Thursday, August 31, 2006


Balance is the Key to Solving many of the World’s Problems

It is appalling and an outrage how little responsibility the American people take for their federal government’s foreign and domestic policies and actions in the world. The wealthy get richer and the poorer people are starving to death, on as little as a dollar a day. For the wealthy nations to spend more on warfare than they do on humanitarian projects to help the less fortunate nations of people is a crime within its self. Too often wealth and knowledge are mistaken as one of the same often leading to horrible consequences. The lack of understanding and greed are at the root of so many of the world’s problems.

Whether it is the greed of nations of people or the lack of understanding of people and nations who have a different understanding than you. Too often this ends up in conflicts that lead to war. Wealthy nations with large military industrial complexes often push for war as one sign of their strength and domination over the other. With the military industrial a cornerstone of a nation’s national security they will never be secure without a balance. As an example; if there was a better balance in what the government of the United States spends on the military operations and humanitarian operations such as the Peace Core. The people of the world as well as in the people of the United States would be much more secure.

If the wealthy nations of people consumed less and shared more of the world’s natural resources the world would be a much safer place. Only by bringing a better balance in to use and distribution of the world’s financial and natural resources, will peace and security be achieved. The United States consuming 25% of the world’s oil and is by far the largest borrower of global capital from the international financial markets. Then for the United States government to spend so much of this money on war compounds the global problems that already exist.

For far too long the United States government has been going in the wrong direction. This is true with many of its foreign and domestic policies. With little to no understanding of world or regional history the United States government has tried to dictate global policies onto others. These self-serving policies have divided the world into the haves and the have nots. As long as the differences become greater the tensions will rise leading to more conflicts and wars.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Are the Israelis and Americans Always Right?

The Israeli are always the first to point out what would any other nation do if they were bombed from the people of another nation. President Bush opening one liner is the “Israelis have a right to defend themselves”. To that one has to ask at what cost and to whom. For the United States and Israel to defend their actions, one has to seriously edit and delete much of the timeline to the history of the region. Why don’t the Israelis ask what person or nation would like to give up 55% to100% of their land to the Jewish people as the Palestinian people. Why haven’t God’s Chosen People shown the world’s people, how you can transfer the land of the indigenous people to people from a foreign land in a humanitarian way?

The people from the United States and Israel have to take a real hard look in the mirror to what their governments are really doing. The military actions and policies of both nations are endangering the future security of peace around the world. Whether it is in Iraq, Lebanon or Palestine the United States and the State of Israel have committed many War Crimes Against Humanity on an on going basis. The lack of any balance between diplomacy and military warfare is a major problem with the United States and Israel foreign policies.

The manipulation of information before, during and after war is part of the fog of war. There are many good examples of this in the latest war between Israel and Hezbollah. During the war the American and Israeli media portrayed Hezbollah as indiscriminating bombing of Israeli citizens. The truth is that Hezbollah was using missiles that were antiquated that had no target accuracy. The fact that Hezbollah killed about 138 Israeli soldiers and 18 Israeli citizens remains under reported after the war. Meanwhile the Israelis using smart bombs and missiles many of provided by the United States and they kill approximately three to four hundred members of the Hezbollah militia and over 1,400 Lebanese civilians with one third being Lebanese children. The Israelis claim dropping thousands of flyers warning the Lebanese people of an up coming attack makes the killing and destruction humane.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Travesty of Peace

The American government and mass media are treating the Lebanese people as the perpetrator of the war and the Israelis as the victims. The facts on the ground tell a different story, a perspective the American people do not receive from their mainstream mass media or their government. The Israelis have the military power to destroy their neighbor’s nations as they have done a number of times. Today in the name of “War on Terror” the United States and Israel are occupying four Arab nations while threatening war on others. The United States and the State of Israel spend nearly a half a trillion dollars annual on the infrastructure of war. The United Nations has an annual budget smaller than the University of California.

