Monday, August 28, 2006


United States and Israel Stand United

What and how the American mainstream media report’s news is design to dummy down the American people. From O.J. to Jon Benet the American mainstream media diverts the American people from the real stories that matter. Then, and when the media covers the real important stories, they only present one side of the story. This hold true in most of the media markets in the world with only one side of the story being reported. With the polarization of the people on all sides, the tension escalates often leading to conflicts and wars.

No where is this clearer than in the Middle East between the Jewish (Israelis) and Islamic (Arabs) people. The American government and American mass mainstream media are united behind the Jewish people of Israel. The amount of on going death and destruction the governments of the United States and the State of Israel have brought into the Middle East are War Crimes against Humanity. Without the prosecution of these crimes there will be no peace and security in the Middle East, the United States as well as in the rest of the world.

The United States and Israel have been involved in more wars with more countries than the combination of any other nations. The military stances of the United States and Israel have been condemned by the international community of nations a number of times over the years. The Israelis are in violation of sixty plus United Nations Resolutions not counting the numerous of resolutions the United States unilateral threaten or vetoed on Israel behalf. The blowback from previous military actions and of Israel and the United States has raised the level of tension dividing the nations of the world. If the United States were not a major global military power it might not matter.

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