Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Talking Heads Won’t Tell You the Truth

The million dollar mass media Talking Heads are talking the talk. When it comes to the American health insurance crisis, the problem is not with the families than are making more than a hundred thousand dollars annually. These are people who have high paying jobs and health insurance is one of their many perks. Just look at the retirement package of the United States Federal elected officials who claim to be servants for the American people. They have a retirement package unlike any of other people except for the very top executives in the country.

Yet any American person who stands-up talking in favor of universal health insurance for the American people is labeled a socialist or even worst a commie. This in a nation where to own a gun is a protected right and health care is a privilege. Why would those people in power who live in comfort want to question the system that has provided so well for them? This holds true in the private and public sectors throughout the establishment. Yes things are way out of balance between the haves and have nots in America and the world.

American workers are in competition with people in other nations that are making less an hour than what the American worker pays in Social Security taxes. The annual cost of General Motors health insurance is over a thousand dollars for every car GM sells. With no control over our international borders the system of the United States is being strained to the breaking point. Whether it is the inter-cities hospitals providing health care for the very poor people with no insurance, to the cost of health care insurance for the average working family. Bottom line the American mass media Talking Heads will only tell you the accepted party lines. Not wanting to rock any boats that might jeopardize their very comfortable position in life.

Monday, January 29, 2007


A Better Way for the United States and Israel

The Americans and Israelis have been blessed and they have abused that blessing. Whether it is the world’s natural resources or the global environment, the American people have abused them with little concern for future generations to come. We are pushing the balance of the human race and our global environment to the breaking point. The greed of a few people are abusing the natural resources of other people in the name of freedom and capitalism. A great nation such as the United States that is so powerful and wealthy selling more weapons than tools to nations of people around the world. Trying to unilaterally dictate global policies through the use of military force will create more enemies than friends and allies i.e. State of Israel is a good example.

There is no way the United States will break ties with the State of Israel. As well as there is no way things can remain on the same track as they are going today between the Palestinians and Israelis. Only by dealing with the true facts on the ground today, can this crisis be solved. The United States as a member of the Quartet has to put an enormous amount of pressure on the government of Israeli to make the diplomatic and political moves in the right direction. Otherwise tragedy will fall upon either nation if not both. A final settlement must be work-out that both sides agree too. Only by opening up more diplomatic channels that are transparent will things change for the better.

The few people that want to defend the bad policies and ways of yesterday have to be put to the side opening the door to new possibilities on both sides. There already is an international consensus to the final borders and peace plan with the exception of the United States and Israeli governments. Both the United States and Israel must come into the international fold changing the realities on the ground for the better for the Palestinian people.

Nowhere in the world are the environmental and humanitarian conditions are worst than in a regional war. The international military complex is profiting by supplying the weapons of death and destruction to both sides. The sales of these weapons must stop with diplomatic and humanitarian channels opening up on both sides. Then the economic, political and social environments will change for the better creating a safer and more secure world for everybody.

Friday, January 26, 2007


The Politics of Peace and War

A person would have to be blind and dumb not to see the connection between Middle East oil- Israel with the Middle East wars that have been going on for decades. The Ottoman Empire was controlling Middle East and Northern Africa otherwise known as the modern day oil fields of industrial Europe which had very little oil and oil technology. From the very beginning of the industrial oil revolution the United States and Britain led the industrial nations. The British and French under the League of Nations drew the line in the sand dividing the oil, creating new nations in the Middle East. The United States at this time had a lot of its own oil reserves and it was the birthplace of the modern day oil technology.

At the end of World War II the United States being the only industrial nation whose military-industrial complex remained intact becomes a global superpower. The international modern day oil deals are made under Western Laws and military protection i.e. this beginning of the union of the military industrial complex and Big Oil interests. As long as Big Oil had control of modern day oil technology they could control the world’s oil supply. As the world’s demand grows for more oil, the tensions on the oil supplies increases creating the pretext for the modern day Middle East oil wars.

The United Nations is started with support of Big Oil and a new Jewish State of Israel is created in the Holy Land. A well thought out plan United Nations Resolution 181 was passed but never was correctly implemented creating a whole new timeline of modern day wars in the Middle East. This served the interests of the military industrial complex creating billions of dollars of sales. It also served the best interests of Big Oil by taking the minds and souls of the Middle Eastern people away to a conflict outside of the big Middle East oil fields and deals. This is all hidden as one part of our national security and defense.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Security of the Iraqi People

The questions of security in Iraq are multiple issues that have many different platforms that have to be dealt with in a timely manner. Whether it is personal or national security, financial or physical security they all come together to determine the quality of day-to-day life for the Iraqi people. Only by bring a balance to as many security platforms possible in a simultaneous manner will security become a reality on the streets of Iraq. The United States government can make this happen by filling the vacuum that will be created when they redeploy the American troops that are in Iraq.