Many nations have large trained armies ready to go to war while few nations have any forces trained for peacekeeping mission. The United States and the State of Israel have used collective punishment against the Arab and Islamic people in the War on Terror. What can be destroyed in 34 days can take a life time to build i.e. Lebanon. The fact there aren’t any permanent International Peacekeeping Forces organized and trained for peacekeeping missions is a crime within its self. With all of the financial resources the military nations spend on war and so little on diplomacy and the humanitarian projects at the end of war.

There should be a global military tax placed on the international trade of military hardware. The revenue from these tax dollars should be use to finance the infrastructure of a permanent International Peacekeeping Forces. There should be fines placed on those nations that go into unsanctioned war. Penalties should be paid for by those nations that commit the war crimes and not by people of another nation on another continent such as after World War II. Only by strengthening the international platform of diplomacy and the international humanitarian NGO’s will peace and security have a chance to grow.

Monday, August 28, 2006


United States and Israel Stand United

What and how the American mainstream media report’s news is design to dummy down the American people. From O.J. to Jon Benet the American mainstream media diverts the American people from the real stories that matter. Then, and when the media covers the real important stories, they only present one side of the story. This hold true in most of the media markets in the world with only one side of the story being reported. With the polarization of the people on all sides, the tension escalates often leading to conflicts and wars.

No where is this clearer than in the Middle East between the Jewish (Israelis) and Islamic (Arabs) people. The American government and American mass mainstream media are united behind the Jewish people of Israel. The amount of on going death and destruction the governments of the United States and the State of Israel have brought into the Middle East are War Crimes against Humanity. Without the prosecution of these crimes there will be no peace and security in the Middle East, the United States as well as in the rest of the world.

The United States and Israel have been involved in more wars with more countries than the combination of any other nations. The military stances of the United States and Israel have been condemned by the international community of nations a number of times over the years. The Israelis are in violation of sixty plus United Nations Resolutions not counting the numerous of resolutions the United States unilateral threaten or vetoed on Israel behalf. The blowback from previous military actions and of Israel and the United States has raised the level of tension dividing the nations of the world. If the United States were not a major global military power it might not matter.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Excessive Military Force is a Criminal of War

The break in the Israeli bombing of Lebanon opens the camera lens for the eyes of the people of the world to see the massive damage the Israeli have done. There are probably more unexploded bombs in Lebanon that the Israeli drop. Than all the bombs Hezbollah drop on Israel in the 34 days of war. Time will tell by the number of innocent Lebanese people that get killed by these unexploded bombs over time. The majority of bombs and missiles were delivered by American made weapons of war.

So much of Lebanon is in the dark because the Israeli destroyed Lebanon’s power plants and the electrical grid system. The Israeli destroyed Lebanon oil depot polluting 75 miles of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coastline. Many of Lebanon’s southern villages totally destroyed with many tens of thousands of Lebanese people homes destroyed by the Israeli 34 day bombing campaign. All of this was made possible with the unconditional support of the United States government. The American taxpayers giving the State of Israel over three billion dollar of financial aid annual with much of it military related. Smart bombs from Raytheon, helicopters, jet bombers and tanks all made by and paid for by Americans taxpayers.

There is no way the truth to the Lebanese-Israeli-Hezbollah conflict will ever be heard and understood by the American and Israeli mainstream public. There would be too much blood and guilt on their hands. The amount of damage done to Lebanon infrastructure is estimated to be ten billion dollars not counting the lives lost and the people maimed. Southern Lebanon is covered with thousands of Israeli landmines and countless numbers of unexploded bombs and missiles. The United Nations estimates that ten percent of the missiles and bombs don’t detonate upon impact. Leaving Lebanon with more unexploded Israeli bombs and missiles than Hezbollah fired into Israel during the 34 days of war.

From the very beginning of fighting the Israelis were saying that Hezbollah were targeting Israeli civilians. When the final numbers are counted it is something like 168 Israeli casualties with 118 Israeli military personnel and 40 Israeli civilians. To date no one is quite sure how many Lebanese people died and for that matter how many of them were Hezbollah military personnel. What is very clear is the amount of physical damage the Israeli did to Lebanon goes far beyond the Hezbollah infrastructure.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Thou Should Not Bear Faults Witness Against Thy Neighbor

To hear and see the President of Iran interview with Mike Wallace was rather scary. The contrast between the 60 Minutes edited version and the C-Spain unedited version of the interview would make a great case study on the media’s impact and power on the information people receive. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad depth and understanding to the problems we face as nations of the world is very enlightening. Especially, when you compare President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President Bush understanding to the problems in the world around us.

