Private Plans will have a stronger impact on people in the lower income range. People in the higher income range have their own private investment accounts depending on Social Security less for their retirement. If the Social Security system is suppose to be financial safety net for those who are less fortunate. Then there should be little relationship between what one pays into and receives from the Social Security system. There will be a ceiling establish for how much one can receive from Social Security in benefits. The benefits paid out in the private sector of our system favor the wealthy and the benefits paid out in the Social Security system should favor the people in the lower income brackets.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


TBN leading us into Armageddon

How the self proclaimed “Moral Majority” uses the name of God and Jesus to make their case for profit and politics. The commercial highflying Christen ministries are using the pulpit to install fear of God into the minds of their followers. Many of the extreme religious leaders today are no different than two thousand years ago in their preaching of hate and contempt for other people who believe differently than they do. Using the words of Gods to defend their actions against another people. The European settlers killed the American Indians in the name of God, as are the Israelis and Palestinians today.

The Christen Right and the Zionist Right have formed a bond of unconditional support in any action the people of Israel take against the Palestinian people. All in the name of their God they kill for land and control over another people. Many people with misconstrued minds gain a great deal of power in the commercial religious and political world. The greed and thirst for more power and the paranoia of losing it, keeps their message on edge of the extreme usually creating tension. Out of tension come conflict and tragedy. The Religious leader want you to turn to them for guidance and strength when they are often the ones that at the root of it.

We see some of the religiously misguide Islamic leaders but we can’t see them in the faith of Judaism or the Christianity. Yet, TV preachers such as Hal Lindsey on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) leading us into Armageddon, fulfill their scriptures in the Bible for the second coming of Christ for the Christians and the first coming of Christ for the Jewish people. Without all sides willing to take some blame for the pain on both side there will be no peace or security for those involved. Many of the TV preachers speaking with hollow words to divide the people to build their power.

The standards of good and bad should hold true on both sides equally. To rule out of fear with the big stick will only lead to conflict and war as will one people suppressing another people over time. God would never be so arrogant to say, “If you do not believe in me, you will go to hell”. Only mankind could be so arrogant to say such a thing.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


They Never Excised

Up until recently the Palestinian People never excised according to the Israeli government officials. The official government line of the Jewish establishment was they are Arabs. The same way the early European American settlers took the land from the American Indians the Jewish people are doing to the Palestinian people today. The American society has romanticized the settlement of the United States in the history books. We claim we bought this piece of land for some whisky, guns, and trinkets. The Indians we could not buy off we killed labeling them savages less than a human being because they did not believe in our God and customs. The American Indians had sparsely populated the land and were not a country of people worthy of the ways of the New World.

The American Indians were a tribal people of many nations. There were no maps outlining ownership of the land. For that matter ownership of land was not even a concept the American Indian could relate too until the European settlers introduced it as laws of the land. There is no humanitarian way for another person to settle in the land of another people and create a new country. Yet our history books tell us otherwise.

I am not making the argument that the State of Israel should not excise at all but I am saying they should not continue same course it has been on for the last 55+ years. It is much easer to defend what is right than fight for what is wrong. It was right to establish the Jewish State of Israel. It is wrong to defend the current form and actions of the State of Israel today.

Only by the New World willing to address some of its ill ways will peace and security have a chance to grow. What we are calling progress in some cases is making many people sick. I want to see the State of Israel and people of Israel move toward the way America society was before 9-11. Instead the American society is moving towards the way of Israel becoming a military police society.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Three Sections to Jerusalem

There should be three sections to Jerusalem for long-term peace and security for the people in the Holy Land. The first part will be the western part in Israel, the second part will be the eastern in section in Palestine and the third part will be the Old City of Jerusalem in the middle that will be a City State the Holy Land. To most people involved in this conflict it is understood that there should be an East Jerusalem in Palestine and a West Jerusalem in Israel. The difference arise when you try to define the exact border dividing East Jerusalem from West Jerusalem and who is going to control the Old City of Jerusalem with the main Holy sites. With it being agreed to by most people involved in this crisis. Neither side will turn over control of the Holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem to the other side in a time of peace.

The most controversial and misunderstood part of the Three Sections to Jerusalem is the Old City of Jerusalem the City State the Holy Land. The State of the Holy Land will be independent and neutral from the State of Palestine and the State of Israel. An international council with local representation will run and control the State of the Holy Land.

