Thursday, March 08, 2012


A Way to Peace and Security for Israel

For the Jewish people of the State of Israel to find peace and security. They are going to have to find a way to make more friends than enemies. Turning there former adversaries into allies. They are going to have to take some hits on the cheek going towards peace. Realizing at the end of the road to peace they will be much more secure. Thank goodness it has been almost four years since there has been any Palestinian suicide bombers.

The Israeli and United States governments are going to have to publicly recognized the true realities on the ground for too many of the Palestinian people. The true hardships and vial conditions that have been created by many of the Israeli policies and actions. This is going to include a promise to the international community of nations that any future projects will not be bombed and destroyed by Israel’s military forces. The Israeli government is going to have to take on and deal with there own hardline right wing extremists.

The Israeli government is going to have to pledge their support into opening up and helping the Palestinian people as well as Israel’s neighboring nations. With the great technological advancements in water desalination, agriculture, health care and a host of other peacetime processes that the Israelis have developed. With the oil rich Arab nations helping to pick-up a lot of the financial cost. The arc plan will be the backbone of the newly created Palestine.

By the government of Israel and the Israeli people taking this route to peace. Professional relationships will be created building bridges between the people of Israel and the Palestinians as well as with the other Arab nations of people. Making the road to peace stronger and more durable for the many road bumps ahead. David Global Crier

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