Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Truth & Consequences

Too much of the time we here from the enemies of the foes to what they are saying. The Palestinian and Iranian government officials have a public relation problem in the United States because they do not speak English. Most of what we hear from them in the American mainstream mass media are lines and quotes from their strongest adversaries most of whom do not speak their language. So how are the American people suppose to know the real position of the Palestinian and Iranian leaders when we hear more what they are saying from their enemies.

With the pro Israelis being great masters of the manipulation of the American mainstream mass media in getting their message out to the American people. Too often it is the American people who never hear the truth to the realities on the ground when it comes to the Israelis adversaries and enemies. Today we are on the cusp of yet another war with Iran because of the the Israelis. At what point will the American government and people wake-up to the ill ways of the Israeli government in there war mongering ways.

Today the Israeli military raided and disabled two of the Palestinian TV broadcasting stations in the West Bank. Little to none thing will be said about it in the American mainstream media beside a footnote in the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen of the TV or the back page of the newspaper. Both the Palestinians and Iranians have little to no way of protesting the false charges and illegal actions of the Israeli government in the United States mass media system. Most of the American people are totally unaware of the Israeli governments censorship of any news that is disseminated from Israel concerning the state of affairs with the Palestinians.

There are many American people that would like to hear from the leaders of Iran and Palestine in English to what their policies are toward the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Too often we hear from the supporters of Israel loud and clear what they say are the plans and policies of the Iranian and Palestinian governments. A clear confirmation or denial of the Israeli accusations is needed so more Americans can have a better understanding to the truth.

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Monday, February 27, 2012


The Religious Fundamentalist Extremists Are no Different on the Other Side

Let us make it simple and clear as possible. You have many of the same warmongers that were pounding the drums for war with Iraq that are pounding the drums for more war with Iran today. You could almost use the same play book by just changing the names. Many of them are the Jewish and Christian religious fundamentalist extremists in America and Israel who believe and want to see the first (Jewish) or the second (Christian) coming of Christ at the time of Armageddon. It is the State of Israel that supplies a lot of so called Middle Eastern intelligence to the United States and western nation’s governments for the case to go to war with Iraq and today with Iran. By trying to convince the other governments that they are an external threat.

When you have the State of Israel and the Saudi Arabia governments on the same page for going to war with Iran. Saudi Arabia being almost a pure Sunni nation with many Islamic religious fundamentalist extremists that are on the same page as the Christian and Jewish fundamentalist extremists in the United States and Israel. Compounded by the fact these are two of the worlds largest military industrial complexes that want to test out some of their new war toys.

There is no question that most people in the Middle East see the State of Israel as the fifty-first state of the United States. That any action or reaction taken by the State of Israel or against the State of Israel is an attack on the United States. Today the Middle East is in a state of war with the religious fundamentalist extremists running the show in Israel, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. With the religious extremists of the Republican party fighting to regain control of the United State’s foreign and domestic policies.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Translating the Truth

Has the United States or the Western World ever attacked another nation with military force, who’s leaders are too liberal. Have we not always attack nations that we consider to be a militaristic threat that are run by conservative fundamentalist often with religious extremists running the country. Where they speak another language other than English. So when ever we get any information from the government officials from the other side. The interpretation and translation are edited by our government intelligence agencies and mainstream mass media and then passed onto the American people.

Too often our interpretations and translations of our adversaries government’s messages are disseminated by those with an agenda. Whether it is to sell more news papers, get higher ratings or to deepen the divide in building the case to go to war. They will use the most inflammatory rhetoric to do this. The question is the messages of our adversaries. How accurate are the translations that are disseminated in the mainstream mass media to the American people. Maybe this is part of why we have never gone to war with a nation of people who speak the same language.

This could be part of the reason why more and more younger America’s people are turning to the The Daily Show and the Colbert Report for their news. When Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has guests who report more accurately the true facts and realities on the ground of the Palestinian crisis. Is this why the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are considered to be such a satiric show compared to the mainstream mass media news. Or could it be that the Daily Show and the Colbert Report satire is so much less bias and more balanced it makes it funny compared to the mainstream mass media. David GlobalCrier

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sport Time Verses Political Time

More of the American people should be more informed & involved with their government’s day to day operations. If only the American people dedicated a quarter of the time they dedicate as sports fans. Our national political system would look a lot different. If we lived in Jamaica there would be no problem. The government of Jamaica’s international footprint and impact on global affairs is rather minimal. Where it is quite to the contrary with the United States government’s footprint and impact on global affairs.

