Friday, August 04, 2006


With Friend Like Israel Who Needs Enemies

There is no one nation or religious group of people that are hated so much by so many people of the world. The Israeli ways of today are no different than from the very beginning. For sixty years the Israeli have provoked wars with her neighbors winning the war while losing the peace. The Israeli always having the upper hand in any of the wars by having the latest military hardware and a nation of people trained to go to war. The Jewish Temples, the warmongering Christian Right, the military industrial complex, and the United States government are Israel only friends that financially support Israel in the world.

Rarely is the truth ever told, and it is even rarer that it ever heard in the United States. This is true with the history of wars of the past as well as the news about the wars of today. Each side tells their people what they want them to know whether it is true or not leaving them in the dark about the truth. Such as Israeli nuclear program, the truth about 9-11 or what is really happening on the ground in Iraq and Palestine. A good example is the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Ask most people in the United States “Who attacked who first” They will say the Arabs attacked Israel first. In fact the Israelis attacked the Egyptians Air Force first with all of their planes sitting on the tarmac. The Egyptians abandoned their planned attack on Israel because of diplomatic pressure that was applied by the United States.

If the United States applied the same diplomatic pressure onto Israel as they did to Egypt maybe we would not have the on going war ever since. Instead the Israelis receive more money and weapons for more wars. AIPAC and the Neocons are the conductors playing the United States government like a second fiddle. 11% of the United States Senate being of Jewish descendent with the majority of the Congress in the pockets of the Israeli and military lobbies. Both the National Democratic and Republican Parties are one of the same when it comes to supporting the Israeli warmongering ways. To attempt to wipeout through military force a political group and militants of Hezbollah and Hamas is equitant to the Americans wiping out the warmongers within the American system with bombs and missiles.

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