Monday, January 30, 2006


How Peace Between the Israelis and Palestinians Should Look

A massive infusion of international capital and humanitarian aid being invested into the new State of Palestine creating a strong and viable economy and job opportunities for the Palestinian people. Unemployment has been running between 40% and 70% in the Palestinian Territories for many years. Democracy without job opportunities for the people will not work. By creating job opportunities and an independent State for the Palestinian people the dignity of the Palestinian people will begin to be restored.

The Israeli government agreeing to turn over in good shape the Israeli settlements in the West Bank to the State of Palestine. Some of the Israeli Settlements surrounding East Jerusalem will become an International Green Zone with final terms to be worked out. Israel will gain a great deal of international legitimacy among the international community of nations. With a temporary moratorium on new immigrates or the return of people to Palestine and Israel the problem of those there today can be workout. The Israelis agreeing to down size their military industrial complex that is mostly government owned and Palestine agreeing not to create one. A twenty-year master plan must be developed and implemented with the tourism industry being the economic cornerstone of the region.

By creating a peaceful and civil way for the people of the region to settle their grievances and differences civil order will develop. Only by building the confidence of the people on both sides will trust of one and another develop. For this term of time the international community will have play a major role with operations being based in the International Green Zone. There are many considerations that have be considered in the twenty-year master plan from the preservation of the religious Holy sites to security and the development of a commercial tourism industry. Only if both sides profit from the tourism generated dollars will peace prosper in the Holy Land.
For the Government of Israel to agree to compromising terms for peace the United States Government and the European Union guarantee the national security of the State of Israel from military attacks from foreign governments. All regional and national government will have to work in cooperation against the acts of terrorisms by disgruntled individuals and fringe groups that remain out side the peace process. The slate of pass actions will be wiped clean on both sides regarding individuals and groups being tried for War Crimes, only the future actions of possible war crimes could be tried. An Authority of Property and Personal Disputed will have to be established to help settle old grievances between the Palestinian people and the Israelis. The Israeli government will handle the financial reimbursement of the Jewish Settlers for relocating backed by a financial package from the United States Government. The Authority of Property and Personal Disputed will handle the financial reimbursement to the Palestinian people by a financial package from the Arab nations and European Union.

As conditions improve in the Palestinian community so too will the relationship between the people opening the door for new opportunities. With the up coming Palestinian elections there is a chance for major changes for the better for the people on both sides if an international commitment is made as well as the governments on both sides.

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