The internet is like having the Library of Congress at your finger tips. Where you can get real time information right from the horse’s mouth. is one of the most under-utilized internet tools that the American people can use in getting their voices heard. It is an easy way the American people can send a letter to their elected official leaders, in their federal, state and local governments. is a convenient way to follow the bills that your elected officials vote on.

If the average everyday American sport fan knew as much about their government and elected officials as they do about the players and statistics of their favored team. Our Congressional system would look and operate a lot differently especially with a 10% approval rating. Most people will agree that professional sports and our national political system have been ruined by too much money within the system. With the American people paying for it all the way.

Once the American people get their priorities in order than you will see a change in our government’s priorities. It is not only who we elect into office that is the problem. As much as the system its self that is broken and out of balance that needs to be reformed. There has been too many K Street single issue lobbyists that have been writing & passing the bills and laws we have today. Only with more American people partaking in the American political system will things change for the better. David Global Crier is a good and easy way to get letters to your elected officials. - Get informed, get involved

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Monday, February 20, 2012


Reforms that are Needed for the United Nations

The role of the United Nations is so very important to the future of the global community. With problems in the United Nations and around the world becoming so much more complex. As major changes happen around the world so too they must at the United Nations. One nation or one person should not have so much power to be able to stop a resolution. The UN Security Council being the high Council of the UN with the one vote veto you have created a dictatorial bureaucracy on a global level. Giving any one of the Permanent Nations absolute power in being able to stop any resolution they desire.

The UN Security Council should change the one vote veto rule. Keeping the basic format the same with some changes such as; Increasing the number of permanent members to 11 with 2 being rotating members. One would rotate on a five-year basis. The other nine would be permanent members. With one nay vote the resolution passes. With two nay votes the resolution must be amended so there is only one nay vote or less to pass. Three nay votes and the resolution is vetoed. It is through practices and actions like these that tarnish the role of the United Nations and the United States in their leading role with the global community. One vote should not be able to stop what others see to be good for the situation in a global way. We would not tolerate this practice anywhere else, then why at the UN Security Council.

Opening the UN Security Council to the democratic ways we want nations to move towards. This council must act in a global way for what is in the best interest of the global community and not one nation. The current policy of a one vote veto in the Security Council is stifling the work of all of the other groups involved. No nation should have absolute control over the international policy of the global community. A balance of power between local, state and national is as important as the balance between national, regional and global. National re-construction should be a done on a state and national level with the regional neighbor nations and the United Nations leading the way.

Only by building a stronger international global platform of organizations will the answers to peace and security be properly addressed. For this to happen there will be many needed changes that will have to come about to make this possible. As long as the United States government is spending over forty times the annual budget on military spending than all of the United Nations Agencies put together. We will continue to have more wars and less peace in the world. With the United States spending over 420 billion dollars on military spending which is 43% of the world’s total military expenditure. And all of the budgets to the United Nations Agencies total about ten billion dollars. We will not have enough financial resources to make the needed changes to make it a better and safer world. The United States Government military fiscal policies are draining the international monetary system from the needed capital for the developing nations.

Only by creating an independent global platform financed by an International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET) will we create a stable and large enough platform to make the needed changes. For some of the nations that are global super powers this will mean relinquishing some of their international powers. For the smaller and less powerful nations this will mean they will have to contribute more to the international platform. The taxpayers of any one-nation cannot be paying for it all without creating a global supper military empire as we have today.

There should be four new United Nation City States (UNCS) created around the world, one in Europe, Africa, Asia and in South America. The proposed host countries will summit their offer to the United Nations for consideration. The three UNCS will function as part of the United Nations being the home bases for the International Peacekeeping Forces and support operations. Each UNCS will have an international airport, warehouses, and training facilities and housing for United Nations operations. The approximate area of each of the UNCS will be 25 square miles. With the following factors in consideration, the proximity to other nations and international waterways, and the hostess nation support in the future operations. The creation of the UNCS will be a trophy for the hosting nations.

The main purpose of the three UNCS will be to support the international work of the United Nations. UNCS will be the home base for the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces as well as the training centers for United Nations operations. Governments from around the world could send their police and military personnel for United Nations Certification as Reserved International Peacekeeping Personnel. All of the UNCS would have training programs in freshwater and sewer management, medical, policing, farming practices and government operation training programs with support training and operations being offered by non-profit NGO’s. The UNCS could be the international home bases for some of the international non-profit NGO’s. The three UNCS would be run and operated under the United Nations Headquarters. All land in the UNCS will remain under the ownership and control of the United Nations with lease deals to operations and entities that are working in partnership or support in United Nations operations.