The international community of nation with the Arab League must take the leading role in the re-construction of Iraq with the United States taking on a supportive role. The coordination of planning and implantation must be agreed to before hand with Iraq’s neighboring nations with the possible exception of Iran. With Iran being the “wild card” and the Turks, Syrians, Jordanians, Kuwaitis and Saudis are the working regional coalition on the reconstruction of Iraq. By utilizing the regional institutions and professionals a smoother transition can be made in Iraq from a nation in strife to a prosperous nation in peace.

This can only happen with international teamwork with the United States and western nations taking a backseat in a supportive role in the reconstruction of Iraq. The following things should happen before all of the American troops leave Iraq.
• The creation of new organizations that are outlined in the “Iraqi Refugee Task Force”.
• Money must be raised and material must be to fulfill the humanitarian projects as planned.
• The recreation of the new post Saddam Baathist party
• The American and British military forces must downsize there present in urban areas and remain green zones with the exception of special missions.
• Special training for the Iraqi security forces as well as some former regional military personal to replace the current foreign private security company’s personnel.

No matter which path you take from here forward there are going to be rough waters ahead trying to turn Iraq around for the better. It is finding the course with the least amount of resistances that will work the best for everyone involved. With more carrots and less of the big military stick the lives of the Iraqi people can improve. The sooner more Iraqi people have good paying steady jobs the better security will become in Iraq. Once the three fractions within Iraq (Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds) are working on the reconstruction of Iraq, the lives of the Iraqi people will improve creating a higher level of trust and tolerance.
With the down sizing of the western foreign military troops that today are perceived as the occupiers by the majority of the Iraqi people and the replaced with regional and local personnel. The condition in Iraq will normalize making more progress possible sooner. The bottom line is the majority of people want the same thing, a roof over their family’s head, food in their home, security in their neighbor, and a better future for their children.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


An Inconvenient Truth

The charts in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth clearly show a correlation between the rising global CO2 levels and the global population explosion. In 1776 the world population was one billion people and in 1945 the population 2.3 billion people and today the world population is 6.5 billion people.
According to the United States Department of Energy the United States contributes more carbon emission (fossil Fuel) per person, well surpassing the amount of any other nation in the world. The United States contributes 30.3% of global warming greenhouse gases. That less than half of the world’s population in the industrial nations are contributing over 77% of the global warming greenhouse gases. That means more than half the world’s population is contributing less than 23% of the global warming greenhouse gases.

Things are so out of balance between the progress of the human race and nature’s environment. Between the nations of people that are the haves and the people of nations that are the have nots. Here lies the root to many of the wars and conflicts around the world. That the older industrial energy consuming nations are consuming more than their fair share of the world non-renewable resources (fossil fuel) that is increasing level of the global warming greenhouse gases. Without addressing these problems the world we leave our children will not be sustainable for very much longer. It is clear that there are global problems that are unlike none from ever before.

The environmental stress on the planet earth created by the human race has to be addressed by the global community of nations. The United States government and the international corporations can no longer use denial as a method in addressing the global warming greenhouse gas problems we face. The sooner we make the needed changes the better it will be for our children’s earths future. The An Inconvenient Truth outlines things that have to be done and things you can do to help out the global environment. A combination of energy conservation and the use of more renewable non-polluting energy sources are needed to keep the future bright for future generations to come.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Israel is a Terrorists State

Why so many people around the world see the United States and Israel as terrorist nations. The main reasons so many people around the world see the United States as a terrorist nation is because of the United States unconditional military support of the State of Israel and the outcome of the war in Iraq. There is no question, that if the State of Israel was not an ally of the United States they would be perceived as a terrorist state by the American people. The military industrial complexes of both nations have undermined the security of the people of the world in their quest for control of the world’s natural resources and greater profit for themselves. Whether it is the control of world’s oil or the control of a region’s fresh water supply, the outcome is the same.

The lies that are told by the leaders on both sides often lead the people to wars. Whether it is the lies of the religious leaders or political leaders of either side, the truth is rarely heard by the people. By turning our adversaries into enemies we polarize the people on both sides leading us to war. Yesterday it was Iraq and today it is Iran and Syria. While Israel occupies and controls the land of another people in the name of God, we call the other side the religious extremists. The American political and religious leaders say they hate our freedom and democracy. Yet the Israelis have imprisoned the Palestinian people and their democratically elected leaders in the name of Israel’s national security. Both the State of Israel and the United States want to dictate the terms and conditions of peace with little to no concern of the grievances of the people on the other side.

