Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Money and Time are Running Out

The miss-use of the State National Guard has greatly reduced our national security. America’s frontline of homeland security belongs at home in the United States. Today the United States government has taken on the role as global cop. Bringing capitalism in the name of democracy at the other end of a loaded gun. America’s foreign policies are threatening America’s national security unlike never before in history.

The American people can’t afford the misguided policies of the United States Federal Government. The economic, political, and social abuses that are promoted in the name of democracy and freedom are a crime against the human race. It is fraud for the profits and gains of a very few. Look at the living conditions of the people to America’s longest and strongest allies around the world. Nations of people who America declares they are going to help. Whether they are in the Philippines, South America, Middle East or the American Indians and African Americans. What has our federal government really done to help these people?

While the salaries and income of those people at the very top go up at double digits rates with the incomes of the bottom 90% of the people remain basically the same. With the cost of living is rising beyond the means of most American people the security of the American family is in great jeopardy. The cost of health care is at the root of bankruptcies of many American people and business. The high cost of court litigation is also a contributing factor to the bankruptcy of America. Making it so that America is no longer global competitive.

It is the policies, laws, and actions of our own federal government that is the biggest threat to the security of the American people as well as the people of the world. Today we have fewer friends and more enemies around the world. More American people are living on the fringes of bankruptcy because their salaries are not keeping up with their rising bills and taxes. With the family debt of today looking more like the saving accounts of families in the past. In other words the saving accounts of the bottom 90% of the America people today looks like or similar to the personal debt of the people the 50’s and 60’s. At a time the American people saved more and borrowed less.

Really, the only things that have kept the American economy afloat are the immoral gotten gains from gunboat diplomacy with foreign governments and the global tyrants and criminals investing in America as a safe haven. Otherwise the American economy would have imploded years ago. This is not a Republican or Democratic thing it is the security of the American people and the people in the world. Today too many of the national politicians are more loyal to their party than their nation. They are not serving the best interests of the American people but to the special interests that are apart of their party.

Major changes need to come about that are far beyond our imagination. Without these major changes within our system, we will not survive the current course we are on today. Time is no longer on our side unless we make many changes for the better. Bringing the best interests of the people of the nations and world into balance is the key. For every action there is a reaction. The answers are found within the reactions to our problems.

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