Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yeah for Condoleezza Rice

On May 31, 2006 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice took a major turn with the Iran-United States nuclear negotiation policy. She said the United States government is willing to join the European Union and the United Nations position on the terms towards negotiating with the Iranian government. Granted it may not change a thing on the ground because of the Iranian’s position. But it clearly puts the ball in the Iranian government’s court with the United States government moving inline with the international community of nations. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice statement clearly sent a statement to the leaders of the rest of the world. That President Bush is moving away from the position of the Neocons (Cheney-Rumsfeld) in his administration and towards a more global centrist’s position.

If the Iranian government decides to open negotiations though diplomacy with the international community it will change everything. The international community will have a hard time making a case to support their position that Iran cannot have nuclear capabilities such as the State of Israel. Possibly political and economic bribery can change the position of the Iranian government. Sanction will not work with a nation with so much oil. The laws of “Common Sense” and “Fairness” are on the Iranians side as far as the international reality of the world. Yes, most people and nations in the world would rather that Iran or Israel did not have any Nuclear weapons. The common sense of the majority of people of the world says the world would be a lot safer and better off if no nation had any nuclear weapons. What are the chances of that ever happening zero to almost none.

The only possible way for negotiations to work with the Iranians is for the Israeli nuclear weapons program to be dismantled under international observation. Then the international community bar would not be a double standard. How can the international community say that it is ok for Israel to possess nuclear weapons and an Islamic country cannot? The same would hold true for disarming India and Pakistan of their nuclear weapons. You will not get one to do it without the other. Common sense in these types of matters tells you what is good for one side is good for the other.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The Jewish People in Their Fight for Israel will Destroy the World

Are the Israelis any safer today almost 60 years after the founding of the Jewish State? Most nations of people will agree that the State of Israel is a modern day military super power that is threatening world peace along with the United States with their current military actions. The preemptive military strikes of the United States and Israel have created more enemies than allies making a bad situation worst. Both the United States and Israel are trying to defend policies that are unfair and immoral by global standards. Only the United States and Israel are united with the majority of the nations of the world are in opposition of their policies and actions.

Neither the United States nor the State of Israel can maintain their current military policies and actions for the next sixty years. It is the military industrial complex of both nations that are the greatest threat to world peace. It is not a lack of military intelligent information but a lack of understanding of the grievances of the people of the other side that is the problem. Both sides are guilty of corrupting the information and facts to manipulate the perception of their people.

There are religious military extremists on all sides that are fanning the flames to the fire. If only the people in power could put themselves in the shoes of the people on the other side. There is no way to win a war if you do not understand who you are fighting. The United States-Israeli Middle East Policies have compounded the problems in the Middle East. Not until there are major changes in the policies and actions of Israel and the United States will there be peace.

Israel a nation the size of the State of New Jersey maintains one of the world’s most powerful military forces. The United States military spending accounts for 42% of the world’s total military spending. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? There is no way a nation can spend this amount of their nation’s natural resources and have the resources for the humanitarian aid that is needed to build peace.

Both the State of Israel and the United States must change their military industrial economies to peacetime economies. This change alone will make new things possible leading to a better world if done right. For starter imagine if both the State of Israel and the United States cut their military spending by 50% and allocated half of it for humanitarian projects with their neighbors. If the United States took half of what it gives to the State of Israel annually and invests it into the Palestinian society. Then things could be different but reality tells you there is no chance this would ever happen.

Monday, May 29, 2006


The United States Disproportional Influence

The United States having a disproportional influence over international global policies with the President of the United State being elected ever four years. This creates instability in global policies with the changing of administrations with the priorities and perception often differing greatly between them. Compounding this is the attitude of each administration that they know what is best for the global community of nations. Using the military, economic recourses, and the United Nations (permanent seat on U.N. Security Council one vote veto) to dictate its policies onto the rest of the global community of nation.

Where American domestic politics more like a football game dividing the world’s nations into us verses them. With one set of policies for us and another set of policies and standard for them, we have a double standard that we run the world by. The concept that one nation can elect the leader of the free world every four years and he can declare war unilaterally, because it is in our national security and interests is reality.

We are at a pivotal point in global history that the United States can relinquish some of it dominating powers over international politics to groups (some new and some old) of multilateral organizations. The United Nation’s Charter to the Security Council Charter must be change so that one nation can veto a vote. This creates a dictatorial platform that one permit member of the U.N. Security Council can control. Some old organizations such as the United Nations must change and be strengthened to work with some newly created organizations on a regional global basis.

