Sunday, August 13, 2006


Pretext to Israeli-Hezbollah War

Without understanding the pretext to the so called Israeli-Hezbollah War, you will not understand the truth. Only the American mainstream mass media is reporting that the latest war started with the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese-Israeli border. The timeline leading up to the Israeli overwhelming disproportional military attack on Lebanon is the foundation to the problems of Israel and the Middle East today.

The passing of United Nations Resolution 1701 is only the first small step towards peace and stability in the region. The implementation of Resolution 1701 is the second step of many steps that are needed to bring a true long lasting peace to the region. Without an international investigation into the war crimes of the latest war there will be no end to the conflict, including the monitoring of the actions on both sides since the approval of the United Nations Resolution.

Clearly most of the nations of people in the world see the Israelis as the aggressors in the latest war with the only major exception being the United States Government. Today the people of Lebanon are living a life under conditions similar to the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank with very little to no electricity, fresh water, commerce, travel and security. The massive amount of damage done to the infrastructure of the Lebanon in month by the Israelis cannot be justified. Israel is clearly acting like a religious military nation on steroids.

Hezbollah started in 1982 as blowback from the Sharon-Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Hezbollah grew as a resistance group to Israel’s seventeen year occupation of Southern Lebanon. The Israeli military forces leave Southern Lebanon for six years. On July 12, 2006 the Israeli military forces start to blowup Lebanon in retaliation they say for the kidnapping of two Israel soldiers. More likely the Israeli reaction was in reaction to the free election in Lebanon of two Hezbollah Ministers and Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Parliament and Iran’s nuclear program. With the people of the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon paying the price of a free democratic election results the Israelis did not like. Would the Iranians be seeking a military nuclear program if the Middle East was truly a nuclear weapon free region?

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