Tuesday, January 31, 2006


State of the Union

The State of the Union, President Bush will not tell you about in his address to the nation. America ranks number one in the following categories, number of rapes, assaults and total number of crimes committed. http://www.nationmaster.com/country/us/Crime

The United States has over two million people in prisons accounting for nearly 25% of the people in prison in the world today.

The United States government spends over 276 billion a year on the military that is over 37% of total global military spending according to the CIA.

The United States ranks number one in the importation of crude oil according to the CIA.

The United States ranks number one in the number of cars per-person.

The United States ranks number one in the amount of weapons in the world.

According to the CIA only the State of Israel and Singapore spend more per person for their military than the United States.

Monday, January 30, 2006


How Peace Between the Israelis and Palestinians Should Look

A massive infusion of international capital and humanitarian aid being invested into the new State of Palestine creating a strong and viable economy and job opportunities for the Palestinian people. Unemployment has been running between 40% and 70% in the Palestinian Territories for many years. Democracy without job opportunities for the people will not work. By creating job opportunities and an independent State for the Palestinian people the dignity of the Palestinian people will begin to be restored.

The Israeli government agreeing to turn over in good shape the Israeli settlements in the West Bank to the State of Palestine. Some of the Israeli Settlements surrounding East Jerusalem will become an International Green Zone with final terms to be worked out. Israel will gain a great deal of international legitimacy among the international community of nations. With a temporary moratorium on new immigrates or the return of people to Palestine and Israel the problem of those there today can be workout. The Israelis agreeing to down size their military industrial complex that is mostly government owned and Palestine agreeing not to create one. A twenty-year master plan must be developed and implemented with the tourism industry being the economic cornerstone of the region.

By creating a peaceful and civil way for the people of the region to settle their grievances and differences civil order will develop. Only by building the confidence of the people on both sides will trust of one and another develop. For this term of time the international community will have play a major role with operations being based in the International Green Zone. There are many considerations that have be considered in the twenty-year master plan from the preservation of the religious Holy sites to security and the development of a commercial tourism industry. Only if both sides profit from the tourism generated dollars will peace prosper in the Holy Land.
For the Government of Israel to agree to compromising terms for peace the United States Government and the European Union guarantee the national security of the State of Israel from military attacks from foreign governments. All regional and national government will have to work in cooperation against the acts of terrorisms by disgruntled individuals and fringe groups that remain out side the peace process. The slate of pass actions will be wiped clean on both sides regarding individuals and groups being tried for War Crimes, only the future actions of possible war crimes could be tried. An Authority of Property and Personal Disputed will have to be established to help settle old grievances between the Palestinian people and the Israelis. The Israeli government will handle the financial reimbursement of the Jewish Settlers for relocating backed by a financial package from the United States Government. The Authority of Property and Personal Disputed will handle the financial reimbursement to the Palestinian people by a financial package from the Arab nations and European Union.

As conditions improve in the Palestinian community so too will the relationship between the people opening the door for new opportunities. With the up coming Palestinian elections there is a chance for major changes for the better for the people on both sides if an international commitment is made as well as the governments on both sides.

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The Rotating Cheney Door

It was at the end of the Cold War with the Russians and the Great Wall dividing Germany came down. President Bush I wanted to cut back on military spending. Secretary of Defense Cheney allocated a 50 million dollar contract to Halliburton for a study on government military spending cut backs. The Halliburton study concluded that many of the military service needed during war time could be outsource to private contractors. This would bring great saving on military spending during peace time setting up Halliburton for great profits during war time.

At the end of serving his term as Secretary of Defense, Mr. Cheney went to work for the nearly bankrupt Halliburton Corporation as its CEO. Nearly seven years later Bush II drafted Mr. Cheney as his Vice President running mate to strengthen the ticket on foreign and military issues. Mr. Cheney has used the rotating door between the private sector and public service like no other person in modern times. The level of conflict of interest in the positions of power Mr. Cheney has held over his lifetime is undermining our national security.

The new precedence set by the Bush Administration in preemptive war with Iraq has undermining the Rule of International Law and our national security. Vice President Cheney and the Neocons have highjack the United States Foreign Policies in the Middle East to service the best interest of the big oil companies, military industrial complex, and the State of Israel. It all may be legal but it certainly smells of treason to the highest level within our government.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Turning Control of Supreme Court over to the Vatican

The main reason why Judge Alito should not be confirmed as a Supreme Court Judge is the following. Today four out of the nine Supreme Court Judges are Roman Catholics. Confirming Judge Alito would create a clear majority in the Supreme Court that is of one religious faith. The Roman Catholic Church has their doctrine and a hierarchy with the Pope as the head of the church.