The lack of common sense and balance is one of the major parts to many of the conflicts in the world today. Only by setting standards and conditions that are equal on both sides can peace and security have a chance to survive. How loud would the world’s outcry be if the Jewish people of Israel had to live in similar conditions as the ones they have imposed onto the Palestinian people? Once the American people and leaders can truly answer question like this one. Then the truths to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis can really be addressed.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Iraqi Refugee Task Force

The majority of the one million new Iraqi refugees are living abroad are residing in Jordan and Syria. They are Sunnis that are highly educated people who left Iraq with little to nothing. The Iraqi refugees are the real victims of this war and they have the most to gain in the return of civility to Iraq.

The Iraqi Refugees Task Force would be a bridge between the international NGO’s and the Iraqi people in need of help. By assisting the NGO’s in communication and planning of the reconstruction of Iraq. Task teams will be established trying to utilize the Iraqi refugees in their former line of work. Task Teams will be established to perform the following tasks; Banking, engineering, construction, policing, employment agency, education, oil, farming, import, legal and medical.

Jordan and Syria being the host nations of many of the Iraqi Refugees will be looking for Sponsor Nations to help underwrite the cost of the tasks working in partnership with the international NGO’s. The United Nations will be the leading NGO working closely with the Arab League and the leaders of Iraq in the coordination of the Iraqi’s “wish list” that will be worked into the Iraq Master Plan of Reconstruction. This is a break-down of some of the tasks of the Master Plan of Reconstruction.

1. Banking- A non-profit Iraqi bank needs to be established for the people of Iraq. This bank will specialize in micro no-interest loans for the Iraqi people. These loans will be in three main categories.
o Start-up and or support of small business
o Buying and or building or fixing a family home
o Farming
2. Engineering- Universities and private engineering firms from around the world taking on pro-bono projects. This non-profit engineering group will network with specific Iraqi civil engineering projects with the international engineering community.
3. Construction- Pro-bono international construction consultants will work on Iraqi Wish List on the larger and more complex civilian infrastructure projects. Such as fresh water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, highways and bridges.
4. Policing-Jordan and Syria with the support of the international financial community must take the leading role in the training of Iraqi local security forces. Recruiting from the Iraqi refugees from within their nation as well as from Iraq.
5. Employment- A non-profit employment agency needs to be established to help the Iraqi refugees within and outside of Iraq to find jobs in Iraq. This is probably one of the biggest parts to restoring civility within Iraq.
6. Education- Nations, cities, corporations, and wealthy people will be encouraged to sponsor a school project in Iraq.
7. Farming- This is where the greatest opportunity for the western nations to help in the improvement of the Iraqi people way of life. With the western made farming tools and farming technology Iraq could become the bread basket of the Middle East once again.
8. Import- A non-profit Iraqi Import Agency needs to be formed to help manage the flow of humanitarian aid into Iraq. This Import agency will work with her sister agencies on the reconstruction of Iraq.
9. Legal- The Iraqi refugee lawyers need to form legal teams to help assist in the international and national efforts in helping Iraq. Establishing the “Rule of Law” and settling property disputes within Iraq will be two of the main issues that need to be addressed.

The majority of the Iraqi refugees are professional in the education, medical, legal and business fields. They need to be able to return to Iraqi with some sense of security. Only by revising the flow of Iraqi refugees and establishing security will peace and prosperity come about. The Iraqi refugees outside Iraq can become a link between the Iraqi people and the international NGO’s in the reconstruction of Iraq. The NGO’s must help the Iraqi people to work together as one people by helping the Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd. This can happen by getting them to work together on the Iraqi New Deal.

Once the Iraqi people can see light at the end of the tunnel, then the momentum of change for the better will flourish. This must start at the bottom on the streets of Iraq and work its way up into the government. The complexity of security of Iraq must be addressed on a broader base than the military or governments can do on there own. A better balance between military and humanitarian spending, as well as balance between government and the non-governmental organizations is needed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Middle East New Direction

Yosef Kuperwasser a Middle East Senior Fellow at the Brooking Institute spoke on January 10, 2006 about the Iranian and Israeli nuclear programs. Mr. Kuperwasser totally dismissed Israel’s nuclear military threat to the region and world while totally embellishing Iran’s potential nuclear weapons program threat to the region and world. For the Middle East region to be a nuclear free region does not mean every other country except for Israel. There lie the double standards of the Western nation’s Middle Eastern diplomacy and policies.

While most of the nations and people of the world do not want to see Iran become a nuclear military power the same could be said about the State of Israel and its military nuclear program. Israel is the only Middle East nation that has nuclear weapons and military submarines that are a threat to her neighbors and adversaries in the region. Without addressing the hypocrisy of the Palestinian-Israel Crisis and Israel’s nuclear military program there will be no foundation to build peace in the region.

