Monday, May 22, 2006


H.R. Bill 4681

Rep. Tom Lantos, Rep. Eliot Engel, Rep. Shelley Berkley and Rep Gary Ackerman should be in the Knesset in Israel instead of the United States Congress. Their one-sided view of history has distorted the truth taking our Congress the wrong way. Israel and the United States national security are being undermined by our Congress’s actions. House of Representative Bill 4681 with 295 co-sponsors is a good example of the Israeli influence over the United States Congress. This Bill will add more restrictions to any United States aid to the government of Palestine.

With United States member of Congress comparing Hamas to the Nazis on the floor of Congress is totally outrageous. The Israeli lobby has hijacked our Federal Government’s Middle East Foreign Policies. To label Hamas a terrorists organization is as wrong as labeling the Government of Israel or the United States a terrorist nation. To say that there are terrorist’s elements within Hamas is true and the same could be said about the government of Israel and the United States.

For the United States Congress to pass H.R. Bill 4681 saying that they are going to withhold United States financial support of the United Nations if they give any financial aid to Palestine government. At a time when the Palestinian people are at the brink of a civil war created by the conditions and terms imposed onto them by the State of Israel and the United States. A lot of the turmoil in the Middle East has been created by the United States –Israeli policies and actions.

The Government of Palestine receives very little financial aid from the United States government with the State of Israel receiving over 1/3 of the total annual foreign aid of the United States government. The Jewish indoctrinated members of the United States Congress have hijacked the United States government Middle East policies to serve their religious conviction in their unconditional support for the Greater State of Israel.

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