Saturday, January 28, 2006


International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET)

The OET would be added to any crude oil that is traded between one nation and another. This tax would help in the transparency of tracking the flow crude oil dollars. It would be the financial base of a new universal origination to help and promote and finance Non Government Organizations programs that would be in the greater interest of the global community of nations at large. With crude oil being the root of so much global tension this tax could be a stabilizing factor.

Developing a universal fiscal platform helping to promote what is in the best interest of the people of planet earth. With no direct connection to any one government, groups such as the United Nations, Origination of the American States, European Union, NATO, Arab League as well as a host of others organizations will be the frame from which this new universal group will work from. Taking some of the financial pressure off the United States Government as one of the leading nation in humanitarian and social aid around the world.

With an independent source of capital to be used for what is in the best interest of the nations of the world. This will help balance some of the economic and social inequalities. By building a stronger universal platform this taking pressure off of any individual nations from having to make any unilateral moves. The OET could finance a permanent International Peace Keepers Force to be used in hot spots around the world. OET matching fund program for humanitarian projects could help finance needed programs. Working with the already existing non-government organizations in their given field, OET will network and tailor its programs to meet the needs of the international community. OET will help promote the International Department of Peace to counter balance the military industrial complex on matters of war and peace. Encouraging other government to establish a Department of Peace within there own government.

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