Sunday, February 25, 2007


My Brother’s Christian Right

My brother and the Christian Right that blinded by the Bible are leading this country into an endless religious war. Where there are many good and balanced Christian people and families in America and world. The extreme Born Again American Christian Right people such as President George W. Bush have taken their religious beliefs turned them into unsupported facts leading us into an endless religious war. Too many of the people that are part of the Christian rarely get or give any credit to any information or knowledge that does not originate from the Bible. They use their Bible as their cornerstone, foundation and roof for what they believe is right.

The American Christian Right have taken over the United States political system making it one of the hated governments in the world. It is their lack of tolerance of other people and their ways. It is the religious fervor of the American Christian Right that makes them no different than the enemies we are fighting today. The religious extremists on both sides have more in common with one and another they do with the majority of the people within their own nation.

Too many people of the American Christian Right read the Bible for their primary source of knowledge getting little to no information from other sources other than the their church. Too often their understanding of global history and science comes from their Bible and their religious leaders. They will thank their God for having more than other people, who are the non believers while fighting them so they can take more for themselves.

Too many of religious extremists of the Christian-Judaic Islamic faiths are people who can kill the non-believes of the people on the other side. Justifying it by saying they are doing it in God’s name. They polarize nations of people to go to war fighting in God name while they blame others for the problems we face in the world today. Yes, they will take the high religious road while they are putting down all of those people around them who are the non-believers.

Monday, February 19, 2007


My God Is Not Your God

My God is not so arrogant to pass judgment onto other people when it does not interfere with the rights of others. My God has more tolerance for the different ways of other people than most of the men who preach the words of God. My God is not so pompous to say if you do not believe in me and my son Jesus Christ that you will go to hell.

My God does not believe in wars as a way to solve the problems and differences of people and nations. My God believes in sharing the natural resources and wealth thy has created for all. Yes, my God is greater than your God because my God’s home has more room for all people with heaven and hell right here on earth. My God created the natural resources to make tools and weapons for mankind to decide how to use.

My God does not dictate thy ways onto other people in one narrow image. My God is in the hearts and minds for all who have room in their souls. My God is the creator of the sprit of life and death. My God is a teacher not a dictator. My God’s home is in the skies, water and soil right here on earth. Yes, my God created good and bad in all for people to see.

It is up to people to decide how they are going to use what God has created. One can not blame God for what thou has created. They can only look at what they have done with what God has given them. For if there was no bad we would not understand what is good. God created more good than bad in a world that bad wins more often than good. A world that the wealthy people and nations have abused what God has created.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Balance and Common Sense

The reason that logic and common sense, sounds so radical is because things are so far out of balance. Today we are so far off course that we are going the wrong way and don’t even know it. This holds true on many different levels and platforms throughout our society. The further we go the wrong way, the more difficult it becomes in identifying the correct course. It is humane instinct to blame someone else for their own problems while those who are responsible denied the truth.

Too often what the great masses of people are told is so far from the truth. The general public is usually told what makes their leaders and nation look good. As long as the lies are held up as the truth we will continue to go the wrong way. So often those who tell the truth are discredited by the establishment and or silenced by the extremists on either side. When the powerful become the extremists our problems become even greater and this is where we are today.

The solutions to our problems are usually in the middle of the extremists on either side of the issue. Only by coming to the middle of what we believe and the truth will we find the compromising solutions to the problems we face. For the roots to war are many times the same and so too are the formulas to the solutions. Let common sense and logic of the majority prevail over the lies and miss-deeds of the extremists on all sides. Because of the larger role of some play and their sheer power, they must be the first to change their ways.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Searching for Peace

Thanks to You Tube the American people can hear the truth right from the horse’s mouth. Whether it is what former President Carter has to say about “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid” or what is really happening in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis.

You Tube Palestine Peace

This is one of the best short documentary movies on the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. It is fair and balance showing the reality on the ground of this crisis. “Searching for Peace” It is a must see for those people who want to understand the roots to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. The Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP) sponsored the production of “Searching for Peace”. In cooperation with Alternative Focus; By using the internet a person can get to the truth and understanding of many of the problems we face in the world today. Someone can get the information right from the horse’s mouth clearing up the fog of the lies of politics and wars. It is said a picture says a thousand words then “Searching for Peace” in twenty-eight minutes tells the modern lifetime story of the Palestinian society.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Letter to Senator Hilary Clinton want to be President

Dear Senator Hilary Clinton want to be President

Why, I as millions of other Americans question Hilary Clinton candidacy for President of the United States. First and for most you are the classic example of a Washington insider that is in the pockets of the special interests groups. The proof of this is the great amount of money you have already raised and will raise in the future for your political aspirations.

The second great concern is that your “Health Care Reform Package” will be similar as former President Clinton’s Palestinian-Israel Peace process. During the time of the Oslo, Wye River and Camp David peace talks of the 90s the number of illegal Jewish’s settlers double in number and size. New Jewish only by-pass roads were created that diced and sliced the West Bank into a Bantustan state of oppression of the indigenous people of the region. During this time President Clinton was telling the American people and the world that progress towards peace was being made between the Palestinians and Israelis. When the true realities on the ground were the living conditions of the Palestinian people were getting worst and worse while Americans were being told otherwise by President Clinton.

That the national leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties are in the pockets of the special interests groups such as the military industrial complex, the Israeli lobby, and too many others to name. The growth in the number of the K Street lobbies since the 90s is a crime within its self. So many American people see you are part of the problem and not part of the answer because of your big Washington pockets. This holds true for most of the Presidential candidates of both major political parties. There are too many double talking lawyers and not enough common sense in Washington D.C.. That American people do not want a two family monarchy to rule the country any longer.
May Peace be with You

Peace Reform Initiative in the Middle East

Thursday, February 01, 2007


If Americans Knew

The United States has used its great power with its foreign policies as a weapon in too many cases instead as a tool. The United States spends more in military aid that humanitarian aid in its foreign policies. The people of Israel receiving 500 dollar per Israeli citizen in United States foreign aid with the great majority of it is military aid. This is at the same time the United States and Israel have blocked all humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. Only if the American people knew the truth about the life long Palestinian-Israel Crisis there would be total outrage.

Any time someone in America tries to criticize the policies and actions of the State of Israel that they have taken against the Palestinian people. They are silenced and discredited by the pro Israeli extremists such as a person in the Jimmy Carter situation. Mr. Monroe Freedman who was the former Director of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. labeled the former President Mr. Jimmy Carter an anti Semite on national TV.

The following is a link to “If Americans Knew” is on You Tube.

It is so important that the American people that do know, stand-up and speak-out the truth. The longer our government does the wrong things in the Middle East the worst things are going to get. Just look at the true facts of life on the streets today in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq. It is the American tax dollars that are paying for many the bullets, bombs and weapons that are killing so many innocent Arab people in the region.

And we are told by our President “They hate us because our freedom”. Common sense would tell you. They hate all of the killing and destruction. That is going on in their homeland with the United States and Israel responsible for a great deal of it. Not until the United States and Israel change their ways big time there will be more wars and conflicts. Yes, the other sides have to change big time too. It is the United States and Israel that have dispositional amount of power and control over the changes that need to be made.

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