Tuesday, August 08, 2006


War Crimes in Lebanon

The United States is a partner in the war crimes Israel has committed in the latest war in Lebanon. With the Israel’s bombing of the Lebanon’s oil depot creating an environmental disaster that destroyed over one-hundred miles of Lebanon coastline. The bombing of civilian targets in Lebanon and the United Nations peacekeeping outpost on the Israeli-Lebanon border. The systematic destruction of Lebanon by the Israeli was done with American made bombs, missiles, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and bulldozers. There is no question whether Israel and the United States should be charged with war crimes. The question is how the United States can be balanced and fair in the drafting and approval of any United Nations Resolution dealing with this conflict when they are a partner in crime.

The amount of damage the Israelis have done in Lebanon is equitant to a global natural disaster. The Israeli have prevented the international community from providing any humanitarian relief for the victims in Lebanon. The Israeli have prevented any clean-up of the oil slick along Lebanon’s coastline. The Israeli overwhelming bombing of Lebanon’s infrastructure including power plant, bridges, cities and homes has only strengthen and unified the opposition in Lebanon. This is putting Hezbollah in the position of winning many more seats in Lebanon’s Parliament in the next general election. Israel is clearly winning the military war while losing the political and social battles to peace.

The United States and the State of Israel are setting the stage for going to war with Iran and Syria for their military and financial support of Hezbollah. Yet the United States supplies Israel with Bunker Busting Bombs that are drop in heavily populated Lebanese cities. Israel and the United States governments protest that the Iranian government is giving financial aid of 200 million dollars annual to Hezbollah. While the United States government has given Israel close to a hundred billion dollars over the last forty years. This does not include the tens of billions of dollars given by the Jewish Temples and Jewish people such as Jack Abramoff.

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