Friday, January 27, 2006


Gaza Strip Master Plan

A twenty-year Gaza Strip Master Plan is needed and it should be broken down into a five-year, ten-year and twenty-year plan. A Department of Palestinian Land Trust (DPLT) will be formed to implement the Gaza Strip Master Plan. Creating an Economic Development Zone Approximately a five square mile region in the southern Gaza bordering the Mediterranean Sea. On land former occupied by the Israelis should be the site of the first project. An international network of governments and NGO’s will be needed to support the Palestinian Development Program Association (PDPA). Planting the seed of prosperity and hope for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is long over due.

The only way peace has a long-term chance in the Holy Land is by creating a political and economic environment that is viable for private foreign investor to invest the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The DPLT and PDPA will manage and implement the Gaza Strip Economic Development Zone (GSEDZ) project to create this environment. The (GSEDZ) will be divided into three territories. The majority of Zone A will be for tourists and recreation the land running along the Mediterranean Sea. Zone B will be for business and will run in between Territory A and C that is for housing and small business.

By creating the partnership between DPLT and PDPA a unified global effort can be made to help compensate the Palestinian society. Success in the implementation of the Gaza Strip Master Plan will improve the lives of many of the Palestinian people while strengthening Israel’s national security. The irony is that the Palestinians should use a similar template of the development, using the State of Israel as a model with some adjustment made to it.

One of the first steps the unified global efforts will focus on are the infrastructure construction programs within the (GSEDZ). From fresh water desalination, sewers, power and housing programs. Creating the foundation so that international investors will want to invest in commercial project that would fall into the Gaza Strip Master Plan. The creation of local permanent jobs for the Palestinian people will be one of the main focuses of the development program. The Palestinian Development Program Association (PDPA) will be the international arm that will help finance, organize and monitor the international aid to the Department of Palestinian Land Trust (DPLT).

If the proper steps aren’t taken by the international community of nations the hope for an independent viable Palestinian State has little to no chance of making it. It will not be too many months or years before the cycle of hopefulness will turn into violence all over again. Only by planting the seed of hope and change for the better will there be peace and security in the Holy Land.

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