Friday, March 31, 2006


Good Bush War Bad Bush War


The road to freedom is not at the end of the barrel of a gun. President Bush’s 91 War with in Iraq met the criteria of being a just war. There was a defined mission as well as local and international support for United States military action. Saddam stepped over the line and the world responded similarly too as they did in the Asian Tsunami. President Bush’s 03 War of choice in Iraq met none of the same criteria’s for going to war. For this the United States is going to pay a high price in the long-term repercussions for the war in Iraq. The 03 War in Iraq was over the control of the oil in the region and the sweet water in Iraq as well as a smoke screen for the State of Israel in the name of her national security.

Then Secretary of Defense Cheney down sized the United States Military and out sourced many of the services and programs to the private sector. This as part of President Bush’s cut backs in spending to save money. Less than a handful of companies said to qualify for the Iraqi contracts. Today the soldier’s fortunes are the second largest force of people fighting the War in Iraq costing the American Tax payers many billions of dollars. The Cheney Halliburton contracts for the Iraq War are illegal morally and ethically if not legally. The war mongering Neocons had rushed to the Iraq War for the profit for their friends and supporters. The use of a lot of miss information was used to manipulate the American public opinion for the War in Iraq. The paper trail of lies and deceit will lead to the truth about the missing nine billion dollars of American taxpayer money in Iraq.

With no clear mission in the 03 War in Iraq the Neocons have undermined the national security of the United States. Between the growth in the United States national debt and the foreign trade deficit. The America government has over extended their resources in leading the world the wrong way. Freedom and democracy without security and prosperity is tyranny too. The United States Middle East foreign policies concerning Israel and oil are at the root of many of the problems in the world today.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


United States Foreign Policies are Endangering World Peace

When the world’s dominating military super power declares a bilateral preemptive military take over of an undesirable nation’s dictator with very little to no support from the international community for this war. Chaos and civil war will prevail with the occupiers being the main target. It was the United States government’s support of Saddam in the Iraq-Iran War that helped Saddam to become the tyrannical dictator he became. Suppressive dictators of nations that do as the United States tell them to do are safe and secure, with the support of the United States military industrial complex.

Leaders of nations that challenge the United States national interests and policies for their own national interests will be attacked. Whether it is a political, economic, or military attack they will be targeted as an enemy. With the United States having so many domestic and foreign policies out of balance. Creating a negative effect on the United States national interest and security with other nations abroad. Two prime examples would be the amount of international money the United States National Debt is consuming and the amount of the worlds oil the United States consumes.

Going to war over the control of oil is how most of the people in the world see the war in Iraq. Saddam believing he was double-crossed by the United States wanted to retaliate. Whether it was to unite the Arab oil nations as a stronger block or to trade international oil in Euros instead of dollars. Saddam was labeled as a threat to the United States national interests and was dealt with accordingly. Saddam and Iraq are an example for other leaders of nations to what can happen if you step out of line with the United States.

The global interdependence of nations on oil with global consumption of oil rising and the old oil reserves dwindling in supplies is leading to rising tensions between nations around world. With the United States consuming a disproportional amount the world’s oil and global capital is putting the United States at odds with the international community of nations. The influence and control of the military industrial complex, international oil cartel and the State of Israel have corrupted the United States Middle East policies. Without major changes towards the United States military policies, energy policies and the policies with the State of Israel the world of nations will remain deeply divided.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Land for Peace

There will have to be sacrifices made by all parties involve for peace and security to work over the long haul. The Israeli government moving back to the 1967 Armistice Line creating an autonomists Palestinian state. The Egyptian government donating a small portion of the Sinai that is adjacent to the Gaza Strip to help make the Gaza Strip of Palestine more viable. A combination of wind and solar farm can be built on some of the land creating energy and fresh water for the people of the Gaza Strip. Enlarging the Gaza Strip territory for the Palestinian people will make it more viable creating carrots for those families who want to help rebuild Palestine. Opening the door to Jewish Israelis that were and are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian people that want to live in the State of Palestine under Palestinian laws. They can help build stronger bridges between the people of Israel and Palestine.

As the Jewish people of the world helped the Jewish people of Israel build their state so to should the Arabs help the Palestinian people. The Palestinian government will plan new villages on the new land under their control that can be homesteaded by Palestinian families. Homes can be built and business started with one-time grants that will be funded by the international community of nations.

As the lives of the Palestinian people improve so too will the lives of the Israelis opening new doors with her neighbors. Jewish people who are accepted by the Palestinian government and want to live in the State of Palestine should be treated no different then the Muslim who live in Israel. You cannot build fences or walls to separate you from your friends and enemies. The Jewish National Fund controls a great deal of land within Israel and will be a key player on helping to relocate the Jewish Settlers who will be relocating to within Israel proper. The roots to the Jewish National Fund are as much part of the problem as they are to the answers of today. Only by amending the undesirable ways of the extremists on both sides can the majority of the people live in peace and security

Monday, March 27, 2006


United States and Israel Stand Alone

The United States and Israel must address the issues that make so many people and nations hate their government policies and actions. The hypocrisy between what the United States and Israel government say and what they do is at the core of so much of the tensions around the world. No other nations in the world could get away with the military actions of these two nations. For the Israeli government officials to claim that Iran has nuclear weapons and it is a violation of Israel national security. This is the same claim that most Arab nations make in regards to Israel nuclear weapons program being a threat to their national security. For Israeli ancestor survivors of the Holocaust to be implementing government policies and actions onto the indigenous Palestinian people today is a humanitarian crime that is not acceptable.

The United States government unconditional backing and support of the Israeli government actions make the American taxpayers responsible for the actions of the Israeli government and military. Israel being a regional military supper power and the United States being a global supper power has put us at odds with others nations in the world and in this region. The Arab people have seen too many deals with the Western industrial nations for cheap oil in exchange for expensive military weapons. With so few job and career opportunities for so many young Arab people unemployment run 30% to 70% among many Arab nations. Yes, there are problems in the Arab world that need to be addressed but the overwhelming military destruction of the cradle of civilization is not the answer in Iraq, Iran, or in the Holy Land.

