Monday, June 05, 2006


Higher Gas Tax

Governor George Pataki of New York push threw a bill putting a ceiling in the New York Gasoline Tax cutting the state gas tax by four cent a gallon. This was purely a political move for his 2008 Presidential run. This is sending the wrong message to the people making things worst. The cost in maintaining and repairing the roads has gone way up. Many of the roads are made from oil base products that have more than double in costs in the last three years. The money from the gas tax is earmarked for state and local highway and road maintenance.

Over the last few years with the higher oil prices less and less of the roads are being properly maintained with wear and tear showing. This will lead to more and more car and truck repairs because of the bad roads that are not being properly maintained. Governor Pataki state gas tax cut, the ill repaired roads and the imbalance of the state budget will only show up as a major problem for the citizens of New York after Governor Pataki is out of office.

The high price of crude oil is hurting almost everyone, except the big oil companies, the credit card companies and the extremely wealthily who can afford the higher prices. The record breaking profits by the big oil companies are public record and are well known and reported. What is not so well known and reported are the huge profits that are being made by the credit card companies on the higher prices of gasoline. Many of America’s working poor are charging their gasoline with their credit card debt building up.

The message Governor Pataki should be sending to New Yorkers is one of conservation and alternative sources of renewable energy. The higher prices of gasoline will make other forms of energy more practical such as ethanol and bio-fuel. As unpopular as it may be the federal and states government should be raising there taxes on gasoline helping to bring their budgets into balance. Giving tax cuts to the working poor and middle class and put a luxury tax on high gas consuming luxury vehicles. This would send a clear message to the automobile manufacturers. The truth of the matter is Americans should have been paying higher gasoline prices years ago. Car such as the gas hog Hummer should have never been made.

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