Tuesday, August 15, 2006


United States and Israel Partners in War Crimes

As United Nations Resolution 1701 is passed the Israelis have tripled the number of Israeli military forces in Southern Lebanon. This is clearly in violation of the spirit of United Nation Resolution 1701. There is no other nation in the world that is in violations of so many United Nations Resolutions and other International Laws as State of Israel. The Israeli will use so-called “legal loopholes” in the laws and resolutions saying they did not have to comply.

To compound things even more the United Nation passes Resolution 1701 saying they will send up to 15,000 United Nations Troops to keep the peace along side 15,000 Lebanese soldiers. Neither of who are battle trained nor ready to fight like the Israeli and Hezbollah forces. The Israeli the military in control of the region will make it near to impossible for the United Nations to carry out its mandate. Only NATO forces have the clout with Turkey playing a pivotal role in defusing this crisis. The Israeli and the United States are the partners in the war crimes in Lebanon. With the majority of the Israeli heavy military armament made in the United States and a lot of it paid for by American taxpayers.

The truce for how ever long it may last. Will be an open a widow for the outside world to see the horrific damage done to Southern Lebanon by the Israeli military forces. The American people will see how their tax dollars are being spent by Israel. From the very beginning of the War the Israeli made it clear they were not going after the Lebanese government or people. They were going after Hezbollah. The evidence left behind in the destruction of Lebanon will point to the contrary. It will point to collective punishment of the Lebanese people. With the majority of the damage that the Israelis have done in Lebanon was with American made weapons of death and destruction.

The Israeli see no wrong in their actions in Lebanon. For they have been doing it to the Palestinian people for many years. Israel is a nation built and trained to go to war in the name of national security. For every war Israel fights the blowback becomes greater because they are fighting for the unjust occupation of another people land. Yes, there are many problems on both sides. Without us addressing the problems on our side there is no chance for the other side to address their own problems from within.

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