Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What President Obama’s Health Care Reform Missed

To start off with medical tort reform and the ability for interstate health insurances competition should have been part of the Obama Health Care bill that was past. On top of that the Obama Health Care was never connected to the problem of more American jobs. With hospitals closing all around the country at the same time our country has the greatest amount in numbers of people heading into their elder years. That the current and projected cost health care to the cities, states, federal governments as well as old large American corporations is driving the system broke. Too many promises have been made that cannot be kept under our old system.

A clear and better picture to what total Obama Health Care reform would look like and how it would work should have been made. The American Educational system could be a comparison to what the American health care system should become. Meaning we have great public and private Universities and Colleges as well as some for profit and some for non-profit too. The same should be true in the American health care system with a better balance between the profit and non-profit organizations.

The Obama Health Care should have set more goals to make the picture clearer to the American people. Such as increasing the number of medical educated students by a million over the next ten years. We need more physician assistance, nurses, and medical technicians to work in our local communities. To open five-hundred new non-profit medical clinics over the next five years. These clinics would not be government run. They would be run by groups that are already operating some medical non-profit clinics today. That the public school nurse should be able to give a child an aspen without the liability of a massive lawsuit.

Only by building out a stronger and better non-profit wing of the American health care system will we create more competition bringing down the per person cost. A stronger bond with more bridges are needed between the profit and non-profit medical services. With America losing all kinds of jobs all over the country the medical field is one place we need more of them all around the country. American Health Care reform is one part of putting the American people back to work.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Why the Answers to our Problems are so Hard

First there are many more wrong answers than there are right answers to the problems. Then you have the incomplete answers that are partially right answers that can mutate into the wrong answer. On top of that, you got to get the people in power to agree that it is the right answer. Assuming now you have the right answer, you have to get it implemented and working so people can see. To do this you will have to go through all of the pro and con forces of power to make it work. It is easier to unite a nation of people against something than it is to unite people for something. Religion and the negative political campaigns are a good example of this.

Just as it is easier to criticize than it is to construct or agree. With the natural instinct of human nature being afraid of great changes with all of the unknowns it brings. Too often the power of fear is used to sway a nation of people off in the wrong direction. By not recognizing many of the mistakes of the past we will not see the right answer to the future and we will only repeat our mistakes. It is a lack of balance and understanding that are at the roots of many of our problems and it is fear and greed of a very few people in power that want to maintain the status-quo.

Whether it is harder to get those few people in power to agree on the right answers or to proper implement the new changes so they work are the major parts of the problem to the answer. There needs to be a new paradigm for the United States government’s domestic and foreign policies has to be reached with the American people and the nations of people around the world. A better balance in fiscal, social, political, and military matters of the United States government will make all of the difference in the world. A new and higher level of respect must be achieved at home and abroad for those people and nations that are different. Including the world’s natural resources, environment, and human rights of all of the people in the world.

The great difference to the wars of the past and the wars of today and tomorrow. The wars of the past were against nations of people with military weapons that could not totally destroy the world. The wars of today are against a group of people that have a different ideology that can not be won. Any full out military wars of tomorrow will have no winners almost everyone will lose and the whole world could be destroyed many times over. We as a great nation of people have to change our wrong ways of the past so we can have a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Working Poor Can Not Pay Any More

For the Congress and President Obama to pass an extension on all of the Bush Tax cuts and to extend the unemployment benefits beyond the 99 week period is insanity of a totally dysfunctional government. Durning the last ten years of the Bush Tax cuts our national debt has more than doubled durning times of artificially low interest rates. With the greatest amount of wealth in the United States being held by the smallest percent of people since the 1930’s. There is a great disconnect between Pennsylvania Ave. / Wall Street and Main Street USA. So if you think it is unfair for somebody like Derek Jeter who just signed a fifty-one million dollar three year contract with the New York Yankees to pay a higher rate than somebody making four-hundred thousand dollar a year. Than do not complain when your cable bill goes up or any of the products that you buy that are made by the companies that are sponsors of the very high paid sport stars.

With our federal government borrowing more money from the international monetary system to continue two endless wars (Iran, Afghanistan) whose total cost are unknown while being the volunteer military police of the world. The United States having a military presence in over one-hundred and twenty nations including some of the nations that were formally part of the Soviet Union. So call non provoking War games in the China Sea right off the coast of North Korea. The United States continuing to sell more military weapons to more nations than any other nation in the world. With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia buying sixty-five billion dollars of United States made military weapons. While the United States government is giving the State of Israel approximately three billion dollars of military aid annually as well as billions in humanitarian aid.

Unemployment in the United States running over 9.5% for over a year and half with many government economists and Wall Street players saying the so called recession is over in the United States. The Federal National Debt USDebt.png 1912×978 pixels http://cedarcomm.com/~stevelm1/USDebt.png spiraling out of control with no end in sight. Where most of the American people have only seen two years of a Federal balance budget (The last two years of President Clinton) during their life time. It was President Reagan and President Bush tax cuts that created the upward spiral to the out of control of the United States National Debt. Grant it, Federal taxes were far to high when the Reagan administration cut them from eighty percent for the highest American money makers. Today you can make millions or billions of dollars in long term unearned capitol gains and only pay fifteen percent.

It is very confusing why so many of the working class conservatives support the Bush Tax cuts for the people making more than a million dollars a year and so against having a safety net for those working class poor American people who are down and out on their luck. No more big government is not the answers to all of our problems neither is no government at all. There has to be a balance between Big Government and Big Business so that the best interests of the American people as a whole are protected. The question be comes do we go back to a tax system than looks more like the pre-Bush tax cut era when we had a federal budget closer to being in balance or a complete and total overhaul of the whole tax system. The latter will take a complete and total breakdown of the system before it will be agreed too and implemented.

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