Only by understanding and addressing the grievances of the other side will the answer be seen and implemented. One side likes to blame one person on the other side for their problems. As long as you deal with the problems on a superficial level you will never get to the root of the answers. An example of this would be in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis by not dealing with the Jerusalem and Jewish Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip there would be no peace. The Right to Return has to be addressed on both sides for it is at the root of the problem. Compensation for the Palestinian victims must be addressed and part of a final plan. By one side destroying the other side is not making anyone safer or better off over the long term of time.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


The Jewish National Fund (JNF)

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was founded in 1897, with it primary mission to acquire and manage land for the Jewish people. According to the United States State Department own report of, 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices the government of Israeli owns and manages 77 percent of the land, with the Jewish people owning 8 percent and managing another 8 percent of the land within Israel proper. This leaves only 7 percent of the land that non-Jewish people can own within Israel proper. The policies of the JNF not to sell or lease any land to non-Jewish groups or people.

Most Jewish citizen of the State of Israel are required to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), with most non-Jewish citizen prohibited from serving in the IDF. If a person serves in the IDF this open many more doors for housing, employment, educating, health insurance as well as higher unemployment compensation and better retirement pension packages. With most of the non-Jewish People being Palestinian 19 percent of the population of Israel proper, with the State of Israel’s Law discriminates them against.

With over 60,000 Palestinians living in what the State of Israel calls “unrecognized villages” with in Israel proper. By design these villages have no electricity, pubic water, paved roads, sewers and the Interior Minister of Israel by the law can destroy these villages at any time. With the IDF systematically destroying thousands of Palestinian homes on a regular basis. These are just some of the human right violations than the United Nations as well as other organizations and governments have cited the State of Israel for in the past. Yet the American mass media and government does not tell this side of the story to the American People. Anyone who raises these points or criticize the State of Israel, they label an anti-Semite and there is a certain irony to this because the Palestinians people are the real Semites too.

With the State of Israel owing and controlling 77 percent of the land within Israel proper, this shall make it possible for some retribution of land to the Palestinian Israelis people in the final settlement. With the United States Taxpayer financing 10 percent of the State of Israel annual budget and the American and European Jewish Temples financing the Jewish National Fund (JNF). This makes Americans responsible for State of Israel in their actions and policies against the Palestinian people today.

The State of Israel must relinquish control of some of their land; this should be part of the Master Land Plan of Israel. A major land reform within the State of Israel proper must take place as part of any real peace plan. Some of this land should the set a side for the 200,000 Israeli Settlers in the West Bank and Gaza to re-settle within Israel proper. With 7000 Israelis living in the Gaza Strip owning and controlling 42 percent of the land leaving the 1.4 million Palestinian people with the remaining 58 percent of Gaza Strip.

Without justice there will be no peace and without peace there will be no security throughout the world. The hypocrisy of the United States supporting these Israelis actions and policies are no longer going to be tolerated by the global community. Unless America is willing to be strong and balances, taking a leading role in this crisis. Unless the government of Israel is going to follow the Quartet’s program towards peace, there will only be more acts of terror committed by both sides. The historical record has been recorded and wittiness by many people with the American people being told one side of the story with many Zionist lies. Let the Truth be heard-David

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Why does the Jewish State of Israel have the Right to Exist?

The tribes of the Jewish people have been in the Holy Land for over four thousand years. The Jewish connection to this region is as old as the beginning of the time to civilization. Historically the Jewish people homeland was in the Middle East region. Overtime the people of the Christian and Islamic faiths grew into great numbers of people and nations. While the Jewish people remained few in numbers of people always being a minority among people of different faiths. The historical tragedies of the Jewish society can only be compared to those of the American Indians.

For many centuries the Holy Land was ruled and controlled by different foreign empires. Today the problems from the past have evolved into greater problems because they were never resolved from the very beginning. Historically the religious leaders have been at odds with the political leaders of nations even when they are one of the same. The modern day Jewish society is relative few in numbers people never having control of their tribal land in the Middle East.

After the end of World War I at the end of the Ottoman Empire the British Empire and French Empires took control of the Middle East region. At this time new western ways were imposed onto the people of the region starting with the creation of defined national boarders. New Arab nations were created over the years with one Jewish States at the end of World War II.

The creation of the Jewish State of Israel was in part reparation for the horrific war crimes of the Holocaust of World War II. The implementation of the two states out of one land of 1947 United Nations Resolution 181 was not done in a good or correct manner. From the very beginning there was a lack of diplomacy and communication between the Arabs, Palestinians, and Jewish people with the British and Americans mandating terms and conditions that they did not enforce. Bringing us to the problems of today in this life long conflict. The historical record is clear even though it is not agreed too by the people on different sides.

Whether it is a human rights or a historical religious right the Jewish people have a right to a secure homeland. The current state of conditions and terms of Jewish homeland of today are not justifiable or secure. Creating a perpetual state of conflict and war. Only with great changes made by the Israelis the people with over whelming power and control of the Holy Land region. Then the proper changes can be made getting back to the original concept of a two state solution that is outlined UN Resolution 181.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Columnist Charles Krauthammer and the Neo-cons

It is frightening to think people like Columnist Charles Krauthammer represent the current administration viewpoints to national and global policies and security. The amount of hate and contempt for others that have a different philosophical foundation to their principles and believes is no different than a fascist. Columnist Charles Krauthammer is a leading national columnist for the neo-cons doctrine of dominance. Speaking in contempt against the United Nations or any other international organizations in behalf of United States domination in a militarily dictatorial role. All is right, disguised in the name of freedom and democracy with the neo-cons taking the religious high road to condom anyone who does not believe in their ways.

The Bush Cheney neo-cons have a clear vision of the corporate military dominance that will dictate international policies regarding international resources as part of United States national security. With many of the Islamic nations being a road bump in this plan. The American Enterprise Institute, one of the bases of the neo-cons use to guide and influence the Bush Cheney administration towards global dominance by military and economic policies.

The corporate greed of a few people is dictating global policies onto the people of the world for what is in the best of there own self-interest. These policies are threatening peace and security throughout the world. The lack of balance in fairness and truth has corrupted the system from within leading the wrong way in many of our policies and actions around the world. Without correcting our domestic policies at home there will be no foreign policies that will bring us security and peace around the world.