Most of the problems and conflicts of a region must be resolved by the regional branches of global organizations and the neighboring governments along with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). The Rule of International Law must be strengthened and more defined with all member nations agreeing to follow.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


God, Girly Guys and Guns

The religious right in the United States have taken control of our federal government. A person’s spiritual religious beliefs and governments with large military armies do not go together well. The self-righteous person of faith has very little tolerance for people of different faith and customs. Issues dealing with morals and religion are very personal and the government’s policies are for the public at large. What is right for one person may not be right for another person. It is the government responsibility to protect the rights of the individual without impeding on the rights of others. A lack of balance and common sense has taken our nation down the wrong path in so many ways.

How does the religious right justifying being Pro Life, Pro Gun, and Pro War and so anti gay when two people of the same sex wanting to commit their love to one and another. An investigation into the eleven states that had referendums in 2004 elections dealing with gay matrimonies will find that the religious right was the motivating force behind getting them on the ballet. The religious Wizards of TV preaching to their followers to vote the way of God and Jesus demonizing anyone who is outside the line. The religious fundamental extremists controlling the United States government today are almost as bad as the ones we are fighting. The religious extremists are in control of the governments on both sides of America’s War on Terrorists.

By defending bad policies our actions are getting us deeper into a hole. Today we are confronted with a no win situation in Iraq while we are flaming the fire to going to War with Iran and Syria. Different foreign empires have occupied people in the Middle East for over one thousand years. Today with the vast amount of the world’s oil reserves in the Middle East there fight to who is going to control the region has intensified. The United States has gone to war not understanding who is the enemy. This has escalated global tensions around the world.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Two Wrongs make a Right with an Eye for an Eye

The Israelis having a clear upper hand in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis with the United State’s support are winning the military war while losing the political, economic, and social arena. On both the Israeli and Palestinian sides there are religiously indoctrinated extremists who do not want peace without wiping out or controlling the people on the other side. As long as the State of Israel and the United States have contempt and disregard for International Laws, the United Nations, and the general consensus of the international community of nations there will be no peace or security.

The State of Israel and the United State’s economies are too heavily depended on the military industrial complex with 40% of Israel’s exports being military related. With the War on Terror, Israel’s military exports will grow even more creating a mini military religious state. The United States being the world’s largest exporter of weapons of death and destruction and the largest buyer of Israeli military products. Both nations are leading the world in the production of military weapons of defense and offence yet neither nation possessing peace or security.

Much of the problem has to do with the conditioning of the people on both sides. The State of Israel possessing a modern military force that all Jewish people over seventeen must serve in the military. Between the religious and military indoctrination there is little room for common sense and reasoning with your neighbors that are different than you. With Jewish immigrants from other continents claiming God given rights to the land while up rooting the indigenous people of their land. The horrific conditions imposed onto the Palestinian people by Israeli government policies are at the root of the creation of the Palestinian suicide bombers.

The weakest link in the security of the United States is our intelligence community ability to gather and decipher information. With so many of our think tanks and policies making organizations dealing with the Middle East issues having a dispositional influence of religiously indoctrinated Jewish people influencing our government policies in this region. Some people have compared it to the “Wolf guarding the chicken’s coop.” If the people of the United States want what is best for State of Israel they would help moderate Israel’s policies and position in the region. The State of Israel making major government policies changes towards the Palestinian people for the better this opening the door putting a new light on Israel. Then and only then other governments of the region and world will change their relationship with the State of Israel for the better.

As with the Catholic Church for many years the hierarchy lied to the people saying there is no problem within the church. A similar thing is happening in many Jewish Temples towards the facts of the State of Israel and the Islamic Palestinian people.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Israeli, Military Industrial Complex, Energy, Lobbies

What is the difference between Hamas Party and Likud Party? Both are parties of the extremists that don't recognize the rights of the people on the other side. The Israeli and United States government are doing there best to see that the Hamas Party has a strong showing in January election. The Zionists and Likud Party do not recognize the Palestinian people's right to there own nation. They use the Torah turning God into a real state broker, who gives the Holy Land exclusively to the Jewish people. Only recently did the Israeli government recognize the Palestinian people where before they were only known as Arabs or Jordanians.

American Jewish Temples, Jewish groups large and small with the support of Christians and Jewish people alike finance the Jewish extremist movement for the Greater State of Israel.

At the end of Prime Minister Sharon political career he moved away from the Likud Party's Platform realizing it be in the best interest of long-term security for the State of Israel. In 1998 the Jewish Holocaust victims won a 1.25 settlement against the Swiss banks.

