Friday, June 30, 2006


Semitic Jewish people and Semitic Muslims

On the Jewish side there are extremist Zionists who wanted it all to be a pure Jewish state. In 1947 most Arabs and Palestinian people did not accept a Jewish state being imposed onto them by foreigners from western nations. Up until this time the Semitic Jewish people and Semitic Muslims lived together as neighbors often united in fighting the foreign occupying forces of their region.

The bloody fighting we see today between the Jewish people and the Semitic Muslims in the Holy Land did not develop until the foreign non-Semitic Jewish people started to migrate to the State of Israel in large numbers. It is the inhumane treatment of the indigenous Semitic Jewish and Muslims people by the foreigner Jewish people mostly from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They took over the control of the Jewish State of Israel raising billions of dollars from the Jewish people and temples around the world.

Many of the Jewish Israeli immigrants were Holocaust survivors who lost many members of their family. Prime Minister Sharon parents were Russian immigrants. Israel has never had Prime Ministers who the family lineages comes from the region only making them a truly Semitic Jewish person. The Semitic Jewish people within Israel are treated as second-class citizens while the Muslim Israelis are treat like fourth-class citizens.

Today we are confronted with the broken promises, treaties, and plans of non-agreements from the past. In a world with more dangerous military weapons and armies that can destroy the world many time over. The Israelis are building a dividing Wall and nuclear weapons while receiving a least 3 billion dollars annual in military aid from the American taxpayers. The United States government making it clear any nation or people who help the Palestinian defend themselves against the Israeli military aggression is supporting terrorisms. The Israelis have taken advantage of their position putting all of us in more danger in very dangerous times.

Without recognizing and dealing with the extremist on all sides that are controlling the conditions on the ground there will be no progress to any real peace in the region. There are two main parts to the big problems in the Middle East. The Israel and the Palestinian Crisis as well as the1938 Middle East oil deals with the industrial nations are at the root to many of the problems in this region. Outside forces with self-serving interest have only compounded the problems in the region with a lack of balance in their actions and policies.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Founding Fathers of Israel were Terrorists

If the United States held the Israeli government to the same level of responsibility for their actions and policies as the Palestinians the United States would be closer to the position of the global community of nations. To categorize Hamas as a terrorist group you would have to categorize the Likud party and the founding fathers of Israel as terrorists. The United States government policies clearly favor the Israelis giving them a free hand to do what they want to do in the conflict. The Israelis have made more enemies than friend with their military and diplomatic government policies and actions.

For the Israelis to kidnap dozens of the elected Hamas leaders of the Palestinian government is the epitome of democratic hypocrisy. The United States is Israel only supporter and friend of their current policies. Most nations of people in the free world see Israel as a terrorist’s nation that receives billions of American dollars annually. Once the United States government starts treating the Israelis for who they really are there will be global unity for the State of Israel to reform her ways. The right wing Israelis have been and are the perpetrators and the aggressors in the violence in this conflict. The Palestinian people are the victims of the right wing Israelis who are fighting for the Greater State of Israel.

The Israelis have had sixty years to create a Jewish State of Israel living in peace. They have failed greatly creating more wars and hatred for the Jewish people of Israel in modern times. Once the United States stands-up to the illegal actions of the Israelis, the United States will rejoin the international community once again. This would make the United States and the people of the world a whole lot safer with the exception of the Israeli hard-liners.

The United States should cut all military and economic aid to Israel. The financial support of Israel from the American Jewish temple and people such as Jack Abramoff should be shut down. Only by recognizing what the Israeli right-wing government is doing, will we solve the problem in this life-long conflict. The Israeli right-wingers have undermined peace and security in the Holy Land for way too long. They have only been able to do this with the United States military and financial support.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Palestinians Defend and the Israelis Attack

Let’s understand the reality on the ground for the Palestinian people. Last year the Israeli Offensive Forces left the internal part of the Gaza while maintaining a barricade imprisoning the Palestinian people in Gaza. No food, travel or commerce can go in or out of Gaza without going through an Israeli boarder check point. The two Israeli soldiers that were killed and the one that was captured by a Palestinian militia were at one of these Israeli boarder check post.

There are hundreds of Israeli check points throughout the West Bank making day to day travel for the Palestinian people difficult to impossible. The Palestinian people are being kept as prisoners within their neighborhoods and villages in the West Bank. This has been day-to-day life for the Palestinian people during the good times. Now that the Palestinian militias are holding an Israel soldier hostage the Israelis will make life worst for all of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis upping their bombing campaign knocking out 2 bridges and Gaza only power plant. Most of the people in Gaza have no electricity. This is called collective punishment by the occupiers which is totally illegal by international laws.

The Israelis will define these military operations as defensive and retaliation. When a Palestinian group takes any action against Israel Offences Forces it is called an attack. When the Israeli Offensive Forces bomb from the sky killing an innocent Palestinian pregnant mother and her child at home, it is reported as an accident. The one sidedness mass media reporting to the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis is only in the United States. This is why so many of the United Nations General Assembly votes are almost always unanimously against Israeli with the exception of the United States and Israel.

Most of the free nations of people see Israel as a terrorist state for the very reason of the Israeli actions of today and yesterday. Only the United State’s government supports Israeli’s current policies and actions against the Palestinian people. This is largely due to a strong right wing Israeli lobbing of the United States government and people. The right wing Israeli lobbies have corrupted the truth in promoting their half-truths concerning the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. Many so called “Lefty Jewish people” that are in support of the Palestinian cause are equally blocked from telling their side of the story in the mass media more so in the United State than in Israel.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Who’s the Terrorists

With the free flow of information and knowledge brings changes over time. Some of these changes will be good and some will be bad depending upon your perspective. For the most part the history we teach our children has been sanitized and romanticized telling our side of the story. Too often the truth is never told. A good example of this would be by well meaning people such as Secretary of State Rice and Middle East expert Dennis Ross statements on Brett Hume special show, “Bringing Democracy to the Middle East”. The “bar” to the terms and conditions we set for others should be standards we as a nation live up too.