There will be no weapons or arms allowed within the State of the Holy Land with the exception of the elite Holy Land Police Force. The main focus of the State of the Holy Land will be remain neutral to the political religious beliefs and practices of the people in the region. Preserving the religious Holy sites while keeping them open to all of the people. The State of the Holy Land will work closely with the Palestinian and Israeli governments on a wide range of issues. The State of the Holy Land will not have border guards securing its boarders and will have limited commercial property available. Space for the non-profit international humanitarian NGO’s and a Religious University of the World will be created within the Holy Land Master Plan.

The State of the Holy Land should be a place that people from all over the world with different religious beliefs can come together in peace. Where the similarities of people of different faiths over ride the difference of people and one person can learn about the religious beliefs and practices of other of people of different faiths. A place that remains neutral in the political and religious philosophies of the region.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Onward Christian Solders Marching on to War

There is little question whether the United States military could conquer and or destroy almost any nation in the world. The United States military capabilities cannot be match by any other single nation in the world. The same could not be said about diplomatic diplomacy concerning international disputes with other nations. The people of the United States and the government will deny that they are a modern day empire while many people and nations in the world perceived it to be that way.

As long as the United States national security and national interests are depended on huge amounts of foreign crude oil we will not be secure. As long as the United States federal debt and foreign trade deficit grow by hundreds of billions dollars annually we will not be secure. As long as the policies of the United States are we can go to war against any terrorist nation of choice. With little to no regard of the questions and concerns of the diplomatic core of the international community of nation we will not be secure. As long as the United States domestic and foreign policies remain out of balance to the realities on the ground we will not be secure.

The American right wing Pro Life, Pro Gun, and Pro War are united behind President Bush and the current United State’s policies. Trashing international diplomatic diplomacy while the United States, China, France, Great Britain, Russia and Israel supplying the world with weapon of death and destruction. The United States exporting 4.5 billion dollars and China exporting 3.1 billion of dollars of conventional military arms according to 2002 CIA fact book. We are supplying military weapons to our allies’ enemy making the world a more dangerous place. Without addressing the domestic and foreign problems of the United States we are positioning the world for a global economic implosion.

The United States government has the largest debt in the world with foreign people and nations financing a large portion of it. The American taxpayers spending a ½ trillion dollars or more for the first three years of the War in Iraq with no end in sight. There is little to no support from other nation’s governments in the world. Many international people, financial organizations and nations are losing confidence in the United States government’s policies and actions. As is the truth so to are the answers found in the middle of the two sides rarely on one.

The United States as well as a host of other nations must reduce their economical dependency on the military industrial complex while strengthening the role of their international diplomats. Only by understanding the grievances of the people on the other side will we find peace and security. As people in this world we all have the same concerns for our children, family, community, and nation no matter what side we are on. An act of War by one side is an act of terror on the other side no matter how you cut the pie.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Can God be so Intolerant

How could your God the creator of life and nature be so intolerant of the ways of others in this world? To condemn so many people to hell for not believing in your beliefs, to kill or raise money in God’s name to enrich ones own life is the greater sin. With all of the knowledge and wisdom in the world to only take one of books the Bible, Koran or Torah for the truth and answers to the world’s problems is not very wise or holy. Those in power and control should be held to a higher level of accountability for the problems in the world. One should not past judgment onto another unless they are willing to be judged themselves.

With conflicting morals and values of one-system verses another systems a divide is created. Great fortunes of wealth are made on the exploitation of a political, economic and cultural divide between people. With religious leaders taking the higher ground with their extremist’s views and perspective deepening the human divide. The main role of the federal or national government is to provide physical security for the people within their nation. The government’s policies must keep in balance the role of religion and state as well as corporate and people’s rights within a society. Only by dissemination of knowledge, information, and wealth can a government of a society be responsible to the people it serves.

For one nation to dictate and control much of the global and military policies around the world often in the name of God is wrong. The great creator of the universal and the spirit of nature and earth would not be so narrow minded as those who are preaching the words of God. People who lead us into wars over religious and political differences between nations of people are doing the devil’s work. Only by addressing the internal problems of a nation will there be a change for peace and security at home and aboard. Only by holding the same standards at home and aboard on all sides of the divide will we have peace and security around the world. A transparent multilateral platform must control any military actions taken by any one of the world’s global super power nations against any other another nation.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Slander the French not the Zionist

It is so fashionable to criticize France for being so French but God forgive you if you criticize the Israelis bring so Zionist. The Jewish think tanks, political action groups, and lobbyists are very good at discrediting anyone who does not agree with their religious doctrine. They would have you believe that Before Christ everybody in the Holy Land was Jewish. That they are “God’s chosen people” and the Holy Land is theirs as a God given right. When in fact, this region was a tribal as most of the world at that time. Most people function within a tribal community with little contact of other people from the outside world. As society evolved with more trade and travel the need to find common ground with others developed. The Old Testament of the Bible was written by Jewish prophets to spread the word of their God.

