Thursday, January 26, 2006


Democracy Brings Hamas into Power

Given the situation on the ground for the Palestinian people you can’t be surprised by the out come of the recent election in Palestine. The elections giving the Hamas leaders much more responsibility for the way things are going to be in the future for the Palestinian people. Hamas will be held accountable to the Palestinian people as well as to the Quartet. The newly elected leaders of Hamas will have to choose in the manner they are going to bring about change in Palestine.

The State of Israel as we known it today was established with the help of terrorists, some of who turn into political leaders of Israeli. Many people in their support of the State of Israel will deny there ever were acts of terrorists on behalf of Israel. Saying they were freedom fighters that were defending the Jewish homeland.

With in political parties there are many different fractions that make up the party. This is true in the United State, State of Israel, and Palestine as well as in any other nation major political party. Defending the philosophy of any of the extremist’s fractions within a major party is a difficult to near impossible with any degree of logic.

The actions and reactions of the people and governments of Palestine and Israel are being closely watch by the international community of nations. Only by the Quartet applying equal presser to both sides for reform can peace come about. The position of the governments on both side need to be more transparent for the people and government of the world to see. This could be done by creating an official website for the government of Palestine and Israel to post their positions and responses concerning the Peace Process. This would create a platform of equal footing for both sides. Giving the people of the world a window into the Peace Process.

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