Mr. Ross said one of his conditions for running for democratic leadership is not being part of any militia. This statement was made referring to the recent Hamas victory in Palestine. The problem to Mr. Ross’s statement is in his standard of no militia member running for political office there would be no President George Washington or the majority of Israeli leaders would have been prevented from taking office. History shows in many cases militia’s leaders are the catalyst to change.

If only the United States could live up to the terms and conditions that Ms. Rice set for others the world would be a lot better off. Too often it is the double standard in the United States policies and actions with others that makes the United States look like a hypocrite. Whether it is the United States-Canadian relations verses United States-Mexico or the United States-Israeli verses United States-Arabs there are many double standards in the United States policies.

The United States government says they are fighting a “War on Terrorism” for “Freedom and Democracy”. Secretary Rumsfeld says that most of the world sees Iran as a nation that supports global terrorism. When in global reality many more nations of people see the United States foreign policies that terrorize the people of the world in many cases.

Monday, June 26, 2006


War on Terror

There is no one page simple answers to the problems we face as a nation in our War on Terror. As are the problems so too are the answers inter-connected. First we need a major campaign and election reform to get new political leaders in America. Then we need to reform many of our domestic and foreign policies in America at the same time. With new leadership in American we must redefine our priorities and mission to represent what is in the best interest of the American people and our allies. For this on the international level we must become a team player with the international community of nations.

Understanding that the world is so diverse and complex for any one nation to dictate and rule unilaterally. We must work on a universal platform with other nations and be willing to compromise our position for what is in the best interest of the international community of nations at large. No one nation can take military actions against another nation unless attacked by that nation without the support of the international community of nations. The United States must strengthen its diplomacy role with other nations while decreasing its military hardware sales to other nations. A stronger role in settling difference between nations must taken by multilateral organizations such as the United Nations, European Union, Organization of American States, League of Arab Nations.

Only by the United States becoming a stronger team player with other nations in the world will we have peace and security here in America and in the world. The multilateral organizations will become stronger with the unconditional support of the United States making the world a safer place for everyone everywhere. Only by the United States addressing its problem at home can we help those nations abroad. What is fair and acceptable for one side should be for the other side as well.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Oil, Israel and Military

The three primary problematic parts of the United States Foreign Policies in the Middle East are oil, Israel and military. The bad oil deals between the Middle East Kingdoms and the western industrialized oil consuming nation and the creation of the Jewish State of Israel happen first. Then came the huge western military contracts and deals with the State of Israel and the Arab nations, with each side competing for more than the other.

It is the combined lobbying forces of the oil industry, pro-Israel and the military industrial complex that are at the root to many of the problems we face in the Middle East today. The sooner the American people and system wake-up to this fact, the sooner we will be able to come up with working answers to many of the problems. All three parts of the problems have to be addressed to solve any one of them. There is not a one part solution.

The answers will be found by bringing a better balance into the equation. Whether it is the use of financial resources between the oil rich Arab nations and the poorer Arab nations or the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis a better balance has to be reached. Less money spent of military programs and more money allocated for improving the lives of the average Arab person on the streets. The Arab people of Palestine live in some of the worst conditions on earth.

Once things are brought better into balance in the Middle East the living conditions of many of the Arab people will improve. This is the first step to long term peace and security for the people of the region and world. By bringing a better balance to the region you will disenfranchise the extremists. Unlike today where we are only feeding the fire making a bad situation worst.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Warmongers Verses the Chicken Hawks

Yes, the warmongers would rather be called hawks and the chicken hawks would rather be called doves. The real questions that have to be answered are the following. Why the warmongers are considered to be patriots and the chicken hawks are consider traitors in Israel and the United States? Why when the Israelis bomb a house killing a pregnant Palestinian mother and her child it is an accident and when the Palestinians kill an Israeli it is an act of terrorism? To hear the Israeli government official place the blame on the Palestinians who are fighting 39 years of Israeli occupation of their homeland is foolishness.

Over the last five years the Israeli have been killing 5 times as many of the Palestinian children. Almost all the time an Israeli civilian is killed by a Palestinian the Israeli retaliate and it is headline news in the American mass media. Rarely to almost never is it covered by the American mainstream mass media when the Israelis kill a Palestinian civilian. The Israelis have stolen the Palestinian people dignity, land, water and freedom while claiming to be the victims in this life long conflict.

When the American people understand the truth to the Palestinian-Israel conflict they will withdraw their financial military support to the State of Israel. It is very clear that the major of the free world see the State of Israel as a terrorist nation and the United States foreign policies as the biggest threat to world peace and security. The United States and the State of Israel stand alone in their fight against terrorism. The military policies and actions of both nations are creating more terrorists and unrest around the world.

Israel a welfare state is receiving one-third of all of the United States annual foreign aid. Much of it is military related giving the Israelis the upper hand in their fight with the Palestinian society. Why would the Israeli want to see an end to a conflict that they receive billions of dollars for annual? Why would the military industrial complex want peace? It would kill their bottom line. These are some of the questions that need to be answered before there will ever be peace in the world.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Religion Politics and Money

Religion Politics and Money are the three subjects of taboo that you are taught not to talk about socially. Yet the world is built on and revolves around these three topics. They are at the heart of most of the conflicts around the world with million of people being killed over them. So much of the wicked and evil committed by nations of people onto other people is done in the name of God. The nations and people with the most wealth hold and carry more responsibility for the conditions in the world around them.

In the light a person or nation of wealth usually does not look so good in the eyes of God. The Creator of Life cannot see the intolerance of other people with different ways by the religious self-righteous leaders in the world as good. Many of the people who use the name of God as their reference to support their statement or platform are doing the work of the devil. Using ones armies to fight in the name of God is as old as recorded time. More and bigger weapons have made us no more safe from our enemies over the course of time. Anything can be used as a tool or a weapon depending upon the user.