The Jewish people over the course of time converted some non-believers into believers and some of the other non-believers into enemies. Many of the early traders in commerce where Jewish people as they travel spreading their word of God around the world of that time. From a tribal society of many gods, society evolved to a religion of one God of one people of many nations. Many of the first teachers were Jewish people using the Old Testament to teach the word of their God. Over many years different Jewish sects started up and Christianity at the time of Christ and Islam at the time of Mohammad sprung out of Judaism in the Holly Land. Both the Muslims and Jews see Christ as a prophet and not the Son of God. Both Christianity and Muslims have a hierarchy within their different religious sects.

Today many of the people of religious faith look back in history for the blame while using the name of God to make their argument for their case. The Jewish people are still a minority with a very strong global network of people willing to support the State of Israel that can do no wrong. To criticize the State of Israel is similar to criticizing the Vatican for any of their bad policies or actions, you are made out to be an evil person. Look at what the United States mass media did to the French society because of their position on the invasion of Iraq. If the similar slander that our mass media spewed about the French were aimed at any other group of people in the world, there would have been a cry to sue.

Around the world and in the United States it is the conservative religious right verses the secular progressive liberal with more tolerance for others and their different beliefs. This divides the people of nations and families often leading to war. Unless the United States and the people of the world move toward a universal secular platform of operations for what is in the best interest of the people of the planet. We will not be able to find an answer to peace that will work unless we are willing to living and operate our lives by a few golden rules one being “What is right for one side should be right for the other side too.”

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Why I Hate Republicans and I Can’t Stand Democrats

The George W. Bush administration has said one thing while doing the complete opposite. Whether it was going to war in Iraq or a smaller federal government with lower taxes they have under minded the security of the people and nation. While very few people have gotten very wealthy off the military industrial complex the Neocons have created a state of perpetual war in the world. The Bush’s administration has served the military industrial complex and oil industry very well creating record-breaking profits.

The leaders of the National Democratic Party are no better for they too are in the pockets of the special interest groups in Washington DC. Senator Clinton is a good example where her pockets are filled with money from the Washington DC special interest groups. Where Hillary’s allegiance is more with the Democratic Party than the nation. The spineless leaders of the National Democratic Party have led this nation with little to no real conviction.

The leaders of both major national parties have been more concerned with preserving their position of power than what is best interest of the nation. Two American families having control of the White House for over twenty years with Hillary feeling entitled to run for President in 2008. This is a sad commentary to the healthiest of the American democracy. The foolishness of the national leaders of both parties is blundering our nations great wealth and resources. The manner that George W. Bush and the Clintons made their great wealth would make any American patriot sick to their stomach.

Yes, as an American patriot I am sick and tired of the lies fed to us by our government. How the Democrat and Republican leaders are more loyal to their party and pockets than the best interest of the nation. How the courts and jails are filled with common criminals (American prison population over two million people) with the biggest crooks leading the nation.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


John Miller formally with 20/20 of ABC

John Miller formally with 20/20 of ABC News did a report on the Urban Moving Company of New Jersey with five of their employees being Israeli citizens photographing the World Trade Building disaster of 9/11. With people of the area reporting the five persons slapping “High Fives” in a mood of jubilee. The owner of Urban Moving a former Israeli citizen and family were on one of the first flight back to Israel after the airports open up after the 9/11 disaster.

Brit Hume and Carl Cameron of Fox News did a four piece segment series on the Israeli spy ring working here in America after 9/11. They reported that 140+ Israelis were being detained for questioning. As well as an Israeli owned company (Amdocs) that did the telephone billing for 85% of the American peoples phone bills. With another well-connected Israeli company (Comverse Technology) supplying the White House and other government agencies with high security telecommunication services.

These stories as well as other stories in the past that deal with the Israel-United States Government Inelegance have been suppressed by the governments and mass media. The Dimona Nuclear Plant in Israeli to the Plumbat Affair (missing 200 tons of uranium oxide) to the bombing of the USS Liberty (lost of 34 American lives and many injuries) by the State of Israel.

