Thursday, January 26, 2006


The Arab League’s Role with Hamas

The Hamas Charter of 1988 is very frightening when you read it, so is the Likud Platform of 1977, 1996. Statements made by the Likud leader Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu or the leaders of Hamas are very divisive and are undermining the peace process. Hamas has helped raise more money for Israel as well as helping the Likud party get elected into power. The Hamas Charter sounds like a fundamentalist Islamic cleric wrote it. The Likud Platforms sound like a Zionist Lawyer wrote them that graduated from an Ivy League University.

It is time for the Arab League to help resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis. The role of Arab League should include the following.

1. Provide financial resources for the re-construction of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
2. Help the Palestinian government in moderating and communicating their official position with the Israeli government to the world.
3. Help to defuse the tension between the Arab nations and the State of Israel.
4. Become an active member in the Peace negotiation between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Only with the United States government putting more pressure on the Israeli government and the Arab League putting more pressure on the Palestinian government to come to agreeable terms. Making the position of the governments on both sides more transparent for the world to see. This could be done with an official government website dedicated to the Palestinian-Israel Peace Process. The website would create a level forum that everything could be put on the table by both nations for the people of the world to see.

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