As long as people and nations of wealth spend too much money on military programs they will not have the financial resources needed for the humanitarian projects that would make the world a safer place. Only by bringing into balance socially responsible humanitarian projects and military spending can the needed changes be made. Too often the religious and political leaders of the world are self-consumed in self-preservation leading the people the wrong way.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Until Both Sides Understand the Grievances of the Other Side

If one were to quote President G. W. Bush one might think he is a threat to world peace. To paraphrase the President ‘Bring them on” “You are either on our side or on the side of the terrorists” “The Evil doers” “War on terrorists” and so on? Our President set a new precedent with a preemptive military take over of sovereign nation on bad intelligence information. There was no question whether Saddam should be removed from power by the international community, the question is how was best way to remove him. Many people from many nations believed there were many other options to be considered before we resort to a military invasion and take over. Many of these same people say if the United States 5% of the world’s population did not consume 25% of the world’s natural resources such as crude oil there would be less pressure on the Middle East oil producing nations with more crude oil for other people in nations of need. Between Prime Sharon and President Bush’s they’re policies and actions have united with anger the Arab world and the Islamic people like never before in modern history.

With many of the people in the world are polarized and divided on these Middle East issues with the United State’s policies on the wrong side going the wrong way. Most people in the world realize that the United States Government had a great deal to do with the creation of Saddam, Bin Laden, The Shaw of Iran, and the current state of Israel today. With Iran being perceived as a bigger threat the United States backed Saddam’s Iraq and the former Soviet Union being perceived as a bigger threat we backed Bin Laden and the Taliban. When our guns and arms stopped going their way, they pointed them towards us.

Common sense is missing from our government’s foreign policy and domestic policies creating and raising the level of tension around the world. Our military has taken on a war of terror with a people of no one nation but an ideology. For every “terrorists” we kill or capture we create four more. Look at the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis this has happen on both sides over the last fifty-five years. The occupation of any nation by foreigners over time is a no win situation. What nation of people would allow the outside international community to mandate land of your nation to another people from other nations without a major fight? Yes it is true the Arab people never accepted the way the State of Israel was imposed upon them. But then the Israeli Zionists never gave them a reason to do so. For Israel or the United States to have security within their own borders, they must have policy that can be defended in a court of humanity before the people of the world.

The “Geneva Accords” as a supplement to the “Road Map” that was written by the Quartet and adopted by the United Nations Security Council. The Geneva Accords outline some of the actions that must be taken to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, for it is one of the major roots to the tension in this region.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Nation of Palestinian

The Zionists in there claim for their Greater State of Israel will say there never was a country named Palestine. Up until recent times, the Israeli government’s officials denied that there were ever any Palestinian people instead calling them Arabs. For the most part it is only been Jewish revisionist’s history that the American people have been exposed too, concerning the Middle East. This combined with the western oil deals and the military contracts is the root of the tensions between the Middle East and the Western world.

The western industrial nations take a land that was named Palestine and divide it, 55% Jewish and 45% Palestinian with the Jewish people taking over all of Palestine. The Arabs and Palestinians people and nations protest this land deal. As it is today their side of the story and conflict was never heard by the majority of the American people. Instead the Jewish revisionist’s history is taught in the American school and churches as gospel. Anyone who questions the Jewish revisionist’s history is labeled anti-Semitic. Again this is more of Jewish revisionist’s history with the word “Semites”. Because the true definition of Semitics is people who come from a region within the Middle East. They are Muslims, Christians, and Jewish people.

It is much more expensive to defend un-just and inhumane terms and conditions onto another people. Than it is to defend policies that are fair and just for all. Setting the “bar” at one level for one side and another level for the other side is not fair. For the United States to send tens of billions of dollars in military aid and hardware while denying humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people is wrong. For the wealthy oil kingdoms to invest more of their money in the western oil consuming nations than in the poorer Middle Eastern countries is wrong.

Yes, there are many changes that haven to come about on both side to correct the many wrongs that we face today. No one side can impose justices onto the other side and have it be fair. Only the wealthy and strong nations of people have the control of power to make the needed changes that have to come about to it a better world. It is for this reason the United States, Great Britain, Israel and the wealthy Arab nations have a higher level of accountability for the problems we face in the Middle East today.

Monday, June 19, 2006


No End Game In Iraq

There will be no end game in Iraq and the War on Terrorist until the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is resolved. Most of the people in the world are happy Saddam is out of power and is capture. Most people in the world want to see Saddam on trial for crimes against humanity. The people in the world are not divided until you start getting into the some of the details such as who’s court of law will Saddam be tried under. The United States will say under their court of law because they conquered and captured Saddam or under an Iraqi kangaroo court that will put him to a swift death. Many other people will say that many of the same people in the United States government today are connected to Saddam crimes against humanity during the 80’s and 90’s. With the main point of disagreement being how can justice be enforced and prosecuted on one side only.

The United States government is going to want a trial similar to the one Manuel Noriega had only with a death sentence. They will not want to relinquish control of Saddam unless he is going to be put to death. He has too much dirt on too many people in power. While Saddam was committing acts against humanity on the Iraqi people, the State of Israel and Sharon personally were committing their own acts against the Palestinian people. If one were to look at Saddam’s evil doings and the State of Israel’s evil doings one might find a connection to the United States Foreign Policy. The truth is there for anyone to see who looks at both sides of these conflicts. A photograph in 1983 of Donald Rumsfeld handing Saddam gold horse stirrups from President Reagan during the Iraq-Iran War. Tooling up the Arab nations and the State of Israel with weapons of death and destruction to only be used regionally.

A non-bias trial by an international court must be given to Saddam to have any creditability among the global community. With many people believing the United States is cohort of Saddam and the State of Israel this is seen as nothing more than a game of charades with the United States protecting its vital interests. Until a reasonable settlement is reach in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict there will be no peace or security in Iraq, Israel or Palestine. Faster than we squash the elements of terror new ones are born fighting for what they believe to be right. Many people perceive the United States as the self-righteous military empire that is fighting to defend bad policies of other governments such as Saddam’s early Iraq or the Zionist extremist in the State of Israel today to name a few.