The Supreme Court is the highest court of justice in America that set the Rule of Law into stone, the one court that sets the bar (standard) for all other courts to follow. To allow one religious faith to have a clear majority in the highest court of law in America is one step closer to becoming a theocracy. The Pope has the power to ex-communicate any one of the Roman Catholic Supreme Court Judges who rule in court against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

No one could expect a Supreme Court Judge to separate his or hers religious faith from a decision handed down in a court of law. For there to be justice in a nation of many different people there must be a balance within the system. With Five out of nine of the Supreme Court Judges being Roman Catholic the Vatican will have too much influence over some of the ruling in the Supreme Court.


American Indians and Palestine people

The Israeli military actions of suppression and destruction of the Palestinian society is nothing new. It has been taking place on an on going basis for 57+ years. It has been a series of mini Holocaust where the Israelis have destroyed many Palestinian villages, cities, and farms. The Israelis have killed and maimed tens of thousands of Palestinian people over the years. Creating a steady flow of new Palestinian refugees over the last 57+ years. In the name of God they claim to be God’s chosen people with the divine right to the Holy Land. Today most people in the world hold the Jewish people responsible for the actions and policies of the State of Israel.

The truth to Middle East history has been distorted with half-truths and lies in favor of the Israelis to justify their inhumane actions against the Palestinian people. Anyone not buying their lies or questioning Israel policies and actions towards the Palestinian people is labeled an anti-Semite. For this reason the United Nations and most of the nations of the international community of nations are labeled as being anti-Semitic. When in reality it is the Jewish people who are labeling the people of the world as being anti-Semitic, they’re the real anti–Semites. Many people in the Jewish society are blinded to the truth in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis because of their religious indoctrination. The religious extremists in Israel, United States and Islamic world are all harden in their position in this Crisis leaving no room for the truth and justice of the Semitic people of the Holy Land.

Western history has distorted the truth to the Semitic people of this region to serve their own interests. An example; It is perceived by people in the world that the Muslims and Jewish people can’t live together without fighting between one and another. Similar to the way most Americans perceive the American Indians as warriors always fighting among each other. In truth most of the four hundred plus American Indian tribes basically lived peaceful, lives in harmony with nature. Only a very few of the American Indian Tribes were tribes of warriors. It was only after the confutations with the white European people did the Indian nations fight for their survival. Under the name of God the white European people killed and rounded up the American Indians like animals while calling them savages. European Homesteaders staking out property claims on someone else’s land while claiming to be the victim of savages the American Indian.

The similarities between the transfer of societies of the United States and the State of Israel are striking. Both new nations of people violating the human rights of the indigenous people for what is best for their own self-serving interests. The victors of war are the people writing the history books distorting the truth to the facts to justify their actions to the people of the world. While raping the indigenous people of their land and natural resources, in the name of progress destroying the environment and the balance between nature and the human race. The big difference is in our ability to be able to destroy. In the past the warriors could only destroy cities, nations and region in the world always leaving a place to retreat. Today with progress we can destroy the whole world a hundred times over leaving no place to go.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006


International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET)

The OET would be added to any crude oil that is traded between one nation and another. This tax would help in the transparency of tracking the flow crude oil dollars. It would be the financial base of a new universal origination to help and promote and finance Non Government Organizations programs that would be in the greater interest of the global community of nations at large. With crude oil being the root of so much global tension this tax could be a stabilizing factor.

Developing a universal fiscal platform helping to promote what is in the best interest of the people of planet earth. With no direct connection to any one government, groups such as the United Nations, Origination of the American States, European Union, NATO, Arab League as well as a host of others organizations will be the frame from which this new universal group will work from. Taking some of the financial pressure off the United States Government as one of the leading nation in humanitarian and social aid around the world.

With an independent source of capital to be used for what is in the best interest of the nations of the world. This will help balance some of the economic and social inequalities. By building a stronger universal platform this taking pressure off of any individual nations from having to make any unilateral moves. The OET could finance a permanent International Peace Keepers Force to be used in hot spots around the world. OET matching fund program for humanitarian projects could help finance needed programs. Working with the already existing non-government organizations in their given field, OET will network and tailor its programs to meet the needs of the international community. OET will help promote the International Department of Peace to counter balance the military industrial complex on matters of war and peace. Encouraging other government to establish a Department of Peace within there own government.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Gaza Strip Master Plan

A twenty-year Gaza Strip Master Plan is needed and it should be broken down into a five-year, ten-year and twenty-year plan. A Department of Palestinian Land Trust (DPLT) will be formed to implement the Gaza Strip Master Plan. Creating an Economic Development Zone Approximately a five square mile region in the southern Gaza bordering the Mediterranean Sea. On land former occupied by the Israelis should be the site of the first project. An international network of governments and NGO’s will be needed to support the Palestinian Development Program Association (PDPA). Planting the seed of prosperity and hope for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is long over due.

