Wednesday, January 25, 2006


America’s Legalized Corruption

The American people are on the verge of a rude awaking when they find out how fragile their system really is in relation to the rest of the world. Everyone knows that there is more tolerance for mistakes and misunderstanding between friends than enemies. The United States standing in the world is probably at the lowest level ever. The fact that the United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world that owes and is borrowing more money from the international monetary system does not help the situation. The on going federal twin deficits that keep on growing are the biggest threat to our national security. With oil and our military foreign policy playing a major role in these deficits.

Those who will defend the wicked policies of the Bush Administration will point back to 9/11 as the Holy Grail. Saying we have been attacked declaring a War on Terror, which is another abstract war that can’t be won in the manner we are going about it. So many of America’s priorities are out of line and so many of the policies are out of balance it is having a compounding negative effect on the global economy.

The children of the American taxpayers today will inherit the problems and debt of nation. In the past our forefathers left a nation to their children with more assets than liabilities. This may not be said in the future because of the short slightest of many of our government actions and policies. On the current course America and the world is heading, it will not be long before the global economy implodes. With so much legalized corruption within the American system today there is little to no hope things will change for the better.

Only revolutionary changes in the American and global systems from top to bottom will correct the problem we face today. Such as the right to bare firearms in the Constitution must be change to the right to medical care without losing your home. The cost of medical insurance coverage is one of the major factors that’s driving the nation into bankruptcy. The rules, laws and enforcement on the lobbyists, loopholes and earmarks must change from night to day. Basically the whole system needs to be turn up side down with many of the leaders of today paying back the system for their self-center acts of greed. For too long America has been led by leaders who are more concerned about their image and pockets than what is in the best interest of the public they serve.

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