The warmongers and hate mongers that are within the United States, Israel and the Islamic world are the greatest threat to world peace and security. Clearly we hear the hate and contempt from the political leaders and religious leaders of the United States towards our adversaries on the other side. Rarely do we hear the words of our adversaries translated in complete text. The Iranian’s President made a lot of sense in the words he spoke during the full interview with Mike Wallace. One can only wonder if President Bush could do the same thing if he was interview by one of our adversary’s reporters for over a full hour.

Realizing that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was putting his best forward for the people of the world which is in total contrast to what the American people have heard and seen up until now. With no official government diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran for over 26 years, this is only making the world a more dangerous place. The many lies that each side says and tells about the other side are only compounding the problems we face. The Internet can break these barriers of communication by each side creating their own official websites to disseminate their views and positions on global issues. New bridges of communication through the Internet can create a better understanding of our differences. Their full message then can be heard by the people on the other side with each side controlling the translation of their message.

Too often the words we hear from the Iranians are from the Israeli’s talking heads and the American Mass media. The same would also hold true for Hamas and Hezbollah. The Israelis want us believe that they are the only civilized democracy in the Middle East. That Hamas and Hezbollah are only terrorist groups. American opponents have to make a direct unedited connection to the American people. Their grievance have to be heard and understood by the people of the world before their will be any real global peace and security in the world.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


United States and Israel Partners in War Crimes

As United Nations Resolution 1701 is passed the Israelis have tripled the number of Israeli military forces in Southern Lebanon. This is clearly in violation of the spirit of United Nation Resolution 1701. There is no other nation in the world that is in violations of so many United Nations Resolutions and other International Laws as State of Israel. The Israeli will use so-called “legal loopholes” in the laws and resolutions saying they did not have to comply.

To compound things even more the United Nation passes Resolution 1701 saying they will send up to 15,000 United Nations Troops to keep the peace along side 15,000 Lebanese soldiers. Neither of who are battle trained nor ready to fight like the Israeli and Hezbollah forces. The Israeli the military in control of the region will make it near to impossible for the United Nations to carry out its mandate. Only NATO forces have the clout with Turkey playing a pivotal role in defusing this crisis. The Israeli and the United States are the partners in the war crimes in Lebanon. With the majority of the Israeli heavy military armament made in the United States and a lot of it paid for by American taxpayers.

The truce for how ever long it may last. Will be an open a widow for the outside world to see the horrific damage done to Southern Lebanon by the Israeli military forces. The American people will see how their tax dollars are being spent by Israel. From the very beginning of the War the Israeli made it clear they were not going after the Lebanese government or people. They were going after Hezbollah. The evidence left behind in the destruction of Lebanon will point to the contrary. It will point to collective punishment of the Lebanese people. With the majority of the damage that the Israelis have done in Lebanon was with American made weapons of death and destruction.

The Israeli see no wrong in their actions in Lebanon. For they have been doing it to the Palestinian people for many years. Israel is a nation built and trained to go to war in the name of national security. For every war Israel fights the blowback becomes greater because they are fighting for the unjust occupation of another people land. Yes, there are many problems on both sides. Without us addressing the problems on our side there is no chance for the other side to address their own problems from within.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Pretext to Israeli-Hezbollah War

Without understanding the pretext to the so called Israeli-Hezbollah War, you will not understand the truth. Only the American mainstream mass media is reporting that the latest war started with the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese-Israeli border. The timeline leading up to the Israeli overwhelming disproportional military attack on Lebanon is the foundation to the problems of Israel and the Middle East today.

The passing of United Nations Resolution 1701 is only the first small step towards peace and stability in the region. The implementation of Resolution 1701 is the second step of many steps that are needed to bring a true long lasting peace to the region. Without an international investigation into the war crimes of the latest war there will be no end to the conflict, including the monitoring of the actions on both sides since the approval of the United Nations Resolution.