Reparation was made to the Jewish people after World War II with the creation of a Jewish State of Israel. It is time the Palestinian people get some reparation for the hardships and atrocities committed onto their people. If the leaders of Israel were held to the same level of accountability as Saddam in the violation of crimes against humanity there would be a much different perception among the people in the world. Without enforcing the rule of law on both sides of the boarders, the people’s perception of justice will not prevail around the world.

The war on terrorism has widened losing focus on its goal, ridding the world of terrorist of no one nation but an ideology that is throughout the world. One side’s accusations are very often the other side’s fact. Realizing that bits and pieces of the truth can be found on both sides of any conflict. Until both sides understand the grievances of the other side there will be no peace and security for either side.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Truth to Palestine and Israel

The proverbial story of the three blind people describing an elephant holds a lot of truth in Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The first blind person is feeling the tusk of the elephant describing it as hard, pointed, and smooth. The second blind person is feeling the trunk of the elephant describing it as long, thin, and muscular. The third blind person is sitting on top of the elephant saying it is big, fatty, with rough skin. All three descriptions are true, yet they are incomplete missing the big picture.

Many of the great accomplishments the Jewish people made in Israel have been at the expense of the Palestinian people. Whether it is in agricultural using a disproportional amount of the local water or the beautiful parks and open spaces they have around the Jewish settlements. One must deal with the reality on the ground to how Israel became the nation it is today. It is a fact that there are no people in the world that would be willing to turn over 55% of their nation to another nation of people. Then lose another 20% a year later in a war fighting for their land. The State of Israel was imposed onto the Palestinian people by the western nations. The plight of the Palestinian and Jewish people is well known by many people around the world.

What is not known by very many people are the answers to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? There are many questions without simple answers that have to be resolved. Such as who is going to control the Old City of Jerusalem and the religious Holy sites? The Right of Return of Palestinians as well as the Right of Return of the Jewish people to Israel must be addressed. Clearly any fair and legitimate proposal will not be what either side would want for an ideal settlement. If one approaches the problems as what is fair for one side should also be fair for the other side as well. There are differences on both sides that have to be dealt with in a manner so that both sides agree. The State of Israel possessing nuclear weapons is a problem that must be addressed because of the larger picture. Even children have a good since to what is fair among their peers. The same is holds true with nations of people.

Many people believe the answers to the problems will be found from within the Palestinian-Israeli community. This is true to a large degree except for the fact that it was the outside world that created many of the problems from the beginning. The international Jewish community is so few in numbers yet internationally they have so much affluence that they have poured into the State of Israel. Bringing balance into the Palestinian-Israel Crisis will solve problems that armies cannot. Most of all the people agree to the two state solution as the way. Now is the time to implement such a plan where both sides can prosper as nations together. Palestine should become the shining pearl of the Middle East that other nations in the region can gravitate towards as a goal. We can win the hearts and minds of the people of the world with tools not weapons.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


The Big Lie Hiding the Truth

They hate us because of our freedom. The American people understand the Muslim culture less than they than understand us and that is a fact. We are an open and transparent society for the world to see. It is our foreign policies that many people loathe and the greed of our international corporations. It is saying one thing and doing another that we say is in the name of our national security while it is at their expense. An example of this would be our government support of Saddam Hussan during 1988 while he was killing thousands Kurds, some of his own country’s people. We suppressed the global community of nation condemnation of Saddam because he was fighting the Iranians who we perceived to be a bigger threat to our national security. Then in 1989 we supported a United Nations Conference on Human Rights to be held in Baghdad.

Another example would be our government’s support of the Israeli government persecution of the Palestinian people. The worst the Israelis treat the Palestinian people the more money we give to the Israeli government. The historical record is clear for the world to see while our mass media hides the truth from the American people. Yet we toot our own horn while suppressing the truth that the whole world sees. It is our double standard of one set of rules for our allies and another set for our foes that the rest of the world hates.

Wouldn’t the State of Israel be a safer place if Israel’s economy were based around tourism instead of the export and sales of military weapons? As long as the Palestinian people have nothing to lose besides their dignity and lives the people of Israeli and rest of the world will live under the threat of global terror. While the State of Israel is conditioned to live this way much of the world is not. If we follow the State of Israel trying to solve our differences by military means we will not have the resources for the humanitarian needs that are at the root of many of these conflicts. By destroying the infrastructure of our opponents we are making the divide worst creating more people that will want to retaliate later.

The right-wingers in Israel and the United States have polarized the global community of nations and people separating us from them because of our military policies. By starting off on the wrong foot the further we go the deeper the divide between our foreign policies and the rest of the global community of nations. Unless the United States and Israel make major changes in the direction they are going we are heading for World War III.

If we had peace and security through out the world then who is going to buy our weapons of protection and destruction from our military industrial complex one of our most profitable industrial export. Often what is a weapon of protection to one nation is a threat to another. We claim we want to stop nuclear weapons proliferation around the world yet the State of Israel possesses these very same weapons. It is acceptable to us for our allies to possess nuclear weapons while threatening a region of our foes. This is another one of the double standards that is threatening global peace.

It is part of the United States foreign policy to separate leaders of other nations from their own people so they have to rely on us for their personal security. While we use tyrants and dictators to threaten people of other nations then we go to war against them when they are no longer useful to our policies and goals. These are some of the main double standards that are the biggest threat to global peace that brought 9-11 onto us. -David

Friday, June 16, 2006


Israel Wartime Economy is Failing

Israel wartime economy is failing and so is the military aggression against the Palestinian people. With the Palestinian people in the position of having very little to nothing to lose and the Israelis have everything to lose but peace and security. It is time for a major change in the direction in the way things are going. The State of Israel must lead in these changes for they are the people with the power and control of the situation. The transformation from a wartime region to a peacetime region will be a process that will have to evolve over time.