The neo-cons, people such as Columnist Charles Krauthammer see no role what so ever for the role of international organizations like the United Nations. Without a balance between universal, national and local interests power there will be no stability or security for the people on either side. As long as we want to dictate policies to our allies and enemy from a unilateral platform in Washington DC for what is in the best interest of a few global corporations. This will lead to great social, political, and economic unrest, destabilizing the future of our planet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


United States Foreign and Domestic Policies Must Change

The United States government cannot have domination over the United Nations and in the Middle East without being held responsible to the international community of nations. With so many of the problems growing out of control in the United States as well as in the rest of the world it is time to address them. They break down into two main groups foreign and domestic problems and sometimes they overlap. The fact that the United States consumes 25% of the world’s oil is clearly one of them. The fact was most of the personal and equipment of the National Guards of the State of Louisiana and Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina was over in Iraq is another one.

The United States domestic policies should clearly serve in what is in the best interest of the American people. The United States Foreign Policies have to serve in what is in the best interest of the people in the world at large while serving the American people interest too. Today this is very out of balance with the gigantic corporate special interest groups controlling the United States government policies to serve their own self-interest. This has compounded many of our old problems into the larger ones we face today.

The modern industrial world has not proven its satiability over the course of a long period time. To be able to build without maintaining into the future is not progress. The course we decide to take over the next five to ten years will greatly influence where we will be in fifty years from now. Many of the cornerstones of the past will not support the current growth and demands of the world of tomorrow. A better balance between the global population growth, the consumption of the world’s natural resources and environment is needed for the security and future of mankind.

Without the United States making major changes to its domestic and foreign policies very soon. Chaos and Wars will take over the internationally leading to the collapse of the international financial markets. The following are some links to some of the needed changes that must come about very soon.

Next Step to Road Map to Peace

Global Base Currency

Balancing the Best Interest between the Mega Corporations

International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Money and Time are Running Out

The miss-use of the State National Guard has greatly reduced our national security. America’s frontline of homeland security belongs at home in the United States. Today the United States government has taken on the role as global cop. Bringing capitalism in the name of democracy at the other end of a loaded gun. America’s foreign policies are threatening America’s national security unlike never before in history.

The American people can’t afford the misguided policies of the United States Federal Government. The economic, political, and social abuses that are promoted in the name of democracy and freedom are a crime against the human race. It is fraud for the profits and gains of a very few. Look at the living conditions of the people to America’s longest and strongest allies around the world. Nations of people who America declares they are going to help. Whether they are in the Philippines, South America, Middle East or the American Indians and African Americans. What has our federal government really done to help these people?

While the salaries and income of those people at the very top go up at double digits rates with the incomes of the bottom 90% of the people remain basically the same. With the cost of living is rising beyond the means of most American people the security of the American family is in great jeopardy. The cost of health care is at the root of bankruptcies of many American people and business. The high cost of court litigation is also a contributing factor to the bankruptcy of America. Making it so that America is no longer global competitive.

It is the policies, laws, and actions of our own federal government that is the biggest threat to the security of the American people as well as the people of the world. Today we have fewer friends and more enemies around the world. More American people are living on the fringes of bankruptcy because their salaries are not keeping up with their rising bills and taxes. With the family debt of today looking more like the saving accounts of families in the past. In other words the saving accounts of the bottom 90% of the America people today looks like or similar to the personal debt of the people the 50’s and 60’s. At a time the American people saved more and borrowed less.

Really, the only things that have kept the American economy afloat are the immoral gotten gains from gunboat diplomacy with foreign governments and the global tyrants and criminals investing in America as a safe haven. Otherwise the American economy would have imploded years ago. This is not a Republican or Democratic thing it is the security of the American people and the people in the world. Today too many of the national politicians are more loyal to their party than their nation. They are not serving the best interests of the American people but to the special interests that are apart of their party.

Major changes need to come about that are far beyond our imagination. Without these major changes within our system, we will not survive the current course we are on today. Time is no longer on our side unless we make many changes for the better. Bringing the best interests of the people of the nations and world into balance is the key. For every action there is a reaction. The answers are found within the reactions to our problems.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Israelis are Re-Starting the Cycle of Violence Again

Yes, the Israeli are escalating the cycle of violence once again. The Israeli Offensive Forces took military control of a Palestine prison in Jericho destroying much of the prison and killing two Palestinian prison security guards and wounding 26 Palestinian people. This happen ten minutes after the British government removed their observers form the Palestinian prison. The Israeli arrested a Palestinian prisoner who was the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Ahmad Saadat for the assassination of the Israeli Minister of tourism, in 2001. There were five other Palestinian prisoners who were wanted by the Israeli government.

The Israeli government is on the public record saying they will take any military actions needed for the security of the State of Israel. These are the types of Israeli military actions that renew the cycle of violence in this life long conflict. Since the Israeli have turn Gaza over to Palestinian internal control the boarder crossing going in and out of Gaza have been closed most of the time. Special Envoy James Wolfensohn help to pay (out of his own pocket) the Israeli settlers for some of the greenhouses they left standing in Gaza. Otherwise, the greenhouses would have been destroyed by the Israeli Offensive Forces like everything else the Jewish settlers left standing.

The Israeli government has done almost everything it could do to escalate the violence and tensions between the people in the Holy Land. While the Israelis are giving with one hand, they are pulling the carpet from underneath the feet of the Palestinian society with the other hand. Then they wonder why there is so much hate and animosity toward them as a nation and people. The targeted assassination of Palestinian leaders by the Israeli Offence Forces must stop before the cycle of violence resumes. Any act of restraint by the Palestinian society. The Israeli try to take the credit as their policies are working.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Democracy Should Start at the United Nations

If President Bush and his administration really wanted to promote freedom and democracy around the world they would start with the United Nations. Almost all people on the left, right and in the middle of the political spectrum believe that the United Nations needs major reform. The United Nations is a multilateral international institution that operates on a dictatorial platform in the UN Security Council. As long as any one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council has a single vote veto over any UN Resolutions it is a dictatorship.

For Secretary of State Rice to be supportive of people up rising in the former Soviet Union countries saying it is a good thing is a bit short sighted. During the Cold War almost everything the United States government had accused the Soviet Union of doing or being from the domino effect to the police state the United States has succeeded in doing. How would the United States government and people take to the actions of China and or Russia setting up military bases in the American’s hemisphere as the United States has done in Asia?

