Thursday, August 31, 2006


Balance is the Key to Solving many of the World’s Problems

It is appalling and an outrage how little responsibility the American people take for their federal government’s foreign and domestic policies and actions in the world. The wealthy get richer and the poorer people are starving to death, on as little as a dollar a day. For the wealthy nations to spend more on warfare than they do on humanitarian projects to help the less fortunate nations of people is a crime within its self. Too often wealth and knowledge are mistaken as one of the same often leading to horrible consequences. The lack of understanding and greed are at the root of so many of the world’s problems.

Whether it is the greed of nations of people or the lack of understanding of people and nations who have a different understanding than you. Too often this ends up in conflicts that lead to war. Wealthy nations with large military industrial complexes often push for war as one sign of their strength and domination over the other. With the military industrial a cornerstone of a nation’s national security they will never be secure without a balance. As an example; if there was a better balance in what the government of the United States spends on the military operations and humanitarian operations such as the Peace Core. The people of the world as well as in the people of the United States would be much more secure.

If the wealthy nations of people consumed less and shared more of the world’s natural resources the world would be a much safer place. Only by bringing a better balance in to use and distribution of the world’s financial and natural resources, will peace and security be achieved. The United States consuming 25% of the world’s oil and is by far the largest borrower of global capital from the international financial markets. Then for the United States government to spend so much of this money on war compounds the global problems that already exist.

For far too long the United States government has been going in the wrong direction. This is true with many of its foreign and domestic policies. With little to no understanding of world or regional history the United States government has tried to dictate global policies onto others. These self-serving policies have divided the world into the haves and the have nots. As long as the differences become greater the tensions will rise leading to more conflicts and wars.

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