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A Brief Overview to the History of the 1967 Six-Day War

It is the victors of War that are the revisionist of history for the truth has never been told in mainstream history books about the 1967 Six Day War in America. To understand the truth you have to understand the history to the conditions and the reality on the ground on both sides. Most often you will find the truth somewhere in the middle of what both sides are saying. The following is a brief overview to the history of the 1967 Six Day War.

The Six Day War was about twenty years after the establishment of the new Jewish State of Israel. Between 1947 and 1966 the Jewish State of Israel nearly double in size becoming one continuous Jewish State. A constant flow of Palestinian refugees flowed into neighboring Arab nations over the years making room for the new Jewish immigrants from other lands. During this time in history the world’s oil supply could out produce global demands. This being when the western industrial nations still had the Arab Oil Monarchies on a tight leash.

From 1948 to the 1967 War the Israelis had built a Jewish nation with much of it at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian people. As living conditions improved for the Jewish Israeli people they got worst for the indigenous Palestinian people. The Israeli violating many of the terms and conditions of United Nations Resolution 181creating the Jewish State and Palestinian State out of one land of Palestine.

Israel’s poor non-oil producing Arab neighbors were planning an attack on the Jewish State of Israel. For over 20 years hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees had been fleeing to their countries. The Jewish people assault on the Palestinian people was for their vision of the Greater Jewish State of Israel. After twenty years of the combination of the Zionist movement and the Jewish Biblical teaching and millions of new Jewish immigrants being financed by the world’s Jewish Temples created the conditions for the 1967 War.

After the United States government learned of the impending Arab military attack on Israel. The United States laid out the promises and conditions to Egypt and the Arab nations if they attacked Israel first. Nasser called off the Egyptian Air attack on Israel with the other Arab nations following. It was the international pressure put on the Arab nations that prevented them from the first attack in the 1967 War. The Israeli learning of this planned attack by the Arabs started the Six Day War by attacking the Egyptian Air Force when they had abandon their planes all lined up on the runway.

The living conditions of the Palestinian people in the refugee camps are very similar to the Jewish Ghettos in Europe during World War II. The Jewish decedents of the Holocaust have created similar living conditions for the Palestinian people as their ancestors lived without the death camps. For the most part the Arab nations have been convinced not to help the Palestinian people in their struggle for their human rights. Any nation that tries to help the Palestinian people without approval will face retaliation from the United States, Israel and the international community.

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