Wednesday, November 20, 2013


How have the Jewish people so few in numbers become so well accomplish?

I have asked this question; “How have the Jewish people so few in numbers become so well accomplish?”  Here are some of the responses I got.  Because Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions.  Because you have be able to read and write to become Jewish.  Because the Jewish people wanted to be accepted and respected. Because of the Jewish people’s blood line. Because the Jewish people were God’s chosen people. Because of the centuries of persecution the Jewish community remand  very tight and interdependent on one and another. Because the Jewish people were the tax collectors for some of the European’s royal families.   As I thought about it more and more. I decided it was a question  that was worthy of more study. The first question. ‘How have the Jewish people so few in numbers become so well accomplish?” That there was a second question that should be answered. How did so few people in numbers become hated by so many people around the world, for so long? Some of the answers to the first question will over lap to the second question. Such as the Jewish people being the tax collectors for some of early European Royal families. What makes Judaism different from Islam and Christianity not getting into religious beliefs. For one Judaism  is a blood line that can be traced and tracked. So there is no missionaries out recruiting more new members to expand the flock like there are in Christianity and Islam. Because blood is thicker than water. The Jewish people being so few in numbers, that are scattered all around the world. Working with one and another as family.  Creating one of the first world wide web of commerce and communication.  The two main bases for the Jewish people today are Israel proper and New York City and it’s superb. With the State of Israel and the United States having about the same numbers in Jewish population. Making it political awkward for the United State government to be balance fair in the Israeli / Palestinian crisis. There is no other small group of people that have been persecuted and tormented for so long throughout history as the Jewish people. Yet today the government of the State of Israel is carry out some of the worst humanitarian abuses against the Palestinian people all in the name of Israel’s national security.   You would think that a small group of people that have the tormented and  persecution throughout history like the Jewish people. That they would be more sensitive to humanitarian abusive once they have there own county. Instead of becoming a country that master false propaganda while they carry on a campaign of humanitarian abuses against the Palestinian people to gain  control of more land. On the international stage the question too what is really going on in the Holy Land today. Has not made any friends for  the State of Israel,  Jewish people and the United States and it’s people. With approximately 90% of the world’s Jewish population living in Israel proper or the United States with both nation having about the same number of Jewish people.   Global Crier 

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