The United States foreign policies and military have over stepped its bounds costing the American taxpayers 100’s of billions of borrowed dollars. The United States National Debt is growing over 500 billion dollars a year for the foreseeable future with much of it being financed by foreign banks and governments. The United States being the biggest debtor nation in the world has undermined the development of the developing world as well as United State’s national security. Interest rates in the United States as well as the rest of world will rise because of the United States government growing demand for more borrowed money.

The manor in which many of the elected United States Federal officials operates borders along treason and incompetence that is undermining the security of the United States as well as the rest of the world. Without the United States addressing some of the domestic problems and policies at home. The United States will have to continue to defend and support policies that are not sustainable over time putting all of us in danger. Unless the United States wants to be the military police of the world we better strengthen the role the United Nations as well as other international non-profit NGO’s.

Friday, March 17, 2006


No Winners in the War on Terror

Let us assume the State of Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state co-existing in peace with her neighbors. This is clearly not the case today. The real question is how are things going to change for the better on both sides so the people can live in peace and have security co-existing together. Accepting the fact that there are three major parts to the War on Islamic Terrorists that the United States Foreign Policies are directly connected too. The first being the current policies and actions of the State of Israel, the second being tyrannical forms of governments of many Middle Eastern nations and the third being our national energy policies.

More specifically our consumption of so much of the world fossil fuel is crippling many of the other developing nations around the world. With many of the developed industrial nations having little to no native fossil fuel reserves. This is putting economic and political pressure on those nations that have substantial oil reserves. The flow of oil and money going into the hands of a very few people has corrupted the system. In many cases what is political and socially correct has been put on the back burner to guarantee a steady supply of Middle Eastern oil.

The perception of the problem to what is right and wrong will vary according to what side a person’s views it from. The religious indoctrination of the people on both sides has polarized the people even the moderates deepening the divide of the people. Without major policies changes on both sides things will continue to get worse for the people on both sides. Only by making friends out of our enemies will we have a chance for peace and security on a global level. For this to happen we will have to reform the system and policies strengthening the universal system of the global community of nations.

Unless the United States and the State of Israel are willing to lead in changing their ways, the violence of terror will continue to proliferate around the world. Without coming to a peaceful settlement in the Palestinian-Israel Crisis there will be no security or trust on either side deepening the divide. As well without major changes in United States energy policies, the evolution of the Middle Eastern Nations will turn to the worst. There will be no winners in the War on Terror as long as it is fought with armies and bombs. This will only heighten the level of tension in turn strengthening the extremists on both sides. Without recognizing the claims of the people on the other side there will be no answers that will work.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Put Yourself in their Shoes

The Conservative Neocons in the Bush Administration promoted the military invasion and occupation of Iraq as part of War on Terror. Defying the international community the United States military took over Iraq with no real finial plan and strategy of peace. The Conservative Neocons manipulated the facts to build their case on the military invasion of Iraq. It was described as a “Cake Walk” and that our troops were going to be received as those in Europe during World War II. The Bush Conservative Neocons are in the pockets of the military industrial complex, the oil industry and the State of Israel.

For over twelve years the United States and Great Britain bombed Iraq and enforced trade sanctions that had more of a devastating effect on the Iraqi people than Saddam. Twelve years before the 1991 War with Iraq we were supplying Saddam with chemical weapons for his War with Iran. The United States and Great Britain were instrumental in the creation of the Saddam and the Shaw of Iran regime. Many of the people in the Middle East have gotten the short end of the stick by their government and the United States government policies.

Today we are paying the price for many years of bad United States policies in the Middle East. We are on the wrong track going the wrong way and do not even know it. President Bush said “They hate us because of our Freedom” when in reality they hate our foreign policies and what it is doing to their nations. From a tyrannical regime to a society of chaos being occupied by foreign armies the Iraqi people have been the victims. The internal problems of Iraq have to be solved by the Iraqi people with as little interference as possible from outside world. For people of one nation to tell another people of another nation how to run their country is similar to one family telling another family how to raise their children.

The Conservative Neocons tunnel vision to how the world should be is very self-serving. The half-truths they tell to meet and maintain their goal is daunting and is terrorizing the people of the world. Many of the talking heads in the mass media are the lips of the people in power to disseminate miss-information to hide the ugly truth. Our going to war in Iraq and current occupation of Iraq is a good example. The United States government undermined the United Nations as an organization before the invasion of Iraq and now we want to turn the Iraqi mess that we created over to them. You do not wreak a country and destroy their system in one hundred days and then expect to re-build it to meet your standards.

Today millions of Iraqi people are out of work with foreign contractors doing much of the work in their county. The American military forces have taken over many of Saddam’s former palaces creating “Green Zones”. What the Conservative Neocons call an International Coalition is mostly American military and British military forces with there being more soldiers of fortune (missionaries) than British forces. With more high paying security jobs being created in Iraq 500 to 1500 dollars a day paid for by the American taxpayer and more low paying security jobs being created in America. The Conservative Neocons through fear and deception have manipulated the American people into believing we are doing right. With one mistake after another we are only making a bad situation worst. Our government officials and Conservative Neocons are trying to tell the Iraqi people the answers to their problems and many of the Iraqi people do not agree. We are not listening or even told what they are saying if it challenges our official position

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Corporate Lobby Welfare Reform

The Republican Party and the mass media will use smoke screens and mirrors to deflect the American people from the real political issues. Taking the religious high road on emotional moral issues that effect only a few people’s personal lives. Ruling by majority leaving no room for the minority and their ways that differ from mainstream. Gay marriage and the abortion, issues are personal decisions that the Federal government has no business in, best left to the state, local community, family and the person evolved. To politicize personal moral issues will only polarize the public bring out the worst instincts in the human race.

Not wanting to deal with the real issues and problems that effect all of us as a nation. They divert the focus of the real issues and problems through the politics of fear and not wisdom usually making the problems worst. There is more common sense and wisdom on the streets outside the DC Belt Way. The legal grafts by the corporate lobbies have hijacked our political and judicial system for what is in their self-interest.

Real campaign finance reform that will affect the lobbyists the closes people to our elected officials is a good place to start. With so many of our problems inter connected and related so are the answers. The strongest lobbies are behind many of our greatest problems with the mass media being one of the king fish that stinks. What has to be done is not in the best interest of the mass media and corporate lobbyists for they are part of the big problem.