Today the Palestinian people are the victims of the Israeli governments policies and actions over the last 58+ years. The Israeli want to be the victim and victor, you can't have it both ways. The Israeli have become a regional nuclear military super power that has bombed all of her neighbors as well as Iraq. The Israeli government says it will bomb Iran Nuclear program. The American-Israeli government's Middle East Policies and actions are putting the people in the world of great danger.

Without American straightening out her problems at home there will be no end to the war we fight on Israel behalf as well as oil. According to the CIA the United States spends over 276 billion dollars on military expenditures with total in the world's military expenditures being just over 741 billions dollars.

Only by getting the Washington's lobbies out of the pockets of the politicians. Will common sense become part of the decision making process in government. The Israeli, Military Industrial Complex, Energy, as well as many other lobbies have corrupted the American political system.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


How Low will American Democracy go Before we Implode?

Will we become a military police state similar to our former enemies that we fought during the Cold War? Are we so brainwashed as American by propaganda that we no longer understand the realities of the world around us. As we create more enemies than allies with our foreign policies are we any safer or more secure as a nation. Our federal government’s leaders have made great mistakes in the past and are only making them worst by telling more lies to the American people. Most American people are buying these lies wanting to be good American citizens making the situation even worst. Not until we as people in our nation wake-up to the truth to the realities in the world around us will things get any better. Our Federal government leaders are saying one thing while doing the complete opposite to what they are saying, are leading us into disaster. Whether it is the state of the economy, our foreign policies or why we are doing what we are doing it is a complete sham that only the white American people are buying. The great divide between what the American people perceive as the truth and reality and the way most of the other people in the world perceive things is only getting worst.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Global Problems

There are many more wrong answers to the problems we face than there are right answers. One cannot solve a problem without addressing the interconnecting problems making the answer more complex. Because the United States is a leading global super power it is more responsible for the problems we face in the world today. Oil and the military industrial complex is the pinnacle to many of the problems. The United States military spending is over 42% of the total global military spending while consuming 25% of the world’s oil. The United States industrial model will not work for other nations of the world and will one day implode unless drastic changes are made very soon.

Only the United States has the power to make the needed changes for a better future for the people of the world. Dramatic changes in the United States energy and military policies are a good place to start. A fifty percent cut in the amount of oil that the United States consumes and a sixty percent cut in United States military spending would be a step in the right direction if properly implemented. A better balance is needed between the United States consumption of the world natural non renewable recourses (primarily oil) and the world’s people and environment. This would help to reduce global tensions among nations around the world lessening the need for aggressive military actions.

By the United States reducing the need of the world’s oil it will help bring its trade deficit into balance. By the United States reducing its military spending this will help to reduce the United States national debt bringing it into balance. The positive ripple effect of these two changes will put the United States as well as the nations of the world on a new track of substantiality. The American taxpayers cannot afford to be the world’s police and have the needed resources for the humanitarian aid to make it a better world. The military cost to defend fair and balance policies is much more affordable than trying to defend policies that are inhumane and unjust.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Opulence of Americans is Obscene

It is totally obscene the way so many wealthy American people are living their lives. American families of two, three or four people are living in five thousand to twenty thousand square foot homes often owning more than one home. The American society is consuming more than five times the amount of the world oil than is their fair share. With the world’s oil supply in question and global demand of oil growing. The American society is growing more depended on oil from other nations from around the world.

It is socially irresponsible for the American people to be building bigger homes that are not “Green Homes”. For the wealthy people, who for the most part are most the highly educated people to feel they are entitled to more and more is wrong. Given the conditions of the people of the world and the poor people within America there is no justification for such opulence.

The political, military and economic cost to our nation and the people of the world for America’s excessive consumption of oil is straining the global system. How we utilize our global resources will determine the living conditions of the people in the world. The cost of defending bad policies or policies that are clearly wrong will only worsen the global conditions among nations and people.

The arrogance of the wealthy people and leaders of America is undermining global security. The size of the wealthy American homes and cars are at the root of many of American problems today. America making up less than five percent worlds population is consuming twenty-five percent of the world’s oil.
The control of the world’s natural resources is often part of the grounds for war. With more money made by fewer people in a wartime economy the people in power often choose war over diplomacy.

Often how a person or nation makes their great wealth is as despicable as the way they live their life. The corporate greed of the over paid white collar executives is out of balance to the realities of the people in the world. It is the excessive compensation and consumption of a few people making it so there are so many people without a living wage in the world. For the wealthy to consume more than their fair share of the world’s natural resources is socially irresponsible.