The only way peace has a long-term chance in the Holy Land is by creating a political and economic environment that is viable for private foreign investor to invest the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The DPLT and PDPA will manage and implement the Gaza Strip Economic Development Zone (GSEDZ) project to create this environment. The (GSEDZ) will be divided into three territories. The majority of Zone A will be for tourists and recreation the land running along the Mediterranean Sea. Zone B will be for business and will run in between Territory A and C that is for housing and small business.

By creating the partnership between DPLT and PDPA a unified global effort can be made to help compensate the Palestinian society. Success in the implementation of the Gaza Strip Master Plan will improve the lives of many of the Palestinian people while strengthening Israel’s national security. The irony is that the Palestinians should use a similar template of the development, using the State of Israel as a model with some adjustment made to it.

One of the first steps the unified global efforts will focus on are the infrastructure construction programs within the (GSEDZ). From fresh water desalination, sewers, power and housing programs. Creating the foundation so that international investors will want to invest in commercial project that would fall into the Gaza Strip Master Plan. The creation of local permanent jobs for the Palestinian people will be one of the main focuses of the development program. The Palestinian Development Program Association (PDPA) will be the international arm that will help finance, organize and monitor the international aid to the Department of Palestinian Land Trust (DPLT).

If the proper steps aren’t taken by the international community of nations the hope for an independent viable Palestinian State has little to no chance of making it. It will not be too many months or years before the cycle of hopefulness will turn into violence all over again. Only by planting the seed of hope and change for the better will there be peace and security in the Holy Land.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


The Arab League’s Role with Hamas

The Hamas Charter of 1988 is very frightening when you read it, so is the Likud Platform of 1977, 1996. Statements made by the Likud leader Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu or the leaders of Hamas are very divisive and are undermining the peace process. Hamas has helped raise more money for Israel as well as helping the Likud party get elected into power. The Hamas Charter sounds like a fundamentalist Islamic cleric wrote it. The Likud Platforms sound like a Zionist Lawyer wrote them that graduated from an Ivy League University.

It is time for the Arab League to help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. The role of Arab League should include the following.

1. Provide financial resources for the re-construction of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
2. Help the Palestinian government in moderating and communicating their official position with the Israeli government to the world.
3. Help to defuse the tension between the Arab nations and the State of Israel.
4. Become an active member in the Peace negotiation between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Only with the United States government putting more pressure on the Israeli government and the Arab League putting more pressure on the Palestinian government to come to agreeable terms. Making the position of the governments on both sides more transparent for the world to see. This could be done with an official government website dedicated to the Palestinian-Israel Peace Process. The website would create a level forum that everything could be put on the table by both nations for the people of the world to see.


Democracy Brings Hamas into Power

Given the situation on the ground for the Palestinian people you can’t be surprised by the out come of the recent election in Palestine. The elections giving the Hamas leaders much more responsibility for the way things are going to be in the future for the Palestinian people. Hamas will be held accountable to the Palestinian people as well as to the Quartet. The newly elected leaders of Hamas will have to choose in the manner they are going to bring about change in Palestine.

The State of Israel as we known it today was established with the help of terrorists, some of who turn into political leaders of Israeli. Many people in their support of the State of Israel will deny there ever were acts of terrorists on behalf of Israel. Saying they were freedom fighters that were defending the Jewish homeland.

With in political parties there are many different fractions that make up the party. This is true in the United State, State of Israel, and Palestine as well as in any other nation major political party. Defending the philosophy of any of the extremist’s fractions within a major party is a difficult to near impossible with any degree of logic.

The actions and reactions of the people and governments of Palestine and Israel are being closely watch by the international community of nations. Only by the Quartet applying equal presser to both sides for reform can peace come about. The position of the governments on both side need to be more transparent for the people and government of the world to see. This could be done by creating an official website for the government of Palestine and Israel to post their positions and responses concerning the Peace Process. This would create a platform of equal footing for both sides. Giving the people of the world a window into the Peace Process.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


America’s Legalized Corruption

The American people are on the verge of a rude awaking when they find out how fragile their system really is in relation to the rest of the world. Everyone knows that there is more tolerance for mistakes and misunderstanding between friends than enemies. The United States standing in the world is probably at the lowest level ever. The fact that the United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world that owes and is borrowing more money from the international monetary system does not help the situation. The on going federal twin deficits that keep on growing are the biggest threat to our national security. With oil and our military foreign policy playing a major role in these deficits.

Those who will defend the wicked policies of the Bush Administration will point back to 9/11 as the Holy Grail. Saying we have been attacked declaring a War on Terror, which is another abstract war that can’t be won in the manner we are going about it. So many of America’s priorities are out of line and so many of the policies are out of balance it is having a compounding negative effect on the global economy.