The military industrial complex, energy, communication, banking, and the insurance industries lobbies are the domestic comer stones lobbies with the State of Israel having the strongest foreign lobby in the United States. The corporate and foreign welfare programs passed by their lobbing efforts are not usually in the best interest of the people, the nation and the people of the world at large.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Common Sense Will Bring You Closer to the Truth

The word anarchism suggests “Throwing out the baby with the bath water”. This is not or should not be accepted by the majority of the people. The majority of the people whether on the right, left or center would agree that we have great problems in our nation and the world today. It is the manner and priority in how we solve these problems that the disagreements arise. Many people in America feel that we have become a two party Republic were the politicians in the federal level are one of the same. By the time you get either parties endorsement for President you are bought and paid for by the special interest groups that are polluting our political system.

Common sense will bring you closer to the truth that the propaganda produced by the American mass media. It is safer and more profitable to serve the self-interests of a few powerful interests than to tell the truth. For things to get better in this nation and the world today, a lot of deep soul searching must take place by a lot of people. The basic premise of what is right and wrong is easily understood. Too often it is made out to be black or white when in reality there are many different shades. It is these varying degrees of right and wrong over time that blur the picture to the truth.

Many people on both sides see us heading in the wrong direction with great problems ahead the way we are going today. The answers from our political leaders are not addressing our problems ahead. Without major changes things are only going to get worst. In a democracy the people are responsible for the actions of their government. It is time for more Americans to take an active interest in a responsible way in our government policies here and abroad. We have to save the baby while getting rid of the toxic water the people of the world are counting on it.

Monday, March 13, 2006


The World as we Known it is at a Crossroad

The only reason Israel is not considered a rogue nation by the United States is because they are our allied. Any other nation that was not our allied that met the same criteria would be considered a terrorist’s nation. Today the United States is looking and acting more like Israel and Iran. The United States is pushing its economic, political and religious policies onto other nation’s people. For the United States and the State of Israel to preemptively attack another nation in the name of their national security is hypocrisy. Because if any other nation does anything similar that is not our allied it is considered an act of terrorism and an act of war.

Having the biggest and strongest military forces does not make you right. Imposing your ways and beliefs onto others with military forces most often makes you wrong. They’re are far and few cases in the history of the world that the dominating global military empires used their military force for the greater good of mankind. Most often empires use their military forces to protect and serve their own self-interest.

Today the world is at a global crossroad where the supply of crude oil can hardly keep up with global demands. The United States and its industrial allies consume the greatest amounts of the global crude oil while holding the smallest amounts of the oil reserves within their nations boarders. As the people of India and China (over 1/3 the world’s population) compete for the dwindling global oil supply the international tension rise. Most of the Middle Eastern oil reserves are in the control of a few families who need the protection and sanctity of the western military powers to remain in control.

As the international demand of oil broadens the formal of the United States National Security must change to keep up with the realities of the international community of nations. Israel must do the same thing if it ever what’s to be recognized and respected by the international community of nations. The creation of the Jewish State of Israel by the United Nations i.e. (United States, Britain, and France) was mostly self-serving. Many nations at the end of World War II did not want any more Jewish refugees in their country. The creation of the Jewish State of Israel gave the Jewish people a homeland for the first time in the modern history. This has been a thorn in the Arab world that over shadow the oil deals between the people of the Middle East and the West. The creation of Israel created news that kept the operation of Middle Eastern oil deals out of the headline news. With much of the anger Middle Eastern people focused on Israel the oil companies could do business as usual.

The military industrial complex also greatly profited in the creation of the State of Israel. On a large part because of Israel the Middle East today is one of largest markets for the military industrial complex. The sales of military weapons to protect one from the other are flourishing in the Middle East creating a goldmine for the military industrial complex. Any time the military industrial complex and big oil have a common interest there will be trouble at the end.


Throw the Bums Out

If Washington DC is the bathtub and the elected federal leaders are the bath water you can see the problem. A little dirty water will contaminate all of the water in the bathtub. Only by draining all of the water out of the bathtub can you clean it up. Too many times in the past the American people have tried to clean the bathtub without draining all of the water out. If our elected officials were not all in the same bath tub it would be a lot easier to cleanup.

Both the Republican and Democratic Party leaders have been in the dirty bathtub for to long and they are contaminating everyone else in the water. Radical changes are needed to cleanup the dirty water in the Washington DC bathtub. There is no going half way in the cleanup of the dirty water politics in Washington DC. Any system will be as strong as the weakest link in the chain.

Today most of the leaders of both parties are more loyal to their party than their nation. Our elected officials are serving themselves before the people with the people paying the bill, i.e. Vice President Cheney is a good example. The lack of common sense and nobility has been overtaken by greed and corruption that may or may not be proven in an incompetent court of law. There are problems within our civil servant system from top to the bottom in ever direction.

Only by ridding our system of all its longtime leaders in both parties can we cleanup the system. By sending this message to Washington DC the leaders in the State capitols will get it too. As with math there are more wrong answers than there are right answers. This making it much harder in solving so many of the problems that are interconnected to one another.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I am a War President

There are religious extremists are on all sides with the axis in the Holy land. President George Bush said more than once "The hand of God is guiding the affairs of this nation". Much of our government’s intelligence and information on the Middle East and Islamic affairs comes threw the pro Israel think tanks and lobbies. The Jewish religious extremists have had control of the State of Israel policies from the beginning and a growing influence over the United States Middle East Policies. Today the American people have a born again Christian fundamentalist in the White House as a "War President". This combination with the path we are on has raised the level of tension throughout the world while lowering the bar to going to war. The powerful militarist nations using collective punishment to retaliate against their adversaries often they are a people of no one nation or capital.

With no real understanding who and where the enemy is we have gone to war in the name of terrorist with modern military armies against tribal cultures who are battling within themselves. As with Christianity and Judaism there is a deep division within the Islamic culture between the old and the new ways in life. The role and relationship of the government to religion within a society is at question. Combined with the huge military industrial complex, they have raised the stakes to a point there will be no winner in the next World War. The militaristic religious nations are putting all of us in harms way.

