Wednesday, January 25, 2006


God Bless America

Without addressing the anti-American sentiment that is growing so rapidly around the world, we will not find security or peace creating an endless state of war. American leaders say we are fighting for freedom and democracy while many other people and nations would say America is fighting for the control by the McCorporations. Americans do not see themselves as a global empire while most people and nation around the world do. Yesterday’s weapons of protection are today’s threats of destruction and annihilation of the world, as we know it today. Many of the strengths of yesterday become the weakness of tomorrow in an evolving society.

The American society has greatly profited from the economic exploitation of the indigenous people of the world. America can win the military war while losing the economic. and political battles weakening our nation. The American government’s domestic and foreign policies are so out of whack many foreign leaders are losing confidence in our leadership. Today nations are so inter-dependent on one and another economically while being so divided political on a national and international level. The fate of the American’s security today is in the hands of banks in China and Japan.

To all of those people who say “God Bless America” God has blessed America and America has abused that blessing. Many of the world’s great innovative advancements have been made by Americans people from all over the world bring great wealth. It is how America has used her great wealth and power that is in question. Leading by example and not through military strength will bring peace and security. Only by American addressing their problems at home can they help those in need around the world. The problems we face as a nation are only a snapshot of those we face as a world. While trying to demilitarize the world we are militarizing our nation. The hypocrisy between what we say and what we do is at the roots to many of our problems.

If the Americans want to be a strong leader in the world that people and nations look up too with respect and dignity, we will have to overhaul our domestic and foreign policies. The health and security of our nation influences the condition of the people in the world. Too often disputes between nation arise from a lack of understanding of history bring us to this point. Only by bring our political and economic policies into balance will we begin to address the real problem we face. Whether it is the war in Iraq, Palestine-Israel or the poppy fields in Afghanistan or our national debt the American people are going to pay for the mistakes.

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