Monday, January 30, 2012


A Palestine History Lesson for Nuke Gingrich

The Palestinian people were invented during the 5th century BC. This is the general consensus of most historians. So Nuke Gingrich you were off by about 2500 years. Then over many years, many outside forces took over the region playing territorial name games. With the last Empire holding onto the Pearl of the Holy Land (Jerusalem) for many years (approximately five hundred years) was the Ottoman Empire. At the end of World War I the Turks in October 1918 turned over the Pearl of the Holy Land to the British Empire.


With the use of modern day surveying equipment for the first time borders were established in the Middle Eastern’s arid terrain. The British Mandate of Palestine September 16, 1922 created the formal borders of what is today Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Here is a copy of a map from the Premier edition of Rand McNally World Atlas (1927) of the State of Palestine.

Nuke Gingrich a former speaker of the House of Representatives, a self proclaimed historian. One of four Presidential Republican candidates running for President of the United States. Now here comes what Nuke may of thought was the invention of the Palestinian people. In 1988 the Palestinians declared a Declaration of Independence (for 22% of the land of what was formerly Palestine) that today two-thirds of the world’s nations recognize as Palestine. With the major exceptions being Israel, the United States and a few of its allies As well as the United Nations because of the United States single vote veto power in the Security Council.

In December of 2012 the Palestinians applied for full United Nations membership. It is being shot down by the Israelis and the United States government. Along with all of the revisionists historians such as Nuke and his right wing Christian cohorts. The same people who think the science and history books should be replace with the bible Saving the American taxpayers money by cutting or eliminating the Department of Education. Many other of the American national politicians sound like they have learn their world history lessons in their place of worship. Or maybe they are scared as hell of the possible repercussions of the Jewish lobby. Just look at what they did to former President Jimmy Carter for speaking out against some of Israel’s cruel and inhumane policies and actions. Global Crier

B.S. Here is the Best of Nuke Gingrich
Just look at the Republican debate in Florida. The response of Presidential candidates Mite/Nuke to a question and the audience’s applause Republican Presidential Debate ,Florida "Israel-Palestinan " ! - YouTube

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Presidential candidates Mite/Nuke

This question was posed to me by a fellow blogger. “Do you believe that withholding military aid from Israel would lead to peace? If so, how?” This was my response;

Withholding United States military aid from Israel would be a great step towards peace. Especially if half of it went back to reducing our national debt and the other half was invested into the Arc plan, A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State. Then you would start changing the environmental conditions on the ground. The Israeli government would be force to cut back on there military spending and presence. The Palestinians could start to improve their infrastructure improving their way of life. It would open new doors of opportunities between the Israelis and Palestinians. The cooperation involved in the implementation of the Arc plan would build new bridges of communication and understanding between the Palestinian/Israeli people... I could write a book about the way to peace.

But it will never happen in my lifetime because of people like you and the ones that think like you and my brother of the Christian right wing. Just look at the Republican debate in Florida. The response of Presidential candidates Mite/Nuke to a question and the audience’s applause Republican Presidential Debate ,Florida "Israel-Palestinan " ! - YouTube

It makes me sick to know there are so many people like you and my brother out there. Thinking and saying the things you do. More bombs, missiles, tanks, military armed helicopters, jets, submarines, and ships are not the way to Peace. Global Crier

B.S. I know you and my brother are for peace after the war is over.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


The State of Israel is in Bed with the Military Industrial Complex

If you want to know why we are not heading down the road to peace. Just read this Congressional Research Service report U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel of September 16, 2010

The United States government has pledged over three billion dollars a year in military aid to the State of Israel until the year 2018. This is on top of, well over a hundred billion dollars of United States aid to the State of Israel over the years. With two-thirds of it being military aid. It works out to over five-hundred dollars per every Israeli annually.