The children of the American taxpayers today will inherit the problems and debt of nation. In the past our forefathers left a nation to their children with more assets than liabilities. This may not be said in the future because of the short slightest of many of our government actions and policies. On the current course America and the world is heading, it will not be long before the global economy implodes. With so much legalized corruption within the American system today there is little to no hope things will change for the better.

Only revolutionary changes in the American and global systems from top to bottom will correct the problem we face today. Such as the right to bare firearms in the Constitution must be change to the right to medical care without losing your home. The cost of medical insurance coverage is one of the major factors that’s driving the nation into bankruptcy. The rules, laws and enforcement on the lobbyists, loopholes and earmarks must change from night to day. Basically the whole system needs to be turn up side down with many of the leaders of today paying back the system for their self-center acts of greed. For too long America has been led by leaders who are more concerned about their image and pockets than what is in the best interest of the public they serve.


God Bless America

Without addressing the anti-American sentiment that is growing so rapidly around the world, we will not find security or peace creating an endless state of war. American leaders say we are fighting for freedom and democracy while many other people and nations would say America is fighting for the control by the McCorporations. Americans do not see themselves as a global empire while most people and nation around the world do. Yesterday’s weapons of protection are today’s threats of destruction and annihilation of the world, as we know it today. Many of the strengths of yesterday become the weakness of tomorrow in an evolving society.

The American society has greatly profited from the economic exploitation of the indigenous people of the world. America can win the military war while losing the economic. and political battles weakening our nation. The American government’s domestic and foreign policies are so out of whack many foreign leaders are losing confidence in our leadership. Today nations are so inter-dependent on one and another economically while being so divided political on a national and international level. The fate of the American’s security today is in the hands of banks in China and Japan.

To all of those people who say “God Bless America” God has blessed America and America has abused that blessing. Many of the world’s great innovative advancements have been made by Americans people from all over the world bring great wealth. It is how America has used her great wealth and power that is in question. Leading by example and not through military strength will bring peace and security. Only by American addressing their problems at home can they help those in need around the world. The problems we face as a nation are only a snapshot of those we face as a world. While trying to demilitarize the world we are militarizing our nation. The hypocrisy between what we say and what we do is at the roots to many of our problems.

If the Americans want to be a strong leader in the world that people and nations look up too with respect and dignity, we will have to overhaul our domestic and foreign policies. The health and security of our nation influences the condition of the people in the world. Too often disputes between nation arise from a lack of understanding of history bring us to this point. Only by bring our political and economic policies into balance will we begin to address the real problem we face. Whether it is the war in Iraq, Palestine-Israel or the poppy fields in Afghanistan or our national debt the American people are going to pay for the mistakes.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Wake Up America

A combination of political and economic changes are needed starting with campaign finance reform, medical insurance, energy, foreign and military policies, right down to what is in our national interest and security. In a quest for more power and control the United States federal government has over step the boundaries in the lives of Americans as well as the people’s rights in other nations. The United States may win the military war while losing the diplomatic battle for peace while isolating itself from the rest of the nations in the world.

Understanding that our energy policies are connected to our environmental, political, economics and social problems in the world. Realizing there is not enough world oil supplies for other nations in the world to consume oil as the United States does. Our abusive energy policies are straining our relationship with many other nations in the world raising the global level of tension. A balance between what is in our national interest and global interest has to be made more rational and fair.

With our dependence on others for our high standard of living as a society has been at the expense of others. The American people consuming 25% of the worlds oil while being less than 5% of the world population. The amount of the world’s natural resources that the American consumer has turned into garbage is a crime in its own right. With the world population growing to new levels like never before creating a major strain on the earths limited natural resources. Fresh drinking water and oil are disappearing almost at the same rate from mother earth.

The oil industry being the primary leader in our energy policies has a dispositional amount of influence over our government’s national and foreign policies. For the United States as part of its foreign policies to have another nation’s natural resources as part of its national security is wrong. In the self serving interest of the big oil companies we have an imbalance in our energy policies that are putting us in great danger. Utilizing our military and military industrial complex to guarantee a global flow of oil is putting our national security in great jeopardy. Trading oil for weapons of death and destruction while neglecting the humanitarian needs of the people has been and is our current policies today. The over lapping interests of the oil and energy industry and military industrial complex have miss led the American people and government to the truths and realities of the facts.

Special interest groups invest millions of dollar into lobbing our government officials for multi-billion dollar contracts, policies and favors. This was clearly the case of the pharmaceutical drug bill that was passed in 2003. A drug bill written by the pharmaceutical and HMO lobbies, that is being paid for the American people. With unparallel influence the lobbies have control over our government policies in their field of self-interest.

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