Saturday, December 18, 2010


Why the Answers to our Problems are so Hard

First there are many more wrong answers than there are right answers to the problems. Then you have the incomplete answers that are partially right answers that can mutate into the wrong answer. On top of that, you got to get the people in power to agree that it is the right answer. Assuming now you have the right answer, you have to get it implemented and working so people can see. To do this you will have to go through all of the pro and con forces of power to make it work. It is easier to unite a nation of people against something than it is to unite people for something. Religion and the negative political campaigns are a good example of this.

Just as it is easier to criticize than it is to construct or agree. With the natural instinct of human nature being afraid of great changes with all of the unknowns it brings. Too often the power of fear is used to sway a nation of people off in the wrong direction. By not recognizing many of the mistakes of the past we will not see the right answer to the future and we will only repeat our mistakes. It is a lack of balance and understanding that are at the roots of many of our problems and it is fear and greed of a very few people in power that want to maintain the status-quo.

Whether it is harder to get those few people in power to agree on the right answers or to proper implement the new changes so they work are the major parts of the problem to the answer. There needs to be a new paradigm for the United States government’s domestic and foreign policies has to be reached with the American people and the nations of people around the world. A better balance in fiscal, social, political, and military matters of the United States government will make all of the difference in the world. A new and higher level of respect must be achieved at home and abroad for those people and nations that are different. Including the world’s natural resources, environment, and human rights of all of the people in the world.

The great difference to the wars of the past and the wars of today and tomorrow. The wars of the past were against nations of people with military weapons that could not totally destroy the world. The wars of today are against a group of people that have a different ideology that can not be won. Any full out military wars of tomorrow will have no winners almost everyone will lose and the whole world could be destroyed many times over. We as a great nation of people have to change our wrong ways of the past so we can have a better tomorrow.

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