The military industrial complex in the United States and the State of Israel profit greatly from this military aid package. The State of Israel could not afford to maintain the illegal military occupation of the West Bank and the imprisonment of the 1.4 Palestinian people in Gaza without the United States military aid package over the many years. While the United States gives the Palestinian a hundred or two hundred million dollars a year if they behave and do not try something stupid like trying to become a recognized nation in the United Nations. Yet the Israelis bomb the hell out of Gaza and more bombs and military aid is on the way from the U.S.A..

With a few people and corporations in the United States and Israel making so much money off of this military aid package. They are heavily vested in seeing that the military aid continues. Making it harder, to nearly impossible to get on the road towards peace with so much money pledge towards conflict. There is not one federal elected official in Washington D.C. that would stand up in front of their peers and or the American people and say: “Let us invest thirty billion dollars into the Arc plan A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State over the next ten years. It is a giant leap in the right direction into finding a peaceful solution in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.. It addresses many of the problems the people of Palestine face in forming a viable state. Only with a prospers Palestinian society that resembles the society of the State of Israel will the people of both societies have any real security. Yet almost in a single voice on both sides of the isle in Washington D.C. the United States government pledges over thirty billion dollars of military aid to the State of Israel over a ten year period. Global Crier

This is the link to an 8 minute and 35 minute video outlining the Arc.The Arc: A Formal Structure For a Palestinian State | RAND

Here is a link to the Rand Corporation’s web page to the Arc Reach Brief. There is a link to the full outline version of the Arc at the bottom of the page.

The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State | RAND

These are two links of Doug Sulsman presentation of the Arc at the J Street YMCA New York, NY.



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Monday, January 23, 2012


Israel Insanity Iran Nukes

As the insanity grows between Israel and Iran, over the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. The question becomes where will it end when the State of Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation who has undeclared nuclear weapons today. Almost no one in the world except for a few people in Iran who want to hold onto power, want to see Iran become a nuclear military nation. It is almost globally unanimously seen as going the wrong way for global peace and security. As it is with the State of Israel and/or the United States bombing Iran preventing them from becoming a nuclear nation. With the exception of a few Israeli right wingers, a few American right wing military hawks and a few oil rich Sunni kingdoms, the nations of the world are in agreement.

The State of Israel being seen as a nuclear military nation on steroids that has been threatening the Islamic region of nations. The State of Israel over the last sixty-five years has bombed and or militarily attacked Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and the United States (USS Liberty). Not counting the Israeli covert military operations or the suppression and military occupation of the Palestinian nation of people. Meanwhile the oil rich Arab nations are spending far too much money on military weapons and far too little on their social disadvantaged programs for their poor. Creating little to no opportunities for their young people that are poor while remaining as economically powerful oil rich kingdoms.

The on going clash between the national interest and security of the oil exporting nations and the oil dry industrial nations with their need for more oil continues. With little to no regard or understanding of what is in the people’s best interest on the other side. The governments of the United States and the State of Israel continue to politically and militarily dictate many of the policies in the region for what is in there own self interest. A clear example of this is the State of Israel’s non-compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and International Atomic Energy Agency inspections of the Dimona nuclear plant. While holding Iran’s feet to the fire, Israel and the United States are threatening to bomb Iran’s possible nuclear sites. Whether these sites are for peace time civilian use or military use is an unknown. What is known is that since 2010 four of Iran’s nuclear scientists have been killed in cold blood under very suspicious circumstances.

What is certain is if we continue the practices and policies of yesterday. They will only bring us back to repeating the same old mistakes making things worse to the point of a global catastrophe. Without a balance where you live up too, what you expect from the other side. Things will not change for the better and will only continue to get worse. On the other hand if we start to treat our adversaries the same way we want them to treat us. We may open up a whole new world of new possibilities that will bring us to a much better place. The Arc “A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State” is a good example of this. Where it will bring the needed changes to make things better for both sides. Global Crier

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You Have to Develop Trust Over Time

If we wait until one side trusts the other side, or we wait until both sides trust each other. Peace, security and justice will not come about and trust will never develop and grow between the two people in the Holy Land. Only went you fly a helicopter along the Green Line. You can not see a difference between the East side and Western side of the Green Line will there be trust between the two people. There is no question without an infusion of a great amount of capital into the Palestinian side. Creating many more new opportunities and improving the Palestinian people standard of living will peace and trust grow.