Why has the State of Israeli been able to live outside the international law dealing with (The Middle East Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)? How did Israel obtain all of the equipment and natural resources for their nuclear program? The answer to these questions and the pieces to the stories above have never been publicized by the mainstream media or government. With the J Edgar Hoover of today in the Mossad anyone who tries to put these stories together is silenced one way or another. John Miller of 20/20 was moved to Disney with Barbara Walters closing words to the segment, “I hope this puts an end to these rumors”.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Greater Israel Plan

Who are the Jewish settlers in the West Bank most of them are not truly Semitic Jews; no they are Jewish people from Eastern Europe and the United States. A lot of them are children of Holocaust survivors that are doing the similar thing that was done to their ancestors. There were once approximately 7000 Jewish people living in the Gaza Strip controlling approximately 42% of the land and there are approximately 1.4 million Palestinians living on the other 48% of the Gaza Strip. There are similar stories in the West Bank cities and towns that are in ruins from the IDF 24/7 lock downs.

Most of the rest of the world is in agreement except the United States and the State of Israel in what has to be done to help resolve this matter. If the American Taxpayers were not financing this terror campaign by the Israelis, then we would not be as responsible as we are for this conflict in the eyes of people in the rest of the world. The land grab for the Greater Israel Plan must be stopped. We must stop paying for it with American tax dollars. The Israeli Government has an aid package in Washington to carry on this campaign for the next fiscal year and then they will be back for more as they have for the last 50+ years. Unless the American people stand-up and speak-out on these bills before Congress we will continue to be the financers of terror.

By our government financing Israeli terror on the Palestinian people, has brought terrorist actions such as 9/11 home to us. Without even recognizing the grievances of the other side there will be more terror on all sides. For the United States to continue to financing the current Israeli’s apartheid policies is being as two face as one can be by the rest of the global nations. Only Israel and the United States will not sign the International Treaty banning the use of land minds. They are the only two nations with the military power who can stop the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinian people on the road to peace.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


You Cannot Divide the Old City of Jerusalem form Bethlehem

Whether you call it a fence or a wall you cannot divide the Old City of Jerusalem form Bethlehem and have peace in the Holy Land. The problem in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis boils down to the control of land and power in the number of people. The Jewish people a minority everywhere in the world except for in Israel and parts New York City. The Jewish culture few in number of people but one of the most affluent minorities as well as influential group of people in the world, with a history of percussion like no other group.

The Old City of Jerusalem is a Holy City to three of the world’s major religion with the smallest of the three religions wanting to maintain total control over the Holy City. The Israeli government officials say that East Jerusalem and the Jewish settlement around Jerusalem are not negotiable. The people of Israel are depending on the Wall and their military superiority for their security. When in reality there is no defense for inhumane actions and policies against another people over the course of time.

Nether the Israelis or the Palestinians will agree to turning over complete control of Jerusalem’s Holy site to the other side. East Jerusalem and the Jewish settlements surrounding East Jerusalem should be a separate entity from the State of Israel and Palestine. The Holy City of Jerusalem should be a separate state between the two nations. The former Jewish settlements that become part of Holy City of Jerusalem should have a mixed population of 1/3 Arab, 1/3 Jewish and 1/3 international people. A council of Arab, Jewish and Christian people will over see day-to-day operations of the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Arabs will focus on development, the Christian will focus on conservation and the Israelis will focus on security.

A twenty-year master plan has to be developed by the Council to the Holy City of Jerusalem. This plan should include a Religious University of the World for the study of theology and philosophy. Only by building diplomatic bridges of communication and understanding between people of different faiths can long-term peace be achieved. The City of Jerusalem being the high holy city should be a neutral territory for all good people of different faiths to come together to practice and learn about religious history of the world.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


With the Lost of Common Sense there is No Truth

The value of a nation’s currency is based on the confidences of people combine with supply and demand. If one were to look at the flow and growth charts of China and the United States you would see a very large contrast in China favor. Today many people and leaders of nations have lost confidence in the leadership in the United States. Combined with many national and international companies moving jobs overseas for higher profits. October 2005 imports to the United States were over 55 billion dollar. Our trade debt and foreign financing of our deficit spending is over 1.3 billion dollars a day. The forecasted model of the current course we are on is not good and must change.

Only with new innovative programs dealing with the vital changes that are need to sustain the ways of the modern world. From the production and use of renewable environmentally friendly sources of energy. Balancing some of financial inequities of less fortunate people and regions around the world. Bring the needed changes to people and nations by diplomacy and non-profit NGO's with the support of International Peace Keeping Forces and not through military force. Working out our international difference with other nations on an international multi-lateral platform. A major clamp down on organized and systematic crime on the white-collar level. Only by dealing with the realities on the ground will the truth to the answers come to light for people to see.

