Thursday, May 04, 2006


Wall World War

The Israeli government was demanding an additional 2.2 billion of dollars from the United States Government to help pay for the pullout of the Jewish Settlements in the Gaza Strip. There were just over eight thousand Jewish Settlers in the Gaza Strip and 1.4 million Palestinian people. This amount of aid comes out to approximately 250 thousand dollars per Jewish settler or one million dollars for a family of four. This is on top of the 2 to 3 billion dollars of aid Israel receive annually form the American taxpayers.

During this time the Israeli government is making a land grab around East Jerusalem. Building what the Israeli government calls a fence while the rest of the world calls it a wall. See pictures you decide. 50,000 Palestinian people will be on the Israeli side of the wall in the East Jerusalem section alone. Thousands of Palestinian people homes, farms, and villages have destroyed in the building of this illegal Wall. Only the Israelis see the Wall as the way to peace.

The United States government has to borrow the money they give to the State of Israel every year running up the United States Federal Debt. The State of Israel receives about thirty percent of the United States Foreign Aid annually. The crimes against humanity the Israelis have committed over a long-term bases have been condemned by most international multi- lateral organizations. There will be no peace in Iraq and no real security in the United States, Britain, and Israel as long as the Israeli continue on the current path.

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