Thursday, August 10, 2006


Can Palestinians and Jewish People Live Together

Abe Foxman the National Director of Anti Defamation League posed the question can’t Jewish people live in the West Bank with the Palestinian people in Palestine? The answer to this question is of course yes with an explanation. Arabs and Jewish people have lived together for many hundreds of years especially in the Holy Land. It has been the last hundred years that the level of tension and hate has risen with the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. There is no civilized or humane way to create a new nation for another people out of someone else’s land. In partial reparation to the Jewish people for the horrific acts of the Holocaust the State of Israel was created. Most of the burden of compensation paid to the Jewish people was placed on the Palestinian people. For many years organized Jewish groups have undermined the Palestinian society making their lives a total nightmare.

With old groups like the Stern gang becoming extinct and new groups like the Kahanist forming to carry on the battles for the Zionist extremists. Today the Hilltop people along with approximately 500 Jewish settlers have disrupted and antagonized the 130,000 Palestinians in Hebron. This story and many others like it are not new to the Palestinian people. Today the Palestinian people are the victims of Jewish extremists. Compensation must be made to the Palestinian people for the sake of Justice and peace.

After an agreeable peace deal is worked out between the people and governments. It will have to be implemented and enforced by the governments and people on both sides. The question of the Jewish Settlements in Palestine will very in each case and region. Some of the Jewish settlements deep in side Palestine that are turned over to the Palestinian government in good shape should be counted as partial reparation. Rebuilding and up grading the infrastructure to Palestine will be another part of the reparation to the Palestinian people. For Palestine to become a viable nation a close and strong working relationship with the State of Israel will be needed. The Jewish Israeli that have been fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people will be key players in helping to build bridges between the two communities. The Palestinian people living within Israel proper will also be key player in building new bridges too. As conditions improve within the Palestinian communities so to will relations with the Jewish people.

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