Freedom without prosperity or security is not what people of nations want. The basic family needs and desires are similar for people all around the world. Realizing “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink”. We must change some of our bad ways of the past for better way for the future. Balance our needs with nature and others nations of people making a better world for all. Only with great restraint in the use of our military forces can we develop a stronger diplomatic core to help resolve our political differences with other nations.

Monday, April 03, 2006


America has been Bush Whack

How bad can things get in President Bush last term is the question. To hear the Republican Party’s talking points about the war in Iraq and the nations economy is a flashback to Ken Lay pep talk to the people of Enron six weeks before they went bust. The Republican and Democrat Parties have lost focus to what is in the best interest of the nation. Too often out of greed and or incompetence our Federal elected leaders are serving those who pay their way. Many of the Washington lobbies and members of Congress actions are no better that treason and bank robbery. If the Washington lobbyists lobbied the private sector in the same manner as they do Congress it would be called bribery and extortion. The shell game Congress and the White House are playing with the American taxpayers money is the biggest threat to America’s nation security.

Between the insurance companies and military industries complex the American people are being taken to the cleaners. Before things can really get better there needs to be major changes in the leaders of the nation as well as political system. The United States Federal government must be down size by as much as 50% bringing it back to within the role of the Constitution. It is the corporate welfare that needs to be cut and the social welfare that needs to be improved making it more effective. The lost of common sense and the greed for more money and power by the leaders of the nation have taken the nation in the wrong direction.

Things will only changes for the better once the United States economy implodes. Only then the American people will stand-up and take notice to the hypocrisy and criminal acts of those people in power. Yes there are good leaders trying to do the right thing but they are silence by the establishment in which they are trap. Nobody wants to rock a boat that is speeding out of control in the wrong direction. Between the government deficit spending and the international oil crisis. America days of doing business as normal are limited.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Israel and Oil Deals

Jewish people will tell you that other people are jealous because of their great success. To some degree this is true. The Jewish people are so few in numbers yet they have so much wealth and power in the world. Today global tensions are rising and the divide is deepening between nations around the world and the Jewish people of 18 million are in the middle once again. The Middle East oil deals of the 1930’s and the creation of the Jewish State of Israel of 1948 are at the roots of the tensions in the Middle East.

If there were no oil of any significance in the Middle East the Jewish State of Israel would not be the problem it is today. It was with the creation of a few very wealthy Arab families from the western oil deals that fuels the fire of anger in the Arab Streets. Again, so few Arab people with almost everything and so many Arab people with very little to nothing.

The creations of the Jewish State of Israel served three purposes. 1. To be a homeland to the unwanted Jewish refugees from World War II. 2. It was partial reparation for the horrific War Crimes committed against the Jewish society in World War II. 3. Israel is and was a beacon to take the focus of the anger on the Arab street off of the wealthy oil deals. This is why the United States and Great Britain have leading roles in the Middle East problems.

Yes, the people of the Middle East have to solve their own problems, but the outside world has to change their ways with the nations of the Middle East. The wealthy Middle Eastern oil nations have to take a leading role in the region. In the past as a part of unwritten policies the western industrial nations wanted to keep the Middle East divided keeping them from becoming to powerful, again because of oil. To solve the problems in the Middle East you are going to have to solve both of the major problems simultaneously.

International Crude Oil Export Tax

Peace Reform Initiative in the Middle East

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Made in America

The Jewish people of the world have a Day of Remembering. They don’t want people of the world to forget the Holocaust of World War II. Yet for the last five decades the Israeli government has been carrying on there own mini Holocaust against the Palestinian people. Palestinian people who family roots go back thousands of years are Semitic. They are Christian, Muslim, and Jewish people who human and civil rights are being violated by the Israeli government. Over the last fifty plus years scores of Palestinian people have been killed with ten’s of thousands of Palestinian homes bulldozed down into rubble and green zones for new Israel settlements. The size of the settlements and number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank double in number during the years of the Oslo Accords.

While the American people hear the Jewish side of the story Rarely do they hear the other side of the story that the rest of the world hears and see on their TVs. Millions of Jewish families are divide on there views in this life long crisis between the Palestinian people and the Government of Israel. A great number of Jewish Israelis opposed to their governments actions and policies toward the Palestinian people yet their voices are not heard in America mass media.

With many of millions if not billions of dollars damage being done onto the Palestinian people infrastructure by the Israeli government in the name of defense and security. A lot of this damage done with tools and weapons made in the United States and paid for in part by American Tax payers. Many Palestinian children probably think that Caterpillar Tractors are only made to destroy houses, village and roads and the Apache helicopters are made to shoot missile and gun to kill and destroy.

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