Monday, January 30, 2006


The Rotating Cheney Door

It was at the end of the Cold War with the Russians and the Great Wall dividing Germany came down. President Bush I wanted to cut back on military spending. Secretary of Defense Cheney allocated a 50 million dollar contract to Halliburton for a study on government military spending cut backs. The Halliburton study concluded that many of the military service needed during war time could be outsource to private contractors. This would bring great saving on military spending during peace time setting up Halliburton for great profits during war time.

At the end of serving his term as Secretary of Defense, Mr. Cheney went to work for the nearly bankrupt Halliburton Corporation as its CEO. Nearly seven years later Bush II drafted Mr. Cheney as his Vice President running mate to strengthen the ticket on foreign and military issues. Mr. Cheney has used the rotating door between the private sector and public service like no other person in modern times. The level of conflict of interest in the positions of power Mr. Cheney has held over his lifetime is undermining our national security.

The new precedence set by the Bush Administration in preemptive war with Iraq has undermining the Rule of International Law and our national security. Vice President Cheney and the Neocons have highjack the United States Foreign Policies in the Middle East to service the best interest of the big oil companies, military industrial complex, and the State of Israel. It all may be legal but it certainly smells of treason to the highest level within our government.

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