Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Letter to President Obama

I voted for President Barack Obama who ran as the peace President. If I wanted a War President I would have voted for John McCain. I voted for a change from our ways of the past where we do not fight our way to peace. President Obama brought so much new international good will to the White House that is being squandered. It is the system that needs reform before our leaders will be able to lead us correctly. Today the life long high-level government bureaucrats have far too much influence over our elected officials including the President of the United States. Especially the people in high-level Federal government and military intelligence have a disproportional of influence over our policies and military actions.

Sending thirty thousand more American troops into Afghanistan seven years after the initial invasion-occupation is a recipe for disaster. After spending over a trillion dollars on two wars of choice (Afghanistan-Iraq) over the last seven years. President Obama ups the stakes in Afghanistan taking our nation the wrong way. There is no way for foreign conventional military forces to fight a war of ideology in another people’s land and win without wiping out the population. I was hoping that President Obama being the man he is, was going to stand up to the military industrial complex and take us away from the cycle of perpetual war. Bringing a better balance to the way Washington reactions to problems, conflicts and disagreements between nations. Our adversaries do not have to become our enemies of war if we use more diplomacy and carrots and less of the military big sticks.

Today we have grave concern at home in our nation that need to be addressed and corrected before we will be in the position to help anyone else. The lack of balance in our nations spending, trade and borrowing has weaken our national security and has put us at odds with the rest of the world. President Obama please stand-up against those conservatives that vote yea on war without raising any concern about cost and are the first to vote nay on any healthcare reform because we can’t afford it. Do not compromise your principles and values with the same leaders who have been taking our nation down the wrong road for so many years. There is no way to peace. Peace is the way. Health care should be a human right and to own a gun should be a privilege that is regulated.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Palestine-Israel Crisis of the Century

For the first and only time in history an international body (United Nations) passed UN Resolution 181 A/RES/181(II) of 29 November 1947 . Taking the land of one nation of people and dividing it into two. This part has been done a number of times. But what has never been done is dividing a nation into two creating a new nation for people from all over the world of one religion to come too. Two years before UN Resolution 181 was enacted and the Jewish State of Israel was created. There was the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry and Arab Office Report to the Anglo-American Commission, 1946. The Woodhead Commission 1938 and the Peel Commission 1936-1937 they all raised the issues of concerns about the problems we face today in the Palestine-Israel Crisis of the Century.

Here is a map of UN Resolution 181 unscop-maj-prop-1947.gif 612×792 pixels. Less than two year after the founding of the Jewish State of Israel they were occupying Palestinian land; Map of 179 Armistice occupied-1949-armistic.gif 612×792 pixels . In the next twenty year the Jewish State of took more land while claiming to be the victim, Landownership in Palestine . The 1967 Six Day War that Israel started in the quest for total control of more land.6daywar-jord-front.gif 612×792 pixels6daywar-egypt-front.gif 612×792 pixels6daywar-bat-jerusalem.gif 612×792 pixels All along the Israelis were claiming to be the victims while they were they were the aggressors the majority of the conflicts. Israel was the first Middle East nation to develop a modern military industrial complex. In 1933 Taas was unofficial started IMI - Israel Military Industries Ltd and today the Israeli government owns the corporation.

The Jewish National Fund was founded in 1901 to acquire and develop land for the use of Jewish people only. There policy then as well as today was not to sell the land but lease it for 49 or 99 years. Today the State of Israel owns and controls 93% of the land in Israel proper with most of it for Jewish use only. http://www.mmi.gov.il/envelope/index...f_general.html The Jewish people of the Holy Land in 1909 formed Hashomer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for the security of their settlements until 1948 when the IDF was founded. The formation of the Jewish State was well under way before 1948. All of the committees-commissions proposed maps were to the divide the Holy Land into two nations leaving Jerusalem as a separate entity. Middle East Maps Many of the early committee reports projected how the two state solution would turn out like it is today.

There was great concern by the international community that the Old City of Jerusalem was not to fall into the total control of either of the two newly created nations. One year after the official founding of the State of Israel (1948) they basically had total control of Jerusalem and control of approximately 25% more of the land. The European-Soviet Union Jewish people went from one kibbutz into the controlling a whole nation on false on grounds and pretense in fifty years. Prime Minister Rabin was Israel’s first elected Prime Minister of Israel born in the Holy Land even though his parents migrated from the Ukraine. Before Prime Minister Rabin there was one in-term Prime Minister Allon for less than one month, who was born in the Holy Land. With the great majority of Israel’s leaders either born in the former Soviet Union, Ukraine or their parent migrated from there.Prime Minister of Israel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They have had the power and control in making the Jewish State of Israel the country it is today.

The Jewish-Christian people of Palestine who’s direct ancestral root are connected to the Holy Land were almost treated as bad as the Muslims of Palestine in the formation of the modern State of Israel. Many of the new Jewish immigrants of Israel came from condition in European-former Soviet Union that were not much better than what the Palestinian people faced. They took the negative parts of their past lives and threw it into the lives of the Palestinian people creating the Slowocaust.1 destruction or slaughter on a mass scale over the course of a long period of time: to imprison, collective punish and the rape the indigenous people of their land and dignity.

At no time in the history during the creation of the State of Israel did the Jewish leaders of Israel live up to or within any of the international Treaties, Agreement, or Resolutions in good faith. The pretense of their actions and what they say is a coverup for their true intent. There is a wide range of what the Jewish people of Israel and Zionists want for their Jewish homeland. One of the main problems is the amount of power the far right Jewish extremists have in the Israeli government from the founding to the present. For too many years the Israeli have gotten away with acts of aggression against the people of Palestine while claim to be the victim.

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