Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Two Day Lull on Missiles Hitting Israel

National Public Radio headlines described it as a “Two day lull on missile attacks on Israel”. This is an outrage because there was a TWO DAY CEASE FIRE that was declared that only one side seemed live-up too. The Israeli continued their aggressive assaults on the Lebanese’s people including an assault and raid on a hospital that was eighty miles away from the Lebanese-Israel border during the forty-eight hour cease fire. The timeline of the last year, last month or last week encapsulates the last sixty plus years of the Palestinian-Arab crisis with the Israeli military overwhelming aggressive assaults on their people.

It is the unevenness, and one sided reporting of the facts that have misled the American people into not understanding the conflict. How many times has President Bush said “They hate freedom and democracy”? Well, if Israel is the Middle East beacon of freedom and democracy. I would hate it too. Both Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority had open and fair election. The Israelis did not like the out come of their elections. So as a response they kidnap twenty-seven Palestinian elected Hamas officials, cutting off most of the international aid and trade to Palestine. The Israelis have made the living conditions of the Palestinian people miserable and now they are doing the same to the Lebanese’s people again.

The American mainstream mass media, military industrial complex, the United States and Israeli governments and Jewish Temple are responsible for the war crimes of humanity that have been committed against the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Only by applying the “Rule of International Law” with an even hand will there ever be more peace than wars and conflicts.

For too long the Israelis have gotten away with murder and the destruction of other people’s nations in the name of self defense. The United States and the State of Israel must be tried for the most recent war crimes of humanity to break this cycle of war. Over two plus billion dollars of damage done to Lebanon not counting the lost of the uncounted lives of innocent Lebanese people, that Israeli have done to Lebanon is a crime in its self. Then the Israeli government officials say they started it by kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers.

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