Monday, May 22, 2006


H.R. Bill 4681

Rep. Tom Lantos, Rep. Eliot Engel, Rep. Shelley Berkley and Rep Gary Ackerman should be in the Knesset in Israel instead of the United States Congress. Their one-sided view of history has distorted the truth taking our Congress the wrong way. Israel and the United States national security are being undermined by our Congress’s actions. House of Representative Bill 4681 with 295 co-sponsors is a good example of the Israeli influence over the United States Congress. This Bill will add more restrictions to any United States aid to the government of Palestine.

With United States member of Congress comparing Hamas to the Nazis on the floor of Congress is totally outrageous. The Israeli lobby has hijacked our Federal Government’s Middle East Foreign Policies. To label Hamas a terrorists organization is as wrong as labeling the Government of Israel or the United States a terrorist nation. To say that there are terrorist’s elements within Hamas is true and the same could be said about the government of Israel and the United States.

For the United States Congress to pass H.R. Bill 4681 saying that they are going to withhold United States financial support of the United Nations if they give any financial aid to Palestine government. At a time when the Palestinian people are at the brink of a civil war created by the conditions and terms imposed onto them by the State of Israel and the United States. A lot of the turmoil in the Middle East has been created by the United States –Israeli policies and actions.

The Government of Palestine receives very little financial aid from the United States government with the State of Israel receiving over 1/3 of the total annual foreign aid of the United States government. The Jewish indoctrinated members of the United States Congress have hijacked the United States government Middle East policies to serve their religious conviction in their unconditional support for the Greater State of Israel.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Border and Immigration

Yes, most Americans agree there is a problem at the border with the method of millions of Central and South American people coming to the United States for jobs. The majority of these undocumented immigrants have more Native American blood than Spanish blood in their family bloodlines. Many of them come from the poorest condition within their homeland country. They are people who are discriminated against in their own homeland similar as the American Indian in the United States.

The manner in which the United States government and big business has dealt with Canada is one way and the nations to our south a different way are a major part to our border problems today. If we really wanted to secure our boarder with Mexico we would change our ways in dealing with the Mexican’s government and business. Because the standard of living is similar between Canada and the United States we do not have the millions of un-document worker coming to the United States. Only by raising the standard of living in Mexico will we be able to secure our boarder.

The United States must deal with the nations to our south in a similar manner as the Canadians. New good paying jobs and opportunities must be created in Central and South America. The Organization of the American States must take a leading role in the changes that must take place between the United States and the nations of Central and South America. There are many different platforms that have to be addressed to securing our nations boarders. Only by dealing with all of the platforms including the social and economic conditions that are part of the root to the problem of the undocumented immigrant problem we have today.

Many of the undocumented immigrants from our southern boarder are more American that most of the United States citizens. Their family roots go back thousands of years in the Americas. One does not have to go to far back in history or dig to deep to find the inhuman treatment of the Native American Indians in the United States. One must be practical as well as fair in solving the undocumented immigrant problem in America. Only by addressing the whole problem will the answers to a long term solution be found.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Tracking the National Debt

The last American President to leave office with the National Federal Debt {NFD} under a trillion dollars was President Jimmy Carter in 1981.

· 1976- 1980 President Carter added approximately 277 billion dollars over his four-year term. When he left office the (NFD} was approximately 930 billion dollars.
· 1980- 1988 President Reagan takes the honor for breaking into the trillions. The born again conservatives took the {NFD} from 930 billion to 2.6 trillion dollars in eight years this is an increase of 1.6 trillion dollars. Almost tripling the {NFD}.
· 1988- 1992 President George H. Bush took the {NFD} from 2.6 trillion dollars to 4 trillion dollars in four years. This is an increase of 1.4 trillion dollars almost the same over President Reagan eight year term.
· 1992-2000 President Clinton started off with the {NFD} at 4 trillion dollar and over eight years grew to 5.6 trillion dollars. This was an increase of 1.6 trillion dollars about the same as under President Reagan over the same period of time.
· 2000-? President George W. Bush started off the {NFD} at 5.6 trillion dollar with the {NFD} at 7.3 now and projected to be 7.6 by the end of President Bush’s first term. This is a two trillion dollar increase in four years. This is 400 billion dollars more than President Reagan and President Clinton during their eight-year terms.