Clearly most of the nations of people in the world see the Israelis as the aggressors in the latest war with the only major exception being the United States Government. Today the people of Lebanon are living a life under conditions similar to the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank with very little to no electricity, fresh water, commerce, travel and security. The massive amount of damage done to the infrastructure of the Lebanon in month by the Israelis cannot be justified. Israel is clearly acting like a religious military nation on steroids.

Hezbollah started in 1982 as blowback from the Sharon-Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Hezbollah grew as a resistance group to Israel’s seventeen year occupation of Southern Lebanon. The Israeli military forces leave Southern Lebanon for six years. On July 12, 2006 the Israeli military forces start to blowup Lebanon in retaliation they say for the kidnapping of two Israel soldiers. More likely the Israeli reaction was in reaction to the free election in Lebanon of two Hezbollah Ministers and Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Parliament and Iran’s nuclear program. With the people of the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon paying the price of a free democratic election results the Israelis did not like. Would the Iranians be seeking a military nuclear program if the Middle East was truly a nuclear weapon free region?

Friday, August 11, 2006


Why Israel and the United States are More Responsible

To all of those people who say I blame Israel and the United States for all of the problems we face in the Middle East today. You are reading into what I have written as you want to see it. I have stated that Israel and the United States policies account for a larger share of the blame because they are the nations of the “haves”. They have the military power and control over the region holding the Palestinian people prisoners within the West Bank and Gaza for nearly forty years. The policies and actions of United States-Israel have only made a bad situation worst for the last forty plus years.

To unilaterally attempt to make political, geographical and or social changes through the use of military force is pre-historic in the modern times of atomic weapons. For any one nation or a small group of nations to stand-up and dictate their policies and conditions onto the rest of the international communality of nations are very wrong. To say the other side started it without looking at the pretext that led to the so called action that started the conflict is wrong.

I have stated very clearly that I do not want to see Israel destroyed. In the way Israel has destroyed the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon. I want to see Israelis living within their 1967 International Borders (Green Line) in peace and security with her neighbors. I want to see reparation paid to the Palestinian society for their great losses, pain and suffering in the creation of the modern Jewish State of Israel. I want the Holy Land to be a place, where people of all faiths feel welcomed to their Holy sites in peace.

Today this is not the case. A large part has to do with the United States –Israeli policies and actions in the region. Israel must change from a state of perpetual war and conflicts to a nation of compromise, peace and tolerance. The cycle of generational hate that is on both sides towards the people on the other side must be addressed and broken. Yes, things must change big time on both sides. But it is the “haves” that have to change the most so that other less fortunate people can change too. If you have the power and control you are more responsible for the way things are in the world today.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Can Palestinians and Jewish People Live Together

Abe Foxman the National Director of Anti Defamation League posed the question can’t Jewish people live in the West Bank with the Palestinian people in Palestine? The answer to this question is of course yes with an explanation. Arabs and Jewish people have lived together for many hundreds of years especially in the Holy Land. It has been the last hundred years that the level of tension and hate has risen with the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. There is no civilized or humane way to create a new nation for another people out of someone else’s land. In partial reparation to the Jewish people for the horrific acts of the Holocaust the State of Israel was created. Most of the burden of compensation paid to the Jewish people was placed on the Palestinian people. For many years organized Jewish groups have undermined the Palestinian society making their lives a total nightmare.

With old groups like the Stern gang becoming extinct and new groups like the Kahanist forming to carry on the battles for the Zionist extremists. Today the Hilltop people along with approximately 500 Jewish settlers have disrupted and antagonized the 130,000 Palestinians in Hebron. This story and many others like it are not new to the Palestinian people. Today the Palestinian people are the victims of Jewish extremists. Compensation must be made to the Palestinian people for the sake of Justice and peace.

