Saturday, November 19, 2011


Reform Israeli Social Engineering Laws and Policies

Where the Palestinian-Israeli peace process should start is by reforming the Israeli social engineering laws and policies that are bad. The State of Israel being one of the newest most modern society that was created through intensive social engineering. This creating many of the problems that we see today between the Israelis and Palestinian people. Whether it is the fact that the government of the State of Israel owns and controls 93% of the land within Israel proper for Jewish use only. Or the Jewish use only roads it has created in the illegally occupied West Bank. It is the Israeli government’s social engineering policies and laws that have inflamed an already tense and volatile situation into a sixty plus years of a state of on going war.

There was or is no other way to create a new Jewish state out of a land that was the homeland of another people without social engineering. Today it is clearly understood that there is a Jewish State of Israel that possesses unofficial nuclear weapons with an official fleet of five submarines. From Jewish people without a nation to an unofficial nuclear military power in just sixty plus years. So there is no question on who has the power and control of the Palestinian and Israeli Crisis that has been created through the Jewish Israeli’s social engineering policies and actions.

The question is “For how long will the Israeli’s bad social engineering policies and laws be in place and to what degree will they go?” In a newly created America in the Declaration of Independence “Where all men are created equal” slavery was part of the accepted American system. It was not until the Civil War, almost one hundred later was slavery was abolished. Then it took another hundred years before black and white could use the same bathrooms and water fountains. Taking America almost two hundred years to reform-implement some of its bad social engineering policies. The time from muskets to becoming a nuclear military power that was leading the free industrial world. The State of Israel does not have two hundred years to reform its bad social engineering laws and policies in time of atomic weapons of mass destruction and global instant mass media information.

If the State of Israel started to reform some of its bad social engineering laws and policies. There would be so much international goodwill, mostly from outside the region the State of Israel would be seen in a much more acceptable light. Leading to better relations with its Arab nations of people and governments. Who themselves are going through there own revolutionarily times of the Arab Spring.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Holy Land Nation

What plans and actions will bring long-term peace to the Palestinian and Israelis. Today the general world wide consensus is a two state solution with a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. But the two state solution does not address the major problem of the Old City of Jerusalem that is at the apex. Neither side will concede the Old City of Jerusalem to the other side. This is one reason many of the earlier plans to divide Palestine into a Jewish state, Palestinian state and made a zone for the International City of Jerusalem.

Given the religious significance of the region to the world’s three main religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Maybe why a one nation plan (the Holy Land nation) with three or four separate states should be considered. A peace plan like this might solve more problems than it creates. While creating a permanent governing structure for the long term for both sides to work within. Giving both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine there own autonomy within one nation. With the State of Jerusalem being a separate integrated state with its own bylaws. With the four possible state being Gaza.

The State of Israel will head up, in conjunction with the State of Palestine the security of the State of Jerusalem. Most of the State of Jerusalem having equal access to all. With the two possible exceptions being the Jewish Wailing Wall and the Islamic Temple Mount that will have some added restrictions. Creating a nation of states for the two people to peacefully coexist will create a tourists boom for the region. Where the people from both sides could prosper and over time build trust and understanding of one another.

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