Wednesday, August 09, 2006


International Tribunal

If the truth can’t be told on who started and escalated the latest war between Israel and Hezbollah-Lebanon. Than why would the truth ever be told on all of the other war involving Israel since 1947? Israel a nation that is almost sixty years old has been in a state of an ongoing war since her birth. The creation of the new Jewish State of Israel divided the people and nations of the world then as it is now.

The United States, the western industrial nation and Russia have supplied the nations of the Middle East with huge amounts of military weapons over the years. There isn’t a Middle East nation that has a world renowned military industrial complex or military forces except for the State of Israel. The military arms race has made the world a more dangerous place by taking us down the wrong road that is going the wrong way.

The Israelis claim they can defend and justify their military actions in Lebanon. To who is going to be the question? There is no question that there are war crimes that have been committed by Israel and Hezbollah. As well as Iran and the United States for supplying military weapons that were being used in violation of the Geneva Convention. Both Israel and the United States see themselves as being above any International Laws.

Not until the United States, Israel, Hezbollah and Iraq are brought before an international tribunal will the truth ever be heard. Let each side present their evidences in making their case before an open international tribunal. Let the truth be heard by the people of the world. It is obvious that the majority of the Lebanon’s people are the victims in this war as well as some Israeli citizens.

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