Monday, January 23, 2012


Israel Insanity Iran Nukes

As the insanity grows between Israel and Iran, over the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. The question becomes where will it end when the State of Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation who has undeclared nuclear weapons today. Almost no one in the world except for a few people in Iran who want to hold onto power, want to see Iran become a nuclear military nation. It is almost globally unanimously seen as going the wrong way for global peace and security. As it is with the State of Israel and/or the United States bombing Iran preventing them from becoming a nuclear nation. With the exception of a few Israeli right wingers, a few American right wing military hawks and a few oil rich Sunni kingdoms, the nations of the world are in agreement.

The State of Israel being seen as a nuclear military nation on steroids that has been threatening the Islamic region of nations. The State of Israel over the last sixty-five years has bombed and or militarily attacked Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and the United States (USS Liberty). Not counting the Israeli covert military operations or the suppression and military occupation of the Palestinian nation of people. Meanwhile the oil rich Arab nations are spending far too much money on military weapons and far too little on their social disadvantaged programs for their poor. Creating little to no opportunities for their young people that are poor while remaining as economically powerful oil rich kingdoms.

The on going clash between the national interest and security of the oil exporting nations and the oil dry industrial nations with their need for more oil continues. With little to no regard or understanding of what is in the people’s best interest on the other side. The governments of the United States and the State of Israel continue to politically and militarily dictate many of the policies in the region for what is in there own self interest. A clear example of this is the State of Israel’s non-compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and International Atomic Energy Agency inspections of the Dimona nuclear plant. While holding Iran’s feet to the fire, Israel and the United States are threatening to bomb Iran’s possible nuclear sites. Whether these sites are for peace time civilian use or military use is an unknown. What is known is that since 2010 four of Iran’s nuclear scientists have been killed in cold blood under very suspicious circumstances.

What is certain is if we continue the practices and policies of yesterday. They will only bring us back to repeating the same old mistakes making things worse to the point of a global catastrophe. Without a balance where you live up too, what you expect from the other side. Things will not change for the better and will only continue to get worse. On the other hand if we start to treat our adversaries the same way we want them to treat us. We may open up a whole new world of new possibilities that will bring us to a much better place. The Arc “A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State” is a good example of this. Where it will bring the needed changes to make things better for both sides. Global Crier

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