After an agreeable peace deal is worked out between the people and governments. It will have to be implemented and enforced by the governments and people on both sides. The question of the Jewish Settlements in Palestine will very in each case and region. Some of the Jewish settlements deep in side Palestine that are turned over to the Palestinian government in good shape should be counted as partial reparation. Rebuilding and up grading the infrastructure to Palestine will be another part of the reparation to the Palestinian people. For Palestine to become a viable nation a close and strong working relationship with the State of Israel will be needed. The Jewish Israeli that have been fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people will be key players in helping to build bridges between the two communities. The Palestinian people living within Israel proper will also be key player in building new bridges too. As conditions improve within the Palestinian communities so to will relations with the Jewish people.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


International Tribunal

If the truth can’t be told on who started and escalated the latest war between Israel and Hezbollah-Lebanon. Than why would the truth ever be told on all of the other war involving Israel since 1947? Israel a nation that is almost sixty years old has been in a state of an ongoing war since her birth. The creation of the new Jewish State of Israel divided the people and nations of the world then as it is now.

The United States, the western industrial nation and Russia have supplied the nations of the Middle East with huge amounts of military weapons over the years. There isn’t a Middle East nation that has a world renowned military industrial complex or military forces except for the State of Israel. The military arms race has made the world a more dangerous place by taking us down the wrong road that is going the wrong way.

The Israelis claim they can defend and justify their military actions in Lebanon. To who is going to be the question? There is no question that there are war crimes that have been committed by Israel and Hezbollah. As well as Iran and the United States for supplying military weapons that were being used in violation of the Geneva Convention. Both Israel and the United States see themselves as being above any International Laws.

Not until the United States, Israel, Hezbollah and Iraq are brought before an international tribunal will the truth ever be heard. Let each side present their evidences in making their case before an open international tribunal. Let the truth be heard by the people of the world. It is obvious that the majority of the Lebanon’s people are the victims in this war as well as some Israeli citizens.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


War Crimes in Lebanon

The United States is a partner in the war crimes Israel has committed in the latest war in Lebanon. With the Israel’s bombing of the Lebanon’s oil depot creating an environmental disaster that destroyed over one-hundred miles of Lebanon coastline. The bombing of civilian targets in Lebanon and the United Nations peacekeeping outpost on the Israeli-Lebanon border. The systematic destruction of Lebanon by the Israeli was done with American made bombs, missiles, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and bulldozers. There is no question whether Israel and the United States should be charged with war crimes. The question is how the United States can be balanced and fair in the drafting and approval of any United Nations Resolution dealing with this conflict when they are a partner in crime.

The amount of damage the Israelis have done in Lebanon is equitant to a global natural disaster. The Israeli have prevented the international community from providing any humanitarian relief for the victims in Lebanon. The Israeli have prevented any clean-up of the oil slick along Lebanon’s coastline. The Israeli overwhelming bombing of Lebanon’s infrastructure including power plant, bridges, cities and homes has only strengthen and unified the opposition in Lebanon. This is putting Hezbollah in the position of winning many more seats in Lebanon’s Parliament in the next general election. Israel is clearly winning the military war while losing the political and social battles to peace.

The United States and the State of Israel are setting the stage for going to war with Iran and Syria for their military and financial support of Hezbollah. Yet the United States supplies Israel with Bunker Busting Bombs that are drop in heavily populated Lebanese cities. Israel and the United States governments protest that the Iranian government is giving financial aid of 200 million dollars annual to Hezbollah. While the United States government has given Israel close to a hundred billion dollars over the last forty years. This does not include the tens of billions of dollars given by the Jewish Temples and Jewish people such as Jack Abramoff.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Food can be a Tool or Weapon

The people of the United States take so much for granted. Whether it is filling up the car with gasoline or having a job opportunity down the road. Most Americans do not realize how lucky they are to have what they do. So many people look to those people who have more than they do, wanting more for themselves. For the most part they do not look to those people who have less saying how blessed and fortunate they are. So many Americans want more and more with so many other people in the world having so little. It is the greed of a few that ruin it for so many people in the world.