From 1980 when the {NDF} was just under a trillion dollar to September 2004 the {NFD} is 7.3 trillion dollars. The Republicans controlled the White House sixteen years of the last twenty-four years running the {NFD} up approximately 5 trillion dollars while the Democrats controlling the White House for eight year added 1.6 trillion dollars. President Clinton is the only President during this period to have a year with balance federal budget with a surplus not adding to the National Federal Debt.

Friday, May 05, 2006


United Nations

As never before the role of the United Nations is so ever important to the future global community. With problems in the Untied Nations and around the world becoming ever so more complex. As major changes have to happen around the world so they must at the United Nations. Example United Nations Security Council Veto Vote Resolution 1385 on Saturday December 29, 2001. One nation or one person should not have so much power to be able to stop such a resolution in secret. With only one being out of sink with the others an amendment to the resolution would be in order. The UN Security Council being the high Council of the UN with the one vote veto you are creating a dictatorial buricaticy on a global level. Giving any one of the Permanent Nations absolute power in being able to stop any resolution they desire.

The UN Security Council should be change to change with it changing role. Keeping the basic format with some changes such as; Increase the number of members to 11 with 2 being rotatening members. One would rotate on a five-year basis. The other nine would be pediment member. With one nay vote the resolution passes. With two nay votes the resolution must be amended so there is only one nay vote or less to pass. Three nay votes and the resolution is veto.

It is though practices and action like this that tarnish the role of the United Nations and the United States in their leading role with the global community. One vote should not be able to stop what others see to be good for the situation in a global way. We would not tolerate that practice anywhere else why at the UN Security Council.

Opening the UN Security Council to the democratic ways we want nations to move towards. This council must act in a global way for what is in the best interest of the global community and not one nation. With the current policy of a one vote veto in the Security Council stifles the work of all of the other groups invold. No nation should have absolute control over the international policy of the global community.

A balance of power between local, state and national is as important as the balance between national, regional and global.

Nation re-construction should be a done on a state and national level with the regional neighbor nations and the United Nations leading the way. States should be created following the ethnic and tribal boundaries to make up the national government and it reprehensive.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Wall World War

The Israeli government was demanding an additional 2.2 billion of dollars from the United States Government to help pay for the pullout of the Jewish Settlements in the Gaza Strip. There were just over eight thousand Jewish Settlers in the Gaza Strip and 1.4 million Palestinian people. This amount of aid comes out to approximately 250 thousand dollars per Jewish settler or one million dollars for a family of four. This is on top of the 2 to 3 billion dollars of aid Israel receive annually form the American taxpayers.

During this time the Israeli government is making a land grab around East Jerusalem. Building what the Israeli government calls a fence while the rest of the world calls it a wall. See pictures you decide. 50,000 Palestinian people will be on the Israeli side of the wall in the East Jerusalem section alone. Thousands of Palestinian people homes, farms, and villages have destroyed in the building of this illegal Wall. Only the Israelis see the Wall as the way to peace.

The United States government has to borrow the money they give to the State of Israel every year running up the United States Federal Debt. The State of Israel receives about thirty percent of the United States Foreign Aid annually. The crimes against humanity the Israelis have committed over a long-term bases have been condemned by most international multi- lateral organizations. There will be no peace in Iraq and no real security in the United States, Britain, and Israel as long as the Israeli continue on the current path.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006



How the people in the anarchism movement maybe hurting the cause they are fighting for. The people who are working for major changes in the system need to keep several things in mind. For one you will not gain the support of those people who are apart of the mainstream fringe that are sympathetic to your struggle by scaring them away. The best analogy to this point is found in the pro-life verses pro-choice movement. The pro-life movement has tried to paint the pro-choice movement with a pro-abortion brush. If the pro-choice movement took on a pro-abortion tone they would lose many mainstream supporters from the pro-choice movement. Your opponent will try to move your side of the movement to the outside of the mainstream making them look more mainstream.

The right wing movement has been rather successful in moving the left wing movement out of the mainstream. They have done this by demonizing the left wing movement with the unconditional support of the political and corporate infrastructure for they are the ones under attack. It is politically acceptable for the right-wingers to declare a revolution but if the left-wingers declare a revolution it is considered to be unpatriotic, a threat to our national security, even treason.

In the eyes of many of the people in the world the extremists were in side Madison Square Garden at the Republican Convention. There were very few people outside on the streets performing acts of civil disobedience getting the majority of the mass media coverage while tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people will be standing up in protest. With the vast majority of people protesting being from mainstream America with their voice never heard. The mass media will only cover the extremist acts of violence outside making those inside Madison Square Garden more moderate. While those inside have a higher allegiance to the Republican Party than their nation.

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