Only by addressing the roots of the problems in the Middle East in a balance and fair manor will things change for the better. Diplomatically what would be considered fair and balance in solving the problems in the Middle East is unrealistic because of the official position of the State of Israel and the United States government. There is little to no chance of one side dictating terms and conditions onto the other side and having long term peace. Only by recognizing and addressing the grievances of the people on both sides can a sustainable peace agreement can be reached and implemented. By recognizing and dealing with the problems in the modern history of this region. Then new paths towards peace and prosperity can be blaze taking us in a new direction.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Iraq To Who Will Ever Listen

At this time it is not more American military troops than are needed in Iraq. We need to broaden the mix of players in the reconstruction in Iraq. The United States must down size their military role and increase their diplomatic and humanitarian role. This can only happen if Iraq’s neighboring nations can play a larger diplomatic role in this effort. A consensus plan must be reach on a multilateral level with the recently displaced international Iraqi refugees taking a leading role.

Since the United States-Britain military victory in Iraq in the very beginning of the war, the living conditions for the Iraqi people has been steadily going down hill. This trend must be revised before there will be any peace or security in Iraq. Only by broadening the diplomatic and humanitarian channels will things improve on the ground in Iraq. The organizing and training of the displaced international Iraqi refugees with the support of the international community of nations will create new channels of opportunities for Iraq. Iraq needs the recently displace Iraqi refugees (over one million new Iraq refugees have left Iraq since the beginning of the war) to return home in an organized manor to help rebuild Iraq.

Only the Iraqi people can handle and deal with any internal politic struggle and strife within Iraq. The international community nations and NGO’s can only help those Iraq people that want to help in the reconstruction of Iraq. Rebuilding a nation such as Iraq can only happen starting at the bottom working your way up. As is in the case of so many of the problems in the world today, the statistics and charts are going the wrong way. Only by changing the direction of the charts and decreasing the number of unemployed Iraqi people. Including the number of Iraqi civilians that are being killed as well as the number of Iraqi people fleeing their homes and county. At this time 100,000 Iraqi people are being driven out of their homes on a mouthy basis. Then and only then will peace and security have a chance to prosper and grow in Iraq.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The United States and Israel Must

The United States must cut all financial aid to the State of Israel, including the boycott of Israeli goods until the following conditions are met.

· State of Israel withdraws to the 1967 Armorist Line
· Palestinian Human Rights are restored, including water and property rights
· A moratorium on Jewish immigrants to the State of Israel until the Palestinian right of return is resolved
· Issues surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem are settled
· The State of Israel lives within the international nuclear laws and treaties
· Israel down sizes their military program
· Israel lives within the international laws and United Nation Resolutions

If the State of Israel meets these conditions the following would be guarantee.
· State of Israel will have normalized relation with the Arab nations
· The United States and European Union guarantee the State of Israel national security
· Israel will gain the respect of the majority of the international community of nations
· Israel will be granted full recognition in the United Nations

These will only be the fist step in resolve the Palestinian crisis. The Palestinian people are the victims today and this must be recognized and dealt with economic composition by the international community of nations. Then bridges of peace and prosperity can be built creating new ways forward for the people in the region.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Belief, Legend or Lie

There are as many stories about the history of the Holy Land, as there are people living in the Holy Land. Rarely is the truth heard about the Holy Land because of the different religious legends and beliefs. There is no question that the modern day foot print in the Middle East and Holy Land are not sustainable over the course of time. For there to be any kind of long lasting peace in the Middle East one must settle the question of the Old City of Jerusalem. Here lies the root of the hate and contempt towards the Western World i.e. the United States, Great Britain, and Israel. It is not freedom and democracy they hate, it is the bullets and bombs and the occupation of their land by foreigners.

The truth is found in the day-to-day life of the people living in the Middle East and Holy Land. Only by addressing the comfort level of the people will you find security, peace and prosperity in the region. What would the United States look like if they were living under the similar conditions as the people in Iraq or the West Bank and Gaza?

· If unemployment was 40%-70%
· If the security of your home and family were in the hands of foreign occupiers
· If your family and friends were being killed by the guns and bombs of the foreign occupiers
· If foreigners dictated and controlled your day-to-day life that was steadily getting worst
· The flow of commerce and people in and out of your nation was being controlled by foreigner occupiers
· If the supply of your fresh water and electricity were not constant since the foreign occupiers took over

In the case of the Palestinian people this has been going on for over sixty years. The Palestinian people are literally prisoners within their territory. The majority of Palestinian national elected leaders of the Hamas party are in the jails of their foreign occupiers. If the American people lived under similar conditions, things would not look too much different than they do today in Iraq and the Holy Land.

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