The United States foreign and military policies have suppressed certain nations of people for their own political and economic gains. Much of the great wealth the United States was made at the expense of people of other nations. Raping nations of their so-called cheap natural resources leaving behind environmental man made disasters. So much of progress in the world has been used as a weapon instead of a tool such as mining, farming, oil, and money. As in the past and it is today so much of the technological advancement made had a military purpose first then new peacetime civilian uses developed later. From the atom bomb to the nuclear power plants is a good example.

Many young Palestinian children have only seen Caterpillar bulldozers destroy homes, farmland, olive tree orchards and road. Many of the Palestinian children have never seen a Caterpillar used as a tool to build anything only to destroy thing around them. Almost anything can be used as a tool or weapon depending upon how it is used. This is true in the case of the United States foreign and domestic policies. Only by the “haves” leading by example and not military force will there be more peace and understanding in the world around us.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


A Brief Overview to the History of the 1967 Six-Day War

It is the victors of War that are the revisionist of history for the truth has never been told in mainstream history books about the 1967 Six Day War in America. To understand the truth you have to understand the history to the conditions and the reality on the ground on both sides. Most often you will find the truth somewhere in the middle of what both sides are saying. The following is a brief overview to the history of the 1967 Six Day War.

The Six Day War was about twenty years after the establishment of the new Jewish State of Israel. Between 1947 and 1966 the Jewish State of Israel nearly double in size becoming one continuous Jewish State. A constant flow of Palestinian refugees flowed into neighboring Arab nations over the years making room for the new Jewish immigrants from other lands. During this time in history the world’s oil supply could out produce global demands. This being when the western industrial nations still had the Arab Oil Monarchies on a tight leash.

From 1948 to the 1967 War the Israelis had built a Jewish nation with much of it at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian people. As living conditions improved for the Jewish Israeli people they got worst for the indigenous Palestinian people. The Israeli violating many of the terms and conditions of United Nations Resolution 181creating the Jewish State and Palestinian State out of one land of Palestine.

Israel’s poor non-oil producing Arab neighbors were planning an attack on the Jewish State of Israel. For over 20 years hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees had been fleeing to their countries. The Jewish people assault on the Palestinian people was for their vision of the Greater Jewish State of Israel. After twenty years of the combination of the Zionist movement and the Jewish Biblical teaching and millions of new Jewish immigrants being financed by the world’s Jewish Temples created the conditions for the 1967 War.

After the United States government learned of the impending Arab military attack on Israel. The United States laid out the promises and conditions to Egypt and the Arab nations if they attacked Israel first. Nasser called off the Egyptian Air attack on Israel with the other Arab nations following. It was the international pressure put on the Arab nations that prevented them from the first attack in the 1967 War. The Israeli learning of this planned attack by the Arabs started the Six Day War by attacking the Egyptian Air Force when they had abandon their planes all lined up on the runway.

The living conditions of the Palestinian people in the refugee camps are very similar to the Jewish Ghettos in Europe during World War II. The Jewish decedents of the Holocaust have created similar living conditions for the Palestinian people as their ancestors lived without the death camps. For the most part the Arab nations have been convinced not to help the Palestinian people in their struggle for their human rights. Any nation that tries to help the Palestinian people without approval will face retaliation from the United States, Israel and the international community.

Friday, August 04, 2006


With Friend Like Israel Who Needs Enemies

There is no one nation or religious group of people that are hated so much by so many people of the world. The Israeli ways of today are no different than from the very beginning. For sixty years the Israeli have provoked wars with her neighbors winning the war while losing the peace. The Israeli always having the upper hand in any of the wars by having the latest military hardware and a nation of people trained to go to war. The Jewish Temples, the warmongering Christian Right, the military industrial complex, and the United States government are Israel only friends that financially support Israel in the world.

Rarely is the truth ever told, and it is even rarer that it ever heard in the United States. This is true with the history of wars of the past as well as the news about the wars of today. Each side tells their people what they want them to know whether it is true or not leaving them in the dark about the truth. Such as Israeli nuclear program, the truth about 9-11 or what is really happening on the ground in Iraq and Palestine. A good example is the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Ask most people in the United States “Who attacked who first” They will say the Arabs attacked Israel first. In fact the Israelis attacked the Egyptians Air Force first with all of their planes sitting on the tarmac. The Egyptians abandoned their planned attack on Israel because of diplomatic pressure that was applied by the United States.