The United States Peace Core should be the model for the International Peace Core. It could be based in the United Nations City Nations as a separate institution from the United Nations. It could work hand in hand with the United Nations International Peacekeeping Forces on missions around the world. Only by directing more international resources to mission of peace rather than war will we have a different out come to the problems we face as people of the world. The United Nations annual budget is less than most states or nations it is more comparable to a large University or corporation.

Given the magnitude of responsibilities the United Nations has in the world. The United Nations does not have the resources or power to fulfill its mission and goals. By expanding the United Nations role in international hot spots the United States can down size its international military presents. With the United Nations tooled up for preventative actions then maybe fewer global hot spots will break into full-scale war. With the United Nations stronger in international global affairs it will help make the world a safer and better place for everyone to live.

The United Nations will not intervene in any nations internal affairs unless it is called on to do so by that nation or a mandate by a United Nations Security Council. There is no question that there are a number of super power nations in the world that can win a military war with any number of smaller nations. There is the question if they can win the peace. It is much more economical, practical and socially responsible to rebuild a nation before it is destroyed by war and chaos. The International Peace Core will take on more humanitarian projects as a preventative measure cutting down on the numbers of global military conflicts. By working together with other nations our differences will become less as global living conditions improve for more people around the world. Then and only then we will have a safer and more secure world. David Global Crier

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Pro Israelis Versus David Global Crier

This is what I am hearing from the pro Israel side of the current State of Israel’s policies and military actions. Israel up-roots and leaves Gaza. What does Israel get thousands of rockets fired into southern Israel from Hamas in Gaza. Now, no one would like to have rockets fired into their homeland endangering the lives of their people. Then the pro Israeli supporters try to make some ridiculous comparison what if Canada or Mexico was firing rockets into the United States. The problem with this comparison is that we have not formed a military blockade totally cutting them off from the outside world for years. We have not repeatedly bombed them destroying their infrastructure over the years. We have not assassinated and imprisoned their elected leaders over the years. If we had done any of the same things to our neighbors that the Israelis have done to the people of Gaza and the West Bank. I know the nations of the world’s condemnations would be a lot louder and a lot worse than anything Israel has seen so far. Most of the informed people of the world seeing the Israeli military actions ( collective punishment, targeted assassinations and excessive military force) against Gaza and the West Bank as being in violation of international laws and treaties.

One of the other things I hear a lot from the pro Israeli side is that you can’t trust them they are terrorists. The Palestinian/Arabs want all of the land driving the Jewish people into the sea. The problem with this scenario is that the foreign occupiers have always had military control over their land for many centuries. Today its the Jewish State of Israel is controlling 100% of what was formally known as Palestine. How does an invading foreign nation of people take control of almost all of the land without terrorizing the indigenous people? While the Israelis are claiming to be the victims by the people they mostly control. How can one nation of people claim so many victories in war and conflicts while still claiming to be the victims so many years later is quite puzzling.

When I talk of Peace in the Palestinian/Israeli Crisis. The most common response is “ Not in my lifetime, maybe in my children’s lifetime”. It is this kind of pessimistic outlook that keeps peace a delusion. Yes, it is an up hill struggle all the way, but it is one worth working for the future generations to come. In my short lifetime things have only gotten worse for the Palestinian people. It is quite obvious that my generation and the ones older than mine have not done a very good job in their quest for peace in this crisis. Making my job and the future generations job that much harder in finding a peaceful way for the two people to exist on one land. David Global Crier

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Friday, February 10, 2012


The Sane Verses the Insane

The sane verses the insane with the insane extremists winning most of the time. Whether it is on or in the mass media news on TV or in print the inflammatory extremists get the headlines with the highest ratings. Leaving little time and front page room for the moderates in the middle. Whether it is the rhetoric from the extreme right or the extreme left they get the most coverage that inflames the people in the middle as well as the people on the other side. This is true all around the world. It is part of human nature. It unites people and divides the people creating the different sides.

No where is this clearer than in the Palestinian/Israeli crisis, the issue of going to war, political campaigns as well as the moral issues. Generally speaking there will be one side of the establishment that is well financed with the other side that is challenging the status-quo that is running on a shoe-string budget. This is the part of the matrix of our system and human nature that makes it harder in solving our problems. Just look at what extreme the National Rifle Association (NRA) will go to defend the American peoples right to own and possess an assault rifle. Or the United States establishment’s campaign to going into war verses the peacemakers who are labeled as traitors and being anti patriots.