Without hope and a clear vision of a better future such as the arc plan that outlines A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State is turned into a reality. Will prosperity bring peace that will turn into trust between the two sides of people. There will still be the lone wolf extremists and the anti-peace and compromise groups on both sides that will continue to be stumbling blocks. They will have to be sidelined and minimized not letting them derail the progress towards peace. Where to begin, how and when the arc plan is going to be implemented are the questions that have to be answered.

The strong support and the endorsement of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority is the beginning of the implementation of the arc plan. With both sides signing a pledge of cooperation in the full implementation of the arc. There will become new and improved realities on the ground that will help the future negotiations on the points of contentions. Opening new doors and possibilities that will bring the two sides closer together. That will make progress toward peace and trust a reality.

At this point, block and project grants will have to be raised from the international community of nations. Where nations, cities and organizations from around the world with the rich oil Arab nations leading the way with their pledges and support of the ten year arc plan. With the expansion of co-cooperation groups such as “Seeds of Peace” to work hand-in-hand on the implementation of the arc by building bridges of understanding between the people. As living, economic and political conditions improve on the Palestinian side the environmental conditions at the peace table should improve making more progress possible.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Arc & Palestine United Nation Membership is Progress Towards Peace

Amidst everything going on with the Arab Spring in the Middle East. The Israeli government would be in a much better position going forward. Letting the Palestinians gain full United Nation’s membership while supporting the implementation of “the arc” A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State. Giving Palestine full membership status to the United Nations would give them a legitimacy among the international community. Making them equal to any other nation. It would lift the morale of the Palestinian people giving them a victory in restoring their dignity and pride as a recognized nation among the body of the United Nations. The Arc would be a good starting point in the reparation to the Palestinian people for their great losses and hardships over the last sixty plus years.

Only by the Israeli government helping create an equal counter partner (the Palestinians) will the Israelis have any chance for peace and security to grow among their neighbors. As long as the Israeli government continues to suppress the Palestinian people keeping them in a depressed state of affairs there will continue to be acts of violence leading to rage and more conflicts. The Israeli governments cooperation on the full implementation of the Arc will help change the realities on the ground for the better on both sides.

The Israeli government will have to promise the international community of nations that they will not bomb out the new Palestine infrastructure that they paid for. As the Arc plan is completed, new opportunities will arise on both sides. Many more tourists will come to see the Holy sites in the region. This will bring a lot more new revenue creating prosperity. Neither side can let the lone wolf derail the progress that is made. It will take generations for the hate and contempt that is on both sides to change to tolerance, understanding and trust. If either side waits until they trust the other side progress will never be made towards peace. Global Crier

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Saturday, January 14, 2012


The Great Snow Storm and How Two People Can See the Same Thing so Differently

We had a very early heavy snow storm in late October that knocked out the power on the East Coast for many days and two weeks for some. I had my brother and sister in-law staying with me that weekend. They are both born-again Christians that moved from New York to the Bible belt right after college, first Tulsa, Oklahoma then just out side of Atlanta, Georgia. The storm came in Saturday afternoon and my wife, teenage daughter and brother/sister in-law were all out of the house doing what they had planned.

I am home alone trying to get ready for a storm that was catching all of us by surprise. I was having problems getting my plow working on my truck. I am trying to get everybody home safe before the storm. Everybody in my family is telling me don’t worry we will be home soon. Boom one o’clock in the afternoon the power goes out and the snow is coming down like crazy. I can not plow my driveway for everyone to get in the house. Finally around four o’clock my brother and sister in-law make it home and this is where it begins.

