Friday, August 11, 2006


Why Israel and the United States are More Responsible

To all of those people who say I blame Israel and the United States for all of the problems we face in the Middle East today. You are reading into what I have written as you want to see it. I have stated that Israel and the United States policies account for a larger share of the blame because they are the nations of the “haves”. They have the military power and control over the region holding the Palestinian people prisoners within the West Bank and Gaza for nearly forty years. The policies and actions of United States-Israel have only made a bad situation worst for the last forty plus years.

To unilaterally attempt to make political, geographical and or social changes through the use of military force is pre-historic in the modern times of atomic weapons. For any one nation or a small group of nations to stand-up and dictate their policies and conditions onto the rest of the international communality of nations are very wrong. To say the other side started it without looking at the pretext that led to the so called action that started the conflict is wrong.

I have stated very clearly that I do not want to see Israel destroyed. In the way Israel has destroyed the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon. I want to see Israelis living within their 1967 International Borders (Green Line) in peace and security with her neighbors. I want to see reparation paid to the Palestinian society for their great losses, pain and suffering in the creation of the modern Jewish State of Israel. I want the Holy Land to be a place, where people of all faiths feel welcomed to their Holy sites in peace.

Today this is not the case. A large part has to do with the United States –Israeli policies and actions in the region. Israel must change from a state of perpetual war and conflicts to a nation of compromise, peace and tolerance. The cycle of generational hate that is on both sides towards the people on the other side must be addressed and broken. Yes, things must change big time on both sides. But it is the “haves” that have to change the most so that other less fortunate people can change too. If you have the power and control you are more responsible for the way things are in the world today.

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