The military industrial complex has a vested interest in supporting the military State of Israel, the American people’s right to own an assault rifle and the pounding of the drums for more war. They are all good for more sales and higher profits. There is no way to peace with such great profits being monopolized by a few people and corporations by going to war. The candidates of the two major political parties in the United States cannot challenge the current status-quo without being politically destroyed and discredited as a viable leader. Just look at how fast and how high our federally elected leaders in Washington D.C. move up the ladder to powerful positions by being for more wars. Then look at our federally elected leaders that stand-up speaking out against more war. For the most part they are sidelined and shunned by the establishment often made out to being misfits. Just look at these members of Congress such as Senator Bernard Sanders, Congressman Denis Kucinich and Congressman Ron Paul as good examples of this. Then look at the Congressional leaders of the House and Senate and how much money they have received from the supporters of the military industrial complex and the militarization of the State of Israel as well as the Middle East region. David Global Crier

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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Palestinian & Israelis Peace Plan

There are three main reasons why the Israelis do not want to go back to negotiate at the peace table with the Palestinians. First, time is on the Israeli side. They have total control of what is happening on the ground in their region. While over time the so called “realities on the ground” are changing in the Israelis favor. Secondly the Israeli government receives many billions of dollars for military aid from the United States government and many hundreds of millions of dollars from the international Jewish community. Thirdly the Israelis will lose ground dividing the Jewish people in exchange for peace that may cost them billions in military foreign aid in the future.

When tensions and conflicts are running high between the Israelis and their adversaries. They receive a lot more foreign aid as well as uniting of the international Jewish community behind the State of Israel. Historically durning times of recent peace talks the Palestinians lose more of their ground and the Israeli right wing extremists become more vocal and actively threatening to the Israeli and Palestinian establishment. With the number of illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank and especially around East Jerusalem more than doubled since the Oslo Accords of 1993.

Over recent years the Israelis have changed the “realities on the ground” on disputed land around the Old City of Jerusalem- East Jerusalem and the West Bank through social engineering. It will only be through social engineering that is more fair and balance that a long term peace solution can be obtained. A clearer vision to how peace would look like and how it is going to work must be outline for more people to understand. The rule of laws must be enforced fairly and be very similar on both sides. What should be right for one side should be right for the other side as well.

The thirty some year Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt-Jordan has always been on very thin and shaky grounds with the vast majority of the people of Egypt and Jordan. The real glue that held the leaders of Egypt and Jordan together on the Peace Treaty with Israel was the tens of billions of dollars of United States military and foreign aid. With the State of Israel getting the great majority of the United States military financial aid while making the life of the everyday Palestinian people worse than ever before. All of which is very well publicized in the Arab nations especially in Jordan where over half of the population are of displace Palestinian descendants.

With the mass media news leads in the United States greatly favoring the Israeli side and in Egypt-Jordan they greatly favoring the Palestinian side. The way the people of Israel and United States see the problems to this life long conflict greatly differers than the Arab people on the streets. This fomenting great hate and anger towards the actions and policies of the State of Israel and the United States. Where the Arab leaders could be paid off with large sums of oil or foreign aid money to overlook the Palestinian situation.

The Old City of Jerusalem being on the frontline of this life long conflict, bringing out the religiously indoctrinated extremists from all sides. There is very little difference between the Israeli Jewish religious extremists and the United States Christian religious extremists and the Arab Islamic religious extremists. They are one of the same when it comes to compromising on their religious beliefs with others often leading to conflicts. Where the political leaders could be bought and paid for to change and compromise their position. The same could not be said about the extremist religious leaders of faith. Creating a cultural divide between the political leaders of nations and the religious conservative people of faith.

Only by all sides having some empathy for the people of the other side will there be an understanding to the truth. So that a balance and fair settlement can be worked out for a peaceful coexistence among people of the different faiths. One cannot dictate their ways onto other people of different faith as we would not want that done to us. That the extremists on all sides have to be addressed and sidelined for the greater good of the whole society.

What plans and actions will bring long-term peace to the Palestinian and Israelis. Today the general world wide consensus is a two state solution with a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. But the two state solution does not address the major problem of the Old City of Jerusalem that is at the apex. Neither side will concede the Old City of Jerusalem to the other side. This is one reason many of the earlier plans to divide Palestine into a Jewish state, Palestinian state and make a zone for the International City of Jerusalem.

