Monday, February 20, 2012


Reforms that are Needed for the United Nations

The role of the United Nations is so very important to the future of the global community. With problems in the United Nations and around the world becoming so much more complex. As major changes happen around the world so too they must at the United Nations. One nation or one person should not have so much power to be able to stop a resolution. The UN Security Council being the high Council of the UN with the one vote veto you have created a dictatorial bureaucracy on a global level. Giving any one of the Permanent Nations absolute power in being able to stop any resolution they desire.

The UN Security Council should change the one vote veto rule. Keeping the basic format the same with some changes such as; Increasing the number of permanent members to 11 with 2 being rotating members. One would rotate on a five-year basis. The other nine would be permanent members. With one nay vote the resolution passes. With two nay votes the resolution must be amended so there is only one nay vote or less to pass. Three nay votes and the resolution is vetoed. It is through practices and actions like these that tarnish the role of the United Nations and the United States in their leading role with the global community. One vote should not be able to stop what others see to be good for the situation in a global way. We would not tolerate this practice anywhere else, then why at the UN Security Council.

Opening the UN Security Council to the democratic ways we want nations to move towards. This council must act in a global way for what is in the best interest of the global community and not one nation. The current policy of a one vote veto in the Security Council is stifling the work of all of the other groups involved. No nation should have absolute control over the international policy of the global community. A balance of power between local, state and national is as important as the balance between national, regional and global. National re-construction should be a done on a state and national level with the regional neighbor nations and the United Nations leading the way.

Only by building a stronger international global platform of organizations will the answers to peace and security be properly addressed. For this to happen there will be many needed changes that will have to come about to make this possible. As long as the United States government is spending over forty times the annual budget on military spending than all of the United Nations Agencies put together. We will continue to have more wars and less peace in the world. With the United States spending over 420 billion dollars on military spending which is 43% of the world’s total military expenditure. And all of the budgets to the United Nations Agencies total about ten billion dollars. We will not have enough financial resources to make the needed changes to make it a better and safer world. The United States Government military fiscal policies are draining the international monetary system from the needed capital for the developing nations.

Only by creating an independent global platform financed by an International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET) will we create a stable and large enough platform to make the needed changes. For some of the nations that are global super powers this will mean relinquishing some of their international powers. For the smaller and less powerful nations this will mean they will have to contribute more to the international platform. The taxpayers of any one-nation cannot be paying for it all without creating a global supper military empire as we have today.

There should be four new United Nation City States (UNCS) created around the world, one in Europe, Africa, Asia and in South America. The proposed host countries will summit their offer to the United Nations for consideration. The three UNCS will function as part of the United Nations being the home bases for the International Peacekeeping Forces and support operations. Each UNCS will have an international airport, warehouses, and training facilities and housing for United Nations operations. The approximate area of each of the UNCS will be 25 square miles. With the following factors in consideration, the proximity to other nations and international waterways, and the hostess nation support in the future operations. The creation of the UNCS will be a trophy for the hosting nations.

The main purpose of the three UNCS will be to support the international work of the United Nations. UNCS will be the home base for the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces as well as the training centers for United Nations operations. Governments from around the world could send their police and military personnel for United Nations Certification as Reserved International Peacekeeping Personnel. All of the UNCS would have training programs in freshwater and sewer management, medical, policing, farming practices and government operation training programs with support training and operations being offered by non-profit NGO’s. The UNCS could be the international home bases for some of the international non-profit NGO’s. The three UNCS would be run and operated under the United Nations Headquarters. All land in the UNCS will remain under the ownership and control of the United Nations with lease deals to operations and entities that are working in partnership or support in United Nations operations.

The United States Peace Core should be the model for the International Peace Core. It could be based in the United Nations City Nations as a separate institution from the United Nations. It could work hand in hand with the United Nations International Peacekeeping Forces on missions around the world. Only by directing more international resources to mission of peace rather than war will we have a different out come to the problems we face as people of the world. The United Nations annual budget is less than most states or nations it is more comparable to a large University or corporation.

Given the magnitude of responsibilities the United Nations has in the world. The United Nations does not have the resources or power to fulfill its mission and goals. By expanding the United Nations role in international hot spots the United States can down size its international military presents. With the United Nations tooled up for preventative actions then maybe fewer global hot spots will break into full-scale war. With the United Nations stronger in international global affairs it will help make the world a safer and better place for everyone to live.

The United Nations will not intervene in any nations internal affairs unless it is called on to do so by that nation or a mandate by a United Nations Security Council. There is no question that there are a number of super power nations in the world that can win a military war with any number of smaller nations. There is the question if they can win the peace. It is much more economical, practical and socially responsible to rebuild a nation before it is destroyed by war and chaos. The International Peace Core will take on more humanitarian projects as a preventative measure cutting down on the numbers of global military conflicts. By working together with other nations our differences will become less as global living conditions improve for more people around the world. Then and only then we will have a safer and more secure world. David Global Crier

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