Israel and the United States with the Judaic and Christian military industrial complexes have taken on a war with an army with no one capital or nation. It is more an ideology found within a small and growing minority of the tribal people of Islam throughout the world. Russia and the former Soviet Union have had their own on going conflicts with Islamic terrorists that some of had the backing of the United States and allies.

We are all in this world together with the answers to our global problems being found in a universal system. Some very basic principles and fundamental rules making the foundation to a Universal system that all other international laws can grow from. The national interest or security of one nation can not dominate a region of nation or the world for what is best for that one nations self interests. Only through global cooperation of most of the nations in the world working together can the best interest of the people in the world be achieved. Only by best utilizing the global resources in the world can we do some of the many things that need to be done to make this a better world to live in. There are not the resources in the world to fight on going battles that turn into wars and to do the humanitarian projects needed to be done around the world. One has to have their own nation in order before they can really help others. Only with balance and fairness can justice be achieved with peace and security for the community of nations.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Art Of War

Before the United States military invasion of Iraq the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Collin Powell were against the immediate military invasion of Iraq because of the problems we face today. No one questioned whether the United States military could win the military part of the war. The question was could we win peace in Iraq and what was our military exit strategy. Vice President Cheney’s office and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld supported by the high level government Neocons were for the war with Iraq. At the end of the Cold War with the Russians then Secretary of Defense Cheney had the task to down sizing the military budget to make it more efficient. Much of the cost cutting and savings came from outsourcing jobs and services that the private sector could do cheaper. Today Halliburton has profited greatly from these changes in military operations.

Today President Bush claims he miss-calculated the Iraqi resistance we are running into today. Many people today are trying to blame it on faulty government intelligence. When in fact it was the work of a few Neocons that were part of the President’s team that side tracked the facts to the truth as well as the opposing points of view from within the Bush team. Under the Bush Presidency the United States diplomatic core has been put in the backseat with the civilian military Neocons running the show. It is the lack of balance and common sense in the decision making process of our system today that has us going astray.

Over time all things change whether it is for the better or for the worst. The evolution of technology and military weapons has surpassed our mental capacity to be able to control them. With international diplomacy being corrupted by money and greed by those in power. Only with major changes in our political and economic system will things get better. Many of the problems we face today are interconnected to one and another so too are many of the answers. To understand how bad things really are one should read the book SUN TZU’ S ART OF WAR.

Friday, March 10, 2006


The Truth Hurts Those Who Lie

I have never said the Arab nations have clean hands in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis neither does the United States. There is plenty of blame to go around for all parties involved to have a their fair share. No matter how you cut the pie the Palestinian people are still the victims as were the Jewish people and many others from the Nazi in the thirties and forties. The Nazi’s and government of Israel are the people in control of the governments have more responsibility for the way things were and are today. From 1947 until the present the Palestinian people have gotten the short end of the stick while the Israeli are constantly are complaining about being the victim.

People and organizations that have done independent research and have studied the situation have opinions that differ from the official Israeli’s mantra. These people are labeled as being anti Semitic or a self-hating Jew as their argument against their policies and actions. The Israelis like to boast about how they can grow cotton {a water intense crop} in the desert while they are standing around their swimming pools in their backyard. They don’t want to tell you they rank number one in freshwater pollution among all the nations in the world.

That the Israeli Jewish people consume 80% of the freshwater and the Palestinian people get the other 20% of freshwater. Even within Israel proper there are over 100 Palestinian villages with no freshwater system, electricity or roads. They are known as Arab Unrecognized Villages by the Israeli government. Yes these are the truths that you want to deny for your plan for a Greater State of Israel. No to blame the Palestinian people for the mess they are in today would be similar to blaming the European Jewish people for the mess they were in 1938.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Have We Become Our Worst Enemy

The Cold War was over political ideology communism verses capitalism and the domino theory. We were telling the people on our side the commies were trying to take over the world and they were claiming the capitalists were trying to take over the world and we called it propaganda. Less than 25 years after the end of the cold war we are trying to convert the nations of the world to a democratic capitalist system of government. Since the end of World War II the military battles have been fought on the economics and political fronts. We no longer colonize nations with armies but economic and political trade agreements that control a nations economy.

Today with the United States Foreign Policy clearly dividing the world’s nations and people. Between our military actions and the State of Israel’s military actions and the political rhetoric coming out of both nations. Most of the nations of the rest of the world are feeling threaten by these policies and actions. Most Arab people and nations do not have to look to far or deep in their region to see the scars of what a democratic militaristic capitalist system of government can do to the people. The Israel government being the only democratic militaristic capitalist in the region not making a good Ambassador to the democratic capitalist form of government.

Many of the religiously indoctrinated American Jewish Temples and people are in the forefront of the War on Islamic Terrorist. With a disproportional amount of influence over the United States Middle East policies they are bringing their religious bias into our policies and position. The United States has armed militarily both sides the Israelis and Arab nations to the point of raising the level of tension to insanity. If the people of the world stand-up and condemn the Israelis for their military assassination of Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin they are labeled anti-Semites. The Israelis raising the level of tension to the breaking point in the Islamic world in the Middle East and around the world by their military offensive actions. Claiming it is in the name of national security while endangering everybody else in the world. There is no Homeland Security Agency that can defend and secure the American people while supporting the current extremists policies and action of the State of Israel.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Stronger International Global Platform

Only by building a stronger international global platform of organizations will the answers to peace and security be properly addressed. For this to happen there will be many needed changes that will have to come about to make this possible. As long as the United States government is spending over forty times the annual budget on military spending than all of the United Nations Agencies put together. We will continue to have more wars and less peace in the world.

With the United States spending over 420 billion dollars on military spending which is 43% of the world’s total military expenditure. And all of the budgets to the United Nations Agencies total about ten billon dollars. We will not have enough finical resources to make the needed changes to make it a better and safer world. The United States Government fiscal policies are draining the international monetary system from the needed capital for the developing nations.

Only by creating an independent global platform financed by an International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET) will we create a stable and large enough platform to make the needed changes. For some of the nations that are global super powers this will mean relinquishing some of their international powers. For the smaller and less powerful nations this will mean they will have to contribute more to the international originations platform. The taxpayers of any one nation call not be paying for it all without creating a global military empire as we have today.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


War Crimes of Hebron

Why don’t people hear the truth about what is going on in the City of Hebron the largest Palestinian City in the West Bank? There were 130,000 plus Palestinian living in Hebron in 2000 and today there are about 100,000 Palestinians living there. For most part of the last six years the Palestinians people of Hebron have been living in lock down conditions similar to the conditions of Jewish Ghettos of Europe before World War II.