If the United States applied the same diplomatic pressure onto Israel as they did to Egypt maybe we would not have the on going war ever since. Instead the Israelis receive more money and weapons for more wars. AIPAC and the Neocons are the conductors playing the United States government like a second fiddle. 11% of the United States Senate being of Jewish descendent with the majority of the Congress in the pockets of the Israeli and military lobbies. Both the National Democratic and Republican Parties are one of the same when it comes to supporting the Israeli warmongering ways. To attempt to wipeout through military force a political group and militants of Hezbollah and Hamas is equitant to the Americans wiping out the warmongers within the American system with bombs and missiles.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Two Day Lull on Missiles Hitting Israel

National Public Radio headlines described it as a “Two day lull on missile attacks on Israel”. This is an outrage because there was a TWO DAY CEASE FIRE that was declared that only one side seemed live-up too. The Israeli continued their aggressive assaults on the Lebanese’s people including an assault and raid on a hospital that was eighty miles away from the Lebanese-Israel border during the forty-eight hour cease fire. The timeline of the last year, last month or last week encapsulates the last sixty plus years of the Palestinian-Arab crisis with the Israeli military overwhelming aggressive assaults on their people.

It is the unevenness, and one sided reporting of the facts that have misled the American people into not understanding the conflict. How many times has President Bush said “They hate freedom and democracy”? Well, if Israel is the Middle East beacon of freedom and democracy. I would hate it too. Both Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority had open and fair election. The Israelis did not like the out come of their elections. So as a response they kidnap twenty-seven Palestinian elected Hamas officials, cutting off most of the international aid and trade to Palestine. The Israelis have made the living conditions of the Palestinian people miserable and now they are doing the same to the Lebanese’s people again.

The American mainstream mass media, military industrial complex, the United States and Israeli governments and Jewish Temple are responsible for the war crimes of humanity that have been committed against the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Only by applying the “Rule of International Law” with an even hand will there ever be more peace than wars and conflicts.

For too long the Israelis have gotten away with murder and the destruction of other people’s nations in the name of self defense. The United States and the State of Israel must be tried for the most recent war crimes of humanity to break this cycle of war. Over two plus billion dollars of damage done to Lebanon not counting the lost of the uncounted lives of innocent Lebanese people, that Israeli have done to Lebanon is a crime in its self. Then the Israeli government officials say they started it by kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Israel Versus Iran’s Nuclear Program

There is no way to have the Middle East a nuclear weapons free region as long as the State of Israel possesses nuclear weapons. This has been one of many issues Israel has been out of step with the international community of nations. Iran a Shiite nation is pursuing a nuclear program that could make them a nuclear power or a nuclear threat depending upon your position. The Shiite being a minority in Islam will feel more secure. The Sunnis, Arabs and Israelis will feel more threaten as well as most of the people in the rest of the world with Iran possessing nuclear weapons.

The problem is that most of the Arab nations and Iran feel threaten with the State of Israel possessing nuclear weapons today. The Iranians are at odds with the international community of nations that wants to restrict, prohibit and monitor their nuclear program and not the Israelis. How do you tell one group on one side. The international community of nations will enforce the United Nation’s Resolutions and or international laws on one side to the letter of the law, but not the other side. It is the double standards like these that put the United States and Israel at odds with the rest of the world. It is clear that the vast majority of the nations of people do not want to see Iran as a religious nuclear military power nation. The same would hold true for the State of Israel with the only major exception being the United States and Israel.

The United States government is subsidizing the Israeli military in the tune of two billion dollars annually. The Iranians are subsidizing Hezbollah in the tune of four-hundred million dollars. Which is worst considering the past actions of both nations and or groups. The Israeli occupied southern Lebanon for seventeen years and today we are seeing the results, because of the pressure being put on Iran by the international community of nations. Once again the Palestinian people are paying the price for something they had nothing to do with. Most people in the world with the exception of the Israelis and Israeli Hawks would like to see the Middle East a total nuclear free region like Africa, South America and Australia.

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