Given the religious significance of the region to the world’s three main religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Maybe why a one nation plan (the Holy Land nation) with three or four separate states should be considered. A peace plan like this might solve more problems than it creates. While creating a permanent governing structure for the long term for both sides to work within. Giving both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine there own autonomy within one nation. With the State of Jerusalem being a separate integrated state with its own bylaws. With the fourth possible state being Gaza.

The State of Israel will head up, in conjunction with the State of Palestine the security of the State of Jerusalem. Most of the State of Jerusalem having equal access to all. With the two possible exceptions being the Jewish Wailing Wall and the Islamic Temple Mount that will have some added restrictions. Creating a nation of states for the two people to peacefully coexist will create a tourists boom for the region. Where the people from both sides could prosper and over time build trust and understanding of one another.

Where the Palestinian-Israeli peace process should start is by reforming the Israeli social engineering laws and policies that are bad. The State of Israel being one of the newest most modern society that was created through intensive social engineering. This creating many of the problems that we see today between the Israelis and Palestinian people. Whether it is the fact that the government of the State of Israel owns and controls 93% of the land within Israel proper for Jewish use only. Or the Jewish use only roads it has created in the illegally occupied West Bank. It is the Israeli government’s social engineering policies and laws that have inflamed an already tense and volatile situation into a sixty plus years of a state of on going war.

There was or is no other way to create a new Jewish state out of a land that was the homeland of another people without social engineering. Today it is clearly understood that there is a Jewish State of Israel that possesses unofficial nuclear weapons with an official fleet of five submarines. From Jewish people without a nation to an unofficial nuclear military power in just sixty plus years. So there is no question on who has the power and control of the Palestinian and Israeli Crisis that has been created through the Jewish Israeli’s social engineering policies and actions.

The question is “For how long will the Israeli’s bad social engineering policies and laws be in place and to what degree will they go?” In a newly created America in the Declaration of Independence “Where all men are created equal” slavery was part of the accepted American system. It was not until the Civil War, almost one hundred years later was slavery was abolished. Then it took another hundred years before black and white people could use the same bathrooms and water fountains. Taking America almost two hundred years to reform-implement some of its bad social engineering policies. The time from muskets to becoming a nuclear military power that was leading the free industrial world.

The State of Israel does not have two hundred years to reform its bad social engineering laws and policies in time of atomic weapons of mass destruction and global instant mass media information. If the State of Israel started to reform some of its bad social engineering laws and policies. There would be so much international goodwill, mostly from outside the region the State of Israel would be seen in a much more acceptable light. Leading to better relations with its Arab nations of people and governments.

This is a possible synopsis of the Palestinian-Israeli Three Third Settlement Peace Plan. The following will be dealing with the disputed land that is being illegally occupied by the State of Israel. With 80% of the Jewish Israeli’s settlers on 20% of the occupied land. One third of the occupied land running adjacent to the 1967 Armistice Line will become part of the State of Israel with some conditions placed upon it. The second one third will be part of the new State of Palestine with some conditions placed on it. The last one third will be the new State of Jerusalem with many conditions placed on it.

Today the State of Israel controls 93% of the land in Israel proper. That is lease to Jewish people only through 49 and 98 year leases. The Jewish one third of land will have a different set of by-laws allowing of a more in mix population 1/3 Palestinian and 2/3 Jewish. The same will hold true on the Palestinian one third with 1/3 Jewish and 2/3 Palestinian. With the people on either side being able to apply for dual citizenship. Only by creating the conditions of a mixed of Palestinian and Jewish population along the border of the two states will the condition for a long term peace be created.

The most contentious part to both sides and the international community is the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City of Jerusalem has an international religious significance like no other city in the world where three of the world’s major religions come together. For this reason the State of Jerusalem must be created with a whole new range of by laws creating equal access and security for all. The State of Jerusalem will be run by a council 1/3 Palestinian, 1/3 Israeli and 1/3 from the international community. The Israelis will head up and run the State of Jerusalem security forces that will be made up of 1/3 Israelis, 1/3 Palestinians and 1/3 from the international community. The Jewish settlements that fall into the State of Jerusalem will again be divided 1/3 Jewish, 1/3 Palestinian and 1/3 for the international community. The international community could be people from the universities, churches, the Vatican, the United Nations, European Union, international civic organizations, Arab League, Mosques and Temples from around the world.

