Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Thou Should Not Bear Faults Witness Against Thy Neighbor

To hear and see the President of Iran interview with Mike Wallace was rather scary. The contrast between the 60 Minutes edited version and the C-Spain unedited version of the interview would make a great case study on the media’s impact and power on the information people receive. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad depth and understanding to the problems we face as nations of the world is very enlightening. Especially, when you compare President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President Bush understanding to the problems in the world around us.

The warmongers and hate mongers that are within the United States, Israel and the Islamic world are the greatest threat to world peace and security. Clearly we hear the hate and contempt from the political leaders and religious leaders of the United States towards our adversaries on the other side. Rarely do we hear the words of our adversaries translated in complete text. The Iranian’s President made a lot of sense in the words he spoke during the full interview with Mike Wallace. One can only wonder if President Bush could do the same thing if he was interview by one of our adversary’s reporters for over a full hour.

Realizing that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was putting his best forward for the people of the world which is in total contrast to what the American people have heard and seen up until now. With no official government diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran for over 26 years, this is only making the world a more dangerous place. The many lies that each side says and tells about the other side are only compounding the problems we face. The Internet can break these barriers of communication by each side creating their own official websites to disseminate their views and positions on global issues. New bridges of communication through the Internet can create a better understanding of our differences. Their full message then can be heard by the people on the other side with each side controlling the translation of their message.

Too often the words we hear from the Iranians are from the Israeli’s talking heads and the American Mass media. The same would also hold true for Hamas and Hezbollah. The Israelis want us believe that they are the only civilized democracy in the Middle East. That Hamas and Hezbollah are only terrorist groups. American opponents have to make a direct unedited connection to the American people. Their grievance have to be heard and understood by the people of the world before their will be any real global peace and security in the world.

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