Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Travesty of Peace

The American government and mass media are treating the Lebanese people as the perpetrator of the war and the Israelis as the victims. The facts on the ground tell a different story, a perspective the American people do not receive from their mainstream mass media or their government. The Israelis have the military power to destroy their neighbor’s nations as they have done a number of times. Today in the name of “War on Terror” the United States and Israel are occupying four Arab nations while threatening war on others. The United States and the State of Israel spend nearly a half a trillion dollars annual on the infrastructure of war. The United Nations has an annual budget smaller than the University of California.

Many nations have large trained armies ready to go to war while few nations have any forces trained for peacekeeping mission. The United States and the State of Israel have used collective punishment against the Arab and Islamic people in the War on Terror. What can be destroyed in 34 days can take a life time to build i.e. Lebanon. The fact there aren’t any permanent International Peacekeeping Forces organized and trained for peacekeeping missions is a crime within its self. With all of the financial resources the military nations spend on war and so little on diplomacy and the humanitarian projects at the end of war.

There should be a global military tax placed on the international trade of military hardware. The revenue from these tax dollars should be use to finance the infrastructure of a permanent International Peacekeeping Forces. There should be fines placed on those nations that go into unsanctioned war. Penalties should be paid for by those nations that commit the war crimes and not by people of another nation on another continent such as after World War II. Only by strengthening the international platform of diplomacy and the international humanitarian NGO’s will peace and security have a chance to grow.

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