Saturday, March 17, 2012


The United States & the State of Israel’s Military Policies are at the Root to many of our Problems

Today the United States has a global military presence that would not be tolerated by any other nation in the world. The United States global military operations and actions are similar to those of Israel in the Middle East. Both nations take on unilateral foreign military operations in the name of there own national security that no other nations could get away without a great global out cry. Both nations claiming to be for freedom and democracy while they unilaterally dictate their military policies onto other nations of people.

It is the hypocrisy of what the United States and the State of Israel are saying in what they are doing militarily compared to the political realities on the ground. Between the way we say things are and the way things are really there is too often a great difference. It is this gap where the miss-understandings are created taking our leaders down the wrong road that is going the wrong way too many times. With the single issue lobbies such as the military industrial complex, pro Israel, Banking, Oil, etc leading the way of our elected leaders in Washington D.C..

Our nation never heeded to the warning of former President Eisenhower about the threat of the Military Industrial Complex in his 1961 Farewell Address. Today the United States militarily has become almost everything we accused the former Soviet Union durning the Cold War. Just look at the number of nations and the number of countries the United States has a military presence and the amount of money we are spending in the name of military defense and security. The United States and Israel are trying to maintain foreign/military policies and actions that are not sustainable over the course of time. With many of these foreign/military policies and actions being at the root of so much of the great hatred and contempt of both nations by the international community of nations.

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. - YouTube

List of United States military bases - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Military Maps Mother Jones

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Monday, March 12, 2012


Israeli’s Iron Dome Program

The polarity of the State of Israel and for that matter the United States is so out of balance between peace and war with those who they do not agree with. Both nations have been creating more enemies than friends with there overly aggressive military actions and policies. With the military industrial complex being a major part of both nation’s economy. The art of diplomacy, far too often falling into deaf ears.

The Palestinian people have been the guinea-pigs of the Israeli military industrial complex. The latest being the Israelis provocation of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Getting the Palestinians to fire more rockets into Southern Israel so they could test their new “Iron Dome” system. By all accounts the tests went very well according to the Israeli military spokesperson. The Iron Dome responded to 63 of the larger Palestinian missiles fired into southern Israel with Iron Dome intercepting 52 of them. At a cost of one-hundred thousand dollars a missile.

The Israeli’s unmanned military drones program has used the Palestinians as a testing ground with their targeting assassinations and spying on the Palestinian people. A whole host of other Israeli military products, programs, and military weapons have been tested on the Palestinian people. The Israeli military test results help them market and sell their products at the international military trade shows.

The question, one must ask themselves; Can the State of Israel and the United States economy be healthy in peacetime with so much of the economy being based in wartime manufacturing.?With the United States having the world’s largest military industrial complex by far and the State of Israel being in the top five. The negative polarity that is built up by such a large and overwhelming military industrial complexes of the United States and the State of Israel is leading us into a cycle of endless wars and conflicts. David Global Crier

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Saturday, March 10, 2012


The Palestinian Internet Guide

The Palestinian Internet Guide

The Palestinian Internet guide is designed to help you study the Palestinian side of the crisis. The Pro-Israel side has a great influence over the mainstream information we receive in America. The Internet can bring information right from the horse’s mouth. With the economic, political and military strangle hold the Israelis have over the Palestinian establishment, most of the information comes from people and organizations from outside of Palestine.

This Internet guide will help you get to pro Palestinian think tanks, government and private institutions, publications and archives. Where one gets their information is as important as the information its self. Unfortunately when the government and/or establishment tells a lie or mistruth it becomes a fact for the time being. This is a big part of the problems in the Middle East today. Rarely is the truth heard over the lies. Although this is a Pro Palestinian Guide the goal is to get you closer to the true understanding of the problems.

PLO Negotiations Affairs Department

For the latest news about what is going on in Palestine from the United Nations perspective this is a good site.


American Task Force on Palestine – This is probably the United States strongest Pro-Palestinian group.

Maps of the Middle East

If American Knew – This site contains many good charts and up to date information about the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.

