Thursday, August 17, 2006


Excessive Military Force is a Criminal of War

The break in the Israeli bombing of Lebanon opens the camera lens for the eyes of the people of the world to see the massive damage the Israeli have done. There are probably more unexploded bombs in Lebanon that the Israeli drop. Than all the bombs Hezbollah drop on Israel in the 34 days of war. Time will tell by the number of innocent Lebanese people that get killed by these unexploded bombs over time. The majority of bombs and missiles were delivered by American made weapons of war.

So much of Lebanon is in the dark because the Israeli destroyed Lebanon’s power plants and the electrical grid system. The Israeli destroyed Lebanon oil depot polluting 75 miles of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coastline. Many of Lebanon’s southern villages totally destroyed with many tens of thousands of Lebanese people homes destroyed by the Israeli 34 day bombing campaign. All of this was made possible with the unconditional support of the United States government. The American taxpayers giving the State of Israel over three billion dollar of financial aid annual with much of it military related. Smart bombs from Raytheon, helicopters, jet bombers and tanks all made by and paid for by Americans taxpayers.

There is no way the truth to the Lebanese-Israeli-Hezbollah conflict will ever be heard and understood by the American and Israeli mainstream public. There would be too much blood and guilt on their hands. The amount of damage done to Lebanon infrastructure is estimated to be ten billion dollars not counting the lives lost and the people maimed. Southern Lebanon is covered with thousands of Israeli landmines and countless numbers of unexploded bombs and missiles. The United Nations estimates that ten percent of the missiles and bombs don’t detonate upon impact. Leaving Lebanon with more unexploded Israeli bombs and missiles than Hezbollah fired into Israel during the 34 days of war.

From the very beginning of fighting the Israelis were saying that Hezbollah were targeting Israeli civilians. When the final numbers are counted it is something like 168 Israeli casualties with 118 Israeli military personnel and 40 Israeli civilians. To date no one is quite sure how many Lebanese people died and for that matter how many of them were Hezbollah military personnel. What is very clear is the amount of physical damage the Israeli did to Lebanon goes far beyond the Hezbollah infrastructure.

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