By the State of Israel willing to accept International Peace Keeper leading the way for international humanitarian relief workers to help the Palestinian people. This will change the climate of the region making it more conducive for negotiating a final agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis. The peacekeepers will only operate in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Palestinians cities and villages while the Israel Defense Forces remain in the State of Israel Proper and Jewish settlements in the West Bank until the settlement issues have resolved.

If the Palestinian society could see some changes for better on the their streets with some help from the State of Israel. This would create a great deal of goodwill toward the State of Israel from the international community of nations. Then Israel could normalize diplomatic relations with the international community of nations. By decreasing the level of tension between the Palestinians and Israelis will help stabilize the region. Then and only then the tourism industry can flourish creating many new opportunities for the people on both sides.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Two for one Sale

Not too many years ago the American government and people were the envy of many people in the world. From all over the world people wanted to come to America. They were proud for what America stood for in sprit and opportunity for all. People from all over the world came to America to discover new ways and products that the people of the world wanted and making great fortunes from nothing. America was a major exporter of produces and ideas bringing us into the modern world, as we know it today.

Days and weeks after 9-11 most people and nations sympathy and sorrow poured out for the people of the United States. The whole world was behind us with a very few exception. Even going into Afghanistan most for the people in the world were behind us with many people having some reservations. Going after Bin Laden who was at the root of 9-11 people understood. Then like a "Two for one sale” we start to go after Saddam's deck of cards in Iraq after we have been bombing Iraq on a regular basis since the 1991 war. Economic trade sanctions that only harmed and effected the every day people of Iraq while Saddam and his deck of cards lived like Kings with bombs and missiles dropping out of the sky.

No one of sound mind questioned whether the American military forces could win the military war against Saddam. The question that many people had was how was America going to bring peace into Iraq after winning the military war. The civilian leaders of the United States government were telling the American people and the people of the world. That we were going to be perceived a hero by the Iraqi people with the people cheering and throwing flowers. That the Iraqi oil was going to pay for the war costing the American taxpayer every little. Today over 2,300 Americans solders killed with over 10,000 injured and maimed for life. So many false statements and lies told to the American people and the people of the world about peace and Iraq. Today by many high-level American government officials and mass media talking heads speak as if it is a coin of a toss whether to attack Iran because Iran is seen as a threat to Israel and America’s national security.

The answers are much more complicated to outline than the problem we face in Iraq. This is because there are many more variables and unknowns to the answers than to the problem. First we need a leader of the United States that will recognize that we have made some great mistakes in our calculation and our military policies in Iraq. There will have to be an apology to the world body of people and nations, made by a high-ranking American government officials for the mistakes made in Iraq. Then an emergency forum must be assembled with the Arab Legion of Nations, European Union, United Nations, United States and an Iraqi delegation. A team must be formed and come up with a plan of agreement. Each party involved will come to the table with what they can do as well as requesting help from others to complete the plan. Only by building a strong and real multilateral collation will we be able to tackle the problems in Iraq giving peace a chance.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. This old proverb has a lot of relevance in the problems we face in Iraq today. Trying to do good for others that are different than you is harder than helping people like your own. This is one of the main reasons we must look to the other side for some of the answers. A major change in the type of ground forces that are in Iraq today would be at the top of the agenda. Fewer United States military soldiers being replaced with more international humanitarian workers. Today the Iraqi people suffer from 40% unemployment until this is corrected there will be no security or peace in Iraq. There are many international NGOs that could be assistance in the re-building of Iraq.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Arrogance of the United States and Israeli Government

The arrogance of the United States and Israeli government in their dealing with the Palestinian and Arab people is the root to so much of the tension in the region. This combined with the oil deals and military contracts between the wealthy oil Arab Kingdoms and the western oil consuming nations. Without a major attitude change within the Israeli and United States government policies and actions there will be a war with no end. The current actions and policies of the United States and Israelis are only feeding the Islamic extremists turning moderates into extremists.

To understand the roots to the problems of the Middle East one must understand the recent history of the region. At the beginning of the Twenty Century just before World War I is a good place to start. Within this period of time the Ottoman and British Empires fell and the American Empire was born. The League of Nations ended and the United Nations was started. With the changing of the guard of the region, so too were there changes in the laws of the land. New nations were created dividing the land with international recognized boarders between nations for the first time in this region.

The desire to control the Middle East oil fields and to create a Jewish State, were the early driving forces behind many of the new changes in the region. What was in the best interest of the average Arab person on the street was never taken into account in the oil and land deals that were imposed onto them. Between the medieval Arab Kingdoms that were created and a Zionist State of Israel that wanted more and more land is the foundation of the problems in the Middle East today. Large profits and gains made by a very few people are the leaders in this conflict today. Western oil deals making a very few Royal Arab families very wealthy with the Jewish people receiving a state at the cost of the Palestinian people.

For there to be reconciliation between the Palestinian-Arab and Jewish-Israelis there must be reparation made to the Palestinian people and it should be a working Arab model for others to follow. Only by being fair and balance can there be justice that will one day lead to long term peace between nations. As the Jewish people deserved reparations after World War II so do the Palestinian people today. Only by addressing the wrongs of yesterday will we have peace and harmony tomorrow.

The United States and Israel as well as the Arab nations must change their ways in dealing with others. By building bridges of understanding and commerce a better understanding of the other people will develop creating more trust and tolerance between one another. When the Palestinian people have an improvement in the standard of living of their society then peace will have a chance. One cannot imprison an impoverished people and have peace too.

Monday, June 12, 2006


United States Ranked Among the Lowest in Voter Turnout

The candidates on either side are not addressing the real stories in this election year, while the nation is so divided and polarized. More time and energy of the campaigns so far have focus on the Vietnam War and not on the problems we face in the Iraq War of today. When the truth of the matter is if 50% of the Americans eligible people vote that will be considered a high turn out. Too many Americans are voting against someone or something instead of for someone who they believe in. It is only the few party loyalists that are voting for their candidate with varying degrees of conviction. Most people in America do not connect with the candidates of either party because once they are in office they become one of the same carting to the special interests that got them there.