There are approximately 500 Jewish settlers living in the middle of the City of Hebron in four settlements known as the Hilltop Jewish Settlers. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) protects the Jewish settlers in Hebron. The IDF have created Jewish Only Roads going in and out of Hebron for the Jewish settlers safe passages. Destroying the homes and farms of thousands of Palestinian people to create the Jewish Only Roads and Open Space, Green Zones other wise known as security zones.

This is the true reality on the ground in Hebron during the Peace Talks of the late 90’s up until today for the Palestinian people of Hebron. There is no freedom of travel for the Palestinian people of Hebron with a very few exception. They can’t get their items to and from the markets outside Hebron. Without going threw IDF checkpoints that could take from a few hours to a few days for the Palestinian can pass through. Similar stories as there in Hebron are true in the Gaza and other Palestinian West Bank villages.

The truth of the matter is the Jewish Israelis have been terrorizing the Palestinian people for the last sixty + years. The Israeli have had total control of the Holy Land of Palestine since the 1967 Six-Day War. They have made living conditions unbearable for the Palestinian people trying to depopulate the Muslim population creating a pure Jewish State of Greater Israel. The goals and dreams of the Zionist’s movement are very similar as those of the Nazi in having a pure state of their own kind.

Monday, March 06, 2006


The Other Side

Understanding the other side, putting yourself in their shoes. There are many more than two sides to any problem, as there are many parts to a problem. Most often there is not an answer that is right to all, only a consentice to what might be best for the majority involved.

One can’t change history or what has already happen, but they can influence the way things are going to be tomorrow. Many things the way they were yesterday, would be wrong today. One must understand the historical perceptive of the way things were to be able to understand where we are today.

We have many more things in common with the other side than we realize. Things are not right and there are in-justices be done to our people. It is the other side fault for our problems. They started it and we don’t feel secure and it’s there fault. Usually most side will agree that there is a problem, it is only to the answer or solution there will be disagreements.

Many of the global problems of today are rooted in tribal problems from centuries in the past. Many wrongs have been committed by all sides over many years. At one time most of the world was control by tribes and tribal leaders. Then western way started to grow and move around the world. They did it through religion, politics, economics and warfare. Many different cultures have been wipeout in the face of western culture progress.

It was not too long ago that teaching hate was part of the curriculum in our schools and churches. We cannot control what one learns or thinks, but we have some controls on what is taught in our public schools. Realizing that in many cases throughout the world that it was religious leaders that were the first to read and write in the old world. They were the first teachers to the Royal families of the world. From the scriptures, the early lessons were taught and from this societies grew. Throughout the world’s history, intolerance of others has been taught to our young from our religion institutions, media and government policies. It is not part of our genetic make-up to hate someone that is different that you. It is taught and learned and past down from one generation to another threw the family and community.

Tribal boundaries and western borders have not or are not the same. One must realize the difference before you can understand part of the root to the problems. Thus most of the new immerging nations that are a pluralistic society should move away from a religious doctrine state of government. There has to be a balance between the religious influnance and military influnance in the central government.


Israel 500 Bunker Buster Bombs

Is America safer with Homeland Security catching Cat Stevens before he enters the United States? Is Israel safer with the American Taxpayers giving the State of Israel 500 Bunker Buster Bombs at the cost of 319 million dollars? Most likely it was Israeli Government that was behind the information putting Cat Stevens on the Americas no fly list. Yes, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and has spoken out in support of the Palestinian people struggle for human rights and dignity. Yes, the Israeli Government promised not to use any of the 500 Bunker Buster Bombs on the Palestinian people. These two actions by the United States Government epitomize the problems we face in the Middle East in our War on Terror.

The 911 Commission Report focuses on our government’s international intelligence system. There are three basic parts to our intelligence system collecting information, analyzing the information and creating policies and actions. Our elected public officials are directly involved in the analyzing of the intelligence information and the policies and actions aspects. So they are placing more of the blame on the system of the collections of intelligence information. With so much of the collected information subjected to the personal interpretation of the people that handle it. It is advantageous for people in power to disseminate misinformation so the people on the street do not really know what is going on.

Too much of the United States government’s intelligence information regarding the Middle East is filter through the Mossad and the Israeli government. Israel a Jewish military state with two to four hundred nuclear weapons wants to remain the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. Washington rumors say that the 500 Bunker Buster Bombs that the United States is giving Israel are targeted for Syria and Iran. Cat Stevens a truth teller is a threat to war not peace. Both the State of Israel and the United States today lack in international diplomacy while favoring military actions instead.

It is not the lack of intelligence information that is the problem. It is the interpretation of the intelligence information as well as the source that it comes from that must be questioned. The Neo-conservatives and the private sector of the military industrial complex is the strong arm behind many of our military actions and policies in the Middle East and the world today. There is a great lack of balance between international diplomacy and military actions and policies of the United States and the State of Israel.

What are the best and worst synopsis cases of the State of Israel having 500 Bunker Buster Bombs? Reality and common sense for most people in the world would tell you “the bad far out ways the good” in this case. There is an element to all actions and government policies that are good and bad that must be weight in the decision making process. Only with a balance in the truth will come fairness and justice for the people bringing peace and security to the people on both side.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


It is Time for Progress Toward Peace

It is very sad to say that there will be more terrorists’ attacks by Palestinians Freedom Fighters against Israeli people in the years to come. Unfortunately the Israeli government will retaliate worsening the already dire conditions of the Palestinian society. There is no question which government and people have more control of the situation on the ground in the Holy Land. Living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are breeding grounds for Freedom Fighters or terrorists given the recent history of the region.

For there to be a chance for peace to grow in the region the Israeli government must take a bold new approach in dealing with the realities on the ground. The Palestinians and Arab nations must do the same with a strong backing from the international community of nations. Doing so will inflame the extremists on both sides further isolating them from the silent major of people on either side. Only by decreasing the cycle of violence not letting the extremists form either side take control, can the movement toward long-term peace come about in the region.

