Sunday, January 29, 2006


American Indians and Palestine people

The Israeli military actions of suppression and destruction of the Palestinian society is nothing new. It has been taking place on an on going basis for 57+ years. It has been a series of mini Holocaust where the Israelis have destroyed many Palestinian villages, cities, and farms. The Israelis have killed and maimed tens of thousands of Palestinian people over the years. Creating a steady flow of new Palestinian refugees over the last 57+ years. In the name of God they claim to be God’s chosen people with the divine right to the Holy Land. Today most people in the world hold the Jewish people responsible for the actions and policies of the State of Israel.

The truth to Middle East history has been distorted with half-truths and lies in favor of the Israelis to justify their inhumane actions against the Palestinian people. Anyone not buying their lies or questioning Israel policies and actions towards the Palestinian people is labeled an anti-Semite. For this reason the United Nations and most of the nations of the international community of nations are labeled as being anti-Semitic. When in reality it is the Jewish people who are labeling the people of the world as being anti-Semitic, they’re the real anti–Semites. Many people in the Jewish society are blinded to the truth in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis because of their religious indoctrination. The religious extremists in Israel, United States and Islamic world are all harden in their position in this Crisis leaving no room for the truth and justice of the Semitic people of the Holy Land.

Western history has distorted the truth to the Semitic people of this region to serve their own interests. An example; It is perceived by people in the world that the Muslims and Jewish people can’t live together without fighting between one and another. Similar to the way most Americans perceive the American Indians as warriors always fighting among each other. In truth most of the four hundred plus American Indian tribes basically lived peaceful, lives in harmony with nature. Only a very few of the American Indian Tribes were tribes of warriors. It was only after the confutations with the white European people did the Indian nations fight for their survival. Under the name of God the white European people killed and rounded up the American Indians like animals while calling them savages. European Homesteaders staking out property claims on someone else’s land while claiming to be the victim of savages the American Indian.

The similarities between the transfer of societies of the United States and the State of Israel are striking. Both new nations of people violating the human rights of the indigenous people for what is best for their own self-serving interests. The victors of war are the people writing the history books distorting the truth to the facts to justify their actions to the people of the world. While raping the indigenous people of their land and natural resources, in the name of progress destroying the environment and the balance between nature and the human race. The big difference is in our ability to be able to destroy. In the past the warriors could only destroy cities, nations and region in the world always leaving a place to retreat. Today with progress we can destroy the whole world a hundred times over leaving no place to go.

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