We have real problems in our nations that are only being addressed as a bit in a 30 second sound bite in a paid TV commercials or speeches by the candidates on both sides. The special interest groups have hijacked our democracy by buying and paying for both candidates in the major parties. Many if not most of the people in America feel disenfranchised by both of the national political parties. The United States ranking among the nations with the lowest percent of eligible voters turn out for president or prime minister.

Percent of voter turn out in past national elections

· Greece 89.0% 2000 Parliamentary
· Indonesia 85.7% 1999 Parliamentary
· Italy 84.9% 2001 Parliamentary
· Israel 84.5% 1999 Parliamentary
· Finland 76.8% 2000
· Spain 73.8% 2000 Parliamentary
· Russia 68.8% 2000
· India 65.5% 1999 Parliamentary
· South Africa 63.9% 1999
· Poland 62.6% 2000
· Lebanon 61.1% 2000 Parliamentary
· Japan 59.0% 2000 Parliamentary
· United Kingdom 57.6% 2001 Parliamentary
· Canada 54.6% 2000 Parliamentary
· United States 46.6% 2000

The United States ranked number 93 out of nations in the world of percent of voter turnout. Only nation such as Ireland, El Salvador, Sudan, Kenya have a lower percent of voter turnout. The fact that only 46.6% of the eligible people voted in the United States last national election should be rather alarming. Especially considering the impact of the United States foreign, military, and political policies on the rest of the world. Too many American people can tell you more facts, stats, and details about their favorer sport teams and players than they can about their elected government officials.

None of the Above

With privilege comes responsibility that the American people have not taken seriously when it comes to their democracy. Too many people are willing to let other people decide who is going to represent them. Part apathy and part disgust with our political system is why many American people do not vote. Only by opening up the American political system will we raise voter participation. Major reforms in the federal campaign laws are needed. Starting with the following;

· Take a portion back of the public air waives for free political campaign time.
· Create a C-Spain type channel for political campaigns on federal and state level.
· Limit campaign donations to registered voters only.
· If “None of the Above” wins new election is called.
· If the winning candidate does not receive 50% of the vote a new elections is called.
· Hold those people responsible for the messages in the political ads they run.

These few changes would increase voter participation on the grass roots level. Giving people a real choice and the ability to send a clear message to the people in power.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Hamas Calls Off the Truce with Israel

Soon after Mr. Mahmoud Abbas took office as the President of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas agreed to a cease in suicide bombings. Meanwhile the Israeli government continues their military campaign against the Palestinian society. Last year Hamas won control of the Palestinian Authority to the dismay of the United States and Israel. It was an open and fair election according to international election observers including the former President Jimmy Carter.

Today the Palestinian people are living in conditions that are continuing to get worst. By the condition imposed onto them by the Israeli and United States government actions and policies. The Israeli and the United States government have labeled Hamas as a terrorist organization making Hamas an illegitimate as far as they are concerned. The majority of the Palestinian people say “Israel is a terrorist nation” and they have the facts and reality on the ground to prove it. The Israelis call them “targeted assassinates” while the people of the world call them “acts of terror” with the exception of the United States government and mass mainstream media.

Since the 1968 Palestinian-Israel War the Israelis have had a chokehold over the Palestinian society. The Israelis control the airspace over the Palestinian people bombing them at will. The Israelis control the boarders surrounding the Palestinian people letting in or out, whoever or whatever they wish when ever they want. This is making the Palestinian people prisoner within less than 22% of their homeland. The Jewish State of Israel was imposed onto the Palestinian people by the international community of nation in 1947 in the United Nations Resolution 181 mandating that two nations created out of one land. There were terms and conditions in this mandate that were never lived up to by the Israelis that provoked the Palestinian people into fighting for their survival.

The Israelis claiming to be the victims when in reality they are the real perpetrator in this life long conflict. The facts and reality on the ground are the proof. The little land that is left of the Palestinian Territory is a war torn by the Israelis. The original mandate (U.N. Resolution181) called for a 48% of the land a Jewish State and a 52% of the land a Palestinian State with the Jewish State in three unconnected sections and the Palestinian one continuous state. With the Old City of Jerusalem being an International City controlled by neither side.

The real story on who is attacking who has not been heard by the American people. The majority of the free people in the world have heard the true while the American mainstream mass media have kept the American people in the dark to the true story. From the 120 Un-Recognized Palestinian Villages in what is commonly referred to as Israel proper to the daily Israeli attacks on the Palestinian society. The most recent Israel government (surgical) attacks on a Hamas leader and a Palestinian Family of seven having a picnic on the beach in Gaza was the straw that broke the camels back for Hamas.

The question who is and who is not a terrorist will depend upon who you ask. The reality of facts tells you there are terrorists on both sides. Where there are people willing to kill and maim other people for their gains. The Jewish people went from controlling almost none of the land to controlling more than 100% of the Palestinian land. The human rights and dignity of the Palestinian people have been trample by the Jewish Zionists in the name of God and paid for by Americans.

Friday, June 09, 2006


How Low will American Democracy go Before we Implode?

Will we become a military police state similar to our former enemies that we fought during the Cold War? Are we so brainwashed as American by propaganda that we no longer understand the realities of the world around us. As we create more enemies than allies with our foreign policies are we any safer or more secure as a nation. Our federal government’s leaders have made great mistakes in the past and are only making them worst by telling more lies to the American people. Most American people are buying these lies wanting to be good American citizens making the situation even worst. Not until we as people in our nation wake-up to the truth to the realities in the world around us will things get any better. Our Federal government leaders are saying one thing while doing the complete opposite to what they are saying, are leading us into disaster. Whether it is the state of the economy, our foreign policies or why we are doing what we are doing it is a complete sham that only the white American people are buying. The great divide between what the American people perceive as the truth and reality and the way most of the other people in the world perceive things is only getting worst.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Lack of Common Sense and Fairness in our Domestic and Foreign Policies

The annual federal deficit over ½ trillion dollars and the United States trade deficit over a ½ trillion dollars with the national debt over 8.4 trillion dollars. If this is not bad enough President Bush wants to add an Amendment to our Constitution outlawing Gay marriages making this a major political topic in the up coming election. Between the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and now the War on Gays and many battles with France, United Nations and any other ideologies that do not agree with our ways. It is the state of health and security of our nation and its people that should be the real political issues in the up coming election.