A massive infusion of capital is needed within the Gaza Strip and West Bank to create hundreds of thousand of new jobs and opportunities for the Palestinian people. For the Israelis to disengage as they did in the Gaza Strip is not nearly enough to correct the problems on the ground in the Holy Land. Much more is needed to be done, to make right this bad situation. Those in power and control have to take more responsibility for the conditions in the Holy Land today. A fair and viable settlement for both sides must be worked out regardless the reaction from the extremists on either side.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Heaven and Hell are Right Here on Earth

President Bush in less than 6 year has added more than 2 trillion dollar to the United States National Debt. This is more than all of the Democratic presidents combined going back to President Johnson. A person just has to look at the facts to what the so-called conservatives presidents have done to the national debt. Between President Reagan, and the President Bush I and II they have added over 5 trillion dollars to the 8.3 trillion dollar of the United States National Debt.

If the United States Congress set the bar so low to impeach a sitting President for lying about sex under oath, then President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney should be sentence to death by a military firing squad for treason to the United States. Today the United States National Security is more exposed and vulnerable to an attack from a foreign entity than ever before. Between the Federal National Debt, the Trade Debt and the up coming energy crisis the Bush Administration has done more to undermine the security of the United States than any other President. Recruitment is down in the branches of military and most of the State National Guard the United States first line of defense.

If the United States Congress impeaches President Clinton for lying about sex under oath, then what should be the punishment for a President lying about going to war in Iraq. With Vice President Cheney’s Halliburton receiving billions of dollars of open-end non-competitive contracts. According to the Downing Street Minutes in July 2002 ten months after 9-11 President Bush’s Administration had decided to go to War with Iraq.,00.html Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have let the American people down by giving away to the special interest groups. In the name of God, the Bush Administration is raping freedom, democracy and the American people.

Not to far off in the near future the United States and global economy is going to implode. Then the American people will see how fragile and vulnerable life is for most of the other people in the world. The United State has squandered its great wealth and resources on a military crusade for power and control. Only after things fall completely apart will it be able to be put back together again in a way that is balanced and just. The lack of global confidences in the United States leadership and direction will bring the world’s economy down. Today over 32% of the United States National Debt is held by foreign entities with China being one of the largest. If other nations do on to us, as we have done to them, are we in big trouble.

Friday, March 03, 2006


The Truth of the Other Side

The Israelis pulling out of the Gaza Strip is a good first step although it is over 35 years later than it should have been in the first place. The prospect for a secure State of Israel is in the hands of the Israeli government leaders. The Palestinian government has a very limited power or control over the situation on the ground. Today the Israeli government with the Jewish National Fund (JNF) own and control 93% of Israel proper. As part of the (JNF) Charter they can lease land for 49 or 98 years to Jewish people only. In Israel proper there are over 120 Unrecognized Palestinian Villages with over 70,000 Palestinian people. They have no public fresh water system, electricity, roads connecting to the outside. Within in Israel proper they have color-coated license plates on their cars to distinguish Palestinian people from the Israeli Jewish people.

It is the dark side of the State of Israel that gets (very little to no) mass media coverage in America. The Israelis want to be seen as the victim while being the victor. Only by convoluting the truth can the Israelis with the United States support get away with the current policies and actions in the region. The deplorable living conditions of most of the Palestinian people are crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Israeli government policies. Whether it is the fence, the wall, the Jewish Only Roads that dice and slice up the Palestinian Territories. Things have to change on both sides before either side will have any peace and security.

The government of Israel must modify her ill ways of the past, and a great amount of international Goodwill will come her way. The ill ways of many of the other Arab nations are not justification for the Israelis. Two wrongs don’t make a right and the eye for an eye will only create more conflict. The Israeli government having more wealth and military power in this regional conflict has higher level of responsibility for the final out come of this regional conflict.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Jewish National Fund

With the birth of the Zionists movement in the late 1800’s and the creation of the National Jewish Fund in the early 1900’s we are now confronted with a Jewish militant state with a modern military infrastructure of the twenty-first century. Today fully utilizing the Internet the American Jewish community is continuing to finance the extreme policies of the Israeli government that is fueling the war of terror. The wicked and harsh living conditions of the Palestinian people created by the Israeli government’s policies and actions are at the root of the most of the hate and terror in this region.

With the State of Israeli owing and controlling 77 percent of the land within Israeli Proper, this shall make it possible for some reapportion of land to the Palestinian Israelis people in the final settlement. With the United States Taxpayer financing ten percent of the State of Israeli annual budget and the American and European Jewish Temples financing the Jewish National Fund (JNF). This makes the American people responsible for State of Israeli’s in their actions and policies against the Palestinian people today.

The State of Israel must relinquish control of some of their land; this should be part of the Master Land Plan of Israel. A major land reform within the State of Israeli Proper must take place as part of any real peace plan. Some of this land should the set a side for the 200,000 Israeli Settlers in the West Bank and Gaza to re-settle within Israeli Proper. There were once 7000 Israelis living in the Gaza Strip controlling 42 percent of the land leaving the 1.4 million Palestinian people with the remaining 58 percent of Gaza Strip.

Without justice there will be no peace and without peace there will be no security throughout the world. The hypocrisy of the United States supporting these Israelis actions and policies are no longer going to be tolerated by the global community. Unless America is willing to be strong and balances in the leading role of this crisis with the government of Israel willing to follow the Quartet’s program towards peace. There will only be more acts of terror committed by both sides. The historical recorded has been recorded and wittiness by many people with the American people being told one side of the story with many being Zionist half-truths.

As long as the United States government and American Jewish community continues to finance the extreme policies of the Israeli government there will be no peace or security for anyone involved. The double standard of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has deepened the divide the people of the world weakening the global war on terror. We are in more danger today because of our pass and current policies in this conflict that have furthered polarized the extremists on both sides. Unless the United States and the State of Israel’s governments reevaluate their policies towards the Palestinian society in this conflict the fuel for terror will continue to grow worldwide.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006



There is no wall
That you can build so tall

That will protect the few
Who already knew

The illegal gotten gains
And all of the pains

They created for all of the people
While they claim its equal

For so many lies
So many innocent dies

All in the name of the book
Which is held by a crook

There is little more that could be said
When you talk to people without a head

The truth will come out
There is no doubt

And when you hear
It will create great fear

So it is time
For a glass of wine

And change your way
For a better day


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