Monday, August 07, 2006


Food can be a Tool or Weapon

The people of the United States take so much for granted. Whether it is filling up the car with gasoline or having a job opportunity down the road. Most Americans do not realize how lucky they are to have what they do. So many people look to those people who have more than they do, wanting more for themselves. For the most part they do not look to those people who have less saying how blessed and fortunate they are. So many Americans want more and more with so many other people in the world having so little. It is the greed of a few that ruin it for so many people in the world.

The United States foreign and military policies have suppressed certain nations of people for their own political and economic gains. Much of the great wealth the United States was made at the expense of people of other nations. Raping nations of their so-called cheap natural resources leaving behind environmental man made disasters. So much of progress in the world has been used as a weapon instead of a tool such as mining, farming, oil, and money. As in the past and it is today so much of the technological advancement made had a military purpose first then new peacetime civilian uses developed later. From the atom bomb to the nuclear power plants is a good example.

Many young Palestinian children have only seen Caterpillar bulldozers destroy homes, farmland, olive tree orchards and road. Many of the Palestinian children have never seen a Caterpillar used as a tool to build anything only to destroy thing around them. Almost anything can be used as a tool or weapon depending upon how it is used. This is true in the case of the United States foreign and domestic policies. Only by the “haves” leading by example and not military force will there be more peace and understanding in the world around us.

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