The economy of the United States and the international community is on the cusp of imploding. With much of the international community losing confidence in the policies and actions of the United States Government, they are no longer going to want to finance our spiraling deficit spending. The double standards and the level of the bar to the Rule of Laws that we hold our allies and foes too are self-serving. Since the end of World War II the United States has dictated and bribed its policies onto the global community of nations. As the American families buy now and pay later, so does our federal, state and local governments putting us in an un-secure position.

It is the lack of common sense and fairness in our domestic and foreign policies that are the greatest threat to our national security. Only with a major change in our policies and attitudes towards our people in America and other nations of people in the world do we have a chance in securing the future of our children.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Balance is the Key to Solving many of the World’s Problems

Without appropriating the proper portion of financial resources correctly. Things will turn for the worst and not get better until the proper correction are made bringing things into balance. The clearest example of this is what the United States spends on wars and the military verses what they spend on humanitarian aid and on international diplomacy. The cost of defending policies that are unfair and unjust is much more expensive than defending policies that are fair and just. How the world’s leading nations spend their resources will determine the world our children have tomorrow.

For there to be long term peace and security there must be justice and fairness in the way the Rule of International Law is enforced. Major changes are needed to address many of our problems we face in the world. Trying to find the correct answer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are many more wrong answers than there are right ones to the problems we face as a member of the global community. The United States being one of the primary leaders of the modern industrial-high tech age is more responsible for many of the problems we face in the world today.

The United States has a disproportional of power, influence, power and wealth over the global community of nations. This is providing the American people a much higher standard of living compared to the majority of the people in the world. Even the poor people in American are much better off than the poor people in the rest of the world. The United States is one of the world’s wealthiest nations in the world and is borrowing the most money from the international monetary system. This is putting a great strain on the international monetary system driving up interest rates.

With the United States (per-person) consuming the majority of the world’s resources making it so nations in real need cannot obtain the needed resources to build or up grade their infrastructure. Often the problems of a nation are created by the government policies. Weather it is balance between the time we spend at work and the time we spend with our family or the money we spend verses the money we save or borrow. What holds true for a family holds true for a nation’s government on a much larger scale. Together the American people and United States government must change many

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


United States Stands Alone

The United Nations annual operating budget is about the size of a large United States University of higher education. The United States often holds back their financial contribution to the United Nations which is about 25% of their annual budget. With anyone of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council having veto power creates a dictatorship in any of the actions the United Nation takes. No other permanent member of the United Nations Security Council has used the one vote veto more than the United States. The majority of the United States solo veto’s votes are in support of the policies and actions of the State of Israel creating a global divide.

As with so many of the problems we face as a global society the lack of balance is the key. Too often the lack of United Nations actions in global hotspots is because of the lack of financial support in creating a permanent infrastructure to meet the needs. If there was a better balance between what the nations of the world spend on military (war) spending verses peacekeeping missions. Then we would not have so many on going wars such as in Iraq, and Palestine with no way to peace. The effectiveness of military trained personnel as peacekeepers in nations of dispute is very costly over the course of time.

The United Nations is severely under funded for the global missions it confronts. If the budget of the military industrial complex was comparable to the international humanitarian organizations the problems we face would be very different. So too would be the reactions we would take in dealing with disputes and conflicts around the world. One of the most recent examples of this is the United States War in Iraq. Before the United States invasion of Iraq the anti war movement spoke out concerns about winning the peace. Many of the United States military professional spoke of the need for more military troops after the initial military invasion of Iraq to maintain the Rule of Law. Both the military professional and the anti war movement agreed that we do not have the proper military personnel mix in Iraq after the initial military invasion.

There was no question weather the United States could win the military campaign but could they win the peace was the question. Today the American military forces are taking on many more casualties than needed because of the lack of foresight and planning in the different phases of the Iraq War starting from the very beginning. The United States is finding themselves in a no win situation with the day-to-day living conditions getting worst for the average Iraqi family. Only if the United States can come to terms with the international community of nations can we win the peace in Iraq.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Higher Gas Tax

Governor George Pataki of New York push threw a bill putting a ceiling in the New York Gasoline Tax cutting the state gas tax by four cent a gallon. This was purely a political move for his 2008 Presidential run. This is sending the wrong message to the people making things worst. The cost in maintaining and repairing the roads has gone way up. Many of the roads are made from oil base products that have more than double in costs in the last three years. The money from the gas tax is earmarked for state and local highway and road maintenance.

Over the last few years with the higher oil prices less and less of the roads are being properly maintained with wear and tear showing. This will lead to more and more car and truck repairs because of the bad roads that are not being properly maintained. Governor Pataki state gas tax cut, the ill repaired roads and the imbalance of the state budget will only show up as a major problem for the citizens of New York after Governor Pataki is out of office.

The high price of crude oil is hurting almost everyone, except the big oil companies, the credit card companies and the extremely wealthily who can afford the higher prices. The record breaking profits by the big oil companies are public record and are well known and reported. What is not so well known and reported are the huge profits that are being made by the credit card companies on the higher prices of gasoline. Many of America’s working poor are charging their gasoline with their credit card debt building up.