It will take great sacrifices by the people on both sides with a properly balance social engineering plan implemented for peace to workout. There will always be a small minority on both sides will try to derail any plans for peace because they will not be satisfied until the other side is wiped out. They must be sidelined for the greater good of the majority of people on both sides. David Global Crier

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Saturday, February 04, 2012


David Global Crier Goes on FaceBook and Newsvine

I have become an active user, for the first time last week on FaceBook and Newvine. They are both very different cyberspace platforms for communication.(social networking) in todays world of no boundaries. In my quest to get information out and feedback in, mostly concerning the Israeli/Palestinian life long crisis that has only gotten worse over the recent years. It is a learning experience in progress. I have been in and out as well as kidded out of many political forums/discussions for many years. I have watched the political and diplomatic debate on the Israeli/Palestinian crisis evolve over the years, with so much of it remaining the same cycle repeating over and over.

My FaceBook page(1) David Crier"
Here on FaceBook you can find an infinite number of cyberspace friends. FaceBook does the work for you. Then there are the different groups and causes that are out there. I am one of them who is trying to connect with people who have a similar interest in the Israeli/Palestinian Crisis. The levels, views, intentions, and degrees will very greatly in any cause based cyberspace friendship. I guess what I am trying to say is there is a lot of junk mail that has to be separated on FaceBook. We will see where the FaceBook road goes over time.
Now the second site I joined and became active is newvine a property of MSNBC. what the Global Crier post on newsvine the property of General Electric and Microsoft the mother boards. I guess the Global Crier can’t publish the story about the “Palestinian Slowocaust” I don’t want them owning that too. Still trying to learn the vines, hopefully without hanging myself. There seems to be a higher level/quality of debate, from what little I have seen on newsvine so far. When I joined newsvine I thought it was a site mostly for writers on different topics and comments. I am finding out that there are a lot of newsvine seeders and clippers on the newsvine site. That take other people’s articles and post them for you to read and make comments. They are rated by the number of votes and comments each one gets. Still trying to figure out how it all works. I have some growing suspicions that over time I hope will be proven false. Again over time we will see where the newsvine goes. David Global Crier

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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Wake Up America my first Blog post

Today I edited Wake Up America my first Blog post. I did not up-date it and was originally written sometime in 2004. Things are the same with them only getting worse.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Wake Up America

A combination of political and economic changes are needed. Starting with campaign finance reform, medical health insurance, energy, foreign and military policies, right down to what is in our national interest and security. In a quest for more power and control the United States federal government has over step it’s boundaries in the lives of American people as well as the people’s rights in other nations. The United States may win the military war while losing the diplomatic battle for peace, while isolating itself from the rest of the nations in the world.

Understanding that our energy policies are connected to our environmental, political, economical and social problems in America and the world. Realizing that there is not enough world oil for other nations in the world to consume oil as does the United States. Our abusive energy policies are straining our relationship with many other nations in the world raising the global level of tension. A balance between what is in our national interest and global interest has to be made more rational and fair.

With our dependence on other nations for our high standard of living as a society. This has been at the expense of other nations. The American people are consuming 25% of the worlds oil while making-up less than 5% of the world’s population. The amount of the world’s natural resources, that the American consumers has turned into garbage, is a crime in its own right. With the world’s population growing to new levels like never before. This is creating a major strain on the earth’s limited natural resources with fresh drinking water and oil. They are disappearing almost at the same rate from mother earth.

The oil industry being the primary leader in our energy policies. They have a disproportional amount of influence over our government’s national and foreign policies. For the United States as part of its foreign policies to have another nation’s natural resources as part of its national security is wrong. In the self serving interest of the big oil companies we have an imbalance in our energy policies that are putting us in great danger. Utilizing our military and military industrial complex to guarantee the global flow of oil is putting our national security in great jeopardy. Trading oil for weapons of death and destruction while neglecting the humanitarian needs of the people has been and is our current policies today in the Middle East. The over lapping interests of the oil and energy industry and military industrial complex has miss led the American people and government to the truths and realities of the facts.

Special interest groups invest millions of dollars into lobbing our government officials for multi-billion dollar contracts, policies and favors. This was clearly the case of the pharmaceutical drug bill that was passed in 2003. A drug bill written by the pharmaceutical and HMO lobbies, that is being paid for by the American people. With un-parallel influence the Wahington D.C. lobbies have control over our government policies in their field of self-interest. David Global/Crier

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