Monday, February 14, 2011


The Domino Theory to Economic Hard Times

With a great amount of prosperity among nations of people you can maintain civil societies. As long as there is economic growth, political and social justice with job opportunities that are available to the people. Part of political justice is the peaceful and orderly transfer of political power from one leader to another leader that is usually found in democratic nations. Even democratic nations will turn into chaos without economic prosperity.

Economic hard times is a game changer where civility of a nation will diminish as the economy defaults. As the old world’s economic and political models breakdown, the global economy will become worse. Making the bad situation of so many people unbearable creating civil unrest with a lot of uncertainty. With so many of the nations and world’s problems never being correctly resolved. They tend to compound making things even worse. Today we have reach the tipping point to many of these global problems.

Whether it is in Egypt, United States, Europe, Asia or the Middle East the interdependency of the good and bad will effect us all. It is a lack of balance and understanding to so many of the problems we face that are at the roots of the majority of our problems. It is the disconnect between the few haves and the growing number of have nots durning economic hard times that will bring civil unrest to a civil society. This can happen in any society whether it is democratic or dictatorial when economic times worsen for the majority of the people. With the improvement of technology and communication an uprising or revolution can happen in the matter of a moment in any nation that the conditions are right. There is a common global saying “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” When this gets to a boiling point. Civil unrest and chaos will rise challenging the status-quo of the establishment. This is the point we are at today in so many nations around the world.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Israel’s Peace Treaty Bought and Paid for by the United States

The thirty some year Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt-Jordan has always been on very thin and shaky grounds with the vast majority of the people of Egypt and Jordan. The real glue that held the leaders of Egypt and Jordan together on the Peace Treaty with Israel was the tens of billions of dollars of United States military and foreign aid. With the State of Israel getting the great majority of the United States military financial aid while making the life of the everyday Palestinian people worse than ever before. All of which is very well publicized in the Arab nations especially in Jordan where over half of the population are of displace Palestinian descendants.

With the mass media news leads in the United States greatly favoring the Israeli side and in Egypt-Jordan they greatly favoring the Palestinian side. The way the people of Israel and United States see the problems to this life long conflict greatly differers than the Arab people on the streets. This fomenting great hate and anger towards the actions and policies of the State of Israel and the United States. Where the Arab leaders could be paid off with large sums of oil or foreign aid money to overlook the Palestinian situation.

The Old City of Jerusalem being on the frontline of this life long conflict, bringing out the religiously indoctrinated extremists from all sides. There is very little difference between the Israeli Jewish religious extremists and the United States Christian religious extremists and the Arab Islamic religious extremists. They are one of the same when it comes to compromising on their religious beliefs with others often leading to conflicts. Where the political leaders could be bought and paid for to change and compromise their position. The same could not be said about the extremist religious leaders of faith. Creating a cultural divide between the political leaders of nations and the religious conservative people of faith.

Only by all sides having some empathy for the people of the other side will there be an understanding to the truth. So that a balance and fair settlement can be worked out for a peaceful coexistence among people of the different faiths. One cannot dictate their ways onto other people of different faith as we would not want that done to us. That the extremists on all sides have to be addressed and sidelined for the greater good of the whole society.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Where to Begin, Where Will it End

Egypt second only to the State of Israel being the largest recipient of United States military aid in the form of grants. With Saudi Arabia being the largest paying foreign customer of the United States Military Industrial Complex with the latest deal totaling sixty-five billion dollars. This in a region where the vast majority of the population lives in poverty with a very few people living like kings. For the most part a closed and tightly controlled monolithic religious region with a lot of the world’s oil reserves.

If there was no oil in the Middle East region. There would probably be no Suez Canal and major oil pipe lines in Egypt connecting the East to the the Western industrial nations with little to no oil. With the vast majority of the Middle Eastern people’s ancestral family’s roots going back over four thousand years in the region. Just under a hundred years ago the vast majority of the Middle Eastern people were living as they did in the fourteenth century. With the discovery of the earliest and largest oil reserves in the world this brought great changes very quickly to the Middle East region.

The oil for military weapon and support programs that have been going on for many decades between the the Middle Eastern nations and Western industrial oil poor nations is not sustainable. Traditional closed societies with autocratic rulers will not be able to survive in an open and free world. The internet with a higher educated population has changed the way people get information including the news. There is a certain irony that in Egypt one of the world’s oldest in tack societies is the first to have a revolution sparked on the internet.

Today we are living in a time when things are changing very fast in the world around us. That many of the ways of the past that are seen and are perceived as being bad, do not change as quickly as many of other things in the world. Creating even larger problems in the future. Unless we get to the modern day root of many of our problems we will continue to sow the seeds of war and despair around the world. With a lot less United States foreign military aid and a little more international humanitarian aid we would have a much better and different world tomorrow.

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