The message Governor Pataki should be sending to New Yorkers is one of conservation and alternative sources of renewable energy. The higher prices of gasoline will make other forms of energy more practical such as ethanol and bio-fuel. As unpopular as it may be the federal and states government should be raising there taxes on gasoline helping to bring their budgets into balance. Giving tax cuts to the working poor and middle class and put a luxury tax on high gas consuming luxury vehicles. This would send a clear message to the automobile manufacturers. The truth of the matter is Americans should have been paying higher gasoline prices years ago. Car such as the gas hog Hummer should have never been made.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


No News is Bad News for the Palestinian People

Rarely does the Palestinian side of their story ever get any American mass media coverage. For the most part the American people are kept in the dark to what is really happening on the ground in the Holy Land. Because of the United States geo political interests the Middle East the American media heavily favors Israel in their coverage. If an act of terror is taken against the Israelis, it is headline breaking news. If the similar act of terror or worst is taken against the Palestinian people by the Israelis. Rarely does it make it into the American mass media news.

The United States government and Jewish Temples continuing unconditional financial and military support of the State of Israel makes them reasonable for the conditions on the ground in the Holy Land. The majority of the international community of nations with the exception of Israel and the United States all agree to the 1967 boarder line between Palestine and Israel. The Palestinian people giving up 78% of their former homeland and the Israelis still want more. The Israeli want total control over the Palestine Territory.

For years the Palestinian people have been held as prisoners in their own homeland. With Palestinian travel and trade severely limited and controlled by the Israeli government. The Palestinian-Israeli Crisis and the Western oil deals with the tyrannical Arab Kingdoms are the catalyst to a lot of the Islamic anger towards the Western world. The excessive military spending by wealthy Arab nations is the by product that is raping the Arab nation wealth. American military industrial complex making great profits from the military arms sales to the Arabs. America is by far the world’s largest exporter of military hardware.

For many years the big oil companies, military industrial complex and the Israelis have gotten their way at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab people. Too many of the world’s people know the truth and the real facts to the wrong doings of the United States, Great Britain and Israeli governments as well as the international mega corporations.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Is it War or Terror

The hatred and contempt for the military policies and actions of the United States and Israel is unanimous among the international community of nations. The “War on Terror” declared by the United States, Great Britain and Israel is perceived, as terror within it’s self by the majority of nations in the rest of the world. By making the day-to-day living condition worst for the majority of Iraqi and Palestinian people is only creating fertile ground for the extremists in the region. Without addressing the problems in the foundation of the history of the region the problems will continue to only get worst.

If it were not for the large oil reserves in the Middle East there would be very little global concern for the people or land in the Middle East, with the exception of the Jewish people in their fight for the Jewish State of Israel. The evolution of the modern Jewish State of Israel and the western industrial nations demand for more oil came about the same time in the world’s history. Iran and Iraq both had populist leaders at one point in history that were undermined and overthrow by the western industrial oil consuming nations i.e. by the United States and Great Britain. All because they wanted of nationalize their nation’s oilfields much a President Chavez of Venezuela or President Putin of the Russia today.

The Palestinians had an election in 2005 that Hamas won the election fair and square. According to former President Jimmy Carter who was a personal observer with an international delegation, it was one of the most honest and problem free democratic elections he had observed. Neither governments of Israel nor of the United States will recognize or negotiate with the Hamas government trying to starve the Palestinian people into submission. Today the conditions and standard of living of the Palestinian and Iraqi people are at a new modern time low with the United States and State of Israel being held responsible for the conditions. Having so many poor people living in inhumane conditions on the other side of the boarder such as Israeli with the Palestinian people or the United States with Mexican people creates un-securable boarder.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Money or Religion

If money is the root to evil then religion is the by-product. What is worst? A western capitalist society that revolves around money or an eastern society that revolves around religion. Common sense would tell you a balnce between faith and material things is better than one or the other. The critics from both sides will accuse the other side of being too much of the other (religious or materialist) and reality will tell you to some degrees this is true.

When the religious leaders and or capitalist leaders have too much power over a government, what is in the best interest of the people at large will be lost to those in power. When combined with large armies that have weapons of mass of mass destruction the security of the future of the human race in danger. Only by having an international understanding that what is right and fair for one side should be equally apply to the other side whether allied or foe. The role of federal governments should be limited to their borders and international multi-lateral platforms. Stronger regional multi-lateral organizations are needed to help settle local problems and disputes.

It is natural for governments to want to grow and consolidate more power for themselves. It is not natural for governments to concede the powers they all ready have to another. Here lies the problem in any changes for the better. Only by bringing the role of governments into question can you address the problems we face as a people in the world. For each nation will have its own unique standards and problems that will have to be addressed. For some nation the federal government may be too large and over stepping its bounds. For other nations the Federal government may not be strong enough to handle its own internal problems. In each case the people within a nation are the only ones that can make the needed changes to make things better.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jerusalem is the Heart

Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Without a final settlement dealing with the boarders of Jerusalem there will be no peace or security that will last very long. The three-sections plan for the City of Jerusalem is the only viable way to meet the needs of people on both sides. If it was not for the great religious Holy sites being significant to so many different people around the world. A much less complicated master plan could be implemented. In what may be a lifetime for one person is only a dot in the timeline of history.

Today a new era is upon us with many of the world’s old problems plaguing us. Only by understanding the history of these problems can we come up with some of the answers to solve them. The oppressive policies of the past and today have to change to make a better world for our children tomorrow. An all out effort must be made by the Israelis and the international community of nations to make compensation to the Palestinian people for their great losses. The three-sections plan for the City of Jerusalem is the only way to create a totally neutral space for all people to come together on equal grounds.

The reality on the ground is neither of the two sides the Israelis or Palestinian people want the surrounding area of the Old City of Jerusalem to be a separate so called International City. Both people and nations want it part of their nation and neither side will accept it as part of the other nation. With many great needed changes that must come about in the region an international base for the international non-profit humanitarian NGO's is needed. Starting with Palestine as the base model the NGO's could help in the nation building of Palestine. Helping to rebuild their infrastructure while creating many new local jobs and economy for the Palestinian people. Only when the people on both sides are secure (financial and physically) will there be a long and lasting peace in the region.

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