They both were saying how they missed the snow and how beautiful the snow on the trees and everything being white. They were in great awe and so happy to see the snow. Having no power/TV we had no outside distractions so we had a lot of time to talk with my brother and his wife. My sister in-law asked me why am I so full of tension and un-happy looking. She saying it is so beautiful out there. Then my cell phone rings which is the only communication we have besides a radio. It is my wife and she is stuck on a train coming out from the city.

Meanwhile trees and very large branches are falling down all around. My shrubs in my garden are bending over to the ground because of the weight of the snow and my teen-age daughter is gallivanting around. My wife calling from the train with a dying cell phone battery wondering what to do, and where to go. While my brother, his wife and I were sitting around the wood stove staying warm and talking. About how two people can see the same thing and go through the same snow storm but see it totally differently.

Where they were totally enjoying the romantic moment the wood stove, candles and the snow they missed so much from their childhood’s days. I was worring about my wife stuck on a train, my daughter out and about and trees and shrubs being destroyed all over my gardens I love so much. Yes in the end everything worked and everyone got home safe in a day or two but the same experience at the time was so different.

Sunday, January 08, 2012


By Only Looking Back We Will Never Be Able To Solve Our Problems Going Forward

Trying to unite people to finding a way to peace is much harder than uniting them into war and conflicts. For the most part the same thing can be said about people. Where it is much easier to unite people against something or someone rather than unite for something positive and good. Just look at the world of politics, and news for an example. The extreme usually taking the front page and most of the space and time of the coverage or debate. Leaving very little room and time for the vast majority of people that are closer to the middle.

With it being much harder to build and create than it is to tear down and destroy. We often see things the wrong way by the narration we are given by the establishment. This does not just happen on our side but on all sides at many different levels and platforms throughout society. Too often when something good comes along such as The Ark that is ignored, sidetracked or dismissed by too many people on both sides for one reason or another. With both sides holding to there own points of contention rather than trying to move forward into un-charter waters with too many unknowns.

The deeper you get into the details the greater the disagreements become. Whether you are talking about what happen in the past {history} or what is going to happen in the future. You will never correct or undo the wrongs of the past. If you only look at and go back to the past. You have to look forward into the future for the changes that will make things different for the better. But this is often ignored and never gotten too because we are looking and going back. Bringing us to a point of only repeating our same mistakes over and over creating a cycle. Global Crier

P.S. If you think starting with the implementation of the Rand Corporation’s plan the arc A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State is a good step toward peace. Write to your elected representatives informing them of your support of the Arc plan and or email them at Congress.o
rg http// Global Crier


Friday, January 06, 2012


The Arc

The arc A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State produced by the Rand Corporation. It is a giant leap in the right direction into finding a peaceful solution in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. It is a ten year plan to develop the West Bank one day connecting it to Gaza. It addresses many of the problems the people of Palestine face in forming a viable state. Only with a prospers Palestinian society that resembles the society of the State of Israel will the people of both societies have any real security.

They spent more than 3 million dollars and four years in the development of this plan. It is a thirty-three billion dollar plan over ten years that addresses the Palestinian issues of transportation, housing, education, commerce, justice and the contiguity of the State of Palestine. It is a very comprehensive plan creating a clear image of a much better way of life for the Palestinian people. Restoring their dignity and hope for a better future for their children is the best first steps towards peace.

This is the link to an 8 minute and 35 minute video outlining the Arc.The Arc: A Formal Structure For a Palestinian State | RAND

Here is a link to the Rand Corporation’s web page to the Arc Reach Brief. There is a link to the full outline version of the Arc at the bottom of the page.

These are two links of Doug Sulsman presentation of the Arc at the J Street YMCA New York, NY.



There is no way to peace, peace is the way. The Arc is the way for long term peace to become a reality in the Palestinian/Israeli crisis. The challenges are to make the Arc a reality that more people can see, as well as working out the full implementation of the Arc’s plan. The earlier more people get behind a plan like the Arc the sooner it could become a reality. Everyone should write to their elected representatives letting them know about the Arc and your support of the plan. Who could not support such a plan of a way to peace as the arc. Global Crier

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