MIFTAH The Palestinian Initiative for Promotion of Global Dialog & Democracy –This site contains many good links to other Pro-Palestinian sites.

Palestine Internet News Sources


Arab World News


Palestine Chronicle

Washington Report on Middle East

Pro-Israel Side
National Action Committee Political Action Committee – This site show how well organized and entrench the Pro-Israeli side is in American politics.

Israeli News

Useful Information

One must know their adversary before they can understand the answers to the problems. This guide is created so you can get too the other side of the story that you cannot get in the mainstream American media.

Thursday, March 08, 2012


A Way to Peace and Security for Israel

For the Jewish people of the State of Israel to find peace and security. They are going to have to find a way to make more friends than enemies. Turning there former adversaries into allies. They are going to have to take some hits on the cheek going towards peace. Realizing at the end of the road to peace they will be much more secure. Thank goodness it has been almost four years since there has been any Palestinian suicide bombers.

The Israeli and United States governments are going to have to publicly recognized the true realities on the ground for too many of the Palestinian people. The true hardships and vial conditions that have been created by many of the Israeli policies and actions. This is going to include a promise to the international community of nations that any future projects will not be bombed and destroyed by Israel’s military forces. The Israeli government is going to have to take on and deal with there own hardline right wing extremists.

The Israeli government is going to have to pledge their support into opening up and helping the Palestinian people as well as Israel’s neighboring nations. With the great technological advancements in water desalination, agriculture, health care and a host of other peacetime processes that the Israelis have developed. With the oil rich Arab nations helping to pick-up a lot of the financial cost. The arc plan will be the backbone of the newly created Palestine.

By the government of Israel and the Israeli people taking this route to peace. Professional relationships will be created building bridges between the people of Israel and the Palestinians as well as with the other Arab nations of people. Making the road to peace stronger and more durable for the many road bumps ahead. David Global Crier

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012



To say the State of Israel is an independent and sovereign nation is a far cry from the truth. When it comes to starting an offense war of choice against Iran. When the United States government has given 3.5 billion dollars a year to the State of Israel of military aid. Without the United States government’s military aid and military hardware being paid for by the American taxpayers. The State of Israel would not or could not make any real credible military attack on Iran without the United States paying for it.

Most people in the world clearly see the State of Israel as the fifty-first state of the United States. There are many mayors and governors of cities and states in America that would like the proportional amount of time and resources that the 5.5 million Israelis get from Washington D.C.. With the political leaders of the State of Israel pounding the drums harder and louder for going to war with Iran. This has contributed to the rising price of the global crude oil market on a very weak global economic recovery. Any military attack on another nation by the State of Israel is seen as an attack by the United States by most people of the world.

Very few people to almost no one in the world wants to see Iran become a nuclear military armed state. Most people in the world as well as in the Middle East would like to see the Middle East a nuclear weapon free zone. This is not possible with the State of Israel possessing between 150 to 300 undeclared nuclear military warheads some of which are on Israel’s fleet of submarines that are afloat in the seas. It is clearly the hypocrisy of the State of Israel in their military actions and policies towards Iran. That is dividing the United States and the State of Israel fromwar the rest of the global community of nations.

It is time for the American people to wake-up to what their federally elected officials are doing with their unconditional support of the State of Israel’s overly aggressive military policies and actions. Let us see the State of Israel put there nuclear program under the same international inspection and scrutiny as they want of Iran’s nuclear program. The sooner we live up too what we preach and dictate on to other nations of people. The sooner we will find ourselves on the same page with other nations of people, with fewer wars and more diplomatic solutions to our differences.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012


Where is the Truth to What Happen on 9/11

Let us not forget 9/11, let us find the truth. Take some time to look at these YouTube videos
The day before 9/11
2.3 TRillion Dollars Missing from DOD Day before 911 2001 Rumsfeld LIES - YouTube
9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal - YouTube

Here is a more believable conspiracy

Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11 - YouTube

Proof that Israel is responsible for 911, 1/2 - YouTube

Sly like a Fox News airs the truth!
Carl Cameron Supports Questioning 9/11 - YouTube

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